Sunday, September 14, 2008


By Nicole Nichols

Vomiting is generally the body’s way of ridding itself of that which the system rejects. Projectile vomiting is a violent reaction to that which is toxic to the body and is most common in infants, young children, and narcissistic Nazi’s who consistently and repetitively spew their cookies all over the web, i.e. Bill White. The former is a physical reaction to that which is alien or toxic while the latter is a manifestation of a psychological pathology which consumes all that is sensible, moral, and human in its’ host.

As White nears the end of the line in the white nationalist movement, destitute, degraded and desperate to the point of depravity his rhetoric and tone has become more strident and more violent. Rejected by his wife, ostracized by most in the movement, relieved of most of his assets, Bill White has found himself relegated to treks in the swamps with fellow reject, Chris Drake, mental stagnation, and human fodder for various insects.

Of course, we could say that it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving fellow – we could say that. We could say that Bill White was never really a part of the movement anyway – oh…we have already said that. We could claim that the charade engaged in by White was really all a big undercover operation and that he is really one of us…but we ain’t about to claim him.

It is important for all to remember that Bill White is a very – and I do mean very – needy person. We knew when the downward spiral came it would not be a pretty sight and that he would not go quietly or gracefully into oblivious solitude – not unless he was carted away in a trance induced by massive doses of Thorazine.

Albeit, lacking the charisma and showmanship of a Hal Turner, Bill White seems to have stolen a page from Hal’s playbook and thrown the Hail Mary pass in an attempt to garner the attention he so desperately needs for mere survival. But, Bill can’t quite get there from here – he just doesn’t realize that – won’t ever realize that.

After numerous attempts to justify his bankruptcy filings and to convince followers of his solvency failed, White, humiliated and broke, turned his attention to presidential candidate Barack Obama. Claiming that, “Barack Obama has a history of sponsoring political violence and adheres to a radical black nationalist and communist ideology, created by Jews, that calls for the racial murder and genocide of white people,” Bill went on a tangent – one that could cost him dearly.

Currently, he is trying to raise the funds to publish a special edition of his National Socialist magazine which would bare a picture on the cover of Obama speaking to a crowd of people with a sniper target super-imposed over his head. The header would read, “Kill This Nigger?”

According to White’s website:

“The controversial cover for a story on "Negro Deification And The 'Obama Assassination' Myth", looks at the role that Barack Obama's radical communist politics and Jewish backers have played in making his electoral career and how he plans genocide against white working people.

“The article also looks into the phony "Obama assassination" conspiracies that have circulated in the Jewish press, and how major Jewish newspapers, like the Washington Post, tried to promote white supremacist opposition to Obama through planted and staged newspaper articles.”

Of course, the two or three members of his American National Socialist Worker’s Party combined with a handful of nut-jobs who think this sort of thing productive will never be able to raise the dollars necessary to print any appreciable amount of this trash. The very fact that White would even make such a suggestion speaks volumes about his current mental state.

He now claims that he was paid a visit by the United States Secret Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation concerning his magazine cover – little wonder, right? Well, the nature of Narcissistic Personality Disorder is particularly devious and does not allow for much of anything other than self-aggrandizement.

Consequently, Bill White must turn every incident into something that portrays him as the center of the universe – regardless of how small and distorted that world might be. Hence, he claims that federal law-enforcement are concerned that Obama supporters might endanger his safety if such a magazine is distributed! I kid you not!

It would never occur to Bill White that no one believes him to be that important. It would never occur to him that his failure to succeed in anything is solely because of his debilitating psychotic disorder which will certainly find him, eventually, the subject of a American Psychological Association study and ground-breaking journal article as he languishes in a hospital for the chronically mentally ill.

No sane person could ever possibly understand fully what thoughts, ideas, or convoluted perceptions reside within the confines of Bill White’s mind – nor would we want to. However, there are a few obvious truisms that we have learned over years of watching the sick machinations of this person. Bill White doesn’t just want attention – he needs it. His tenure in the racist movement has been a roller-coaster ride and his fall from grace has been a long time coming. Now, as he faces the darkest of his fears – not being noticed – he has run out of shock value, has run out of idolators, and has run out of money.

This week when an article appeared in the Sun Times stating that the incarcerated, Matt Hale, former Pontifex Maximus of the now defunct racist “World Church of the Creator,” was petitioning the courts for a reduced sentence based on information concerning a juror in his trial, Bill White saw an opportunity to ingratiate himself with the few “Creators” who are left.

