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When people ask why we do what we do at Citizens Against Hate, I frequently point out the violence and the hatred that has been spawned by hate groups and organizations. Most people in America have little working knowledge about these groups and their leaders. As a matter of fact, there are many who aren't even aware that there are such reprehensible organizations operating in our country. Perhaps, just as many consider them to be nothing more than the lunatic fringe or marginal, at best, who pose little or no threat to the fabric of our society. That is why our educational and outreach programs are so very important.

Thursday, April 19th, is the anniversary of both Waco and the Oklahoma City bombing and Friday, April 20th, is Adolf Hitler's birthday. That is why we, and law enforcement consider April as "Nazi Month." Generally speaking, this is the time of year that calls for celebration on the part of those who embrace the Nazi ideology and this year promises to be no different. On April 20th, the City of Cincinnati, Ohio was going to be visited by Bill White and a handful of members from his American National Socialist Worker's Party. White, a truly vociferous instigator, intended to have his group march into Over The Rhine, a predominantly African-American community that has, in the past, been plagued by violence and unrest.

Initially, a permit was granted for this march, however, after much deliberation and raised concerns, the City thought better of their actions and revoked the permit. They then attempted to present White with a plan that would allow his group to march and exercise their First Amendment rights. The plan would have, however, altered and curtailed their route. Of course, this was not acceptable to White.

It is important to understand the nature of William A. White. For all of his shortcomings and faults, he has become a very good attention-getter. As a narcissistic personality, he has had lots of practice. Bill White has learned how to use the media to his advantage. All of this legal wrangling by him and the City was his method of operation. We witnessed it in Toledo and other venues when he was the spokesman for the National Socialist Movement. He creates a stir within the community - usually of a legal nature - which, in turn, generates media coverage. He does this weeks before the event to insure that it is hyped to the fullest extent possible. He postures and cavorts and the media eats it up like good candy.

Emergency ordinances passed by the City Council had no adverse effects on White or his planned march. In October of 2005, Bill led a mish-mash contingency of Nazi's into the city of Toledo and because of prior publicity and the litigious nature of the racist groups who were behind a wall of police protection, he and his participants were able to incite a riot which resulted in a cancellation of the march, much destruction, and tons of media coverage. Yesterday, Bill White predicted an even worse scenario in Cincinnati. The story, filled with hyperbolic misinformation is found below with my thoughts in italics. However, today has seen a new development and Bill has postponed the march - maybe:

Cincinnati Will Be A Riot

But I Did Everything I Could To Stop It

Bill White

Commentary -- I am convinced, as of this morning, that there will be a major riot in Cincinnati, Ohio on Friday -- a riot that will make the riot that occurred in Toledo, Ohio, look small. When this occurs, I want everyone to know that I did everything in my power to make our demonstration peaceful and to make our point about the inability of blacks to integrate into society peacefully, and that the riot is the predictable outcome of the Cincinnati establishments efforts.]

This is classic Bill White spin-doctoring. What he is really saying is that he hopes that a riot ensues because this would, once again, result in publicity for both he and his small group of racist hate-mongers. His pre-march actions has done nothing but rancor both the city and its residents to the boiling point - and that is precisely what he has planned.

What we are planning in Cincinnati is not covered by the existing march ordinance and does not require a permit to do. Our intent in requesting a permit was to notify the police of this event and allow them to make the security arrangements they needed to make this event go smoothly. Our first thought in planning this was to conduct our march in a peaceful and law abiding manner.

The "intent in requesting a permit" was Bill's way of notifying the City that they would be visited by a group who requires police protection and to be able to garner some press coverage. As far as his claiming that the march would be conducted in a peaceful manner, one only has to look at the headlines on his Overthrow site to realize that he intends to be anything but peaceful. When the City Council began looking at their legal options, Councilwoman Leketa Cole led the effort to ban or curtail the march. On White's website the following headline appeared:

Chimpsinnati Niggers Want To "Ban" March

This Is What Happens When You Let Someone Named "Lakesha" Craft Your Legal Strategies

Additionally, when in Toledo, the sparks started to fly as the "N" word was hurled at spectator's repetitively in an attempt to spur a violent reaction.

