Friday, December 01, 2006


From Gordon Young's ridiculous numbers game to April Gaede and Kalispel, Montana Nicole Nichols brings you the issues as she sees them.

No prisoners are taken on the Gaede issue as Nicole Nichols has zero tolerance for those who prey upon and exploit children.



  1. Nikki, this was not me. Sorry about the Idiot.

    Steve Holsten

  2. Nikki, you sure sounded angry and upset. Are you ok? How can anyone be upset about them two girls?

    You just take too much upon you..

  3. She should be upset that the lives of two girls are being torn apart for the selfish interest of the mother.

    Oh yea,

    The Bill White lawsuit against the NSM is to be heard tomorrow in Roanoke City District court.

  4. (((Rubbing my hands together in great anticipation!))) This could get interesting. Anyone hear anything new on the lawsuit that Glass supposedly brought against Bill?

  5. Lloyd - when I think about what April Gaede has done to those two girls - and I am sure she is doing to the other one - when I see those kids being brainwashed and exploited - I don't just get angry - I get livid!

    Molestors come in all kinds of packages and molesting the mind of an innocent child is just as bad as any physical moslestation.
    And, yes - I'm fine. Thanks for asking.

  6. Teaching a child unpopular ideals is as bad as child molestation? Yep, once again, I'm glad to be on the side I'm on.

  7. The Left has its share of "child-mind- molesting" creatures to be sure. Sending a kid to Berkley is tantemount to abuse in my mind, but hey, to each his own...

    The truth of the matter is that parents have the right to raise their children as they deem fit regardless of what some outsider says.

    Thank God Nikki doesn't have the power to enforce her subjective ideas as it pertains to child rearing. There are people like Nikki who think it is wrong to teach their children the 10 commandments and the true meaning of scripture. Social Services are full of people like Nikki...I remember a case out in Washington state of children being taken from parents because they displayed the Constitution of the united states. SS used the pretext that the children were being "starved" to take them from the parents. The truth of the matter was the family were vegetarians and they didn't look like the rest of obese America.

    Again, Nikki's idea of what constitutes abuse isn't the position of the is subjective and that is exactly what any rational court in this land would tell her.

    The program was boring and I can't believe I wasted my time listening to it.

  8. Mike, don't even get me started on what all the SS families did war orphans from other lands.

  9. I can't believe April would be put down because of the smartest way she chose to raise her kids. It is wonderful that she is teaching them not to be race traitors & etc. The girls will produce excellent white babies.

  10. You are certainly correct Mike - a parent does have the right to raise their children as they see fit. They also have a responsibility to take those gifts from God (which children are) and raise them to reach their full potential - not sifle them and smother their own thought process with garbage and hate.

  11. Like what garbage? What you consider garbage? What about someone who is anti-white and wants to raise their children Christian? Is that garbage or do we need you to tell us if it is or not? How about if someone is a homosexual and wants gay kids? Still garbage? What if a jew wants to tell his kid that he's "one of God's Chosen People"? Garbage? Lets see you roll around with that for a little while, Ms. Stalin P. Thought-Police.

  12. Well, as usual the antis clam right up as soon as you mention jewish-supremacy, the principle driving force behind their support base (the jews themselves). Well hell, Mike, you used some of Nikki's audio right? Then you owe her a favor. Answer the question for me. Is it garbage when jews teach their kids that the world is theirs for the taking and jewish life is worth far more than the life of regular un-Chosen folks>

  13. Nikki remember that nazis are the only ones allowed to state an opinion on how to raise children.

    The same people who are bitching about statements about how Gaede is raising her kids are the same people who want the death penalty for any family raised jewish.

    I figure also that Elmer doesn't speak out against white families who raise their children that it's okay to date blacks or be gay. Right?????????? It's their business how to raise their kids right????????

    Chris Drake doesn't deserve to have any of his questions answered because he refuses to any of ours.

    For Vonbluvens, he's just a certified bi-polar crackpot. But it is interesting that Chris Drake calls the religion that Vonbluvens follows as being Talmudic. Most of the Old Testiment is from the Talmud.

  14. You either teach your kids to protect own White race or you teach them that it's Ok to Mongrelize our race and turn it Shit brown.

    And no, it is never Ok to allow your children to be Sodomite Faggots. That's unnatural and immoral. It's all out Sic.

  15. Chris, yes it is garbage but they have the right to raise their children as they want to, but the key word is reciprocity....

    I am not raising dogs in my house and folks like Nikki will never have a say in how they are raised.

  16. Asshole, I spent about 5 paragraphs answering your questions earlier. You have to be jewish since like a jew, if you don't get the answer you want, you claim someone didn't answer your question.

