Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The white supremacist and federal informant, Frazier Glenn Miller, was dealt quite a blow this week when the FCC made a ruling on whether or not his radio ads in his bid for a U.S. Senate Seat have to be accepted and aired unedited.

In its' answer to the Missouri Broadcasters Association the FCC said that not only do they not have to air them unedited, but that Miller isn't a "bona fide contender under the political ad rules."

Miller is a write-in candidate as no viable political party would accept him on their ballot. The recent radio ads bought by Miller have met with a lot of protest because of his vitriolic attacks on Jews and minorities. According to Miller, the Chief FCC Attorney, Robert Baker, telephoned him to convey the ruling. "Quickly growing tired of his usual vague, ambiguous, snivelings, I cussed him out along with all his fellow traitor bureaucrats working for the GD jews, before hanging up in his face," said Miller on the Vanguard News Network Forum.

 Well, Glenn, the public grew tired of your reprehensible and disgustingly racist and anti-Semitic rantings infecting the public airways and hung up in your face. Repugnant, warped, twisted, and demented old men really should not try and represent others in the political arena - we're already waging a big enough battle against those currently in office.


  1. Free speech has went to Hell in our country.

  2. "No threats, racist epithets, OR PERSONAL ATTACKS will be tolerated."

    Unless you're the one makin' 'em, eh, sweetpea?

    Hey = I thinks I see the Wailing Wall on your Map o' Jerusalem mug!

  3. People who molest children. People who hate like Miller deserve nothing.


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