Furthermore, upon applying for and receiving the previously mentioned permit, Bill White published the following statement in his initial press release:

"We demand that the police make the Over the Rhine ghetto safe for regular foot traffic by white people, and our march and our permit is designed to force the city of Cincinnati to take on that responsibility, if only for a few hours."

The response from the City of Cincinnati was to inflame the situation by encouraging violence and rioting and stating that they will not police the neighborhood on that day. Rather than recognize our right to point out that integration in Cincinnati has completely failed by walking into one of the neighborhoods that has failed, the City decided to try to cover up our point by "banning" our march.

In actuality, the City of Cincinnati recognizes the fact that Bill White's groups, as well as others, have been costing cities and taxpayers across the country tens of thousands of dollars for preparation and protection. They are refusing to be held hostage by the likes of a renegade group of Nazi-wannabes who seem intent on creating a potentially violent and dangerous situation. While Freedom of Speech is certainly a right of the Nazi, incitement to riot is not. Given his articles and the tone of his rhetoric regarding this matter there is little speculation on his intent.

Of course, the Negress who fronted this effort for Cincinnati's Jewish population proposed a series of cosmetic changes to the law that had no impact on our ability to march. Since we didn't need a permit to begin with -- we only asked for one to help the City of Cincinnati maintain order, instead of just showing up and causing chaos -- changing the permit ordinance doesn't effect us. The change of the permit ordinance has been empty grandstanding.

This is nothing more than projection on the part of Bill White. Attributing the term "grandstanding" to the City and to Ms. Cole, is nothing more than White recognizing his own actions as such, and attempting to foist them off on his perceived enemy - something that has become synonymous with Bill.

So, the march has not been banned, but the City has also not prepared a response to it. They are not prepared to maintain order. They are not prepared to keep violent mobs from blocking streets and destroying property. They are not prepared to "send a bill" for police services to the Negroes who have threatened to assault us.

The City of Cincinnati is quite aware of potentially violent events that could occur on April 20th. In 2000, the City sent a bill to the Ku Klux Klan for the additional costs of police protection after a rally held there. They are pleased with the fact that the Klan never returned. There have, however, been a few court rulings in recent years that claim that a city cannot levy such charges. It will be interesting to see if they can reach into the deep pockets of Mr. White as he claims to be worth a few million. White's prediction of violence and destruction only demonstrates that he has no intention of making this a "peaceful" march.

While not preparing, communist groups have begun distributing literature, as they did in 2001, calling on the Negro population to engage in an uprising against the government. In 2005 in Toledo, a major reason for the rioting was communist organizations, composed primarily of Jews from the local university, who distributed weapons to black juveniles and urged them to attack police. In 2007 in Cincinnati, the same situation is almost certain to occur.

White can rest assured that "preparations" are under way. When the National Socialist Movement created an untenable situation in Toledo, White accused Citizens Against Hate and One People's Project of aiding and abetting rock attacks against them. Certainly, there was no validity in his claim as we deplore violence and actively work against it. Now, he claims that it was the Jewish population who were responsible. Accepting responsibility for his own actions has never been a strong point for White while claiming credit for the violent acts of others is certainly part of his repertoire. Few can forget Bill White claiming that the Columbine shooters were members of his anarchist organization - a total fabrication, of course.

We are going to go through with the march for this reason: We want to show the world the failure of American multicultural democracy. We want to show the world that American cities, because of black and Jewish politicians and black and Jewish political pressure, are unwilling to police their ghettos and unwilling to crack down on black criminals who terrorize white residents. We want to show the world the failure of integration in America by forcing the bubbling racial tensions that sit under the surface in American cities to the forefront.

We can all rest assured that no one in America will attribute any altruistic thoughts or leanings to Bill White. What he and his band of Nazi goons will demonstrate is that there are some (albeit few) malcontents who fancy themselves as bad-asses and who, because of socially deviant behavior, cannot assimilate in a civilized world. He will further demonstrate that his teen-aged diagnosis of a Oppositional Defiant Disorder is incurable and manifests itself in the adult ODD population as a miscreant with sociopathic tendencies.

We challenge the political authorities to establish law and order in these neglected neighborhoods. We challenge the Jewish power structure and the multi culturalist media to show us how multiculturalism can work, when they cannot keep mobs of angry niggers from violating the rights of American citizens -- not just at out march, but through the regular and daily incidents of crime these niggers commit. We want the world to see the third world poverty and social structure that niggers in America live in, despite the generous benefits and generations of efforts at "integration" that whites have attempted.

