Sunday, September 14, 2008

Poster Boy Boyer

Did you ever notice that ignorance and illiteracy just seems to abound among the racists? While stereotyping may not be the politically correct thing to do, one cannot shake the image of the beer-bellied, inbred racist that has long been depicted as the typical KKK member when reading some of the swill posted on white power message boards and Justin Boyer is a prime example of the slow-witted, ill-bred, cretin who populates the "movement."

Justin, a former NSM member turned Bill White boot-licker turned NSM member anew, was at one point a pariah to the brown-shirted Nazi's because of his physical abusiveness toward his pregnant girlfriend. However, with their sagging membership, they welcomed him back into the fold when he told Bill White to take a hike. Of course, there is no loyalty among racists.

Yesterday, Justin posted on the VNN Forum that his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child is now dating an African-American. In his own words…

"I just found out she is dateing a nigger. What should i do? I do not want my son to part of that sick shit. I got pics to prove it."

Well, Justin there are court documents to prove that you didn't care much about that son of yours while you were beating on his pregnant mother and it's obvious that you haven't grown up any or become any more educated.

Now, VNN is replete with posters who are quite enamored with their knowledge of such things and are quick to offer advice to those who are in need. Some are a little more literate than others, but their ignorance runs pretty true to form. One such member had this to offer…

"Stating the obvious, you're in a tough spot.

"You must be careful of alienating yourself from your son by the type of criticism you express to him about his mother. Instead of hate-filled venom, try sympathy. For example:

"Don't say: Your mother is a nigger-fucking pig! And I hate her guts.

"Try saying: Mommy has a sickness in her head and this is why she's seeing that nasty-looking black man. Maybe someday she'll get better and you won't have to look at that bad man.

"Of course these are over-the-top examples for illustrative purposes, however I'm sure you get my point."

[Oh, we get the point! The point is that you are an ignorant individual who demonstrates quite well that racists should never be parents.]

"When dealing with your ex, you must use tact, have plenty of patience, and be ever the gentleman. Don't lose your cool. Always take the high ground and don't allow yourself to be baited into a situation that makes you look anything less than a gentleman."

[You do realize that you are speaking to Justin Boyer - an abuser of women who is obviously not very bright and quite incapable of gentlemanly behavior.]

"Also, it's probably only a matter of time before the nigger exhibits TNB and causes your ex to do the same. It's incumbent upon you to document any incident that you can use to build a custody case. This means building alliances with people close to her that will be willing to share inside-her-house information with you.

"In building your custody case, don't rely upon only one single abuse/neglect incident to carry your case. The courts are stacked against White men. You will need to build a mountain of evidence and even then your chances will be slim of prevailing in the courts, especially if it comes out that you're affiliated with any proWhite organization."

[The courts are "stacked" against men who have beaten and abused their wives/girlfriends as they are likely to be abusive to their children as well. Using euphemisms such as "pro-white" for neo-Nazi won't play well to the judge either.]

"If and when all else fails, one might have to resort to skulduggery. I know a lawyer in Tampa Florida who was in similar circumstances and he planted drugs in the ex-wife's car. It worked."

While the last suggestion is despicable, I'm really glad that he made it as it demonstrates the mindset of those who inhabit the racist movement and…should Boyer's ex find herself in such a predicament, the police will know who to look for.

Boyer, enraged by this situation, may just be the loose cannon who is stupid enough to act on racist impulse and his reply to the many well-wishers gives us cause for alarm…

"I got to be carefull. I been in court for about 1year and half over all this shit. And i am just now finding out. Well pray for me so i will not shot this negro or turn out like yankee Jim god rest his soul."

Yankee Jim, you may remember, killed his wife and himself some months back. Given the fact that Boyer is a nut-case who is also a little light in the IQ department, he certainly fits the profile of the lone-wolf who would pull the trigger without thinking.

Justin Boyer is the perfect poster boy for the National Socialist Movement just as he would have been for Bill White's ANSWP. He is vulnerable, wants to belong to something, and easily led. He is also a perfect example of the kind of young person that these organizations try and recruit. They seek out those who are alienated by others, a little on the slow side, and who are eager to do their bidding. What we, as a society, end up with is often a very disturbed and dysfunctional individual who believes violence solves everything. We hope and pray that the authorities are watching - carefully.


  1. I've noticed that many Liberals are overeducated shitheads with no common sense. All they know is what they read in books. So they don't know squat about reality. Liberalism is a mental illness.

    Racially aware folks may not be the most book learned, but we have common sense, and know how to build and fix stuff. And that makes us educated.

    Too bad there's so much disdain shown for simple folks around here. Sorry that we're not vaunted and elevated enough for you.

  2. You do realize on some level that you are a retard? There is nothing wrong with being a little liberal there is nothing wrong with being a little conservative it is extremists like yourself who can never say anything positive that are at the heart of the problem and don't try jumping on the conservative boat, because we don't want you. I think we made that statement when we rejected Ron Paul.

    You want some reality? Call yourself a fucking racist instead of hiding behind the "racially aware" tag. Don't associate yourself with the conservative crowd because you are not one of us, you are a bigot and certainly not educated in anyway. Racism is the disease, EDUCATION IS THE CURE.

  3. Multiculturalism and nigger lovers are the disease and racism is the cure.


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