Saturday, December 16, 2006

OPP Show Rescheduled - Shots Fired

Eye On Hate : Saturday Dec.16, 2006 - 825pm

Just recieved a phone from DLJ who is in Jacksonville, FL for a concert and benifit for OPP that was to be held tonight ( Saturday). The show was canceled- The windows of the club were shot-out around 4 or 5am this morning - the police advised the club mangaer to shut down the concert. While this concert was shut down for tonight, the concert/show itself wasn't canceled just moved to a different date, the new concert date will be on Martin Luther King week-end - DLJ said that details about the concert will be forth-coming - DLJ also stated that the shooting was done by "confederate hammerskins" and that he will have more "info" later tonight, which I will post here.



  1. Do you have any evidence of this shooting besides Daryle Jenkins ? The Sheriff's department has no record of a shooting report from that address.

  2. Jacksonville Police were the ones who responded. And I will put the pics up today on the OPP site

  3. Jacksonville's Police are dispatched through the Sheriff's department. They use the same contact number, and the police blotter shows no record of this. I followed up with a call to the media relations department and there's no record of any response to that address. However they did find two unrelated shooting calls that night on other streets. The receptionist told me the neighborhood was "really dark", and if it happend, "it was probably a drug deal or vandalism".

    I don't believe any skinheads did this at 4 a.m. in the morning. Perhaps you were knocked in the head to hard during that beating you took last month.

    You accused people of doing this but in the same report it says the building was empty. I see no evidence here at all to justify your finger pointing. Unless there's some evidence your allegations are slander.

    This is Florida, shit happens around here, and most shit happening in "dark" neighborhoods is being done by "dark" people. Whites don't go into those areas at 4 a.m. in the morning.

  4. No employee or spokesman of any Sheriff's department would describe an incident as

    "was "really dark", and if it happend, "it was probably a drug deal or vandalism

  5. Warren, you are about to make yourself look like an asshole (well, moreso). It happened. Police were dispatched and were there for hours. The bullet holes are in the windows and there are pics of them. the club closed that night because of it. Bands and people were turned away because of it. The club is downtown and around the corner from a police station. Perhaps you got knocked in the head your damn self!

  6. Any proof(other than speculation) that the CHS are involved in this?

  7. None whatsoever Bluvens. Here's the address if you want to look into it, The Imperial 325 W. Forysth St. Jacksonville, Florida.

    I had already verified that the windows were broken, and that's all pictures would show anyway. A picture of broken glass doesn't prove your conspiracy one iota. In that part of town it could have been anything from thug vandalism to crack dealing killers with bad aim.

    As for Mrs. Cleo, he's the only asshole here because he accused people on some hunch. Even with a gut as big as his a gut-feeling is not credible.

  8. Let's get this straight: A Nazi from Florida is here to try and convince people that this didn't happen.

    That's all anyone needs to know. Never try to challenge me on the facts, chump. I don't say shit that I can't back up, and if I don't say something more it's because it is not the place and you are not the person to say it to. Slander you say? Then sue me! I would LOVE to walk into a courtroom over this!

    Now let's take a look at you. First you try to say police did not have a record of this. They were on the scene for a few hours, and if you went to the club, you saw where they numbered the places where the shots hit the building. Then you go on the obligatory routine of complaining about what "dark" people do. Well, this time it wasn't "dark" people responsible. Sounds like you need to get over yourself...and stop trying to cover for your friends while you are at it.

    Oh, did I slander you?

  9. I am not convinced of any sort of conspiracy. When you publically point the finger you should at least back it up or be prepared to do so.

  10. You mean like the bullshit you and Bill White say about me being gay or a member of the RCP or a cop that was fired from the force because of my political beliefs, etc...

    Don't worry. I am prepared.

  11. I won't hold my breath for any substantive are obviously stonewalling.

  12. You can't convince someone who is severely mentally ill like Vonbluvens of anything.

    You still got that picture of the eviction notice he got from that halfway house in Roanoke???

  13. No Vonnie. I don't have to explain myself to you. But if folks want to see stonewalling, let's see how you respond to this: Last year during Toledo, you said that One People's Project passed out the rocks and the eggs that were hurled at cops. You said it on I believe Hal Turner's radio show, and I saved it - while home that day in Jersey City just before I went to an event I hosted in Brooklyn. That means I wasn't there in Toledo. No one from OPP was. Now I noticed that you didn't answer my last post. Answer this one. What prompted you to even say something so obviously libelous?