The white privilege that Mr. White enjoys comes largely from his family being in the upper middle class of our society and the fact that Bill has eked out a fair living as a Roanoke slumlord. His views on multiculturalism in American society are generally only held by those who are disenfranchised, socially inept, or Nazi in beliefs. Bill White hopes that things become violent in Cincinnati but he wants to be protected from the violence that he and his degenerative gang intend to provoke.

If rioting breaks out in Cincinnati, Ohio on Friday, it will be because all of the authorities refused to take action to control a situation that they had much advance notice on. The Negro and Jewish authorities think they are refusing to protect our rights, but this situation is not going to endanger us -- it is them and their city, which they have already been choosing to let fester with crime, that is going to suffer because of their irrational desire to spite us.

If anyone believes this last statement then they haven't been paying attention. This is Bill White - not at his best, but representative of his ability to manipulate the truth. Bill White has garnered some attention and publicity. Bill White wants more. His intentions, from the beginning, have been to incite and instigate an untenable situation in that city. We, as onlookers and counter-demonstrators, can only caution against taking his bait. We hope that the citizens of Cincinnati do not give him what he wants - fame. Instead, let's turn the tables on this parasite - let's show the rest of America that no amount of hate-mongering can turn Cincinnati into that which will give White and others something to crow about.

COMMENTARY: Bill White and his entourage of hate is but a scraping from the cesspool of hate in this country. He is, however, representative of just how repulsive and repugnant other life-forms from that same sewer can be. Without a trace of human dignity, lacking in every sense of integrity, and devoid of all that is decent, White and others continue to be a scourge on the American landscape. Whether he marches in Cincinnati or not…whether he continues to spin and manipulate the truth or merely lies through his teeth…Bill White is an aberration of the evolutionary chain distorted and defective.

The permit to march was initially granted to Justin Boyers, the ANSWP Ohio Leader. Justin is one of the National Socialist Movement troops who left shortly after Bill White left. He would claim that it was leadership and the fact that the NSM was exposed as using the Joy of Satan Ministry as a recruiting tool for their rank and file. The NSM will, in turn, tell you that Boyers was kicked out because of his abuse of his girlfriend, Brittany, and his refusal to take care of his offspring. This is, of course, rather amusing since the leader of the NSM has come under great criticism for his failure to take care of his own responsibilities when it comes to his children.

Citizens Against Hate reported on Boyers move to White's group as well as Boyers' criminal record replete with domestic abuse charges in September of 2006. Harry Schwartz reported several weeks ago on Nikki's Nest blog that there was an outstanding warrant on domestic abuse charges. Today, however, Bill White announced the suspension of Boyers from the ANSWP and the postponement of his Cincinnati march. Claiming that there was an outstanding warrant for Boyers for domestic abuse and encouraging Justin to turn himself in and clear himself. White further stated that since he did not need a permit to march in Cincinnati, he would reschedule the march and that he would let the media know of his intentions one hour before the march commences. In truth - Bill White did not have the numbers for such a march and with the situation surrounding Boyers, Bill wasn't going to march alone.

Others inside the movement have become critical of White because of this cancellation stating that one man shouldn't make that much difference. When questioned about this, White stated that there were "other issues with the organization of the march." In truth, those other "issues" probably deal with the lack of participants and his inability to generate the number of Nazi's needed to assure this would not be an embarrassment to his "Party."

As long as we, as Americans, continue to brush away the existence of such groups, as long as we refuse to acknowledge the need to abrogate their message, and as long as we consider them to be no more than an irritant we can expect to be billed for the toll they extract on our cities and our people. Once the march or demonstration is over it is we, the citizens, who must foot not only the financial burden, but the emotional burden as well. Such individuals and such events cost us much more than we could ever begin to imagine. The emotional scars left by their words and their actions are often left untended contributing to racial tensions within our communities.

It is absolutely imperative that Americans take notice…that Americans realize that there is a cancer within our ranks that is malignant and life-threatening. We, as a people, must stand up and be counted. We must lift our voices and our objections to the abuse that is being perpetrated by those who thrive on destruction. We must stop burying our heads, wearing our rose colored glasses, and being lulled into complacency in the false belief that the movement of hate will just go away. Cancer is pervasive. Even in remission, it has the potential to be a harbinger of death. It must be attended to - it must be removed if the host is to stand a chance of survival or reaching its' full potential.

