Thursday, September 11, 2008

Matt Hale may have "sentence reduced"

Chicago SunTimes
September 11, 2008
BY NATASHA KORECKI Federal Courts Reporter
White supremacist Matthew Hale was sent to the nation's highest security prison for 40 years after he ordered a hit on a Chicago federal judge.

But Hale, self-described "Pontifex Maximus" of a hate group, now has a shot at a new sentence despite having lost court appeals.

Racist has a Shot


  1. Hale and White to join forces pending Hale's release. Pass it on.

  2. Question for Nikki:

    How come you haven't reported on Bill White's threats on the democratic nominee for president?

    His latest magazine has Obama with a crosshair graphic on his face.

    The fact that the secret service hasn't investigated this indicates to me Bill White just may be a federal informant.

  3. We know Von is one.

  4. Bill White's threats in the last two years is far worse than anything Matt Hale was accused of doing.

    But somehow Matt Hale is in jail while Bill White walks around free to threaten more people.

  5. Bill White is an absolute threat to our society.

  6. How bout the paramilitary training thingy Bills got going on in the state of Georgia?

  7. Bill White is just a schizophrenic person crying for attention. He actually talks to himself, I kid you not.

    Best to ignore.

  8. Bill White is a back stabbing asshole. Now he is a broke asshole. Oh did I mention he lies a lot?

  9. Von is a bi-sexual pedophile who lives off an old woman and a crazy-check. Bill White works for a living and is an actual white activist. The comparison is barely worth making.

  10. Bill White work? That is a fucking laugh. Mommy and Daddy have him money and he managed to fuck that up. His fat porn star wife (she got ass fucked by Sledgehammer and a nigger) left him because he is dead assed broke. He is a liar, a traitor and most of all a Jew. Bill White is a loser, plain and simple. Oh and none of these facts are in doubt anywhere but Bill's mind (Bill lies to himself but then if you were that big a loser, you'd do it too!)

  11. Before Bill found MegHAM he stalked a black/hispanic stripper/hooker by the name of Alecia Hernandez. She moved to Dallas Texas to get away from the asshole. LOL

  12. Is Bill White bi-sexual? I can only say that last year when Luke Kuhn was diagnosed with HIV Bill went and got tested.

    I don't have to lie about you Bill, the truth is so much more effective.

  13. Luke is not HIV, leave him out of this.

  14. Well...I see that at least some of you know the truth about Bill White and Michael Blevins. As to Matt Hale - believe me, he is NOT the icon that the "movement" makes him out to be - certainly not a martyr.

    While incarcerated, Matt certainly hasn't lived up to his martyr status. He has been a complete wuss - and if you think he doesn't talk to himself you have no clue. His bizarre behavior as well as many of his cop-outs and pleas might carry him a lot further toward an early release - a lot further than any alleged juror conflict or misconduct.

    Believe me when I tell you that Mattie turned out to be numero uno pussy and being held under Special Administrative Measures was a favor to him becasue he wouldn't last a week in the general population.

  15. Nikki, why didn't you ever expose Mike Blevins' crimes against his own children? If you ever wanted to shut him down for good, that would have done it. Did you have a deal worked out with him?

  16. PM Hale was placed in SuperMax 'ad-seg' by ZOG because they wanted him held incommunicado!

    very few white men can survive in the atrocious environment of ZOG gulags because they are out-numbered 50-to-1 by mud people who have the strength of nigga gang-bangers behind them!

    also: most, if not all, prominent "white nationalists" are 'separated' by ZOG-gulag "authorities" to avoid racial conflicts & tensions, any-way!

    better to "go down fighting" like Bob Matthews than "end up" in such a situation!

    AFA his "conduct" is the fuck would YOU know abt that?.....un-less yr ZOG contacts have so informed you?


    you fckn ZOG slag!

    the day rapidly approaches when yr gunna be HACKED into a hundred pieces!

    mean-while: wtf don't you 'tip' lighter-fluid & kerosene over yr scum ZOG carcass & self-incinerate?!?

  17. Shat the fuck up JewFag (Jimbo) Pete.

  18. Luke announced last year that he WUS HIV POSTIVE, RETARD.

  19. Bullshit about Luke! Post proof or STFU!

  20. Whether or not Luke is HIV positive has nothing to do with anything, period.

    Jimbo - what do you want to be when you grow up? - Just curious.


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