Thursday, April 26, 2007


I am almost convinced that insanity begets insanity. At the hands of a lone gunman 32 innocent people are dead and scores more injured or traumatized by the senseless shootings at Virginia Tech University last week. Long before the dead were buried…even before the dead were identified, the psychopathological racist right was spurred into high-gear and bizarre spin-doctoring. While it has long been evident that there is nothing truly sacred among those who suffer from myopic racism and hate, it became crystal clear that there are those within the ranks who lack even a semblance of compassion or empathy.

As the news of the shootings came across the mainstream airways the racist message boards went into overtime. The speculations as to the race or ethnicity of the shooter were swift in coming and amidst all of the hopes that the perpetrator and the victims were non-white came the anti-immigration crowd spewing "I told you so's" all over the place. Michael Blevins of VonBluvens fame was most relieved that it hadn't taken place on the 20th, (Hitler's Birthday) and a host of others were quick to start with their racist diatribe against Asians as soon as an identity was released.

As more details emerged, the absolute heinous nature of the American racist was revealed as they began attempting to find ways to exploit this tragedy. In what can only be depicted as a depraved and repugnant move, some VNN posters began to question whether or not this would be grounds for another rally. One member even stated.

"We do have some VNN'ers in VA. We need to keep on top of this and exploit any propaganda opportunities that arise."

Stunned beyond belief, mainstream America mourned the deaths and the wounding of her children. That was sanity dealing with an insane act. That was demonstrative of the true American spirit. That was what people in their right minds do. As their thoughts had been turned toward the senseless crime, the backdrop was a remembrance of the explosion that rocked the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City just 12 years earlier and the scars that will never fade. Yet, not all of those in this country are of sound mind. Not all have compassion or integrity. By and large, the racist movement is without character or virtue and is inhabited by flagitious miscreants and reprobates whose grasp of reality is tenuous at best. Perhaps the most psychotic of these people is Bill White.

White has been stung recently by harsh reality - the truth of his current situation has risen and slapped him squarely in the face. As a racist and a Nazi, Bill White has, once again failed. He has been ousted and outed by the very people that he has been so ardently trying to represent. Unable to hold a promised rally in the Over the Rhine area of Cincinnati, Ohio because his membership is not great enough, kicked off of the VNN forums because of his outrageous narcissistic behavior, shunned by the National Socilaist Movement, and deemed unacceptable to even the Ku Klux Klan, Bill White has found himself alone with a very hungry ego. Consequently, the news of death and injury coming out of a University just 45 miles away seemed to him another vehicle through which he could garner some attention.

Any news about the shooter or the victims was something most Americans were anxiously awaiting. We learned of Cho's stalking behavior and his being sent to a psychiatric facility in 2005. We heard from his professors and their previously expressed concern over his violently themed writings. We heard from his neighbors and fellow classmates of his lack of affect, failure to respond to simple greetings, spacing out and various atypical behaviors. We were slowly being able to piece together a profile of this disturbed young man and trying to make sense of his tragic acts. Bill White, however, wasn't very content with what was coming over the wires, or with the fact that the story was getting much more play than he was. As is typical of White, he had to put his own spin on these happenings and, at least, attempt to draw the media toward himself. For Bill this proved to be no easy task since there was no race-based hook, no Jewish "conspiracy," and no apparent tie to his ideology.

While others at VNN were posing the ludicrous possibility of this being a "black ops operation," White decided enough was enough, hence he wrote an article claiming that no one really cares about this and calling it "inconsequential" and "minor" event. Never mind that people around the world were shocked and saddened. Never mind that all of America was, once again, mourning. Never mind that hearts were broken and nerves were shattered. To Bill White, this was a distraction - from him and his needs. All eyes were on Blacksburg rather than Roanoke, and that just wouldn't do.

It became quite obvious to those who read his diatribe that Bill White had not the first clue about what happened at Virginia Tech on the morning of April 16th. In one paragraph he stated:

"From what I gather, this Korean mud man took a .22 caliber pistol and a 9 mm pistol to Virignia Tech and began shooting. Those are not high powered, high-capacity magazine weapons. He shot two people, then left, came back, and opened fire. He was locked in a classroom with another sixty people who could not get out, and thus he shot them, reloaded, shot them, reloaded, shot them, reloaded, probably five to six times before he ran low on ammo and killed himself."