    Yes Harry, I do. It is actually on a video.

  14. Schwartzo the KIKE had his Ass handed to him today on Nim Busters. Now he's back over here running his hole.

  15. If thre was anything to what Daryl was saying it would have materialized by now. Just more BS from the far left.

  16. The far left?

    I'm sorry, but I didn't realise that "National Socialism" was based in right wing capitalism and free trade markets.

    From my understanding the economic model of National Socialism is based much more left of centre.

    Please, correct me if I am wrong, and I mean no insults by this, I am just trying to get the facts straight.

  17. Isis is right. National Socialism and it's close cousin of Communism are far left of center. National Socialism is a form of communism in itself when you break it down to it's simplest components.

    If you look at the way Stalin ran his government and the way Hitler ran his government, you'll see they are almost identical.

  18. DLJ:

    Vonnie can't authoritatively speak about Toledo, as he wasn't there. Anything he spouted off about the riot on his podcast he parroted from his Obersturmbannf├╝hrer Bill White.

    OPP was not present at Toledo I, except in spirit. The antifa were all local, with a smattering of Ann Arbor and Bowling Green protesters. 90% of the protesters lived in the neighborhood.

    Also, you'll have to forgive the Nazis for attempting to distort reality vis a vis the Jacksonville incident. obfuscation of historical reality is their stock in trade, and they don't know any better.


  19. As far as the left-versus-right debate:

    National Socialism has more in common with the far right than the far left. The only thing "leftist" about the Nazis is their misuse of the word "socialist" in their name.

    Hitler and Stalin were both leaders of totalitarian regimes, but on opposite ends of the political spectrum. Communists and Nazis consider each other to be nearly polar opposites (and diametrically opposed enemies), although one might argue that there should be a political circle instead of a line.

    I once heard a poli sci prof argue that the Nazis went so far left that they wound up on the far right.

  20. Unit9-I was sort of under the impression that National Socialism was a leftist economy for white people under a social ultra conservative standard.

    Now, I think, but I won't try to speak for Von, that he might mean "social liberals" which is not always based on economic models of left vs, right, as much as personal liberties and freedoms.

    I know quite a few "social liberals" who are right wing fiscal conservatives.

    CATO Institute comes to mind.

    And in turn, there are "social conservatives" who are more leftist in ideas in fiscal responsibilties of state welfare programs and union support.

    The political involvement of the religious groups and old yellow dog Democrats of the south come to mind.

  21. History Mike,

    I've discovered that the far-right and the far-left end up being the exact same thing.

    If you study Stalin and Hitler, you'll find they ran their countries nearly the same way. They took away the rights of all who disagreed with them. And both killed countless of millions in order to cleanse their countries. The governments operated the same way and both countries desired military conquest of the world.

  22. Mike- I disagree, I do believe that much of the economic rhetoric of National Socialism is leftist.

    Yet, they are social conservatives, which at this time is more the popular trend within the right wing economic movment.

    I would consider them conservative leftists.

  23. Isis: most people like to define the right vs left as a straight line. But it's actually a circle.

    On the bottom of the circle is normalcy. The left of the circle is liberalism and the right of the circle is conservatism. On top of the circle is extremism.

    If you start with normalcy and go to the left, if you go far enough, you'll end up at the top with extremism. The same with the right.

    The far right and the far left meet at the top of the circle and are identical.

  24. Unit9- I see left vs right based in economic models. "Left" being pro-government responsibility and "right" being based in free market capitalism.

    The liberal vs conservative on social wedge issues are a detraction sometimes to mask economic intent and with issues like abortion, are used to sway votes for those economic agendas.

    Now, those who go too far on social issues, yes tend to meet in the middle somewhere.

    We see this with the religious right and extreme feminists join together against porn.

    I have even photographed a anti-war communist rally who were joined by white nationalists to unite against Israel this past summer.

  25. A few things to note:

    1. Vonnie, that's twice you didn't respond to charges of lying about me. That means you know you are full of shit. I know a bit about the current situation in your private life. You are in no position to fuck with me, and I will be spending a bit more time in Florida over the next few months. If you worried about your daughters as much as you worried about me, you might have been a better father.