    Also, listen here, you think you have the right to instruct people on how to think, regardless of common sense, situation or position in life. Now you think you have the right to tell people what they already think. Show me where myself or the Gaedes have said we want someone killed for being jewish. Show it to me. Right.

    And if you can't answer my questions, then don't. Making up some stupid reason why you won't make excuses for jewish supremacy is retarded. Go ahead. Tell us why its ok for jews, jews who are in your little anti-white movement, to be racial conscious and happily Chosen People. Go ahead and tell me how its not garbage teaching it to their kids. Tell me how its wrong for them to tell their kids to defend their lands against invaders. Hell--knock yourself out on that one. Jews own you, pal. Get used to it.

  17. Drake quoted:
    Also, listen here, you think you have the right to instruct people on how to think,

    You seem to think that only you have that right while anyone who disagrees with you doesn't. It's called free speech, something that nazis only believe in for themselves

    And you need to catch up on your reading comprehension. I suggest night school. If you would actually listen to Prussian Blue, their message is to kill all jews.

    And you didn't answer my question despite all your babbling.

    Do you support the NSM or Bill White in the lawsuit White filed against them?

    yes or no. Don't go into a mania with rantless paragrapsh.

  18. No I don't support Bill suing Jeff and Jim. Didn't I say I thought Bill was hurting himself more than them anyway?

    And as far as free speech goes, how many laws did the NS pass to regulate free speech versus the laws we have in "modern" times that jews have made to silence anyone questioning them? Got you again, hoss.

  19. Vonbluvens has no say in how his children are being raised. In fact, he's barred by Roanoke Circuit court from ever seeing them again. (you can look it up yourself & don't lie and say otherwise Blevins) Other than a social security check the kids get, Vonbluvens has nothing to do with the children he fathered.

    He also has no say in the way his step-daughter is being raised either. While Vonbluvens believes in home schooling, Bernie sends her daughter to a military school.

    And Vonbluvens is lying again. He has posted personal information on his website including phone number and addresses. Remember publishing that information on Big Boa Vonbluvens???? But I guess you'll get a pass due to your serious mental illness that everyone knows about including Bill White.

    Petty criminal & small fish Chris Drake won't answer your questions Unit 9 even though he'll lie and say he did. He's afraid of pissing off Bill White. Drake has floated in and out of so many organizations, it's funny. Just over the past 3 years, he's been a Creator... National Alliance member... National Vanguard member... NSM member... White Revolution member.... and has prostituted himself around various skinhead groups. It's a month to month thing with Drake.

    And borderline retard Steve Holsten cries all the time about white parents teaching their kids the beauty of equality with the other races.

  20. Within the boundaries of our society there are a number of mores and societal expectations. Those mores and expectations generally include being responsible individuals, respecting each other, and striving for the betterment of this world that we live in.

    Mainstream American society does not value racists, racist ideology, advocation of genocide, or raising children to further any of those causes.

    April Gaede has the right, according to our laws, to raise her children as she sees fit - I don't question that. What I am questioning is what damage is being done to their psyches and what their lives as adults will be like because of their insane upbringing.

    Again...she is making them social cripples who will be unable to ever reach their full potential or to lead fruitful and productive lives within this society. Personally, I see this as abuse - plain and simple.

    As to your earlier questions - they are ridiculous beyond belief and demonstrate your astigmatic view of the real world.

    For your edification, you cannot raise a child to be homosexual. He either is or he isn't.

    Raising children as "Christian" is generally an accepted practice in this country just as raising a child to be Jewish or Muslim or Atheist, etc. Something tells me that children raised in those sorts of settings will fare a whole lot better than those raised to worship the white race or those who are raised to believe that murderers and armored car robbers are to be revered.

  21. Geez, Harry, still sticking with the whole "he's a criminal" thing, huh? Prove it or shut up about it. Prove it. Put it all right here.

    As far as who I've been a member of, I've never been in with NatVan, White Revolution or as I've mentioned, been a Creator. Got anymore tall tales, jew? Please, by all means illustrait the point I was making about jews. See, he doesn't want to attack the issue, just the person to make them shut up. When he's got nothing, he just makes stuff up. jews own the truth though, right Harry? Now sit your fabricating ass down.

    And if you had a damn thing on Blevins, you'd have flown it like a flag years ago.

    What about you, mystery kike? No one even knows who the hell you are on either side of the fence. You make sure of that, don't you? Coward. I'm Chris Drake and THE Chris Drake--pro white and a National Socialist.