By this time in the investigation it was well known that Cho had gone from classroom to classroom and that he had chained the doors to the building. When this statement of White's didn't generate any sort of conversation or make any kind of impact, White decided to attack the victims themselves - after all such an act would certainly bring the media circus into his ballpark. Wrong. White chastised the young men and women of Virginia Tech for not doing something to overcome the lone gunman and no one took the bait. Perhaps that is because no one was listening.

There is something to consider here about Mr. White. This man envisions himself not only as the Great White Hope but as the next Mayor of Roanoke, Virginia. He has always had political ambitions whether he was in his anarchist mode or his Hollywood Nazi role. Plans have been announced for his upcoming campaign in 2008, and he and his handful of supporters intend to blanket the community with slogans and literature promoting Bill White. We, at Citizens Against Hate, have been gearing up for just such an event, but I believe we can all stand down on this election. One, well developed, mail-out to the voters of that city should suffice. Using his own words against him, letting those words stand on their own merit, Bill White will taste yet another defeat - one that might just be the end of the public Mr. White.

In the wake of the Virginia Tech Massacre, we have postulated the need for more scrutiny of those who espouse violence and more vigilance in monitoring those who demonstrate aberrant behaviors to the extreme. We have discussed the need for more frequent and better psychological evaluations of those who meet the profile of someone like Cho, or McVeigh, or even Hal Turner. It is clear that the racist right is home to many deviants…that the racist movement attracts many who are of the criminal and, often, violent mindset. Allowing these people to continue in "leadership" roles where they wield a great deal of influence over other members without great circumspection is not only flirting with disaster but irresponsible on the part of society and its' government.

There are many freedoms that we enjoy by virtue of being Americans. These freedoms are coveted by others and cherished by our citizenry. There are those who would die to protect freedom of speech - and there are those who have died because of that freedom. As long as there are those within this country who lack the sense of responsibility that is endemic to this right, we all run the risk of having that right abrogated. Hate speech should never be considered protected speech under the First Amendment. That Amendment was intended to protect us from a tyrannical government. It was written to ensure that our right to speak out against such a government would never be curtailed. For the demented and depraved hate monger to assert that such a right extends to his or her incitement and prejudicial denouncement of whole groups of people is nothing less than a bastardization of the intended purpose of such an Amendment.

The reaction of the racist right to the murders in Virginia is representative of a very warped and amoral mindset. The exploitation and the glorification of the angst of others within a society is nothing less than pathological. Thirty-two innocent lives were taken and the effect on their friends and families is immeasurable. The same people who attempt to capitalize upon these deaths are the ones who portend a race war where those who are non-white or those who disagree with their agenda will meet the Day of the Rope and be strung up on every lamp-post while they cloak themselves in, of course, the First Amendment.

Our hearts and our prayers go out to all the victims and their families. There are no words that can ever convey what we really want to say in times like these. Our ability to make sense of the insanity that led to such an act is nonexistent for we are a civilized people with no understanding of that which is not. The fact remains that these people were taken from us. Their lives were stolen, cut short, and along with that theft their hopes, dreams and potential have been plucked from this world never to be realized.

We are all reminded, rudely, that tomorrow is not promised to any of us and that random acts of violence have become commonplace in this world of freedoms unparalleled. There are few among us who have yet to be touched by such tragedies. Yet, these villainous and heinous acts remain incomprehensible to us. That is probably a good thing because we should never be able to make sense of the insane mind. Insanity begets insanity - I'm convinced.


  1. nikki: u really r a stoopid bloody twat, ain't u?

    u believe every-thing the MSM sez right?

    hvn't u got the friggin' intellectual ability to analyze & assess material yr-self?


    if the MSM suddenly said: "the Earth is flat!"....u'd believe it right?

    re: the Vrgn Tech' shooting....i was one of a n° of posters @ VNN who, for vrs reasons, questioned 'the official version': hence: i did not 'bag' that Korean fellow for being a 'rampaging mud'

    IMO: many Asians(prtclry nrthrn Asians) do not qualify as 'muds' per se; for me, that description
    is reserved exclusively for blacks, most Latinos/Mexicans and, of course, jews!

    so: for all you 'true believers' in the MSM accnt of this incident: u'v seen the autopsy reports?
    u'v seen the ballistics reports?
    u'v perused numerous witness statements from those @ or near the vicinity?
    u'v seen official police crime scene reports?
    u'v seen official police photographic reports?
    u'v seen the preliminary Coroner's report?

