Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Now, doing the kind of work that we do sometimes it feels like we spend our days in the zoo. And within that zoo there are those who love to spread "the word" so speak. Sometimes that word reaches us. Yesterday we heard through one of the zoo denizens that Jeff Schoep's little gathering just might be the reciepient of a party crashing. And who do we know that loves nothing more than dropping in unannounced these days?

Want to know more? Listen to Eye On Hate Radio Thursday night. (9:00 EST)

Additionally - "Will the insanity of Hal Turner lead to more deaths?"

Join us for some very thought provoking moments.



  1. Did you ban Chris Drake from posting here, Nikki?

    If you did I am at a loss why...he didn't say anything worthy of banning.

  2. No Mike, I have not banned Chris. While Chris and I rarely agree, he has a great sense of humor and has done absolutely nothing worthy of being banned - I agree.

    He has been busy over on the NSM list lately.

  3. Chris is finalizing the logistics of the NSM rally and concert this weekend in South Carolina.

    And while I disagree with Chris, at least he isn't a complete wussy like you who quit the NSM under orders from BW.

    How you have fallen over the past year.. from being the radio man for the NSM to being the laughing stock of VNN. Even BW now kicks you around for humor.

  4. So...Von, any plans being made for you and Bill to crash the NSM affair?

  5. I am not going to S.C. for this event. I wish the NSM well.

  6. The audio quality of these broadcasts are worse then they were before.

    Very hard to listen to.

  7. New On the Domestic Front. Check my Bee-Log. I give lots of good advice to White Nationals: Billie White, Stevo Holsten, Von, Doc, and Hal.

    Don't miss Woger Wiseman's Wacky World Of Schwartz!

  8. The fake Lloyd strikes once again. The podcast he speaks of is likely filth. It would be a waste of good time to bother with it.

  9. It's been confirmed that Justin Boyer of 12 S. Second Street of Tipp City, OHIO and
    Kenneth W Fields of 4 Davis Street of Jamestown, OHIO

    were arrested for trespass in Ohio yesterday. Of course, Bill White is boasting that Justin Boyer is again a member of ANuS WiPE.

  10. Von, you and I finally agree on something - the sound quality with BlogTalk sucks -
    thank you for listening. Floyd

  11. the problem with yr 'blog-talk radio show' is not the 'technical quality' but the 'content': yr not serious people! and r, from what i can see, not serious abt investigating 'racism': if u were, u would be trying to get ppl like Kevin MacDonald, J P Rushton and/or Andrew Fraser 'on air'; and ppl like: David Irving, Mark Weber, Arthur Butz and/or Robert Faurisson also...these r all serious academic people with serious things to say and make well-backed-up claims that need to be addressed if youse r, in fact, serious abt 'investigating racism'(?)

    for the peripheral issue of "technical quality", 'log on' to the Skype forum....most technical matters r addressed there!


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