So Bill White has postponed his march…so the residents of Cincinnati can breathe easily again for a minute…what about Knoxville? What about Tulsa? What about Washington, D.C.? What about the rest of America? The time is now…and we need a coalition - we need the equivalent of radiation therapy to reduce the presence of this malignancy. If you are not sure what you can do, contact Citizens Against Hate today. If you have suggestions or thoughts on how to protect our communities and neighborhood, contact us or call us on our Eye On Hate Live Radio Show every Thursday night at 9:00 (EST). Together we are making a difference - and with your participation we can do even more.


  1. Powerful essay, Nikki, and an excellent chunk-by-chunk rebuttal of Der Spimeister White.

    A few thoughts:

    1. White has little use for a spontaneous march. He wants the 2-3 weeks' worth of free publicity he can get by building up a march, both for getting tons of print and electronic attention as well as to get antis fired up for an "incident." He knows full well that he can pass out flyers or wear his SS regalia any time he and his small ANSWP crew want.

    2. His claims of a University of Toledo activist conspiracy are ludicrous. The October 2005 counter-protest was driven by people in the neighborhood, and I personally know the organizers, most of whom were union activists who live within blocks of the failed march. But the biggest contributor was the ubiquitous cellphone, as the crowd members began calling friends to see the Nazi clown show. Besides, UT is much more a bastion of College Republicans and Democrats than it is radical leftists. You can count the hardcore leftist professors and students on two hands, at best.

    3. Bill White wants a march in Over-the-Rhine because he knows the likelihood of conflict with a moving mob is much greater. Police can better control such a rally when they can fence it off and monitor/screen attendees (a la Toledo II and Lansing).

    4. Re: Bill White's claims to wealth: my suspicion is White is highly leveraged, as evidenced by his admission last year that he was paying a rate of nearly 30% on his construction loans. Also, as Harry recently noted, White is selling some Roanoke houses, which leads me to suspect he's in a cash flow pinch. Here is his half-assed effort at reproducing a P&L statement, a document that reads like someone just beginning to understand accounting statements (I prepared P&Ls for years in my old business, and they are a hell of a lot more complex than Bill tries to conjure up here)

  2. i see mz nikkita deleted 3 of my humor oriented posts from the previous blog, oh so much for 'freedom of speech' the left of course has no real interest in 'freedom of speech' never has and never will they actually desire 'freedom from speech of the white nationalists'

    i think the thing that rankles me the most about nikkita and the rest of her white guilted herd is her and their collective and persistant attempt to present to the blog reader the impression that those who are white nationalists are all dumb crackers associating us as a sort of internet trailer park of white trash types all lazy incompetent and as sharp as dull butter knives, nothing could be more effective in this war against white nationalists to thus successfully create in the mind of the newbie blog reader this impression

    many many white nationalists are indeed quite supremely intelligent and possess an impressive ability to make their thoughts and arguments very convincing and were they given equal access as the guilted whites and multi-culted have in society their influence would no doubt grow perhaps quite rapidly, it is very interesting how someone such as jared taylor draws special attention and concern from the other side considering his high rank of mind and eloquence white nationalists of his class are especially feared

    i might point out in a much wider and far reaching context (across all mainstream media and university and corporate world) this 'dumb cracker'(white nationalist nation) vs the 'enlightened' (guilted whites and multi-culturalists) argument is one of the key pillars of this multicultural-marxist war, without fail whenever a white nationalist presents his position the wailing chant of 'RACISM' 'RACISM' vomits from the annoited social judges followed closely by very strong suggestions lamenting supposed 'ignorance' and 'primitive behavior' while whenever it is that the race pimp jesse jackass-son and his fellow clown in action al sharpton go about their busy-body tasks of shaking down a company because it fails the race number game or pointing their self righteous finger of employment death toward their latest human target (don imus) the mainstream news media, university and corporate world bend their knees and shuffle along in obedience and give these 2 race pimps an illusion of honor by always refering to them as "the reverend..."

    it just sickens me no end the brain-dead hopeless nature of those race-dead whites, they are the stupid ones even if they have some ability to string a few paragraphs into something coherent they are blinded by hypocrisy and the mystic voodoo magic nature of their race-death conversion stinks up the atmospheric thought waves and feeds race-death to unsuspecting white sheep

  3. Mike,

    Yes, his properties are all highly leveraged with an adjustable rate mortgage. Now that interest rates are much higher, White is having a hard time even making the interest payments I would bet. He's so much in debt, that he is has been getting denied loans right and left (and suing them in court because of it).

