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Well, Glenn Beck's special "documentary" -- at least, that's what he calls it -- "The Revolutionary Holocaust: Live Free Or Die" aired Friday, and it was pretty much exactly what we predicted: A long promotion for Jonah Goldberg's fraudulent Liberal Fascism and its underlying thesis, to wit, that fascism is "properly understood" as "a phenomenon of the left."

In Beck's hands, of course, this mishmash of a theory gets mashed even more, so that fascism is indistinguishable from communism and socialism, and that all are essentially identified in the bundle of the progressive movement, which is Beck's ultimate target.

On Friday, Beck worried that "the academic bloc" of the progressive movement would be arraying its forces to attack him for this piece of work (and it is a real piece of work). Probably, most of them will dismiss it as just another piece of lunacy from the nation's fearmonger in chief.
But it's obvious that, despite the cold reality that Goldberg's thesis is profoundly dishonest and the most odious kind of historical fraud, right-wingers like Beck not only believe it but have embarked on avidly promoting it -- especially among the Tea Party set, where the signs calling Obama a fascist are almost as common as those decrying his tax increases.

As I mentioned Friday, I began some months ago organizing some of the more authoritative historical experts -- historians and political scientists -- in an effort to finally produce a serious response from academics to Goldberg's traduced version of history...REST OF THE STORY & VIDEO


  1. Well, at least Beck got correct the number of murdered victims under the Soviet Union. (60-100 million).

  2. Goldberg is a hack but 2/3rds of the program was informative. I didn't believe not one word about what was said about NS. The NS was a rightist organization that gained power to thwart the left. Germany and Italy DIDN'T WANT THE HELL THAT IS COMMUNISM.

    "Right Wing Populism in America challenges activists to be aware of broad movements for change that are repressive. It provides activists knowledge of the roots of these movements. Instead of scapegoating the right or dismissing them, people on the left need to start challenging the inequalities that provide fertile breeding ground for repressive movements."--Z Magazine

  3. Beck is totally wrong on this issue and I agree with you Nikki. I think Beck's association with Goldberg will prove embarrassing for him--or maybe not. It really is easy to pull the wool over the American publics eye, many Americans are functionally illiterate. Beck will get away with it.

    This is why public education is sooooo important to preserving liberty.

    Nikki, I did study history at school and was never satisfied with a lot of the commentaries. There were always things that I felt historians must have overstated and other issues understated. And altogether there were key issues never even explored.

    But from my memory of 8th grade History lessons I remember a very faithful history teacher placing emphasis on a key reason for Hitler's rise in Germany and his war against the communist party in the Reichstag... can you name the reasons, Nikki?

  4. I caught some of that. So everybody is upset about a Jew twisting history to advance his political agenda? Ironic.

    You've got some right wing aspects of Nazism but pure National Socialism is left wing. But everybody wants to make their own lables and stick them on everything they see, for good or bad. I'm a National Socialist and most of my views outside of ones concerning race, would be considered left-wing by any socialogy professor.

    The thing is, the left wing, the people who identify as left, are Jewish led. This is a serious contradiction since the rich, powerful and oppressive leading "against oppression" is laughable. The "left wing" supports every "liberal" policy of the federal government and welcome the heavy hand of federal law enforcement whenever it comes down hard on white people. When poor people are killed by government snipers outside their shack in the mountains, they make jokes. When the powerless are tossed in prison without bail over racial beliefs, they celibrate.

    See, I think the "left wing" and the "liberals" are the ones who are mislabled here. They fit the bill of the description of right wing facist (a little understood word by either side apparently) on everything. Oh yes, that includes race. You replace black with white and a few others, and what do you have? Ready made, 1920's Klan retoric with federal backing the Klan only dreamed about.

    I've been around for a while. Made some observations, came to some conclusions. First, there is nothing tolerant, nor kind, nor gentle, nor liberal about the anti-racist movement. Like a friend once said, it's just the extra-legal arm of the federal government who just happens to do the every bidding of world Jewery. They serve the world's most notorious elitist and racists. This will NEVER change. You will never get Jewish Supremacist out of the anti-racist movement, civil rights movement or whatever you want to call it. Now, what do you call people who defend the wishes of the rich and powerful while relying on support from the state? Huh? Right wing maybe? And since when was defending such a DISGUSTING capitalist institution as illegal immigration left wing? Sticking up for capitalist money?? Defending their right to import cheap labor and screw EVERYONE involved? NEED I GO ON?