    (thought not!)

    until youse have: why don't youse SHUT THE FUCK UP!??

  2. It's interesting that Jimbo - seemingly incapable of writing a coherent sentence, given his addiction to Leetspeak - would call Nikki a "stoopid bloody twat."

    Much of the time I am unable to even translate half of Jimbo's scribbles.

    By the way, Jimbo: since you apparently disagree with the idea that Cho Seung-Hui (or Seung-Hui Cho, if you prefer) was just a lone psychotic killer, how do you explain this tragedy?

    Is this: a) a ZOG conspiracy to keep the white man down; b) a CIA psychological operation to justify the War on Terror; or c) a Mossad hit on America's best and brightest?

  3. Dhistorymike: "By the way, Jimbo: since you apparently disagree with the idea that Cho Seung-Hui (or Seung-Hui Cho, if you prefer) was just a lone psychotic killer, how do you explain this tragedy?

    Is this: a) a ZOG conspiracy to keep the white man down; b) a CIA psychological operation to justify the War on Terror; or c) a Mossad hit on America's best and brightest?

    w/out viewing the entirety of the avlbl evidence, i can't say!

    wht i can say is that common sense and experience seem to indicate that the official story(or: @ least: wht has been revealed so far by the MSM) is dubious @ best!


    r we expected to swallow a series of 5mnt TV 'bites' hook, line & sinker as 'an explanation'!

    the MSM has now assumed the rôle of the Caflick Church in the Middle Ages (or: communist propaganda in the former USSR!): we r preached @ from 'on high' & told wht to believe with minimal explanation & investigation!

    these MSM clowns have been exposed as fckn LIARs too many times just in the past twenty yrs to be deserving of any more credibility than 'the boy who cried "wolf"!'

    i'd require much more detailed reports from credible, independent & objective sources before i'd even THINK of beginning to believe MSM bullshite!

    this habit of 'pinning the tale on the patsy' as soon as an incident like this occurs is a transparent crock of shit!

    extensive police investigations into bombings and (gang-land-type)shootings take months and, even then, do not necessarily result in a 'conviction'!

    @ the very least, a Coronial Inquest of several weeks delving into all aspects of this tragic incident would be the absolute minimum requirement for any sort of credibility!

  4. I see that your attacks against the 1st Amendment continue.

    It amazes me just how little you understand about that right.

    It isn't there to protect popular speech but the unpopular. It isn't just a safeguard against a tyranical government but from tyranical individuals such as yourself that set behind your computer deciding what is and isn't acceptable speech.

    Your advocacy for curtailing speech rights should concern every true American.

  5. Jimbo - crack kills.

    That being said, no where in this article do I claim that we, as a citizenry, know all the details. I have merely reflected on the calloused insanity of those who would exploit such a heinous tragedy for their own gain. They have done it with the crime in Knoxville and they want to jump on the same bandwagon with this one.

    The insanity that runs through the racist groups is evident and noteworthy.

    Believing everything said in the maistream media is quite naive, I would agree - but no more so than not believing anything that is said.

    Additionally, ascribing to the belief that every tragedy that happens in this world can be attributed to a Jew is pathological paranoia. It reminds me of the McCarthy era where there was a communist behind every tree. Ridiculous doesn't even begin to describe such thought processes.

    And...telling me to "shut the fuck up" is rather funny since you are on MY blog.

    You demonstrate, quite well, my premise that insanity begets insanity.

  6. Just so people know what I am ticked off about,I am specifically refering to this passage in your latest artice:

    "... Hate speech should never be considered protected speech under the First Amendment. That Amendment was intended to protect us from a tyrannical government. It was written to ensure that our right to speak out against such a government would never be curtailed. For the demented and depraved hate monger to assert that such a right extends to his or her incitement and prejudicial denouncement of whole groups of people is nothing less than a bastardization of the intended purpose of such an Amendment."