    2. If you were a Bolshevik in Nazi Germany, you would have been shot. Hitler was a huge anti-communist, and termed it a Jewish plot.

    3. Mike, I had sent lawyers after Bill once before, and I really should have when that shit came out. I am not going to let him slide too much longer.

  26. The local Fox affiliate has reported on the story, and the video should be up shortly.

    Downtown Bar & Club Littered With Bullet Holes

    Last Update: 12/20/2006 10:45:33 PM

    Posted By: Andrea Kendrick

    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A downtown Jacksonville bar and club looks like a shooting gallery, its windows pierced by bullets.

    Thee Imperial, which is located on W. Forsyth Street, has at least eight bullet holes in its windows, a product of an early Saturday morning shooting, an Imperial employee said. No one was inside the club when the shooting occurred and no one was hurt.

    Thee Imperial was planning an anti-racism concert for Saturday night, the employee said, and they believe the shooting might have been the work of white supremacists, trying to intimidate them. They say that, at the suggestion of police, they cancelled the concert for safety reasons.

    The shooting happened around 2-3 a.m. It was the second shooting at a business on this block of W. Forsyth Street in the past month. In late November, the River City Deli had a bullet go through one of its windows, shattering a mirror inside the restaurant. No one was hurt in that shooting either.

  27. Isis: if you use economic terms, National Socialism is left wing.

    The National Socialist don't want a free-market system. They want a controlled system where they are in complete control. Jews, gays, and any others they dislike would not be allowed to take part and ultimately exterminated. Businesses would only be allowed to exist if they conformed with the government.

    To be a nazi in America means having to hate the US constitution.

    Nazism is very similar to the communism that the USSR had.

  28. Unit9- I agree, I myself am sort of the CATO type. I am a social liberal and an economic free market type, Adam Smith and all that.

    I believe The Constitution is the greatest document ever created to base a nation on.

    But, with that, I also believe that both Von and Daryl have the rights to believe in their alt forms of goverment.

    This is why I love to shoot activists, all kinds, and I try to respect them as fellow Americans with their own voice.

    Nothing is worse than rounding people up based on what they think, believe and express.

    Once we start doing that, we are no longer Americans.

  29. Isis: I said far left because we WN folks are usually classified as extreme right wingers by folks such as Daryl. I personally don't classify myself as a right winger...Economically speaking I would be considered a progressive. I don't think the terms left and right is very accurate indicator...we are way past those days in France.

    Mike:Speaking of totalitarian regimes-seems like there is an anti-racist one in Canada right now.

    DLJ: As far as you are concerned all I asked for was some form of confirmation.

    No, you don't have to answer to "me" but I am sure other folks were thinking the same thing and not ALL of them "Nazis" to be sure.

  30. Von- I just use the terms right and left for simple explainations on economic models for a blog comment section.

    The funny part is, economically, you are more the leftie and I am more the right winger!

    I hope nobody expects me to start hanging out at The Heritage Foundation, I have to draw that line somewhere!

    Besides, I look pretty stupid in a suit.


  31. Isis: Agree with you on the Free Speech, even for Nazis who call for the elimination of it for their enemies.

    There is an alarming trend about free speech in the way that Arab-Americans are being treated. If I were to form a pro-Al Qaeda group in America, I would be arrested.

    Vonbluvensshow: Why don't you ask for verification of a story when a National Socialist comes out with a story?

  32. Unit9- It's a sad fact of reality that because of 9/11 our country is in a state of war, even if we never went over into Iraq, we are at war.

    Through out history, our nation has capped our free speech rights during war time for the "security" of American lives.

    I am not sure I agree fully with what we have done to people in the past during war time. Those who had concerns and disagreements with the government and the wars got locked up, and in turn, we actually did win those wars and save the planet from some pretty horrible people.

    Now, we are facing another type of enemy to the planet who really want to hurt people who don't conform to their way of beliefs.

    I live 2 miles from the Pentagon, flight 77 went over my house before it crashed. We all lost friends and loved ones of friends that day, and the highjackers on that plane resided within a few miles of my home.

    There are sleeper cells in my neighbourhood, and I have covered rallies here in DC that called for further acts of terror on the US and other western nations.

    But, given that, it was also disturbing to see the men in black go and harass my friends a few houses up from me, who we all know had nothing to do with any of this, just simply for the fact that they are Muslim.

    These are scary times. We want the government to protect us from another 9/11, and we never want it to happen again.

