Monday, June 28, 2010

We're Not Quite Done With You Yet...

Well, the Millionaire Nazi just can't seem to catch a break with the legal system.  Just when he thinks he might be sprung for the holidays, the federal government says..."Not so fast...we're not done with you yet."

We knew this could happen and that it had been in the works for awhile and now he will be going back to Chicago to stand trial again.

Jailed Roanoke neo-Nazi Bill White faces jury intimidation trial in Chicago

By Laurence Hammack
The Roanoke Times

William A. White, the leader of a Roanoke-based neo-Nazi organization, is facing criminal charges once again.

The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago, in a decision released today, reinstated a charge that White encouraged violence against the foreman of a jury that convicted a fellow white supremacist years ago.

A Chicago judge dismissed the charge last July, before White went on trial in Roanoke and was convicted of similar charges. White, who is serving a 2½-year prison sentence, will now be returned to Chicago for another trial.

Federal prosecutors in Chicago say that White posted the name, address and telephone of the foreman of a jury that convicted Matthew Hale, the former head of the neo-Nazi World Church of the Creator, of plotting have a federal judge killed.

Although White made no direct threats against the juror, prosecutors argued that the post must be viewed in the context of other material on, the now-defunct website that served as a megaphone for the neo-Nazi’s inflammatory words.

In its decision, the Court of Appeals noted that White once wrote that "everyone associated with the Matt Hale trial has deserved assassination for a long time."

White, who moved to Roanoke in 2004 and created the American National Socialist Workers Party, is currently serving time for the racially-motivated threats and harassment of people in Missouri, Delaware and Virginia Beach.


  1. Good, very good. Put more dress up Nazis in the damn slammer. I'd like to see them go after Blevins, Drake, and Ramsey next. God knows I do my part to make sure that happens.

  2. Bill has been in jail for too long now. At least Hal got to get out.

  3. Hopefully, everyday of Bill's prison sentence is filled with misery. With a little lucky in a few months Hal will return to prison.

    Good work Schwartz on informing the judge about Hal hiding his assets. Bet the fat little bastard is squealing about that. LOL.

  4. Hal will be vindicated and set free

  5. Set free, maybe. Vindicated? How stupid are you. Hal is an admitted snitch. He turned over his buddies to the cops. Whatever else happens Hal was revealed as a fat sack of shit.


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