Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Neighborhood watch: Kiddie porn possessor to be released
by Lisa Provence

Kevin Strom in a pre-arrest Wikipedia page photo.
Kevin Strom, who was sentenced to 23 months for possession of child pornography and who proudly counts himself a white separatist, gets out of prison tomorrow, and his pending residence in the 1100 block of St. Charles Court is causing some neighborhood consternation.

Filling neighborhoods with unwanted racial pamplets and papers has long been a tactic of white supremacist organizations. In this case, however, it appears someone in the neighborhood, or someone who doesn’t like Kevin Strom, may be doing the leafleting.

The Charlottesville neighborhood where Strom, founder of a now-defunct white separatist organization called the National Vanguard, will live with his mother, stepfather, and two children has been papered with fliers warning about the registered sex offender who will be residing among them.

Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo, who lives in that neighborhood, hopes Strom gets a fair treatment in his transition back into society.

“We talk a lot about redemption,” says Longo. “He’s served his sentence. I would hope people will not pre-judge.”

Longo calls Strom’s mother and stepfather “good people” and “good neighbors,” and he says his children play with Strom’s children, who have been living with Strom’s mother while he was incarcerated on the child porn possession charge. And Longo points out that Strom, who has been at the Federal Correctional Complex in Petersburg, will be heavily supervised during his 15-year probation.

Strom went to trial last year on charges of enticement of a minor and witness intimidation, charges that were thrown out. He pleaded guilty to one count of child porn possession, but said he’d possessed it “unwillingly,” and at the April 21 sentencing declared, “I am not a pedophile.”

His estranged wife, Elisha Strom, denies leafleting St. Charles Court about Strom’s September 3 release, but says, “Someone has to notify the neighborhood, especially since he’s still pretending to be innocent.”

The Stroms’ tempestuous relationship was revealed in court last fall, after Elisha Strom’s phone calls to police accusing Strom of kiddie porn possession, stalking a 10-year-old friend of her daughter’s and intimidation of a witness— herself— led to felony charges. She did admit to bashing Strom on the head with a telephone.

While Strom is not prohibited from being around his minor children, Elisha Strom maintains that her husband is a danger to children. “He’s in denial,” she says. “[Strom and his parents] are trying to play the victim. They’re not victims.”

Another St. Charles Court resident, who asked that her name not be used, is most concerned about “those two wonderful children living in that household with Kevin’s mother.” She says, “I can’t imagine the impact on them. I just don’t know what the publicity is going to do to those children.”


  1. Vonbluvens has formed a new group, Christian National Socialist Party, and it already has more members then the ANSWP.

  2. ROFLMAO! Isn't "Christian National Socialist Party" an oxymoron? But, having more members than ANSWP wouldn't take too much effort.

    If memory serves me correct, Mike has tried this before.

  3. Vonbluvens is more full of courage than anyone else in the white supremacy movement. He is their modern Christ figure and just as important as Hitler. He formed this group to fill the growing gap created by anti-Christian pagans and satanists. No matter who slings mud on him or what court documents say, he will outshine them with the light of YHWH.

  4. That organization is doomed the minute someone takes the time to unseal Mike Blevin's divorce case. It would have been a threat had it not openly included Vonbluvens.

  5. Von hasn't started any group.

    It appears Chrissy still has a mancrush on Mike.

  6. Check out Zogsnightmare board. That dog won't hunt.

  7. Kevin Strom will be under the watchful eye of the SPLC and the ADL. If that putrid kiddie-pron shemale loving pervert and racist ham radio broadcasting wanabe even so much as tosses a beer can out of the window of his car while driving we will know of it within 24 hours. It's called the MOSSAD and you don't f--k with Israel like Strom has done and expect to get off with a slap-on-the-wrist from the USA judicial syatem.


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