Friday, January 08, 2010

Justice For Amber

I have been following the case of Amber Cummings for quite sometime now and today it happened - JUSTICE PREVAILED. She walked away.

Maine Woman Who Killed Husband Won't Go to Prison

Friday , January 08, 2010

A woman who shot her white supremacist husband while he slept — leading to the discovery of Nazi memorabilia, an arsenal of weapons and bomb-making materials in their home — won't have to go to prison for killing the man she said subjected her and their daughter to years of extreme abuse.

Amber Cummings, 32, was allowed to go free Thursday after being handed a suspended sentence in the death of James Cummings at their house in Belfast.

Cummings used a battered-woman defense, claiming she killed her husband to protect herself and their daughter, who was 9 at the time. Defense lawyer Eric Morse graphically described how James Cummings lived in a sadistic world of darkness and hate where he ridiculed, abused and debased his wife during their decade-long marriage.

"James Cummings in my mind truly personified evil," Morse told Justice Jeffrey Hjelm.

The killing drew the FBI's attention after Nazi mementos, radioactive materials and instructions on how to build a "dirty bomb" were found in their home.

Her husband was angered by Barack Obama's election as president and the bomb-making materials were discovered near the time of Obama's inauguration, but law enforcement officials said the public was not at risk...CONTINUED


  1. Terrible in a way but I can't say I will shed any damn tears. Anytime one of these Goose steppers goes down I can't help thinking, "Hell yes, there goes a potential VonBrun. Good riddance.

  2. Good news, he is another dead bonehead who wont be claiming the 14 words anymore. Which I love the fact that they want to secure this "future" while the whole time they beat their wives and children etc.

  3. Ain't that the truth?

    This guy was a real scumbag. I keep wondering if he was friends with Kevin Alfred Strom.

  4. applauding murder? Intersting.

  5. Maybe it's not so much a murder being applauded but the fact that a women stop putting up with the BS beat downs from a guy who is suppose to protect her from the very monsters he was acting like.

    Maybe ? ?

  6. AS IF she couldn't leave. AS if there was NO such thing as woman's shelters in almost every single town in the United States.

    She HAD to murder him. That was her ONLY choice.

    You radical lefties are just like the white supremacists you despise. You know, the crazy ones that applaud the death of Jews in the holocaust museum. Not a single difference. Just a different method to your madness.

    Why don't you lefties get out of the gutter and have some intelligent conversation?

  7. Why don't you shut the fuck up Hooch/Von. No one gives a fuck what you have to say anyway. I am not a leftist in any way shape or form but anyone goose stepping and wearing a damn Nazi uniform is disrespectful to America and the Great generation that fought off that scum.

    You wanna practice hate don't be surprise when it comes back and bites you on your flabby ass.

  8. Shut your piehole lefty. Didn't I already command you to speak when spoken to?

  9. That is not the way I heard it Von. Hell I even heard your fat assed wife runs things at home. Gee no wonder you are always pretending to be someone else. [snicker]

  10. It has nothing to do with applauding murder. Funny, but some anonymous pussy tried to claim the same thing when I first reported the murder.

    You see...Amber, like so many other women, found herself trapped in an untenable situation. She was married to:

    1) A Nazi, of all things.
    2) A sick and perverted Nazi who was exploiting children.
    3) A sick and perverted Nazi who was exploiting children and who was physically and emotionally abusive to her.
    4) A sick and perverted Nazi who exploited children, was physically and emotionally abusive, and controlling.
    5) On top of that, she had a daughter who this sick and perverted, abusive, controlling, exploiter of children had his sights on.

    Now...yes...she could have left. But until you have lived with a sick and perverted, abusive and controlling Nazi - you just don't know what you are talking about. And until you have been battered into submission for a few years - you just don't knowwhat you are talking about. So...shut the fuck up if you don't know what you are talking about.

    Leaving is the easy part - getting away is a helluva lot harder. If I had it to do all over again, I would have probably done exactly what she did - only I might have been a little more sadistic and whole lot less humane. And, it isn't over for her yet - bet on it.