  22. I think what Nikki might be trying to say, and I am not trying speak for her, is maybe the Prussian Blue girls are being a bit over exposed and purhaps a bit "sexualised" while being pushed into an agenda that they are not old enough to decided upon on their own.

    I would say the same thing for any kids who were being exploided by their parents.

    Look what happened to Michael Jackson, River Phoenix, The Osmonds, as well as the mental issues the Olsen twins are dealing with now.

    The Gaede twins are not only child entertainers, but they are rope into a highly controversial political agenda which throws a whole other monkey wrentch into the mess.

    I have no problem with music with an "agenda". Our nation was founded on free speech with is a right I honour deeply.

    But, using kids to publically parrot parental propaganda, is concerning.

    And for the record, I would be just as concerned if the twins were out there singing the praises of Zionism, The IRA, The Communist Party or any other agenda that could cause them negative public attention and possible dangerous situations.

    It's just not fair for any kids to be exposed that way.

    Kids should be kids.

    They should play ball, climb trees, do homework, giggle on the phone and dance to rock music.

    Trying to make them part of any kind of machine before they are even full grown has too many risks at so many levels.

    (Okay, mommy rant over now)

  23. Is it ok to tell kids about George Washington, Nikki? He was a domestic terrorist from the word go. How about FDR? How about Nixon? How about Johnson? How about Bush???

    How about Sharon? How about Netinyahew? How about any of the killers I listed? Is it ok for kids to think about them in a positive way?

    Answer the jewish question. Is jewish supremacy okay for kids, both white and jewish? I say white because its important for them to know their place, right?

  24. Oh I agree with Isis, kids should be kids. Kids should also follow dreams of their own, not just their parents. I don't think the Gaede girls understand most of what they are singing about or didn't at first at least.

    However, jewish supremacy is the primary teacher of anti-semite kids. I think by now if April got out of the movement, her kids would want to continue on. They've seen jewish supremacy first hand and have seen some of the worst from the anti-white right and left. Kids are goaded into doing all kinds of things parents want from sports, school, politics and heck pagents even. April is just like most parents who wants her kids to be like her. Big damn deal. What is so perverted is the anti-white/pro-jewish movement who calls for their rape and murder constantly. Did April know that was in store for her daughters? I assume she did. I know the anti-white movement and the life of someone pro-white, man, woman or child, means very little to them. Don't be fooled into thinking its a battle for kids hearts and minds. Its a battle to take away kids from racialists since you just can't put them in camps yet. Heck, if someone took away my kids, you'd best put me in something more secure than a camp.

  25. Chris- I don't think this is about teaching kids, it's more about using kids for adult entertainment and putting them at risk.

    My 11 yr old daughter is reading the Satanic Bible.

    Now, I find it sort of silly as I don't believe in Satan, but it is important *to* her to learn and understand different ideas, so I open the door for her to read all she wants (sans porn) and I feel proud that she has such a thirst for knowledge.

    Now, if I was a Satanist and decided to expose her the child entertainer singer for Satan, kept her away from a normal childhood so I could sell her around for public attention for my agenda, what kind of mom would I be?

    Is this fair to my child?

    Hey, this is not about White Nationalism, this is about the lives of two little girls, and is any of this fair to them?

  26. I didn't say it was fair or unfair. Its just the same as a parent that holds a boy back in school so he can play football longer. And if the anti-whites were really what they said they were, in this case for a "kinder, gentler world" and all that total horseshit, the girls shouldn't have anything to worry about, right? You know better than that though.

    And suppose your daughter was a satanist entertainer and I was some kind of big Christian who thought it was up to him to think for everyone. In other words, I thought I was as on the same authority level as a jew. Anyhow, you know how I'd deal with your daughter's work? Honestly? I'd ignore it and not expose it to anything. I would want to die if I thought I had any hand, even in the slightest, in harming a child. In fact, I'd feel like total shit if the girl was taken from her parents, who obviously put her up to it. Once again, politcs and war are adult affairs. I'd let no kid get in my sights, regardless of what they said or did. Nikki on the other hand, would dance a jig if the girls were taken from their mother and Harry would throw a party (online, where its safe for loud mouth wannabee jews) if physical harm came to them. Plenty of antis put their kids on the front lines, started with Pheleps and crew. The only difference is no one pays them much attention if any.

    Was I wrong or did I not see Nikki promoting a jewish supremacy group for teens on myspace not long ago at all?

  27. Harry, you still out there, punk? Chris Drake, Aiken, South Carolina, right? Get to work. Give us a link to my "record." Punk.