  7. Michael - we have been down this road before - and I stand by my convictions just as you stand by yours.

    Incidently, who is Dominick Feragola?

  8. We may have been down this road before, but the issue of our rights as American citizens to speak freely is something I take seriously.

    I just want to remind you there are people prepared to fight once again for those rights regardless of who tries to take them away. I am sure there are those even in YOUR camp that agree with me.

    You are not an arbitor of who can and cannot say anything. Thank God.

  9. That is the really cool thing about living in this country, Mike. We all have opinions and we can all express them.

    The other cool thing is that we can, through legal means, petition our government and the powers that be for change.

    Sure there are those on my side of the race issue who disagree with me - and that's good and healthy because it creates dialogue and understanding.

    What is even better is that just because we disagree on one or two or three issues doesn't mean that we can't work together on the issues we do agree on - unlike our opposition.

  10. Incidentally, who is Dominick Feragola?

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  12. History Mike: Jimbo has a unique writing style. You might want to consider following his lead, since your own writing is a bit stale.

    Nicole: The constitution provides "God" given rights, and Free Speech is one of them. Surely you aren't suggesting that you support over-ruling God to steal away our rights.

    Free Speech is not only provided to criticize government - although that is what your side utilizes it for most - but it's also Free Speech when discussing unpopular views of any sort. If pornography is afforded Free Speech protection then the discussion of racial politics can't be excluded from the wide interpretations held by the Supreme Court.

    Many of our founding fathers held strong racial views and commented publicly about them. Afterall race is discussed in the constitution itself, and "savage Indians" were excluded. Furthermore, the criticism of foreign governments, entities, national threats, and social dangers are not even a subjects that require constitutional protection. It's commonly known around the world that the burning of a foreign flag is a symbol of protest against a nation's policies. If any American citizen wishes to burn a zionist or Mexican flag it is their right to do so. Why then would an American citizen need approval from anyone, including the government, or anti crusaders, to speak freely about their ideas and concerns ?

    I'm not sure if you're aware of this or not, but the censoring of White Nationalists by infringing on our constitutional right to Free Speech is the last straw. This is one issue you would be foolish to push, because when our right to speak out against tyrants is stolen the people of this country will rise up in support of Revolution.

  13. I do not advocate a curtailment on free speech as it is used by white nationalists or any other group. What I advocate is the curtailment of hate speech which is used to incite violence against others. I do not believe that calling for the murder of other people is, or should be, protected speech.

    Additionally, people like Hal Turner who publicly call for buildings to be blown up, officials to be murdered, others to be beaten should be banned from EVER being able to broadcast such things publicly.

    Ya know - I don't care if you are racist. I don't care if you are a separatist. I don't care if you despise our multicultural society. What you or your beliefs are should be of little concern to anyone as long as you are not violent and do not publicly advocate violence against others.

    While I might not agree with you, I realize that there is not much I can do about that. And...I think most people are pretty much the same way as I am.

    It's when a racist presents himself as a spokes person for the entire white race that I have a problem. It's when a hate-monger attempts to recruit and poison our children with their stupidity that I have a problem. It's when the wholesale slaughte of innocents is publicly called for that I have a problem.

  14. "I do not advocate a curtailment on free speech as it is used by white nationalists or any other group. What I advocate is the curtailment of hate speech which is used to incite violence against others. I do not believe that calling for the murder of other people is, or should be, protected speech."

    This is the sort of conveluted rhetoric advocating the passage of anti- hate speech laws in Canada and Europe.

    Are you saying you support Canadian and European style "hate speech laws?"

    From what I gather from programs like the one with Richard Warman and articles that you have written (especially in the last year) I would say that you do, but I would like to hear your clarification on it.

  15. A Google search for "Dominick Feragola" reveals several, the most prominent being a computer whiz who discusses ghost e-mails.

    As a VNN Forum member, I was actually surprised at the preoccupation with the Virginia Tech massacre, considering that there were two other events which I perceived posed a greater threat to the white community.

    First, there was the Soviet-style show trial of Shaun Walker and his cohorts in Salt Lake City, where a jury of 12 lemmings, after just 5 hours of deliberations, found the three guilty on both counts. As a result, the Shaun Walker Trio each face a maximum of 20 years in prison - just for getting into two bar fights. Talk about killing a mosquito with a sledgehammer!