    I would like to commend the first anonymous poster for telling it precisely the way that it is.

  11. Here we are again Hooch opening up that trap of his.

    As in the last blog post we all found out that the food on his table was paid from by low income section 8 tenants and the state.

    "I hate blacks, the ZOG govt!!!" Hooch says, then turns around and feeds his stupid face with cash from the state for having black low income tenants.

    Sometimes people are more scared of the unknown then they are of the abuse they receive.

    Even though we have made huge steps in protecting those abused by their spouses. Some dont get 100% away from it.

    Who's to say that if this lady ran to a shelter. What is to stop her husband from coming to the shelter and shooting up the place? From what we do know, this idiot had guns and even built bombs.

    Cases have been reported that the abusers have tract them down and killed them.

    For all your "superior knowledge" you really dont know shit. Next time you try to think. Breath in and out, let the electrical pulses start to fire right, then you can write whatever bullshit down!

  12. Ok...ok...I've got to weigh in on this. First off, don't be fooled.

    I've dated plenty of women in my life and been in a handful of long term relationships. The Nazi card is an easy one to play, but first consider this: I didn't buy any of them at a slave auction. Take one girl for instance. I caught her driving my car drunk off her ass. That's a good reason to break up with somebody (no, it wasn't an isolated insident either). Next thing you know, she's whinning about how she was so appauled about being with a racist and how much she loves and admires blacks. Thats the same blacks she called niggers on a daily basis when she was with me. And this was just a girlfriend, not someone you got married to, had kids with or bought property together. Me catching her driving drunk totally changed her ideology and she "broke free" from my magical hold on her.

    I've seen it 100 times. They pull up blaring white power music, wearing a pro-white tee shirt and even go to get pro-white tattoos eventually. Once they are out, nobody remembers any of that. It's just how horrible their life was and how they were some trapped victim. Ironically, half the women I know in the movement or near it, support a man, not the other way around.

    Heck, my cousin, who was far, far from anything movement related was killed by a girlfriend. She stabbed him to death while he slept. He was a long time trouble maker so, according to rumor, was let die at the local hospital. To my knowledge his girlfriend's story of abuse and negelect bought her a ticket out of jail. As fas as I know, she never spent more than a day or two in jail at all. Don't get me wrong, he had it coming before he ever met her. Take away the Nazi crap like in my cousin's case and what do you have? You've got some bar fly that stabbed a redneck to death in his sleep because he was mean to her. Man slaughter even?

    But don't blame women. It might be a more prodominantly female trait, but it's by no means confined to the fairer sex. Take for instance this worn out line, "the commander made me do it and I was an innocent victim, trapped in a world of hate!" (that I happen to just magically materialize in).

    So in closing, I don't know the whole story here. It sounds like two trashy white people's relation went bad and one killed the other. But as luck would have it, one had policics unloved by the powers that be. She gets to go home and started another equally screwed up life with some other man she voluntarily becomes the trapped prisoner of. Suppose the court was looking at the fact it was the same guy but he was into porn and ran a meth lab? How would that go over? Wouldn't people say, "why didn't you report the meth lab?" or "were you on meth too?" or "why would you have a child in that kind of place?" or simply "what kind of trash are you?" uh...ummmm....


  13. As if she didn't know that he was a "racist" when she married him. She could have and should have simply left.

    And like I said before, there is not a single difference between those of you who applaud this murder and a white supremacist who applauds the death of Jews. You people are EXACTLY the same, just a different method of madness.

    I hate to be the one to let you know but the insanity in some here is becoming very clear.

    And I don't want to hear one more negative word from you lefties against the death penalty.

  14. I hope someone puts a knife in that bitch's chest and she dies a slow and painful death. She could have gotten a divorce. And because her husband is dead he had no chance to tell his side of the story. She could have made most of that shit up for all we know.