Writing, “A white leader wrongfully imprisoned on charges of "conspiring" to kill a federal judge may have his forty year prison sentence reduced if an Illinois judge assigned the task of reviewing the qualifications of his jurors finds impropriety in their selection,” White refers to the juror as a “gay Jew who has a black lover,” and subsequently publishes the man’s name, phone number, picture, and place of employment. We are quickly reminded that during Hale’s trial, Bill White published what he believed to be the personal information of the federal informant who testified against Hale only to find out that the information was for the wrong Tony Evola. All of this resulted in an elderly man and his family having to be provided with police protection.

His most recent target has been Randy Blazak, an Associate Professor at Portland State University and long-time anti-hate activist. Blazak has run afoul of many white supremacists and neo-Nazi’s in the Portland area over the years and has had a running feud with Matthew Ramsey, (a.k.a. Jim Ramm) one of the most prominent racists in the region. White published all of Blazak’s personal info as well as that of his wife. This has been a long-time tactic of White – however it isn’t always limited to those he considers anti-racist or “anti-white.” Bill often publishes information on other people in the racist movement whom he has problems with.
As a matter of fact, over the years, he has gifted us with names, addresses, and information of an extremely intimate and personal nature on numerous leaders and members of the movement which has been invaluable in our work. Of course, these actions have played a large part in his ousting from any standing within the movement – but se la vie!

While much of what Bill White is currently engaged in may be troublesome to some, something tells me that any meaningful threat that he may have been to our society has now seen the turning of the tide and that the real threat of Bill White is that to himself. As he becomes more and more ostracized by others, more and more alone, and more and more desperate any influence he has over others is apt to wane appreciably. Understanding his craving and, indeed, his need for attention and self-validation, I see one of two scenarios for his future – a) he will engage in some action so outrageous and, perhaps violent, that he will be put away for life, or b) he will turn that violence upon himself as he becomes more and more despondent over his failure to make the world see how important he is.

Until one of these two things take place, we can expect more projectile vomiting from this has-been, never-was, Nazi as his body continues to try and rid itself of the toxic waste that has been ingested by its’ truly sick master.


  1. You are so right about Bill, Nikki. Bill never had any loyalty to the WN cause. Bill was a communist how can he then remake himself as a fascist? Bill White likes to talk about others being crazy but he takes at least two anti-psychotic drugs and regularly sees a shrink (paid for by mommy and daddy).

    Some people will say that Meghan abandoned Bill because the money is gone but the truth is that Bill is very abusive to her. He was always calling her a fat ass. He never got over the porn movie that came out with her, cruel people like Isis rammed it down his throat. He even questions if the baby is his. I ask you, what is wrong with big women? If Bill didn't like her the way she was then why did he marry her!???

    He was also physically abusive to her, just like Bill has been toward every woman he is with. Bill is a sorry sack of shit and anyone in the movement who has anything to do with him just hasn't seen his true colors.

  2. Nikk, how do you know Meg left Bill? Is this speculation on your part?

  3. To the poster above:

    Nikki would go a lot further if she stuck to Bill's criminal activity and left out the personal stuff that isn't verifiable

  4. Oh and as long as we are bring up skeletons in Bill's closet.... again Bill likes to talk about other's supposed mental illnesses but Bill was committed to a mental institution when he was in his teens by his own parents after he beat up his own mother. Bill White is a sad sack of shit it took me a long time to realize this....

  5. Why do put your name to articles Vonbluvens writes?

  6. Call Bill's parents, I am sure his mother can verify just about everything Nikki posted. So shut your foul mouth, Chris.

  7. This is too literate to come from Von's hand.

    Von didn't write this.

  8. Bill White's abusive nature shouldn't surprise anyone too much. When the only person in the world that you live to please is yourself, you have to bring everyone else in line.

    I shudder to think about him having a child.

  9. Nikki,

    What evidence do you have to support your allegations in the article about him being abusive to his wife?

    Don't get me wrong, I loathe BW, but we can't just take your word for it.

  10. My article did not reference abuse at all. It was Happy White Man who claims that he was abusive.

  11. Isis has never talked to Bill White about any porn movies.

  12. Yeah - I'm curious about how Isis has even been brought into any of this.

  13. It's nimbuster crap, Nikki, just ignore it.

  14. Oh...okay. I've been away for awhile and don't spend any time at nimbusters. I thought it was a little odd.

  15. So how long is Vonbluvens going to be Citizens Against Hate's pet racist? I wonder if the CNSP is aware of this? Its time someone put those documents in the right hands.

  16. Von is trying to draw Isis into all this to muddy the waters. He will pull any innocent bystander out in front of him. This is not limited to his own wife, whom he has tried to blame some of his posts on. Both sides need to stop using this mentally ill pedophile to get at one another.

    Nikki: Do not print anymore of Vonbluven's articles! The end does not justify the means!

  17. Von you should seriously join the antis.

  18. "Why do put your name to articles Vonbluvens writes?"

    "Nikki: Do not print anymore of Vonbluven's articles! The end does not justify the means!"