    However, a greater threat materialized in Palm Springs, CA, where Mandie Kearns was attacked by a group of feral blacks. While similar in nature to the infamous Long Beach Halloween Hate Crime last October, there are two important differences. First, unlike Long Beach, the victim, Kearns, chose to fight back, and is today uninjured as a result. In contrast, one of the Long Beach victims had to have her eye socket surgically re-attached. Second, unlike Long Beach, the local authorities are actually prosecuting Kearns for defending herself. They claim they found a bloody knife on her and that she is a "white supremacist" who is a member of the Public Enemy No. 1 racist gang. One eyewitness claims Kearns did not use a knife, and several of her friends, one of whom is married to a Mexican, claim she renounced her white power views months ago. Now why would a race-mixer defend a "white supremacist"? Seems like the Palm Springs cops are looking for an easy victim.

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. Anchorage - I'm sure that Michael Blevins holds the answer to the identity of Dominick Feragola. He just wants to ignore the question. Wonder why.

    I disagree with you on Shaun Walker - but really am not familiar enough with the Mandie Kearns situation to have an opinion at this time. One would think, however, that the VNN crew would have been in more discussion over these two cases.

  18. Nikki only believes in free speech if it agrees with her narrow minded opinion.

    Here is to seeing Schwartz getting what's coming to him. I hear DOC is gonna pay him and his nigger hoe' a visit.

  19. Che - are you just ignorant or are you really this dense? far as my only believing in free speech if it agrees with me - do you see jimbo's posts disappearing? How about VonBluvens? What about Warren and Alaska? Are they agreeing with me?

  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. Dnikki: "Believing everything said in the maistream media is quite naive, I would agree - but no more so than not believing anything that is said"

    where did i say that nothing in the MSM should be believed?

    i believe their reports on sport and the there!

    how-ever: AFA 'major issues' are concerned: i challenge any-one to provide a reason why they should be believed!

    didn't the MSM lie through its collective teeth over the whole Iraq fiasco?

    .....that's just a recent example that any-one can check out for them-selves!

    "Additionally, ascribing to the belief that every tragedy that happens in this world can be attributed to a Jew is pathological paranoia. It reminds me of the McCarthy era where there was a communist behind every tree. Ridiculous doesn't even begin to describe such thought processes"

    if u r including the Vrgn Tech' incident in 'every tragedy', then i did not 'ascribe' this to 'jews': wht i said was: and i repeat it here: the official vrsn, as with the official vrsn of the Prt Arthur massacre a decade ago, seems bogus!

    "And...telling me to "shut the fuck up" is rather funny since you are on MY blog"

    FYI: that was intended as a general rebuff for those who parrot MSM lies!

    include yr-self in that category if u like: but: quite frankly: i'v had a GOD-DAMN gut-ful of ppl repeating MSM twaddle on all sorts of rubbish from 9/11 on!

    (Oz is prtclry bad for that: most people here would rather believe the MSM than their own parents!)

  22. I've been getting emails from a Dominick Feragola. I'm not sure if this is the real Dominick Feragola, or just a NIM Buster yanking my chain.

  23. Che - ya might as well give it up. I remove all posts that contain what people believe is the personal information of others. It has nothing to do with freedom of speech and everything to do with safety.

    You see...your leader is notorious for publishing false information and placing others in harms way. He does this so that he can look important - when the only thing he proves is that he is a buffoon.

    I will not allow your posts to stand as long as you continue to follow in his footsteps and place others in danger.

    You also need to be made aware that all of the threats, as well as the information that I have on you now resides in the hands of law-enforcement. If anything happens to Schwartz or an innocent person at that address - believe me, you will be held responsible.

  24. You hypocritical heifer, how about all the times that Schwartz has posted private information on others?
    We now have much back ground info on Harry. For instance he is not a practicing Jew because he doesn't attend synagogue, besides he married a nigger and Jews hate niggers. Write this off as bluster but I can tell you for a fact that someone has already been assigned to Schwartz. His mission is to make him pay. Schwartz will get his, what goes around comes around.