    His idea was to buy cheap properties, build them up, then get them mortgaged to the max, then getting his renters to pay for the mortgage.

    What White failed to realize is that mortgage companies want a high amount of equity in rental properties. That's why this plan of White's has failed. If you notice, he hasn't bought anything in quite a while.

    To show you how much financial problems he has, it took him nearly 3 years to fix a property that isn't going yield him that much. A real professional at doing that will buy a cheap house, restore it and resell it in under 3 months. A cousin of mine does just that, he'll buy a house for 270k... spend 20k and 3 months to fix it.. the resell it at 400k.. Making 130k in 3 months.

    One other way Bill tries to get income is to sue the living hell out of everyone he rents to. He has filed, get this, over 300 lawsuits in Roanoke City alone. He'll claim they did all this damage to his properties... And while he does win a lot of those lawsuits, collecting a judgment against the poor is like collecting water out of sandhill in the desert.

    His mother has always been there to bail him out financially and will do so again I suspect.

    And one other thing... remember the court case that Bill White lost when the nazis (and ARA) were restricted to where they could rally in Toledo 2? I'm sure Cincinnati will use that court ruling also.

  4. Nikki: When people ask you what you do at CAH, if you wanted to answer truthfully you'd say: "Not A Damn Thing, except to sit around and tell lies about our betters."

    I am surprised though, Floyd told part of the truth about his long history of alcoholism.

    History Kike: The Commanders cash flow is none of your damn business.

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  6. Please don't waste your time listening to this show. It is NOT Von. It sounds like the same guy who is impersonating Lloyd. As usual it is filth. He makes out like Von & Doc are going down on two guys and he adds the fake sound effects. Truth be known; he's probably the one going down on a man.

    Sorry to be so blunt, but that's what this show is.

  7. I don't know how the guy pulled it off...but the above comment isn't mine...they are back to trying to put words into my mouth.

    I simply didn't make the comment.

  8. I didn't make the above comment or advertisement.

  9. I didn't make the above comment.

  10. Yeah Von we know. It's the guy who is impersonating Lloyd Davies.

    BTW, The Faggot comments about you on his fake Blog are not by me.

  11. Ever since the new and improved blogger/google think I have had nothing but problems with impersonation.

    My hats off to whoever is doing it, I hope sensible people will know it isn't my blog and obviously not my show.

    I am not too concerned about it as long as they don't do illegal stuff trying to get me into trouble.

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  13. Von: You didn't recognize the voice? It is your old nemesis Boa.

  14. Yes, I posted again on NIM because I couldn't stand by and watch that Faggot try to make Von look like a Faggot. I'm am so sick of the White man being put down; especially by sick Assed underhanded means like this.

  15. WTF?

    youse pricks think Bill White is the white nationalist movement personified?

    *flash*: we've got hundreds of 'leaders'.....and dozens of different groups(just like Hizbollah and/or the Iraqi 'insurgency') all 'working towards' our ultimate goal: TOTAL WHITE POWER!

    gaol one: a hundred will replace him/her;

    kill another: a thousand will step up to the plate!

    we're gunna do youse all!

    neo-cons, WTO, World Bank, IMF, CFR, Tri-lateral Commission, Rothschilds, Bohemian Grove, high-level freemasons, zionists, uppity niggz, rich & powerful kikes, main-stream media puppets, Skull & Bones Society, Bilderbergers feminism promoters, abortion clinic operators, multi-cultural-promoters, globalisationists.....yr all fckn DEAD!....nuthin' on the face of this Earth will save you filth from the righteous wrath of the Aryan!

    nutnin' will exculpate youse from the blood of 600 million white people!

    we're gunna use yr money to light the oxy-acetylene torch that lights yr funeral pyres!

    we're comin' for youse!


    'bye scum!