    And yet, how can they do this effectivly without offending the principles our nation was founded on?

    Do I agree with what I see?
    I have concerns.
    Do I think it's helping the security of our nation?
    I don't have a clue, as the public is not being including in any of their findings.

    We have not had a hit for 5 yrs, but were there further attacks planned?

    The paranoia is disturbing.

    The Feds have a file on me now, because of the photos I take.
    They watch what I do and openly admit to me that they watch my blog.
    I figure there is nothing, so far, that I am doing that is illegal, so I will continue untill they decide to either threaten me or lock me up for whatever the new Patriot Act of the month says.

  33. DLJ--If you think you're vailed threat to Mike went unnoticed, you are wrong. In case you haven't noticed, your side of the fence is shrinking in numbers and support. You aren't in any position to make threats either and deap down you know that.

    To everybody else, I doubt the shooting of the Florida club's window was movement related but here's a trend I've been noticing: people in the movement are tired of in fighting. Being that is how it is, its becoming vogue to go after antis instead of each other. Thats worth all kinds of white-power-points to most. I'm noticing a trend developing from all of this. The way to one up another group is by what you can do to the anti-white crowd. Thats good news for movement-moral and bad news for the anti-white movement. If anyone doesn't believe me, then keep paying attention.

    As far as the National Socialism arguement goes, thats a good one. NS is a left wing ideology in its truest form. Capitalism has done a lot more to put the jews on top than Communism ever did. However, Communism is no less jewish. Stalin, to the untrained and uneducated, might have seemed like Hitler a little. Hitler was a boogie-man and Stalin was in a lesser degree, if you read your mainstream history and take it at face value. Stalin would be a good guy though if our schools taught how pro-jewish he was. You would have a hard time digging up the 12 million he killed for sure then! Stalin was ten times worse than even the most far-fetched exaggeration of how much anyone made jews to suffer in WW2. But Stalin was pro-jewish, married to a jew, staffed from top to bottom with jews and had a jewish background but to a lesser degree than Trotsky or Lenin. If WW2 was some sort of plot by white people to get rid of the innocent jews of Europe, then what do you call the millions upon millions enslaved, imprisoned and murdered after WW2 in the name of jewish communism? I guess now would be a good time to leap to your feet, wave a star of david flag and with a blank stare, shout "Never again!" Am I right? Whats cruelly ironic was that you all were discussing this on the same day as one of the big gulag uprisings in the USSR. Ha! Looking for a workers uprising? There's one: enslaved whites rising not from the getto but from the goddamned slave camp to challenge the guns and tanks of thier jewish slave-masters. We need to hear more about revolutionay acts of white sacrifice these days than we do about some jew-led negros parading around singing and whinning.

    The sun might have set on a lot of pro-white ideologies and forms of government. Let me tell you all one thing though--the sun has never set on the true white spirit. We'll fight and continue to fight until we are a free, healthy people once again.

  34. And yes, I'm aware I need to proof read more.

  35. Just a quick and final note on the whole Stalin thing! Whats Stalin famous for? Does everyone talk about his jewish-run concentration camps all over the USSR and its satellites? Not really. Does anyone talk about how he went after Poland along with Germany and hence started WW2? Its mentioned once in a blue moon. Do we as a nation really talk much about the millions he killed in the name of the same exact thing people like DLJ believe in? Its a footnote, nothing more. So whats old Joe famous for really? PURGES! Yep, people lament Stalin's purges of his staff, who deserved whatever they got for sustaining his bloodbaths. Why do we harp on and on about the evil of what this evil man did to other evil men? Didn't Hitler essentially do the same thing but earlier on (Night of the Long Knives)? Its simple. During Night of the Long Knives, no jews were killed. Plenty of jews died in Stalin's purges. He still had jews around running the show for him but he did in a handful or two during one of his paranoid house-cleanings. So to all the antis who want to see everything as black and white (no pun intended), you need to look at who runs you and everything you believe in. Equality? Ha! How can anyone talk about equality and be a jewish lap-dog at the same time!

