Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Al Qaeda Opens Office In Washington???

The consequences of last week’s ruling by the Supreme Court are becoming more noticeable as corporations move to interpret and exploit the new environment for political engagement. Some surprising players are jumping into the game now that the restrictions from funding electoral activities have been removed. Take, for example, this press release from from Al Qaeda:

Press Release: The United States Supreme Court opens the door for greater expansion of commerce, civic participation, and freedom of speech. Al Qaeda International, Inc. and it’s worldwide affiliates applaud this decision and look forward to engaging more with the American infidels people.

Parachinar, Pakistan, January 25, 2010, Al QaedAmerica, Inc.

The executive committee of Al Qaeda International (AQI) is enthusiastically supportive of the recent United States Supreme Court decision in the case of Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission. In a narrowly argued case involving political advertising, the Court wisely expanded the scope of their deliberations and ruled 5 to 4 that almost all legal proscriptions on corporate spending on behalf of candidates and issue advocacy were null and void. The prohibition on direct corporate condtributions to candidates will remain in place, but virtually every other spending constraint has been struck down. CONTINUED HERE


  1. Got your attention! Congress had better move it's ass before something like this becoms a reality!

  2. Nikki,

    What makes you think this hasn't already been happening for the last decade?

  3. """While it may not have been the intent of the Court, the ruling in no way inhibits corporations from outside of the U.S. to participate in the same manner as domestic corporations."""

    One must not listen to intellectually in superior sand niggers or the ignorant journalists that report about them. Do not take what they say as fact.

    It is and always has been ILLEGAL to take foreign campaign contributions!!! From any person, business or government.

    I'm not saying Clinton or other politicians don't do it anyways though. Clinton got caught red handed taking money from businesses overseas, dead chinamen and dogs that resided in China. He could have gone to prison for life! And the republicans let him slide because they are all on the take as well.

    But the simple fact is that they would be breaking a very serious law if they took foreign money even from a country or company considered peaceful.

    And this law changes nothing with exception of giving transparency as I already stated. A pre-passing of the law example is below.


  4. Oh horseshit, Hooch. They gave all the power to the corporations and you know it.

  5. Like corporations didn't have all the power before. Damn, Nikki, you are naive.

  6. I agree that the major corporations in the United States are the puppet masters of the politicians. But it is mostly legal money from United States corporations. And those same corporations are the corporations that are providing about 40% of the jobs. And what is good for their stock is good for the people and economy.

    Threaten to hurt business as Obama has continuously = less jobs. Why? Because when people (investors, managers of 401K's, mutual fund managers, etc) are fearful of what may happen to a business, they take their money out and put it in equities.

    In case you don't know, equities are tangible assets and you can actually buy and hold that tangible asset or buy stock that buys the tangible asset. Equities are a hedge against both inflation and deflation.

    When they take money out, stock prices drop. When stock prices drop, companies don't have the needed available cash to work with and they have to tighten up which usually means firing people.

    It's not quite as bad as you leftists think it is to actually help business. But I would rather see the the politicians helping small business than the to big to fail banks and insurance companies. But they are the only ones who have the extra cash for full time lobbiests as employees.

    However, that article is about Al Qaeda running Washington via advertising money which is highly illegal. They could have already done it through PAC's and lobbiests. This will change nothing.

    The organization CAIR is a good example of a foreign (muslim) political action committee in the US that already gives money to politicians.



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