Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Eye On Hate Mp3 Internet Radio Report
December 26, 2006
Join Floyd from Eye On Hate,
Nikki from Citizens Against Hate and
DLJ from One Peoples Project
as we discuss the year in review for 2006.
Other topics include:
the possible demise of racist internet bigot Hal Turner,
Satans Gate
and what happen in Jacksonville, Florida


  1. 35 megs?? I love you guys but to us lonely 56k users, is there a way to make the files smaller?

  2. Unit 9 - generally or programs are smaller - this week we had alot ot talk about - I am working on making future programs in a different bit rate so it will be smaller for dial up folks - I understand fully as I had a dial up connection up till this past August.

    I do want to thank you those for listening and you comment. :)


  3. Great show. Loved the Beatles song and the analogy of Bill White always following Hal Turner in his bullshit.

    You've got email Nikki and Daryle.

    Unit 9, tomorrow, I'll see if I can reduce the program down to 24kps from 128kps.

  4. Mr. Schwartz - you wrote "Unit 9, tomorrow, I'll see if I can reduce the program down to 24kps from 128kps. " - thank you , you gave me the answer I was looking for :) I have new recording software and have a choice when saving it - I just saved it in the format it offered, but I have choices and now know I can reduce it even smaller - will it effect the sound quailty ?

    again thank you


  5. Unit 9 - I just reduced the mp3 file for the show from 35megs to 6megs, should be easier for you to download now - lost a little bit of the clarity but not much - you may have to hit your refreh before listening to it.


  6. Thanks guys for your help. Making it available to both dial up and broadband is best.

  7. First Hal Turner, then VNN, and now Fred Phelps of godhatesf*gs.com


    There's a lot of holiday cheer in the cyberworld this season.

  8. LOL - you know they say a broken clock is right at least twice a day - I hate to admit it - but I agree with Bill White opinion about Hal - Floyd

    from Bill White's web site:
    Commentary -- I really don't want to waste too much time on this topic, but I have received a lot of emails on this, so I figured I should respond.
    Some people have apparently attacked Hal Turner's website and his show. I am told they brought his site down for a while and spammed the phones at his show. Hal has responded by claiming that the FBI is secretly tracing the IPs of people who call him because of an order by a judge who was afraid of his identity and thus had to conceal it when he issued an order and some other nonsense.

    Hal Turner is a damn liar. Hal has always been a damn liar. I've known Hal Turner and I like him, personally, but he is an opportunist and a con artist, and, from knowing him, I doubt he has any serious attachment to white activism. He is a nice guy -- not a lunatic killer -- and his show consists entirely of telling his audience lies that he thinks he will believe.

    Anyone remember the heart attacks? Remember when he claimed to have dumped the bodies of Mexicans off the contintental shelf on his boat named after the Sopranos? Know how he claims to have been a Marine? ("But I'm not claiming to be a Marine -- I said I took the Marine oath; I just don't mention I washed out of boot camp") His claim to have "skinheads" in his apartment and to have secret FBI connections is on the same level.

    These same assholes who took down Stormfront and who are attacking Hal Turner have attacked this site -- recently -- and have attacked our forums, groups and other publications from time to time. I don't make a big deal out of it. I only make a big deal of things when, for some reason, I want to feed the behavior -- like I'm doing something else in real life and focusing their attention on what they're doing effectively neutralizes them. In reality, the mild attacks this site has faced haven't had any impact on performance -- the worst they've done is mildly screw with some of the stat counters, and, a while ago, forced us to get better forum software.

    I think Hal Turner needs attention, and that he is doing what he always does to get attention -- make things up. Hal would be much more useful to the white movement if he decided to connect himself to the real world and stopped feeding stupid people garbage entertainment. However, I don't think Hal really wants to contribute much to the white movement, and, for that reason, I would encourage serious white activists to not pay attention to him.


  9. Stormfront is down - VNN is having problems - dam the end of the year is turning out great !

    I am working on a slogan for the Eye On Hate website , could use some suggestions,

    one that I have come up with so far is Eye On Hate: Putting Racists Out of Business Since 1995

    when someone ask who I have helped put out of business the answer is Aryan Nation _ gave supporting testimony during the trial in 2000, Alpha ( a former racist gang in Philly) uncovered their death threats against an human right activist and gave testimony resulting in the shutting down of the Alpha website and also resulted in the human right activist receieving a million dollar judgement against Alpha, and of course my small role in helping to sideline Bill White and the NSM. And helped expose Andrew Brit Greenbaum aka Wollfgang Hawke.