  28. Chris- I would like see April Gaede wisen up rather than see her kids be taken away.

    Kids do belong with their mom, and even if using them as a politically motivated side show is probably hurting the girls in many ways, being ripped from their mom would probably send them emotionally over the edge, and I would not want any kids to ever have to go through that.

    I really hope that April will come to her senses and give the girls a break from politics and the entertainment business until they are at least 18.

    If she really loved them (and I am sure she does) she should keep in mind what she is doing to them.

  29. Chris Drake keeps dropping lies without no end.

    I'm 99 percent sure I've got your criminal record as well as a history of your wife's record. However, it's the 1 percent that prevents me from totally publishing all the information because one of my sources says Christopher isn't your real first name. Don't want to do what Vonbluvens did a few years by publishing false addresses and names all over the web when he posted "big boa's" address and phone number. Of course, it all turned out to be wrong.

    If I get time the next time I am in South Carolina to pay my property tax bills & check up on my land plots, maybe I'll stop by the Aiken County courthouse and check out the mugshots to determine if it is you or not. Hummm, or next time an employee from the company I work for files probate or tax liens in Aiken County court, maybe I can get the mugshots that way.

    And what is funny, is in order for you to be telling the truth, many others have to be lying including the Augusta Chronicle which highlighted a story about you and your North Augusta high school buddies.

    Then again, maybe you can take a lie out of the Vonbluvens playbook and say that "chris drake" isn't you.

    But both the Aiken sheriff's office and the Burkittsville police are fully aware of you regardless. Mention Chris Drake and nazi and they say... oh yea, we've heard about.......

    And the truth is, you're a flyweight who only has a big mouth online and does little else. You're so afraid of Bill White, you're afraid to stand up for the NSM against him like Unit 9 pointed out.

    And Chris, ask your Talmudic friend Vonbluvens, why he was living at a halfway house in Roanoke for the severely mentally ill and drug abusers??? Even your buddy Bill White knows all about it.


    ISIS & Nikki.

    Agree with you about the Gaede kids. As bad as the mother is, taking a child away from their mother is probably worse in the long term for the kids. There are exceptions when a child should be removed from a parent, Vonbluvens is an example of that, the judge clearly did the right thing in Roanoke by removing him from them. But Vonbluvens was an immediate threat to his own children, April is not.

    But in the interest of her kids, I guess it's best that she keep custody of them given the alternative.

    But Gaede is putting her own interest above the interest of her children. It will be interesting once those kids reach adulthood how they will act.

  30. Before the Gaede kids reach 30 years old they will publicly renounce racism.

  31. First off, I never went to North Augusta High. Next, If you've got my record, then post it. And please, by all means publish my wife's record. Let's see what you've got!

    As far as people knowing about Chris Drake and his Nazi comrades, let me remind you, Harry: I'm not a greazy jew the slips around, hiding on the internet, muck-racking instead of fighting his battles like a man. My people have a history of being out in the open like I am. You're people have a history of behaving exactly like you do, assuming they are your people really. People know my name because its out there in public like my beliefs.

  32. First of all, I agree with most of what Isis has said. And, Roh - I wouldn't be at all surprised if you are correct.

    Chris, does any of this sound familiar?

    [[["Thanks for the info guys.I think you both answered my questions well.I have just joined the WCOTC and am in the process of reading the first 3 books suggested.I find them all very good,well written and well thought out.Frankly,I see not problems with anything I have read thus far.It all seems like common sence to me.It matches my way of life ,the manner I have actually lived all my life.

    Know thyself

    Total Posts: 62 | Joined Feb. 2001 | Posted on: 4:22 pm on Mar. 6, 2001"]]]

    [[["What are the viewa of the WCOTC on:

    The National Alliance-Dr William Pierce

    N.O.F.E.A.R-David Duke

    The NAAWP - The National Association for the Advancement of White People

    I relize there are many others,but these are the ones I have been a member of in the past.

    Know thyself

    Total Posts: 62 | Joined Feb. 2001 | Posted on: 2:49 pm on Feb. 24, 2001]]]"

    [[["I am really suprised to see ex wiggers here.I guess I'll need to be nicer to the wiggers I see in the future,because some day,they may prove to be our leading White citizens.Maybe some people need to experience the filth and stench of nigger diversity first hand to believe that life as a nigger really isn't life at all.
    Just got my first 3 books from WCOTC after joining.I am trying to read all 3 at once.There is a great deal of very useful info in these pages.Last Xmas I gave my friends David Dukes book ,this Xmas I'll give them all a copy of the White mans bible.