    I will say that communism came a lot farther after Stalin was gone. Kruschef didn't like Stalin and wanted more of a Leninist type of communism. Stalin had killed a lot of his fellow commies and Kruschef, for all his faults, wanted to make sure that never happened again. He also launched a big PR campaign that Stalin would have given two shits less about. So due to all that, communism became less jewish but not by a whole lot. In a way, Stalin would have appealed to the more bloodthirsty jews such as the ones that plague the middle east, whereas a lot of "American" jews would find Kruschefs idea of slowly outpacing the "free" world as being more paletable. Even though I'm beginning to think some of the jews here infesting the USA are becoming a little more like Stalinist. Sometimes the anti-white hatred just pours out and regular folks take note. On the other hand, the jewish supremacist that run the anti-white movement could blather away with all their media about killing white babies, the whites on the anti-white side of the fence wouldn't pay any attention--starting with elements of this crowd. Heck, as long as you've got easy access to white girls and plenty of dull minded white kids to kiss your ass constantly--who gives a flying fuck about right or wrong let alone ideology, huh DLJ?

  36. Chris, I am not worried by his empty threats.

    I am all here by my lonesome and not bothering no one.

    If he feels froggy he can jump...I don't care.

  37. Mike, the anti-white crowd is a withering weed. DLJ knows it. The writing is on the wall. White kids, which are the backbone of their hateful little movement, are getting sick to death of the authoritarian nature of the anti-white movement. DLJ will go after guys like you to try and save face, which he's been losing a lot of lately. And when he finds out you won't budge on whatever, he will threaten your family, which is typical of a negro or an anti, take your pick.

    Here's a question for you, Daryle. Why don't you ever threaten guys like me? You've got ARA and various scummies in my town that I'm sure you talk to. I pass out flyers in public, go to pubs and am no stranger to public settings of all types. I'm must be the worst degree of uppity white trash, huh? So why not come play NKVD on me? You think you'll look hard by picking at someone like Mike with a family to look after. Go ahead, Daryle, threaten me. Nobody is afraid of you or any of your little crowd of misfit teenagers and aging scenesters (ie tattoed bums who refuse to grow past the mental age of 21). Of coarse, you are loud, I'll give you that. You crow victory when there isn't even a fight. Long and the short of it, you are watching your scene die and now you're trying to divert attention by threatening Mike. Unless you want another embarrassing incident where you have to juggle damage control, sympathy-garnering and masking total defeat all at the same time (again), you'd best walk away.

    Your paper tiger is getting rained on, pal. I see it, you see it. You've got "replica" stamped down the upper of your pistol, if you catch my drift.

    And to the kids at home, I don't call myself scoring any tuff-guy points whatsoever by mouthing off at DLJ and co. Him and his couple hundred pounds of weak-chinned white kids are nothing, especially racialist, to take seriously. If they were real hardasses instead of just hateful little anti-Aryan fucks, I'd choose my words more carefully. See, watch: they are cowards who threaten nice guys like Mike because they think between going after him and his family, they are assured some sort of sadistic victory. Then they bitch about racism while all the while behaving like negros. Its about as bad as when the jews blow up a refugee camp then complain that they aren't liked by the refugees. GO FIGURE, HUH?

  38. Oh and Mike, I have to scold you a little too, especially while we're roasting DLJ. Put yourself in his shoes. If you were an overweight black guy with no job, would you contemplate being a part of something where you had an ample supply of gullible white girls, kiss ass white males and all the sympathy they can bestow up you for feeling sorry for you for being black? All you had to do in return is ironically profess your undying hatred of white people as well as swear loyalty to your racial betters, the jews. You'd do the same thing, so would I, if either of us was in his shoes.

    You see, in each race-traitor, there is a sense of futility that comes out in their hatred of their own race as well as the other. In fact they blame the natural facts of race for everything. You see, in the case of a negro who lusts for a true white woman--its an exercise in futility. She has to give up any true white mentality to give up herself to the negro. So he can only have race-traitors. He can't have the white woman he really wants because if she was his, she wouldn't be just a race traiting slag. Get it? Its like the homosexual who wishes for a straight male. If he got him, he wouldn't be straight anymore. So there's the negro, he still a negro and now he's bedded down with what he himself knows deap down is just trash anyway. Ouch--reality!! So this makes people angry and do lots of anti-social things. Its the same with the white slag in the same analogy. She hates herself and her own race (probably her dad for example or lack thereof). She hates herself and she cuts off her nose to spite her face. They're a sad people with an extremely high percentage of domestic violence. I'd leave it all at that.