  15. Who gives a shit about her husband? He was a fucking Ratezz. Glad he is dead. Wish she would have gotten some more of them. Give her a goddamn medal.

  16. Anybody remember the woman who killed her husband who was a preacher? She walked too.

  17. Anonymous said...
    Anybody remember the woman who killed her husband who was a preacher? She walked too.

    Mary Winkler...she lives a couple counties over. She was caught up in alot of crap.
    She said she was abused because her husband pretty much made her wear a wig and some hoocker boots to bed.

    She got six mths. in a pysch. hospital

  18. hooker boots sorry brain shut down

  19. """But until you have lived with a sick and perverted, abusive and controlling Nazi...... And until you have been battered into submission for a few years.....shut the fuck up.

    If I had it to do all over again, I would have probably done exactly what she did - only I might have been a little more sadistic and whole lot less humane."""

    Please explain Nikki. This is new news about you to me. What sick perverted and abusive Nazi did you live with that you would rather have killed in sadistic manor?

    And what makes you feel like killing this person is what you should have done rather than leaving which is apparently what you did.

  20. I'm not denying the movement has a lot of sadist in it. There's a difference between "a lot" and "completely full of." The anti-racist movement is completely full of sadist and I can rattle off ten anti-racist activist who are sadist starting with non-other than Morris Dees. Should his wife have killed him? He molested his daughter and abused his wife. Instant death sentence, right? One reason you find so many sadist in the anti-white movement is because you get a free liscence to do anything you want to an entire class of people with no fear of law enforcement. Like hurting people without tangling with police and judges? Become an anti-racist!

    Tell me...TELL's not a sadist playground in the anti-racist movement. One check at One People's Project will confirm that. And think of it, sadists, if you hurt one of them or their families, and they so much as attempt revenge on you: instant arrest, no bail and a lengthy jail term! Dare them to come after you as their calls to law enforcement go unanswered!

    Like beating someone senseless along with a mob of people? Join any ARA like group! Assault charges? Forget the term! Beat people senseless with about 20 of your friends, brag about it on your website and get hailed as an activist.

    Want to murder someone and it not even get investigated? Man, have you come to the right place! Kill someone and if you get caught red handed in the act, explain how they dislike Obama, had a picture of Hitler, was heard using racial slurs, etc. You've got it better than any sadist in history! Even murder was still murder in the Soviet Union unless you wore the KGB badge! You don't need to have any relation to the PB here!

    Want to incite an entire ghetto to violence against someone with political beliefs you disagree with? Don't worry--fliering has been allowed to stay legal just for you!

    Burn, kill, bludgeon, smear and destroy until you heart is content! Ever start to feel bad about it? Why? They are racist and therefore desever whatever you give them! Don't read too deap into the rants about equality and tolerance. That only applies to how other people treat non-whites and not to you or any member of your gang.

    Let's not stop there! You can be a sadist and in the movement. As long as you target the marginalized folk whom you claim to share a common ground with: here's your baseball bat! Swing away! Just don't hit any of our precious brown folk!

  21. I'd like to add something. I'm not belittle anyone who has suffered abuse at the hands of a spouse, no matter their politics. I doubt it came across that way but in case it didn't, here it is. However, applying someone's ideology to their sadistic nature is a dangerous game considering that the anti-racist movement has an open door policy towards sadist and law enforcement has a look the other way policy in turn.

    If anyone thinks for a moment that people gang up to show their hatred for intolerance, you are off your rocker. They gang up to take out free licks on someone, no matter how they see they want to do it. The rich get to beat that poor white trash one minute or someone who reminds them of their conservative parents the next (the hardest thing to forgive is a favor for trust fund kids!)

    I remember about the time I started thinking seriously about the movement. I saw a young soldier from a nearby army base come around. He didn't know where he was being far, far from home. He walked up to some people he thought might be on the level with him. Anyways, they figured out he was a white nationalist and therefore someone they could beat on without any consiquence. And he was alone too...

