Saturday, June 12, 2010

"There May Not Be an "I" in Team, But There Are Three "U"s In STFU."


I’m somewhat loathe to take this on.


I’ve already written about it once and fairly well forecasted what wicked this way came if I do say so myself.

And it’s not like everyone one else hasn’t been piling on. What’s the use unless I have something new to say, some new devilry to contribute?

I will tell you this and thus reiterate: it is way worse than the media dares to speculate and far more widespread and destructive than you imagine. This shit is fucked up.

I am a little surprised at just what a vulgar carnival it has devolved into. As if the tragedy itself does not merit our horror enough, the politicization thereof inspires Grand mal projectile vomiting. Partisan pricks screeching that the President hasn’t done enough. Of such pinheads I would merely ask what more would you have him do? What different? He was on the scene from the very beginning, long before the obfuscation by BP began to suffer the antiseptic of both sunlight and science. Understand that this is in no way his fault despite it being most definitely his problem.

Anyone with more than a clump of toxic crude for an intellect is by now well aware that comprehensive culpability is the exclusive purview of BP, Halliburton, Transocean, Darth Fucking Cheney and the various virtues of avarice. This, despite shrill exhortations of porcine pundits like Palin, and Limbaugh, that the fault somehow lies with the environmentalists for forcing dangerous oil extraction further off shore. “Drill bay drill”, you stupid fucking cunts.

Heard this one the other day: Only an idiot can perceive another idiot as genius.

I’m willing to wager that lipsticked pig Palin fails to realize that any or all domestic oil production does not somehow magically stay within our borders for our exclusive consumption. No, it goes on the open market to the highest bidder. Nor would she admit that Deepwater Horizon padded it’s possibilities for production with the same bogus ecological impact studies submitted to her state of Alaska. They cheated from their very own homework. I’m not here to write a term paper but understand that the paperwork BP submitted for that very well in the Gulf of Mexico references remedies they would undertake were the walrus population threatened. Walruses? In the Gulf of goddamn Mexico? They would have promised to protect penguins too if they thought it would help their chances.

As I predicted, BP has lied to us with simultaneous shamelessness and fierce diligence. They lied that there was a leak to begin with. They lied about the flow, it’s rate, it’s hideous volume. They lied about the vast underwater plumes. They lied about the safety, efficacy and consequences of the dispersants they insisted upon using. They lied about having a fucking clue what to do. They lied about who’s fault it was and what actually happened. They’ve manipulated the media, restricted access to fouled beaches and even engaged in search engine fuckery in a blatant attempt to sensor the extent of the worst man made disaster since Chernobyl.

True to form, assholes like Eric Cantor take to the air whining about the counter productivity of Obama making BP into a villain. He actually lamented Obama’s endeavor to find the right “ass to kick”. The Tea Party jackass Rand Paul has the the stones to posit that it’s “Un-American” for Obama to say he intends to keep his boot on the neck of BP. Boehner, or Representative Agent Orange, had the retarded audacity to side with US Chamber of commerce when it posited that the liability cap of a paltry $75 million not be lifted retroactively. “I think the people responsible in the oil spill — BP and the federal government — should take full responsibility for what’s happening there,” Boehner croaked.

This brings us to Bobby Jindal, the once rising star, the great other skin color hope of the Republican party. No, not Michael Steele. Bobby “I hate big government so much I’ll decry and pretend to deny federal stimulus money until I take it and ask for more” Jindal. Now the little bastard is out of the closet all the way. Pontificating ad nauseum in public like a chronic masturbator with demands on the federal government and the Obama administration and how the money and the resources aren’t nearly enough.

You know what chaps my ass? His stock is rising. His second act in American politics is in full swing as a result of overt politicization of this staggering clusterfuck of a disaster. Oh and they’re all pissing and moaning about Obama’s moratoriums on deep water off shore drilling.

To all of them I say: There may not be an “I” in Team, but there are three “U”s in Shut The Fuck Up.

I saw a clip on Comedy Central today where my hero Lewis Black said something like just because Dumbya is no longer president doesn’t mean idiocy fled the country. It’s like whack-a-mole he said, you get rid of one and three more pop up. He also said that the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico means there won’t be any shrimp for your shrimp cocktails you jackasses! I loves me some Lewis, he likes to through fossils at creationists.

I love the levity but here’s some gravity. Barack Obama may just, might could, enjoy a unique opportunity here. Whence upon a time, the dust will settle, the chattering, nattering class will have shut up and the brackish blackness from the mesozoic will finally cease to flow from depths to shores, polluting everything in it’s path. It will come time to mitigate and metamorphose this most heinous of episodes into gorgeous things. This could very well be the catalyst for the ghost of our human future. Mr. Obama may just be able to lean on it as an abject example, a final lesson, of greed and recklessness and harness it to steer us in the right direction.

Energy, after all, could and should be free. Our entire world has been powered by the sun which begat the wind and the waves long before we ever emerged from the primordial soup, tails dragging. Technology has advanced significantly enough for us to abandon this archaic, insidious and poisonous methodology and embrace the sun, literally the star of our solar system, in it’s stead.

It’s no secret. Any scientist or physicist would concur; that awesome, perpetually exploding ball, some 93 million miles away in the sky, is all we really need. All we ever have needed. It’s the reason we are here. It really is that simple.

It’s time. We put a man on the moon with a hundredth of the computing power now available in any given laptop and even some cell phones.

This is big picture stuff and he is a big picture guy.

C’mon Barry. You can do this.

Drinks for my friends.

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