  25. Oh voy History Kike (wannabe), your chain is so fun to jerk. You fall for it each and every time. You should just stick to trying to take care of all those mongrel babies your fat wife adopts, don't try to understand us, okay? BTW quit trying to steal Isis's work and stop stalking her you sick little perv.

  26. I must admit that I have problems understanding who is who and what is what on here sometimes. Is Bill White a Nimbuster? I thought they hated him. But near as I can tell they hate everyone. That Lloyd Davies guy is kind of funny though.

    I think if you want to ban hate speech then you should probably move to Canada. Repugnant as it may be it is guaranteed by the bill of rights.
    America, love it or leave it.

  27. News the media doesn't want us to see.

  28. Oh hummmm sorry Stevo but the whole case did get a lot of attention down in Memphis when it happened being as it was so brutal. It just didn't make the national scene which isn't really that unusual since there are brutal crimes that happen each and every day.

    Brain dead morons like Hal Turner and others doubtlessly will try and use anything to justify their racist views. Black on white crime as well as white on black crime exists. Get over it, you sad little man.

  29. What must I do to prove who I am! How about a phone call. Is that possible??? History Mike thinks i am some kind of hoax!

  30. (cross-commented on Dom's blog)

    No offense intended, Dom. It's just that there are so many people impersonating others 'round here that I look at a new face with wariness.


  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Yes, it's true this peice of crap is my wife's ex.:

    It boggles my mind why a man like you would use a public forum to cast aspersions on a woman and children that at one time you promised to love. I can’t believe that you would subject your own children to public ridicule in this fashion.

    You hate your ex so badly you are willing to do this? Unfortunately, the ones that are truly going to be hurt by your lies are the children you claim to love. Children, I might add who have lost total respect for you. Not because of any alleged indoctrination on the part of your ex, but because of YOUR actions or should I say the lack of them.

    Since you opened up this can of worms for everyone to see let us look at the facts, shall we?

    You didn’t leave your wife because of any sort of alleged racism. The truth of the matter is you were having an affair for years with the wife of your best friend (Christine) who you later married after your ex wife divorced you for this infidelity. No, Dom, your ex didn’t poison their minds against you-your children realize that you left them all for Christine. Your children are not stupid.

    You see, Dom, there is consequences to infidelity. It not only hurt your ex but also the children. Not only did you wreck the lives of your own children but the child of the woman you were cheating with. That’s right. In total, your cheating ruined five lives, not just your ex, but you cannot comprehend that, can you? Your child (especially your son) has been scared for life because of your choice to leave them.

    And you wonder why your children have no respect for you. It would be funny if it wasn’t so damn tragic.

    The long and the short of it is—you gave up your family and destroyed another because you had lust for this other woman. This is the truth. Ask your children. They will tell you straight to your face.

    You left your wife alone to care for your children. She got little or no help from you. Whatever success they have in life is certainly not due to any effort on your part. You are nothing but the sperm donor.

    Where were YOU when the children were sick?
    Where were YOU when the children needed comforting?
    Where were YOU when the children needed help with homework?
    Where were YOU when the kids needed help to go to college?
    Where were YOU at the kids’ communion and confirmation?
    Where were YOU when little Dom had surgery on his knee?
    Just where in the Hell was Dominick Feragola when his children needed him?

    There is much more I could say but for now I will leave it in reserve. Btw- Why are you pulling this crap the month of graduation? Yea, you really care about your kids.
    You are also not welcome in your ex’s home any longer. I suggest you don’t set foot here.

  33. I see "big dom" disabled his comment section and deleted the entries.

    That's ok. I have printed copies of what he wrote and I don't think his family is going to be too happy what he is trying to do.

  34. VonBluvens sez: "I don't think his family is going to be too happy what he is trying to do."

    Oh my gawd Michael, with the possible exception of Steve Holsten claiming to be intelligent this is the most ironic and funny thing I have ever ever read on this blog. The dress up Nazi commenting on someone else's family unhappy with their actions. (Guff, Guff, Smirk *Intense belly laugh*) Were I in YOUR FAMILY I would: a) Claim you were unrelated to me. b). Claim you were completely insane. c). Tell everyone that your mommy dropped you on your head too many times when you were young. d.) All of the above.