    You are giving Michael Blevins far too much credit. Don't do that.

  19. Bill can whine all he wants but his often beaten on (by him) soon to be ex-wife was in a porn movie. Isis is involved because she got a copy of the movie from Nimbuster Sledgehammer who is also a WN and starred in it along with Meg's black pimp. She filmed all this before she met Bill. These are the facts and they are not in dispute.

    BTW don't let Isis fool you, she is a Nimbuster. She can not be trusted by either side. The only thing you can count on is for her to run her mouth.

  20. Meg isn't involved in porn. this is all nimbuster lies.

  21. Isis never received any porn movie from anyone.

    And there is no Sledgehammer, it was another nimbuster sock puppet who posted the movie on blogs.

    The Chans also picked up and exploited the images from that movie.

    Isis is and always has been an antiracist.

  22. Isis aka Laura is a cunt. I know it, you know it, Bill knows it and History Mike knows it. Ask Nimbuster Unknown Fucktard and Admin Isis gave both of them that porn film. The chans got it latter. Laura most likely gave it to them because she likes stirring things up.

  23. Didn't Harry claim to have Von's divorce papers? Why won't Von say why he can't see his child without guards?

  24. Someone called Isis from this #


    And asked her if she wanted that movie and she said no she doesn't want things like that delivered to her house.

    It's some crazy nimbuster, have fun with the detectives on finding out who that is.

    Isis doesn't get involved in stuff like that.

    She doesn't even know who Unknown Fucktard or the Admin of nimbusters are or where they live.

  25. I was given the film by a Nimbuster who calls himself "Sledgehammer" I released the movie to the net and the Chans. Isis had nothing to do with it.

  26. Okay I wouldn't have said nice things about Isis if I would have know the she was going to out my work number. Thanks a lot Isis. What have I ever done to YOU??????

  27. Ping Nikki, can you delete the post with my work number on it? Thanks in advance.

    Thanks a lot Isis, I've never fucked you over. Thanks a lot, it really shows your true colors. But then I started suspecting that when you started calling me in the middle of the morning and hanging up. Lie about it all you want but I had you on caller ID.

  28. Whoever you are, you are the one who is responsible for the video.

    Leave Isis out of your messes, stop e-mailing her and stop trying to cause issues that are not there.

    Leave Isis alone, let Nikki do her job and leave your poor trolling skills in nimbusters where it belongs.

  29. I am only responsible for releasing the video and if we are going to be truthful, you pushed me to get that Video from "Sledgehammer88" (who is actually DeLorean). You distributed your share of the Video to DLJ and others. You back stabbed Bill now you've back stabbed me.

    The truth Isis will set you free.

  30. Unknown Fucktard is actually Brent Hamm a guy who lives in Missouri. He's been to prison multiple times and once he went to jail with Roger Wiseman. He is a racist who fucks niggers.

  31. :) My name is not Brent Hamm and I've never been to Missouri or prison in my whole life.

  32. Call DLJ and ask him if I ever gave him any videos.

    Which would be impossible because I never had anything like it on my person.

    All I know is what I saw on a blog set up by some nimbuster who is known for multi sock puppets and bad trolling.

    So, you are now dragging the Admin of nimbusters, one of your sock puppets "Sledgehammer", DLJ and Von into your twisted story.

    Let me ask you? Do you ever live in or post in any kind of truth or reality?

    And to add, my cell is programed as a blocked #, so I don't show up on caller ID's.

    Nice try on a poor attempt to push others under a bus to try to cover your butt.

  33. What kind of loser uses a prepaid cell phone for work?
    Sounds like another fake story.

  34. Fuck Off, Shut The Fuck Up, And Get Back To What You're Best At Doing: Sucking Nigger Dicks.

  35. Give it up Fucktard. Isis is a liar, she has always been a liar. She is two faced and crazy. First she fucked over History Mike, Bill White, and DLJ now you. Live with it bitch.

  36. So Vonbluvens smeared Isis while trying to smear Bill White's wife? Typical. Watch Von flea now. He's past conduct with children, his shemale-fetish and odd sexual relationships compliment the fact that he is terrified of most women.

  37. It must be a full moon.

    The batshit crazy Okie is at it again.

  38. Isis is an Okie? Fucktard is an Okie (not likely have you heart him on Nimnuts, he has a Texas draw. Von is an Okie? Von is an Okie (not likely with his northern accent). Who really cares Nimbuster's bore me. Fucktard is a nigger fucker. Isis is a back stabbing nazi fucking traitor. Von is batshit crazy.

  39. Fucktard is mentally ill white trash who makes up socks and feeds off of amusing himself with bad trolling.

    He is also "Jimbo", and other racist socks who have posted on here.