    They beat the teenager senseless, about 8 of them in a back parking lot. He didn't start trouble or expect any. The small mob left to go get drinks. A few hours left, they came back and saw the young man laying where they had left him. Defiantely, he trust his right arm up. They beat him more but this time a worker at a fast food place happen to see what was going on. He called the cops as the mob casually walked away. The cops showed up and saw the half-dead GI laying on the ground, unrecognizable. Oh, they were going after people for attempted murder charges until they got the whole Nazi spin on it.

    Let's take a brief look at the ones involved in that particular near-death gang beating. None of them ever served a DAY in the military. All of them had extensive criminal records (lots of domestic violence charges to go around). Most, if not all, were known drug users. All claimed to be anti-racist activists. Can I call them sadist though? Is Shalom Ash somewhere nearby to tell me it's ok or not?

    That's just an example, a grain of sand on the beach. People have opinions about race, this and that. People JOIN the anti-racist movement to guilt-free, law enforcement free, and socially acceptably inflict pain on others. I've seen it a dozen times and if they weren't so sick, twisted, hypocritical, and SAAADISTIC, I doubt I'd feel nearly as strongly about my racist beliefs as I do today.

    When I heard about that beating, it was one of dozens I'd heard about and even a few I'd seen. One guy and a mob using their polical and numeric advantage to smash a random person's face in. I doubt I would have ever gave a lot of aspects of white nationalism and all of it's troubles more than a passing glance if it wasn't for the sadistic torture-fantical cowards that make up the anti-racist scene. I'd rather get beaten down with someone who stands for something than spend a minute standing in that crowd of dark barely human souls.

  22. That was a fascinating post!

    These Anti's that we are talking to around here are a very dangerous group of people.

  23. Hal Turner sent me the following email on 1/4. I am slow checking my yahoo account.

    Brief recap: I am the first Editor of an American media outlet to be jailed for an Editorial since 1798. The last U.S. Editor jailed for an editorial was Benjamin Franklin Bache, grandson of Benjamin Franklin, making my arrest truly historic.

    I was arrested on June 24, 2009 after publishing an Editorial which was critical of the way three federal Judges violated the US Constitution and violated a recent US Supreme Court Ruling. I wrote that the Judges were "traitors" to the United States and were tyrants. I quoted Thomas Jefferson's "Tree of Liberty Letter" which said "The tree of liberty must be replenished from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots." I then wrote "Let me be the first to say this plainly, these judges deserve to be killed."

    The government claims that saying the judges "deserve to be killed" is a threat to actually go out and kill them! I know that saying someone "deserves" something is just an opinion; it is perfectly lawful free speech.

    Based on what I wrote, the government charged myself with "threatening to assault and murder three United States judges." This is an incredibly serious charge and defending against it is incredibly expensive.

    Upon my arrest, I hired Michael Orozco, a partner in the law Firm Bailey & Orozco of Newark, NJ. Needless to say, this type of attorney does not come cheap. Thousands had to be spent to retain him.

    Note: Hal isn't paying a penny, this is all pro-bono work

    I was arraigned in June but because I made a fund-raising appeal by phone to my radio audience, the Assistant US Attorney in New Jersey went ballistic. He mischaracterized that appeal as nefarious and the Magistrate Judge in New Jersey denied Bail pending my transfer to Chicago where the charges were filed.

    I got to Chicago about 30 days later, having been held in federal custody in Newark, NJ, Oklahoma City, OK and finally Chicago. When I got to Chicago, I figured the government would have finally come to its senses, would have read his FBI records and realized it was the FBI itself that trained myself in what was legal to say, and would have come to its senses. Sadly, that was not the case.

    Instead of admitting their mistake, the government declared me a “high threat risk” and a “threat to government” and argued to Magistrate Martin Ashman in Chicago that I should be held without bail as a “danger to the community.” Stunned by this ridiculous and outrageous conduct, and having suffered a brutal media onslaught smearing him nationally, I instructed my lawyers to reveal his status with the FBI. This revelation – in open court - stunned Magistrate Ashman, who “continued” the bail hearing until August 10 so I could subpoena the FBI and prove I was no danger to anyone.

    rest of his letter to me and dozens of other emails can be found at my blog.

