Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Remember Charles Juba? Now he thinks he wants access to our children but Odessa residents aren't ready to feed him their young.


ODESSA, Mo. (AP) -- Angry Odessa residents packed a meeting of municipal leaders to denounce plans by a former leader of a white supremacist group to open a club for young people in their city.

Charles Juba, a former self-proclaimed leader of the Aryan Nations, plans to open his under-21 club, Black Flag, on Friday, the Kansas City Star reported.

Juba said at a tense Board of Alderman meeting Monday night that he has put his racist and anti-Semitic past behind him, but he was shouted down by angry residents of Odessa, a city about 35 miles east of Kansas City.

"We don't want you here!" the crowd yelled in unison.

City leaders were initially thrilled about Juba's plans to open the club in a strip mall that had fallen on hard times, and they issued him a building permit. But that enthusiasm waned after they learned about his past.

"We know he's going to target young people, and now we're doing everything we can to stop him," Mayor Tom Murry said.

Resident James Johnson said at the meeting that he had felt at home raising two biracial sons with his German-born wife in Odessa. The audience responded with applause when he said "somebody should have known about this man before it got this far."

Rene Hill, a mother of three from Wellington, said she will fight Juba's efforts to use fun and music to recruit teens to join his Aryan cause.

"If I have to be that crazy mom, then so be it," Hill said.

Another public meeting was scheduled for Thursday.

The club's website says the club was named for the black flag carried by Civil War guerrilla William Quantrill, who led a pro-Confederate gang that attacked and burned pro-union Lawrence, Kan., during the Civil War. More than 150 men and boys were killed.

The website for the club, which invites high school students from Blue Springs, Independence, Fort Osage, Grain Valley and Oak Grove, said the black flag represented people who didn't surrender.

"These brave young men refused to surrender to unjust laws being forced upon them (by federal authorities and military) ... So, why surrender to another boring night ... raise The Black Flag and have some fun for a change!"

The watchdog group the Southern Poverty Law Center says Juba began his white supremacy activities in the Ku Klux Klan before eventually becoming director of the Aryan Nations, which says blacks are "beasts of the field" and Jews are the children of Satan.

In 2005, Juba announced that the group would move its headquarters from Pennsylvania to Kansas City, Kan. The controversy that followed prompted Juba to quit his post, and the Aryan Nation moved its headquarters to Sebring, Fla.


  1. It just goes to show, stick to your beliefs, even if you aren't 100% sure they are right. All you have to do is know in your heart that the other side is 100% wrong.


  2. Bigger issues are pressing this one gives a shit about little peon WN anymore.

    You better get on the ball and look into the big racist like William Gheen.

    Maybe the real right is about to ascert itself before it is too late in this country.

  3. WTF is "we"?

    as in: "we don't want you here?"

    the "anti-s"...viz: six men and a mangy, mongrel dog?

  4. "We" equal capitalists and frightened peasents. This country is no different than the USSR and history will judge it just the same long after all the blood we've shed has turned to dust.

  5. Whine some more you little bitch.


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