  16. The real 04/15/07 Vonbluvens show is at

  17. Holeswine: Can you just shut up? No one cares about anything you post. NewsFlash: You are so stupid you are at best a slow learner at worst, retarded.

    Jimbo: All the WN leaders are idiots. But Bill is the best. Were I stupid enough to be a WN then I would go kick Bill's ass. Another NewsFlash: Bill ain't on no one's side except Bill's!

  18. Thanks for the props Mike.

    Actually, it appears his money problems are catching up with him. He has announced to his "group" that they need to send some cash because he can't subsidize the June issue of his magazine out of his pocket this month. So much for the "Millionaire Nazi."

    Von - I removed those links.

    Jimbo - is it crack or meth? You really need to go to rehab - or a padded cell.

  19. "Another NewsFlash: Bill ain't on no one's side except Bill's!"


  20. nikki: "Jimbo - is it crack or meth? You really need to go to rehab - or a padded cell"

    there's no 'crack' in Oz!

    'meth' is used mainly by biker gangs, truckies(it helps them stay awake!) & some surfies....

    most Aussies either smoke dope/hash and/or drink grog(usually: beer or Bundy rum)

    'padded cells' in Oz r only assigned to people likely to 'slash up' or 'neck'/hang them-selves!

  21. Now, Jim, What did the freemasons ever do to you?

    (I can't believe I just asked that question.)

    Tell me: Do you belueve in flying saucer conspiracies as well?

  22. 'andrew': "Now, Jim, What did the freemasons ever do to you?

    plenty.....but: WTF should i hafta prv any-thing to you, you fckn ZOG turd? hunh?

    there's enough lnks just on my 'blog to more than satisfactorily answer any such puerile queries!

    ohh....while we're @ it: i'm gunna issue a general warning! to all u retards who think you can some-how 'neutralise' or 'stymie' the up-coming Knoxville rally on the day in question: i believe that many WNs attending will be ARMED! and ready to use deadly force @ the slightest provocation from who-ever: be that ZOG agents, 'kwaps, anti-s, niggz or jew media that?

    we're fckn mad....push us! and: we'll fckn KNOCK YOU!

  23. Jimbo said...
    "'meth' is used mainly by biker gangs, truckies(it helps them stay awake!) & some surfies...."'s meth. You really need to stop that. Don't they have some kind of rehab center that will help you with the problem?

  24. Jimbo is insane.

    No one is going to be armed at the Knoxville rally, if it even happens at all. The police won't allow it & Linder will be shitting his pants telling everyone to keep their guns at home. The parents of those two people are already speaking out against the rally.

    Linder can't even decide on a firm date.


    Now some sad news, bad college shooting in Blacksburg 32 dead, surprised BW hasn't taken credit for it yet like he did for Columbine. BW also praised the school shootings in Oregon that killed kids and such.

    I figure I post that just to show the type of scum that Vonbluvens loves to worship since he is into BW worship.

  25. nikki: "'meth' is used mainly by biker gangs, truckies(it helps them stay awake!) & some surfies....''s meth. You really need to stop that. Don't they have some kind of rehab center that will help you with the problem?

    i'm not a biker, truckie or surfie...the only 'drugs' i indulge in r Heineken & James Boag's Premium Export Lager! yr shit outta luck, babe!

    mr schwarz: "bad college shooting in Blacksburg 32 dead"

    i'd say that would be 'a false flag' psy-op just like the Prt Arthur Massacre and, for that matter, 9/11....but: then: most of youse clowns on this 'blog doubtless buy the official ZOG-MSM line on these incidents 'cos yr totally incapable of collating, assessing & analysing evidence!....but: then: WTF to expect from ppl who 'buy into' the official 6million dead kikes fairy-tale, eh?

  26. mr schwarz: "Jimbo is insane.
    No one is going to be armed at the Knoxville rally, if it even happens at all. The police won't allow it

    don't make me laugh, ZOG-boy!

    the 'cops' demonstrated their TRUE METTLE @ the Virginia Tech' shooting....gutless, pathetic punks!.....cowering behind trees while armed to the teeth with SMGs, pump-action shotties & Beretta '9's and wearing tactical vests TO BOOT! whilst the alleged 'perp' (a sawn-off Korean with a pea-shooter) ran amok for two hours!


    pull the other one!

    we'll go through these gut-less yellow turds like a DOSE of SALTz!


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