    Would like to hear from you all on suggestions for a slogan (be nice)


  10. Evidently, Bill now has Faggot feelings for Hal.

  11. While reading some websites I came across these news items posted on the freerepublic.com web site , regarding and talking about internet vigilantes going to war with Hal Turner - thought you all would be interested - Floyd



  12. The following was posted on the VNN forum - I read it and thought it was funny - and then started thinking, when the poster made the comment:Many of us already know that YOU are responsible for your queer, anarchist buddies fucking up VNN" - hm now who do we know that use to be in the anarchist movement and is now a racist but has had problems with Hal and who hasnt been subject to DDOS attacks ? could this person be behind the attacks on Hal, VNN and Stormfront as a way of getting rid of the competition ? - Floyd

    Post on VNN
    Hal, you are nothing but a lying, cowardly shitbag.

    Many of us already know that YOU are responsible for your queer, anarchist buddies fucking up VNN. How long do you really think you'll be able to keep this charade going?

    "Hits" on judges, shooting NOLA niggers from a bass boat... and all of this in spite of the fact that you admit to being under surveillance from the feds.

    You really need to quit reading Hunter while you're high. Get some GI Joe action figures if you feel the need to act out your adolescent fantasies

  13. Well Hell, Hal has another Faggot after him.

  14. Here is Bill White's newest post on his site - I find it strange that while VNN,Hal and Stormfront have been attack and went down , Bill White claims his site was attacked and didnt go down - so Bill White has better computer skills than Don Black and Stormfront who have been on the net for many many years ? - Bill White site is able to flourish under this attack but not Hal Turner who has his own servers and a top co-locator , guess that could be accurate.- just seems well strange , even some of the people who attacked Hal site have stated they are as racist as Hal but got mad at Hal - we all know Hal and Bill had a falling out and that Hal was drawing more people and listeners than Bill White ,so wouldnt surprise me that the racist who is behind the attack is none other than Bill White - at you will see at the bottom of White's posting he calls us a criminal organization.- Floyd

    From Bill White
    New York, NY -- A Jewish employee of the Anti-Defamation League, working out of their Manhattan offices in New York, has become the subject of a criminal investigation into a massive cyber attack that has crippled the popular white Vanguard News Network website.
    According to information posted today on VNN Forum, a computer in the Manhattan offices of the ADL has been found to be the source of a Denial of Service attack that took the VNNForum website down earlier today. The attack is believed to be related to similar attacks that have crippled the websites of Hal Turner and, before that, Stormfront.

    It is unclear what kind of action will be taken against the ADL because of this. Turner has indicated he has complained to the FBI and is planning a civil suit, but it appears he is blowing hot air.

    Overthrow.com has been the subject of similar attacks since last Friday, but its performance has not been affected, as it had safeguards in place prior to the start of the incidents. The attacks on Overthrow have included repeated calls from perl scripts running remotely on a number of computers and apparent attacks from the wget browser, as well as DoS ping attacks. Earlier posts by Hal Turner and members of VNN indicated similar attacks on those sites. Overthrow.com was down for a few hours of scheduled maintenance on December 24.

    As many as 30,000 bogus visits have been paid to Overthrow ASP files, and possibly more to others. VNN reported receiving "20,000 hits" in a few seconds.

    The campaign against major white websites started with a series of harassing phone calls to Hal Turner after an IRC chat between a bunch of Jewish teens. When several of the teens were hunted down and had their personal information posted on the internet, they became more vicious.

    The attacks have been paired with harassing emails and phone calls directed against white activists by a number of individuals who post regularly on the NIM Busters forum, and who appear to be connected to Anti-Racist Action and / or the One People's Project, criminal organizations who mask their illegal activities under a veneer of anti-racism. A number of prank phone calls to the editor of this site have been traced -- correctly -- to a Roger Wiseman of West Virginia. Wiseman claims someone is using a cell phone emulator to spoof him, but his claim is untrue.


  15. Bill White is irrelevant.

    He's making the whole thing up out of jealousy over Hal Turner being 100 times larger now.

    Like you said on the show... Whenever something happens to Hal Turner... Bill White always pretends it's happening to him and has to hang on the coattails.

    Bill White gets 2 listeners live to his show. Hal Turner gets 700.

    If Bill white were being attacked, he would be filing more bogus lawsuits.

  16. BTW: Roger Wiseman is innocent. I've known Roger for years and while he used to be a troll of the highest degree & I've had my battles with him, making phone calls isn't his MO.

    Bill's just crying for attention.

    Why am I giving him some now??????

  17. Of course Roger did nothing, Kike.
    You're never really crossed swords with him though. Otherwise you wouldn't be braggin' about it. Just ask Lardass Davies.


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