    Hal reworded this in the 3rd person when he posted to his blog.

  24. You'd think we would have learned the last time the GOP destroyed our economy.

    Thanks a Lot Bush.

  25. The anonymous poster above is absolutely correct.

    If you want to get away with murder, just claim the victim was a Nazi.

    As my longtime friend has pointed out, it is indeed open season. It doesn't take great courage to be an anti-racist activist when you know you have the backing of the legal/government establishment.

    BTW--murdering someone, even a sleeping Nazi, is STILL murder.

  26. The fact she waited until he went to sleep to kill him tells me this was premeditated; which is the very definition of murder.

    Compare this "justice" to a "Nazi" who uses words and gets 40 years in jail for it.

    I just don't know how someone as intelligent as Nikki can say this acquital can be considered justice.


  27. "That was a fascinating post!

    These Anti's that we are talking to around here are a very dangerous group of people."

    Yes, indeed they are. They are the extralegal enforcers of the current powers that be. Which is why you never see any of them prosecuted; no matter the level or degree of criminal activity.

  28. Anti From Hell, Your Worst NightmareJanuary 12, 2010 1:42 PM

    I love kicking the shit out of Nazi scum. Hearing that one of them was killed makes me even more happy.

  29. I remember going to the first anti-racist website I'd ever encountered. The opening words stated that when someone becomes a racist, they are no longer a human being. It went on from there, but isn't that ABSOLUTELY typical reasoning from a sadist? Or how they must stop racism by any means necessary? How many times have we heard of men beating women because "they had to"? Or how about when one says, "anybody would have done the same if they had to live with her?" It rings a lot like "anyone would commit an act of harm against someone with those sick politics..."

    I remember being Lansing rally a few years ago. Remember the people who bravely showed up against the mob of gang bangers to support the NSM? Remember how the anti-racist websites paraded around with photos of these people after they had got mob beaten? SADISM.

    I watched from a distance as the cops stood by while mobs of white-shirted gang bangers ran at groups of two people or less. Do you all think for a minute that they were angry about something that happened 60+ years before they were born? Do you all believe they were angry and disgusted by people's opinions on illegal immigration? NO. They were there to beat on people with no legal recourse. The rest of the people, left, right, centerist, were there to watch it happen. The Roman Empire saw plenty of this kind of politicing right before it fell. They had collusiums for it though.

    I wanted so badly, we all did, for that fence to fall and that crowd to rush us. Though half fat boys and old people, we were an organized paramilitary group. Guilt was heavy when we packed it all up to go home, not one of our guys getting so much as a bloody nose.

    Another good one was Valley Forge. Oh did I ever see a blow for equality struck there! I remember the Marine's wedding that crashed, sure. Nothing like fighting for your country, picking a patriotic place like Valley Forge to get married only to be mobbed by the "world without borders" punks.

    What stuck out in my mind the most was how the cops lost control of Equality-mob. Oh, it was peace and love everywhere. A pregnant woman, along with another mother with a baby carriage was beaten with her husband. They had nothing, ZERO, to do with the rally that day. A few skinny little skinhead kids got caught by the mob of punks, jews and assorted anti-racist trash. They got mob beaten, maced and stabbed. One People's Project had the pictures up there. Yep, you can post pictures of criminal acts even! ZOG looks the other way and you attract more sadist. It's basically the same as saying, you can beat the hell out of woman as long as you are using it for a porn site and she's a bitch.

    So as the crowds of racialist get bigger and more frequent, the crowds of antis srink. The closer it gets to a fight instead of just a mass beating, the less we become attractive targets to the sadist. That's okay, that just means the government needs to throw a little money at the problem. They'll do a round up or two and maybe that will shrink the numbers of publically upset white people. Maybe then more sadist will feel safe mob beating, vandalizing, smearing, assasinating their political enemies.