    Save the IP's, Nikki, someone *you know* will be contacting you about them.

    It will be via PM in the OPP forum.

  40. Schwartz, Private InvestigatorSeptember 15, 2008 1:11 PM

    Bill can't even camp in the woods for one night without crying like a baby. Never seen a grown cry so much about chiggers, which are very easily avoided if you know what you are doing. And you don't need to soak yourself in DEET either.

    Apparently Chris Drake did nothing to help out the mentally diseased on their 2 man "ANSWP wilderness club" which was just them camping on National Forest land.

    So we know Bill White isn't even man enough to camp in the woods.

  41. Gee Isis is like a broken record. Remind me never to piss off that bitch. LOL.

  42. Let you in on a little secret that has nothing to do with the NIMbuster shit stirrers.

    Bill White did have a physical relationship with Isis when he was a member of the NSM.

    Bill and Isis snuck away for over an hour at the Dave Gletty bash in Florida, you know, after the federally organized NSM rally in Orlando. lol I will leave it up to your imagination what they were up to.

    This took place before BW married.

  43. Isis DID have a sexual relationship with Bill White during his membership days with the NSM.

    Think it ended after he found out she was a Jew.


  44. That explains the flattering photos Isis took of Bill White.

  45. Bill White seems to think Vonbluvens wrote this article:

  46. Bill doesn't deny having sex with Isis. I wonder if Isis had sex with UF as well and that is what caused the blow up? We already know that she fucks DLJ.... must have to roll his fat ass in flour to find his dick....

  47. How fucking gross if this is all true. How could any woman find that balding fat bill white attractive? I mean, ooooooooooh!

  48. Private InvestigatorSeptember 15, 2008 11:56 PM

    On Monday, Sept 22nd, Bill White's trustee (Bill was removed as his own trustee) Mr Garber will petition the court to force White to auction off his properties in order to meet the request of the mortgage companies.

    Bill's lawyer, Harry Brown, is trying to appoint himself Bill's trustee, which will be rejected by the courts.

    After this date and auction, it's expected that White will be filing Chapter 7 protection and liquidation of his personal assets.

    It is unknown if White Homes & Land & the ANSWP will have to seek bankruptcy protection.

    harry Brown is pocketing 10,000s in lawyer fees because of this. And Bill Could have done all this for a few 100 bucks of his own monehy.

  49. Private InvestigatorSeptember 16, 2008 12:16 AM

    Bill White was removed as his own trustee on his bankruptcy.

    The new one is
    Margaret K. Garber
    Trial Attorney
    (540) 857-2829

    She appointed as his trustee after complains about Bill's handling of being is own trustee. The court agreed, and removed WHite as his own trustee and assigned Ms Garber to be in charge.

  50. I just want to say it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to hear that Bill is doing so bad. Makes me believe in Karma it does.

  51. What kind of slut sleeps with Nazis? Jewish or otherwise?

  52. Private InvestigatorSeptember 17, 2008 11:47 PM

    Bill White got dumped by his lawyer, Harry Brown. Probably for failure to pay the retainer he was required to under his Chapter 11 filing.

    Now Bill doesn't have a lawyer and the trustee appointed to him will probably simply motion this to go to a forced auction of his properties under his name, which will lead to a Chapter 7 because he won't get the amount to satisfy his creditors.

    And even Mark Martin is suing Bill White in Ohio... and since Bill White was in Ohio and personally met with Martin, Bill is going to have to haul himself to Ohio... and Chapter 11 doesn't protect him from the lawsuit either.


  53. Bill White is a phoney baloney agent of ZOG. Just like the "Nazi" Frank Collins, who was in reality both Jew and child molester.

    So the eternal asshat Bill White puts a contract out on Obonzo. Except such a contract will be fulfilled by ZOG itself.

    The short con to this will be the race riots that'll ensue. The long con will be America's ZOG elite, calling for Canadian style "Hate Laws", to which the sheeple will blindly obey. Because too many Americans are brainwashed idiots.

    ZOG thinks it can have its way with America. But the Lord Jesus Christ will destroy America before He allows that to happen. After which time, true patriots will rebuild our nation as God would have it.

  54. National Vanguard and the CNSP both harbor actual child molestors. Consider company you say those things in.

  55. What is the CNSP? Please share.

  56. Bill White is no Nazi, he's a paid ADL/SPLC asset whose primary mission is to stir up racial hatred so that the Jews can instate hate speech legislation which will then be used to prevent anyone from telling others the truth about Jewry.

    If you really want to know who and what William Weiss AKA B ill White is, read the below articles:

  57. Bill White drove all the way to Alabama to meet with Edward Weed. Now Dr. Weed has joined up with Vonbluvens and the Christian National Socialist Party.

    Things are falling apart for Billy.


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