Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yeah...What Keith Said...



  1. Wow, well said. You kind of expect that crap from Robertson, it does surprise me that Rush was such an asshole. Just another reason conservatives must never regain control of anything.

  2. Please request that the 700 Club donate relief aid money and resources to the victims of the Haiti Earthquake. Instead of donating their weekly tithe to 700 Club, be humanitarians and donate to this worthy and needed cause.

    1 (800) 759-0700

  3. Operation Rescue (a Robertson Ministry) already donates time money and resources to Haiti...even before he made this statement.

  4. Limbaugh was right. This earth quake would not have caused near the damage and deaths of those people if the country was not stuck in eternal poverty and had the money to build proper structures.

    Communism has kept that country on it's knees and they will remain there as long as they practice it.

    It is a real shame when communists like Oberman run their mouth in defense of their politics he agrees with while acting like it is not the cause.... as if in times like this all should pretend it was an unrelated incident for the sake of being politically correct.

    One must be able to realize the cause to change the effect.

    The Dumb leading the Dumb.

  5. Anonymous 4:30 P.M. - Actually, that charity is Operation Blessing. Amazing how all these lefties who quibbled about Pat Robertson's remarks failed to mention the fact that Robertson also deployed Operation Blessing teams to Haiti already.

    Just another example of the endemic anti-Christian bigotry of the left. I would much rather break bread with Osama bin Laden than Keith Olberman any day of the week; at least I can respect bin Laden, even if he hates our guts. Olberman is nothing more than a washed-up jock-sniffing refugee from ESPN, where he got his start.

  6. There is no excuse for what either Limbaugh or Robertson said. The fact that Hooch tries to defend him just confirmed my notion of his intense stupidity. Thousands of people have died, Hooch like Limbaugh doesn't know when to shut the fuck up.

  7. Uninformed, wrong, and just plain stupid, Hooch. Haiti is not communist, in 1936 the Haiti communist party was disbanded by the president of the country, Sténio Vincent.

    Shutting the fuck up would be a good thing for you Hooch. That way we wouldn't know about your stupidity. Why don't you post some more lies about your riches? You=worthless lying cocksucker.

  8. """Thousands of people have died, Hooch like Limbaugh doesn't know when to shut the fuck up."""

    Thousands of people dieing would have been prevented if the country was a republic or a democracy. The sad truth is that it is a polyarchy and as all polyarchy's, it has many radical elements of communism deeply embeded.

    The United States on the other hand has become the most powerful country in the World exclusively due to the fact that it has been a republic (not a democracy). Anyone who calls the United States a democracy should look up the definition.

    The United States historically has NOT been run "by the people" rather it has been run by the rule of law. The rule of law that our founding fathers put in place within the United States Constitution. That same rule of law that limits what government can do to it's people.

    In a polygarchy, the politicians run the country. They gain complete control of all branches of government including but not limited to military, legislative and judicial. This unsuccessful style of government always ends up focusing their efforts on extracting wealth those it rules over. This extraction is often done in the guise of doing what is good for those in need. But in reality they are given crumbs and the wealth was acquired by those who rule and the puppetmasters (large corporations) behind them.

    I'm sure this sounds real familiar to everyone here. It is the exact same objective of the democrat party in the United States. And exactly the same thing that was and has been done to us by the Obama administration borrowing trillions of dollars and giving some crumbs to the people while 99% goes to major corporations and themselves.

    The money will have to be paid back and when the time comes to do so it will be through various forms of taxation. This will be the point where the money is actually extracted from those who are under their control.

    So there is the lesson of the day for you Democrats here. You people seem to be the most uninformed group of people in the country.

    You people must understand that just because a country calls itself something (ex: a democracy) doesn't mean that they are one. Please extract your head from your ass and wipe the shit out of your eyes so we can attempt to have some intelligent conversation around here.

    """Why don't you post some more lies about your riches?"""

    Like what? What do you want to hear. How about asking me a "real hard" question about landlording or real estate investing so you can determine if I am one or not. Maybe you can uncover my "lies" by deductive logic.

    Or you can ask me a "real hard" question about Roanoke that only a Roanoker would know so you can bust me and prove that I am Von.

    You people are fucking fools!

  9. Hoochie tries to cover his vast stupidity of events and reality by his usual brand of bullshit. Self notes that each and everyday Hoochie loses more of a grip on reality.

    The fact remains that Haiti has a Republic, not a communist form of government. The fact remains that Hooch doesn't have a clue what he is talking about. Self notes that Hoochie continues to whine and cry like a stupid uniformed little cry baby.

  10. OK....."shit-man".....enlighten us dumbos of the "extreme right"....Cuba & the Dominican Republic are slap-bang next door to exactly have they contributed?


    then: we got....Mexico & Brazil...also fairly close and, compared to Haiti, fairly prosperous nations...

    their aid contribution was/ exactly?

    further afield, we have the now wealthy nations of China & Japan...their contribution is....???

    uh....i guess muds couldn't really give a flying FUCK! abt other muds, then, eh?!?

    if so: then why the HELL should white people?

    i mean: if mud people ain't gunna help their'n...then...they're surely not gunna help youre'n...are they?!?

    *the grisly history of Haiti...formerly: Santo Domingo....thousands of white men, women & children brutally & savagely butchered by nog scum!...after being betrayed by the kike-controlled Brits!....perhaps this little "shake-up" is Nature's "pay-back", eh?!?*

  11. """The fact remains that Haiti has a Republic, not a communist form of government. """

    They are not a republic dipshit. They have a constitution that "says" that they have separate independent branches of government but the FACT is that Rene Preval, the president completely controls them ALL in an authoritarian style of government most closely resembling a polyarchy.

    But you don't know what the fuck a polyarchy is so talking to you is like talking to a brick wall.

    And to top it off, all of their elections "by the people" are and have been proven to be rigged!

  12. By far the least intelligent poster on this blog is Hooch. He also lies and whines out of both sides of his mouth. He must do his blogging from the library because I am relatively certain that he is far too stupid to utilize the computers on/off interface.

  13. I am not gloating about what happened in Haiti, and I do have a heart, but I really can't generate that much sympathy for them. Millions have been dumped into that hell hole.

    There doesn't seem to be much sympathy when disaster strikes the American people. There doesn't seem to be much SYMPATHY when men are railroaded into life prison sentences for voicing their opinions (something the Haitian government does btw).

    There doesn't seem to be much sympathy FOR MY PEOPLE and the rest of unemployed America.

    Charity and love begins at home. Let us start there.

  14. Yeah, but CNN hasnt told us to show charity and love here. We're all equal but white people can fend for themselves, you know.

  15. More whining about Bill White. IF YOU CAN'T DO THE TIME DON'T DO THE CRIME MOTHER FUCKER. I hope Bill is ass fucked every damn day. LOL

  16. There is nothing wrong with Hooch/Von that a good ass beating wouldn't cure.


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