    And the fear of running out of cruel, mindlessly violent people is always there on the side of the anti-racists. Ever notice how no matter what the pictures, eye whitnesses and video says, "they just got done slapping around some racists..."?

  30. This isn't just protests were talking about here either. That's just when the public gets an eye full. The real trouble is away from the rally.

    I leave on this statement. I have gone from saying that the anti-racist movement is nothing more than the anti-white movement. Now I stand at another cross roads. From all I have seen, the anti-racist movement is just a government enouraged movement of sadist. Ideology has little to do with it, hence the constant contridictions going unchecked. It's not totally about hating white people. It's about hurting someone else and getting away with it. It's about feeling power over another person and using a handful of "rightous" excuses for sadistic behavior. There are a lot of good people caught up in it too. It was the same with the witch trials, the Soviet's genocidal reign or even the unlawful killings during WW2.

    I urge anyone who considers themselves pro-white, focus all efforts on this first. YOU have no rights worth having as long as THEY have more rights than you.

  31. And to "law enforcement": if you want us to one day become enemy combatants, just keep treating us like we are.

  32. An anspiring young immigrant named Jesus Mendez just got caught setting one of his white oppressors on fire down in Miami. The poor misunderstood youth has been arrested. Think we'll see another big Jena-6 style protest? Let's just hope that the "white boy" didn't act racist and bring all this on himself! He'll be ok anyway! Kids get set on fire! It's all part of growing up.

  33. This is amazing information I am hearing here and I must say that I believe every word of it.

    These animalistic subhuman anti's are a violent bunch. Just look at these exact same people at a political rally. A fringe leftist runs across the street at a health care protest and literally bites the finger off an old man.

    And that coincides perfectly with the anti's that look for the weak or the small group of a couple of people to attack. But this fringe lefty was going after blood, for real, and he was going to make sure he would succeed by attacking an elderly man.

    I see the radical left as a very weak subspecies with some sort of brain disorder that we have not figured out to date.

    They seem to be very similar to a pack of hyenas, running around the lions and taking nips at their tail. But they better watch out because it's just a matter of time where they will get smacked.

    Once the mainstream public is aware of what I am learning here things for them will change in a dramatic way. And we will write bills to imprison them all as the fringe left is a danger to society.

  34. That poor little white kid that got set on fire by the uncivilized negro.

    Which one of you anti's here contradulate the nigger for dousing the innocent white boy and lighting him on fire?

    It's s good think that the pool was near by.

    Nikki and Schwartz, I can't believe that you 2 associate yourself with this crowd.

  35. Hooch,

    Who says I am left at all? I'm against racism of all forms. And if you have bothered to check, you'll find I can't stand Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, and the NOI.

  36. Yeah, and you are constant imprisoned for going after them relentlessly, right you fucking liar?

  37. Chris Drake,

    Everything OK brother, hope all is well with you.

  38. A large Turd by any other name still smells like VonJanuary 12, 2010 8:12 PM

    Hooch is an idiot, everyone knows that. I just ignore the cocksucker. He's to stupid to even deserve a response. Certainly he is too stupid to understand he is being trolled. Has to be Blevins, no one else is consistently that stupid.

  39. Well Dog, I am doing about the same. Beat the old lady, shake the baby, go to jail. Making up lies and telling everyone how Bill's defense team wanted me to testify in his behalf, driving the folk life but lying and telling everyone what a big bad computer programmer I am. Same shit different day. Thanks for asking.

  40. Why would anyone lie about being called to testify?

  41. "anti-s" engage in violence because they know they have no rational basis for their "beliefs"...but, regardless, the future of the 'Kwa and most western nations as per "diversity", "Turd World immigration" & multi-culturalism will be settled, on way or t'other, by FORCE!...the various, unforgiveable outrages committed by judæo-marxists against the White Race over the last century has made that inevitable....i predict <>the total disintegration<> of the 'Kwa as is by the end of this year....middle of next year at the latest...with many, if not most, "western" nations following close behind!