  39. Oh yeah, and Merry Christmas. Maybe a bus load of uppity white kids will explode and make you people happy this holiday season.

  40. Chris Drake: If the USSR was Jewish why did............

    a) they shut down all the synagogues?

    b) supply weapons to the Arabs to destroy Israel with?

    c) work to destroy America which you also claim is run by the Jews?

    d) Why do you really hate Jews and blacks????

  41. Drake- I'm going to beat your butt with a wooden paddle!!

    Unit9- The USSR was a horrible place.

    America is the best country to live free, let's keep it that way.

  42. Nazi Germany and the USSR were the same form of government. Both were horrible governments that killed countless millions of civilians. Both governments suppressed freedom of speech and religion. Both governments sought world conquest. Both governments claimed to be democracies but yet only allowed approved candidates to run for political office.

    The only reason the USSR and Nazi Germany turned on each other is their egos.

    Chris Drake and Vonbluvensshow would be in for a big surprise if they think their lives would improve under a national socialist/communist form of government.

  43. I could go into long detail of the whole jew versus jew story. Instead I'll refer you here:

    Its part of Anyhow, jews have always fallen neatly into two seperate camps: zionist and communist. The zionist are naturally pro-israel and most always capitalist and they make up the backbone of the neo-cons. The communist jews are just as well known through history and both are bloodthirty as hell. Look no further than the zionist war in Iraq if you have any doubts about the communist forever outpacing the zoinist jews in terms of body counts.

    I don't doubt they did ban or close some synagogs in the USSR. At the same time, the jews were given the reigns of the country and the first law the communist ever put into place was one outlawing anti-semitism (typical...).

    2. Kuruchef supplied weapons at cost any third world country who wanted them. The jews running israel wanted to court the west more anyway and remember the communist jews are huge on zionists. However, don't think for a minute that any of that stopped them from working together. Israel, just like today, handed over lots of secrets to the Soviets. In turn the USSR did a lot for israel from time to time. A good example of that was "telling them" that the Egyptions were about to attack them, hence giving them the excuse to grab a lot of territory in a "pre-emtive" strike. Israel owes the West Bank to the communist block.

    3. A lot of this goes back to the whole zionist/commie thing. Jews here in the USA work to destroy America and really effectively already have. The America you live in now is not the same America it was before the jews started gaining power. The civil rights movement is a perfect example. It was communist backed (jewish) and it was meant to weaken America and put them on the top of the heap, once and for all. It worked on all accounts. I was in a country one time and watching their version of the History Channel, in fact. They stated plainly that the civil rights movement in America happened because the USSR forced America into that position. I guess there is nothing more patriotic than complete surrender, huh?

    In the end you have to realize that wheather its jew against jew or jew against whites or jew against non-whites--the jews are out for jews--not me, not you. I must say I do admire them for that fact. If we behaved like they did, as a group, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

    and your last question, why do I hate jews and blacks so much? Let me guess, I want to kill them all and bury them in a mass grave, right? Does that fit? Do I get the part of the hollywood Nazi? Let's get into jews and why they say people hate them. First, if I bash you in the face, why should I be upset if you don't like me? Why would I insult your intelligence by pretending you don't have the right to dislike me bashing you in the face? Ok, thats the jewish attitude---if you tell your side of the story, much less retaliate, you are a hater and should be in prison next to David Irving (well, he's out now).

    I can't say I hate anyone. You are the ones who talk about hate all the time. I want whats best for the largest portion of my people possible. I might not always know whats good for them but I certainly know whats bad for them. Are all whites OK in my book? Not by a sight. Are all jews bad? Who cares either way? Long and the short of it, its the duty of all mankind to keep himself and his fellow man away from jewish oppression. Part of that is seperate nations, racial seperatism and stopping the dilution of culture. Culture, not just white culture, makes the world go around. Heck, sharks are neat animals but I wouldn't want to go swimming with one! Did that clear anything up for you?

  44. I don't have time for all of this but Do you HONESTLY think that National Socialism and Communism are the same thing? I've got news for you, pal, people were happy in Germany. There was no bloody, jewish-led revolution. We had an election and the people chose not to have their country overrun with communist or bleed dry by jewish capitalist. National Social worked fine in Germany both socially and economically. If you think it was "the whole country was held hostage" then you are have listen to one too many German apologists. More churches were built under Hitler than during any other time. Everyone was happy unlike the jewish slave-state of the Soviet Union. Communism wrecked Russia economically and lets not go over the human rights abuses again.