    But the pro-white movement refuses to look at it that way. They are so afraid to look at it from a truly left wing point of view. Rich men pump non-whites into their small towns, yet they are afraid to say it's a money issue. The feds torture, financially strangle, imprison and kill white nationalist yet they side with the cops when the sticks swing at someone they don't like. Personally, I think siding with the feds on any imprisonment of anyone should be a one way trip to the other side of the fence for good. So while the anti-white, anti-racist more or less define right wing thuggery, the pro-white movement works hard to play the part with the lines they've been given. I'm not talking about Nazi flags and such. Either run this thing like a revolution or nothing revolutionary will ever happen. Promise.

  5. Anyone who claims that Glenn Beck doesn’t disseminate useful information once in a while is either lying or deluded.

    Beck’s documentary makes a valid point. Too many people in America today have one standard for Hitler and another for Stalin and Moa. It’s not only stupid, it’s dangerous.

    The anonymous poster above made very cogent points. I don't think we can define the curret mess we are in in terms of left and right any longer...everything is totally confused--purposefully so.

  6. You are right. Left and right's meanings are almost lost in antiqutiy. It's freedom versus oppression, economic and social enslavement versus free enterprise, private property and freedom of association.

    And when I hear about how the so called left wants to "defend people's rights" or "promote tolerance" it makes me want to vomit. Explain to me what four or five rich kids beating the hell out of a poor working class kid (trailer trash, right?) with nationalist views has to do with freedom and equality? And how they oppose government oppression? Let me hear Bill Maur's comedy bit on Ruby Ridge done while perched on top of Sam and Vicky Weaver's tombstones.

    So save the bullshit.

    And the pro-white movement has to go more left wing, actively dump the disfunctional (and by that I don't mean more bickering among the disfunctionals), and become more revolutionary. NO, assholes, you are defending "American tradition" and a past way of life. Unless you are 60+, you've never known anything but different altitudes of the nose dive this country has been in for your entire life. No, you don't have anything to "take back" because it was never yours. 95% of you have never known "white privalege." What the hell is that? Not having to bother calling a bail bondsman because you know damn well you won't get any? There is nothing for the poor working class whites to reclaim. You'd best start making your own and fast.

  7. What do you expect from a supporter of israel whom works for a TV network owned by a jew?

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  9. """And the pro-white movement has to go more left wing, actively dump the disfunctional (and by that I don't mean more bickering among the disfunctionals), and become more revolutionary. """

    I agree with the revolution part but you have got to be kidding me on moving left. Just as you stated earlier, it is the difference between freedom and oppression.

    And characteristically the right fights for freedom in every way shape and form. And the libertarians are as far right as a national party goes.

    And the left fights for oppression in the name of freedom. Every leftist answer to every problem is bigger federal government, more agencies, etc. Build government = greater oppression. And everything the government puts their hands on turns to shit. Leftists today are the most pro establishment group in the country. This is not the 1960's. They have completely changed.

    And......National Socialists were "socialists" they were "left". Only today do those who call themselves socialists act in a completely opposite conservative manor but that is only out of lack of understanding of what big government socialism really is.

    Down with socialism, down with big government, down with radical leftism, revolution is on it's way as the people are now understanding that big government refuses to listen.... Their emails, tea party protests and phone calls to congressmen are going unheard by the corrupt politicians. God bless the United States!!! The people will prevail from our present leftist oppression.

  10. i'm coming for you, you fckn jew bitch!

    (start "numbering yr days"!)

  11. Uh...Jimbo - You need to know that I'm the last person you want to threaten.

  12. Jimbo is a liberal retard and nothing more, you don't have to worry Nikki. Jews like me will protect you.

  13. “False Choices”

    The fake “Nazism” vs. “Communism” paradigm.

    Don't you know the same people that financed the Nazis financed the Commies before the war?

    Get with it people.

  14. """jimbo! said...i'm coming for you, you fckn jew bitch! (start "numbering yr days"!)"""

    Jimbo, you're taking this conversation down to the "DeLorean" level.

  15. The DeLorean level, little man? DeLorean doesn't run his head, Delorean acts, just ask Bill White, the next time you see him why he goes "whoooooooosh" when he farts.

    I can make it very hard on you too, Von.

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