    I am relatively sure that your mommy wishes she drown you at birth. Now please excuse me while I laugh myself silly.

  35. Each and ever post I read of yours Raoul screams, "liberal nigger lover" you're worse than Nikki. At least you can understand her motivation, in that most likely she has sex with black men because no self respecting white man would have her.

    As far as Holsten is concerned you should realize that he is not white. He is a self deluded Jew who sometimes believes he is white. He is not. He sends FBI informant Hal Turner money but even Hal Turner considers him an idiot in private.

  36. Von Blo Hard

    I stoped my posts because my Daughter asked me to. I do not want her to be involved. When the time is right i will continue to reveal the truth. Stay tuned you monkey!

  37. You don't give a damn about your kids.

    You smoked dope in front of them. Don't give me that crap.

    I wasn't the one that introduced you to Christine either.

    You are a liar. Don't know why you are doing what you are doing. Perhaps you are trying to hide away all the guilt you have for being a piss poor father.

  38. Oh my god, now VonWelfare is giving out fatherly advice. This shit is so funny coming from a guy who is court ordered to stay away from his own children. Keep it up Von, on man I've laughed so hard I must change my underwear. lol!


  39. hey, Nikki!

    y didn't u put a 'pic' of a nigga or a yoo @ the top of this thread for the typical nut-job!

    niggaz & jewz hv a much higher rate of 'insanity' than white ppl!

  40. Actually - you are mistaken, jimbo - as usual.

  41. Big Doms Blog in down! Like i have said before, i will be back!

    Thanks Nikki and History Mike!

  42. Yes, Jimbo is never one to let facts get in the way of his hatred for people who don't happen to look like him.

    A few facts:

    1. African Americans may be less likely to suffer from major depression and more likely to suffer from phobias than are non-Hispanic whites.

    2. Non-Hispanic whites are nearly twice as likely as African Americans to commit suicide.

    3. Major mental disorders like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, and panic disorder are found world-wide, across all racial and ethnic groups.

    4. The prevalence of mental disorders for racial and ethnic minorities in the United States is similar to that for whites.

    And a few other race-related items with regard to mental health:

    * Minorities have less access to, and availability of, mental health services.

    * Minorities are less likely to receive needed mental health services.

    * Minorities in treatment often receive a poorer quality of mental health care.

    * Minorities are underrepresented in mental health research.

    But hey, Jimbo: Never let facts get in the way of your ignorant racism. Besides, it's just a Jewish conspiracy to deceive us about Aryan superiority, right? Isn't that always the fallback position when truth gets in the way of your rabid stupidity?

    (historymike stops and wonders why in the hell he just wasted 10 minutes looking up data to argue with a racist moron)

  43. Big Dom,

    Go to the Roanoke County courthouse and get the divorce documents about Michael Herbert Blevins and his two divorces.

    You'll find not only is Michael Blevins a horrible father himself but so much so that the court ordered him not to have contact with his children at all. It was testified in court during the 1st divorce that Blevins threatened to kill his own children and he has a extensive history of mental illness and hospitalizations. I'm not making this up, you can get the actual documents yourself.

    Think about it. He lives in Florida and his own kids live in Virginia.

    And he has the gall to call you a bad father???????????

    At least you aren't getting social security checks for being mentally ill like Blevins is.

  44. Schwartz,
    Of course if any of what you said was true you would have broken your kneck trying to post it here and elsewhere. Schwartz, you are a liar.

    (Dom BTW) Harold Schwarts is one of the guys that was/is instrumental in the harassment of your children.

  45. thanks Harry: i have a friend in Va that will go to the city to get the documents.

    Your days are numbered Von Cow Shit!

    Dom, what did I ever do to you? I treated you with nothing but respect and kindness when you were here.

    Hell, we even gave you money to get back home when you over extended yourself (and I KNOW why you didn't have cash to come back home).

    Look at all the records you want. I have never done anything remotely illegal. I have a VERY CLEAN record. People can allege all they want but it is another thing to actually prove it.

    You think I could live where I am if I did have a criminal record? Think about it.

    You are barking up the wrong tree. You are not venting your hatred in a very constructive way.

  47. so blevins i hear that with one of your divorces you had two children...what happened to them?


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