Friday, June 18, 2010

A 'Frail,' and 'Elderly' Nazi?

The pieces of this puzzle are all starting to come together as new details emerge. Edgar J. Steele has been indicted and charged with use of interstate commerce for the commission of murder for hire. He is accused of hiring an assassin to kill his wife and his mother-in-law.

A well known defense attorney for white supremacists and other nefarious characters, Steele pled with the court to be released and assured the judge that he was not a flight risk. He characterized himself as a "frail" and "elderly" man.

The 64 year-old is an anti-Semitic and racist attorney out of Sandpoint, Idaho. He is probably most well known for his defense of Richard Butler, head of Aryan Nations, in a 2000, suit that was brought about when Aryan Nation's guards attack a woman and her son. Steele lost the case and Richard Butler lost his compound.

Prior to his recent arrest, Steele ran a website called "Conspiracy Pen Pal," where he posted his anti-Semitic and racist rants.

According to the Anti-Defamation League…

"Steele also regularly attacks blacks in his books, columns and speeches. He alleges the existence of a "Black-on-White race war" in the U.S., and claims that blacks have "inherited" a distinctly "African" culture of "rape…murder…violence…[and] single-parent families." He has also called for organized opposition to African Americans in the entertainment industry, asking his readers to join him in boycotting "products advertised with black actors and models," and "TV shows and movies with black actors."

"Steele publishes a weekly commentary on his Web site, and his writings are also distributed widely through E-mail lists. Steele's open association with white supremacists has become well-known, and he is a sought-after speaker at conferences of right-wing extremists, including those conducted by the National Alliance, Volksfront, and the Institute for Historical Review."


"Truly the Masters of Disaster on a national scale, Jews have been ejected from society after society, down through the ages -- always for the same reasons and always claiming to be the victims of unjustified persecution. Today, however, they are engineering a disaster global in its reach -- their "final solution," if you will: the New World Order. And America is their intended vehicle. America's founders were well aware of the dangers presented by the Jewish race." (August 25, 2003)

"Join me, won't you? Boycott products advertised with black actors and models. Make a statement: If you see black, don't go back. Boycott TV shows and movies with black actors. Send the message that we are fed up: If we see "black, we don't go back. Cancel your subscriptions to newspapers and magazines that push black articles, columnists and advertisements into your face. There are plenty available that don't. Not coincidentally, those that don't promote blacks are the same ones that actually tell the truth about other things, too. Tell them when you cancel: If we see black, we don't go back."

"Wherever blacks are congregated in America, one observes the manifestation of their inherited behavioral response patterns, directly traceable to the behavior to be observed in African blacks. Realizing that America's black problems are rooted in African culture goes a long way toward explaining the black-on-white race war being waged in the streets of America, the rapes, the murders, the violence, the short-term outlook, the single-parent families and so on."

"So, what color are Jews? Jews are the color of avarice and greed. Jews are the color of deception, manipulation and the lust for power. Jews are the color of dishonesty, selfishness and heartlessness. "

"Jews are right about anti-Semitism being a disease, you know, just as fourteenth-century Europeans were right about the nature of bubonic plague. However, just as with bubonic plague, American Jews seem not to have identified the Jewish Plague's real carriers. But you and I know who they are. Anti-Semitism is a disease. You catch it from Jews."

"Jews, themselves, were responsible for Adolf Hitler. There is a pattern to Jewish tyranny in country after country, you know….Hitler was the response to the pre-World-War-II Jewish takeover and pillaging of Germany, similar to how Jewish robber barons recently gutted Russia."

"Personally, give me real skinheads any day of the week for loyalty, honesty and passion, versus the girly-man traitors now running America! I learned that many years ago when I had the honor of helping to defend your right to free speech by representing Richard Butler and the Aryan Nations in a trumped-up lawsuit designed to silence them."
The charge currently being levied against Steele carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison. However, just hours before he stood before Judge Candy Dale, a pipe bomb was found under his wife's SUV and a subsequent arrest of Larry Fairfax was made. Fairfax has confessed to building and placing the bomb and being paid by Steele to do so.

During the hearing, Steele represented himself and whined to the Judge, "This is a very emotional situation for me."

Edgar J. Steele is representative of some of the most pernicious members of our society. Well educated, articulate, and revered by the racist extremes among us, Mr. Steele wielded a lot of influence within the white-supremacist realm. His writings and public appearances were always met with much appreciation among the fringe element. The news of his arrest and the charges against him has sent shock waves through the rank and file and has been responded to with typical and predictable anti-government sentiment and, of course, denial.

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