  42. Drake is a habitual liar. He can't help himself.

  43. A woman who shot her white supremacist husband while he slept — leading to the discovery of Nazi memorabilia, an arsenal of weapons and bomb-making materials in their home — won't have to go to prison for killing the man she said subjected her and their daughter to years of extreme abuse did this ZOG cunt shoot hubby for?

    "having nazi memorablia"/"being a nazi" or abusing their daughter?

    cops will (usually) arrest any (white) man accused of any-thing even remotely resembling "child abuse" in a Jew York minute! cunt suddenly decides, after some-thing suspiciously resembling "cold-blooded-murder" to raise allegations of child molestation....based on wtf "evidence" exactly?

    her "say-so"?


    i call "bull-SHITe"!

    that leaves: Mr Cummings being murdered for his "political beliefs"....or....even worse....for just having a "collection" of WWII memorablia!

    in which case: it should then be OK for nazi husbands to murder their wives for having "anti-racist"/"pro-diversity"/"politically correct" views, eh?!?

    if it's "good for the goose", then, it should also be "good for the gander"!

    of course, that is not the case!

    which means: those having "far right" views are and MUST be "in a state of WAR" with ZOG and any-one who supports ZOG...whether overtly or covertly!

  44. Because WN&#39;s have it comingJanuary 13, 2010 9:00 AM

    God the above poster realizes he is a dumbass, right? What a fucking retard. He is worse than even Hooch. LOL.

  45. """Mr. Schwartz said...Hooch,
    Who says I am left at all? """

    YOU do Schwartz. I realize that Obama is leaving a bad taste in your mouth and I can understand why you want to jump ship before it completely goes under but you can't undo what you have already said.

    The better angle to take on this is that you "were" left until you learned the agenda of the left.

    """I'm against racism of all forms."""

    And this sounds like another fib from you Schwartz. Or maybe a white lie or something like that. We ALL know that your focus is on WHITE against BLACK racism. Not the other way around. That is what this entire site is about. There is not a shred of reverse racism here. In this place reverse racism is masked and hidden as if it doesn't exist.

    White people have the right to be proud of their race just as blacks do. And whites have the right to be proud of their race without being called a "racist" for it as the negros do.

    White people have the right to a job if they are better qualified than a negro.

    White people have the right to start a program called White Entertainment Channel if Blacks have Black Entertainment Channel. And whites have that right without being called racists for it.

    White people have the right to start a college fund only for white people just like the Afro American College fund does for blacks. And whites have that right without being called a racist for it.

    There are countless examples of this and the double standard is getting really old.

    I can assure you that us white people will NEVER stop resisting until the playing field is equal.

  46. Shut up Von/Hooch. No one cares about your ignorant bullshit. Go whine to someone who gives a flying fuck your cry baby bitch.

  47. Just finished reading Anne Frank's Diary, I'd forgotten how good and inspiring it was makes me sad how evil the world can sometimes be.

  48. The dairy of Anne Frank was written in ballpoint pen--an invention that came after the war, btw.

  49. """Anonymous said...Just finished reading Anne Frank's Diary, I'd forgotten how good and inspiring it was makes me sad how evil the world can sometimes be."""

    Shut up you freaking weenie. Why don't you go to Darfur and do something about it?

    Is it because it is Muslims killing Christian negros there so it doesn't matter?

  50. It is amazing the lies that Anti Semantics tell themselves. For instances the ball point pen lie. The ball point pen was actually available after it received a patent in 1888. Eversharp didn't start marketing the pen until after 1945. So the balled point pen was not available in the States until after WWII but it was available in Europe though on a limited basis.

    Point of fact: The Diary was not written in balled pointed pen. It was written with a fountain pen. The writing is consistent with the style of a fountain pen. Funny that it has been exmained by experts all over the world yet the only people who have any problems with it are Anti-Semitics. Funny, eh? The Diary


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