    Know thyself

    Total Posts: 62 | Joined Feb. 2001 | Posted on: 6:42 pm on Feb. 24, 2001]]]"

  33. Thats nothing I ever wrote. Who's it supposed to be, me? You've got me confused with someone else there. Is that the guy on Stormfront who calls himself "Drake"? I am/was Goldenhind on there.

  34. Yep - that's who it was. I think that is why people always say that you were a Creator. Drake is a totally different person. He went pretty far back with Hale.

  35. What is it with these Drake boys??

    People keep mixing them up!!

    "Francis Drake was born in Tavistock, Devon, one of two sons of Edmund Drake (1518–1585), a Protestant farmer who later became a preacher, and his wife Mary Mylwaye. Francis was a grandson of John Drake and Margaret Cole. He is often confused with his cousin john Drake (1573–1634), who was the son of Edmund's older brother, Richard Drake. (cf. John White, note 2)."


  36. Harry, here's a little advice for you: change your fake ass name to something else. You've been called out and called out and you drag the rest of your crowd down. I say start you little jew-muckracking-instead-of-being-a-man campaign under a different name so people won't automatically site you as the source and assume its bullshit. So gather the few items you are pretty sure are true (true or truth means something that everyone can see as a factual item rather than something you came up with in your head.) Get those items together and try to silence someone else from saying what you don't like rather than countering it by saying something that makes more sense to more people.

    I hope you realize that I can name at least 3 people off the top of my head who became anti-semites just because of your exaggerated jewish behavior. If you are actually someone in the movement, then keep 'em coming. And good luck on smearing my wife. If I hear her crying all night about it, I'll be sure to let someone know.

  37. Why does ANYONE take Schwartz seriously. He does nothing but lie and anyone who parrots what he says will eventually destroy their own credibility.

  38. I can tell you for certain that the things said about Chris by Schwartz is a Goddamn lie...yes it is a lie and God I am sure will damn him.

  39. Schwartzo is Hell bound in a hand basket. His lying alone is enough to send him there. I'd have to look if he said the sun was shining.

  40. Vonbluvens is a seriously mentally ill person who draws a social security check because of it.

    He's so mentally unstable that he managed to get himself evicted from the halfway house in Roanoke he was living at. Heck, even the OPP posted the photo of the eviction notice on their website. If Vonbluvens is too mentally unstable for a halfway house, he must be pretty bad.

    Just google
    "1529 Patterson Ave" Roanoke

    Vonbluvens is so mentally unstable that a judge found him to so be so abusive to his own biological children, that he order Blevins never to have unsupervised contacts with them again.

    And you'll even see Bill White talking about the halfway house that Blevins was put into.

    And as far as Chris Drake being a petty criminal, I guess the Augusta Chronicle newspaper got the wrong Chris Drake also... Amazing!!!!

  41. I was never evicted from anywhere I have lived in my life!

    No judge ever ordered that I was not allowed to see my children.

    Tell ya what, from now on in order to save time and bandwidth I will not be responding directly to any of your asinine post, that is unless you have the balls to threaten me or my family.

    Also, you are lying about lloyd and you definately have not hit upon the truth concerning my friend Chris.

    Kindly go fuck yourself now.

  42. I don't honestly know how KIKE Schwartzo can call anyone Tarded. He lives in his own little delusional world of his lies and he tells them so much that he starts to believe his own Bullshit.

  43. Wow, have any of the people targeted by Nikki and her thugs spoken with an attorney? If what I'm reading is correct, you should.

    All this talk about hate, and the only thing I see is a bunch of people harassing people with the financial inability to defend themselves in court.

    Here in California, if you make a call to Child Protective Services and it's bogus, you are in deep shit. People need to be educated on the tactics being used against innocent people in the so called name of "fighting hate".

    Nikki, you seem to making claims for which you have neither the proof, nor the educational background to support. A quick browse through any child psychology will tell you that one of the first signs of child neglect/abuse is reduced academic performance. The last I read, the girls had really good grades. You really need to stop and rethink the statements you are making. You are stating an accusation as a matter of fact. You have, in fact, stated right here, that April has done something to her kids.

    You, of all people, should know that making unsupported claims is not considered to be "protected speech". You seem to be the only one spouting hate here that I can see.

    Your definition of harm is not the defintion used by our legal system. All the diagnostic traits shown by abused/neglected children are not present here. The girls are happy and from what I've read, they were popular at their old school.

    Again, I'm surprised no one has sued the living crap out of you yet.

  44. "Chris- I would like see April Gaede wisen up rather than see her kids be taken away."

    Uhh, and why would her kids get taken away?
    You and your friends are playing with serious fire here. I suggest YOU wisen up and layoff the harassment of innocent people.


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