    Due to the whole fence-walking approach of "commies and nazis are alllll bad", I am forced at risk of insult to ask how old you are. I'm taking it you are still in or just out of high school. No offence.

  45. Just for another note, my personal life is just fine under this fucked up capitalist system. I'm what you'd call someone who has done well for himself. I'm not a National Socialist because I think my sorry state of existence will improve if we win. I just know right from wrong should win out in a man's heart over popular and unpopular.

  46. You can't ignore Mama Isis, Chris.

    Pull those trousers down and take the paddle, you've been a bad boy.

  47. Geez, I'm trying to have a serious conversation here and I've got some pretty girl trying to pull my pants down! Whats a guy supposed to do?

  48. Chris Drake calls Blevins religion "talmudic"

    Chris Drake hasn't done any activism in Aiken or Augusta in many years. He goes out of town to do his activism. He feels safe going to Laurens for a private meeting. His currently activism consist of posting in here and appearing on the Blevins podcast.

    Chris Drake is 100% freightened of Bill White. Ever since his master White dropped out of the NSM, Chris Drake has become an inactive member of the NSM.

    Chris Drake is so afraid of Bill White that he refuses to back his beloved NSM against a lawsuit brought against them by Bill White.

    Chris Drake has a history of prostituting himself in WN circles. He's been a Creator, National Allliance member, National Vanguard Member, White Revolution member, NSM member and countless skinhead groups. Drake has dropped out of all them or been expelled. He claims to be a member of the NSM but has been declared inactive becasue of the lack of activity.

    Chris Drake is well known within the Aiken Sheriff Department, not for his beliefs, but become of his criminal record. Since there are two Chris Drake's in the area with an extensive criminal history, I don't want to publish the wrong "Chris Drake".

  49. Unit9

    NS and Communism have nothing in common ideologically.

    When the Soviet Union was established the first law passed was to make Anti-Semitism punishable by death? Do you think rabbid anti-semites passed this? I was amazed when Jew broadcaster, Dennis Praeger, mentioned this fact yesterday. The initial establishment of the U.S.S.R. was definately Jewish, it just didn't stay that way...I suppose the Jewish commisars went a little too far killing starving millions of white Christians in the Ukrain...

  50. Harry, why are you trying to destroy one of the few threads where discussion is actually taking place?

  51. Chris Drake: that's a 3rd party site.

    In just 14 short years, National Socialism lead to the complete destruction of Germany. You count that as being a success?

    Hitler never had more then 37 percent of the vote for Chancellor prior to him becoming dictator. He got into power because of a back room deal with the very weakened Weimar Republic government. Hindenburg swore in Hitler to help save the country.

    Once he got into power, Hitler immediately declared a national emergency under the Weimar constitution under Article 48 n, which granted dictatorial powers to the president in times of national emergency. Hitler never called off the national emergency.

    Nazism only thrived in Germany for a very short time because of the economic mess that Germany was in. The treaty Germany agreed to that ended World War I lead to the economic chaos.

    And for German elections, once the nazis got into power, they suspended the rights for anyone to run opposed to them & eliminated all opposition from their parliament. Then the nazis imprisoned or killed any opposition of them.

    The parallels to the governments of the USSR and Germany are totally similar in structure and nature. Hitler and Stalin were like two bulls in a herd of cows. That's why they clashed.

  52. Chris- I can give you a few suggestions *grin*

    Schwartz- You're wasting your time with these guys.

    All they are doing is voicing their opinions, and as Americans, they have the right to do so.

    You live just a hop skip and a jump from the most powerful city on the planet, full of policy wonks who are destroying the fabric of this nation and the free world with the current administration.

    They should be your real targets.

    You know how to find me if you ever want to get serious and drop the petty goose chase.

    You are a talented investigator, Schwartz, and if you really want to save the world, then start dealing with the "real" world.

    Let Von and Chris be, they are not harming anyone.

  53. Vonbluvens: Why did the USSR shut down all the synagogues during their reign there?

    Stalin wasn't Jewish and Lenin was an Orthodox Christian. Trotsky was jewish but got killed by Stalin thugs in Mexico.

    There was no law making antisemitism a death penalty offense in the USSR, don't believe everything you are told. Use the same standard that you ask of DLJ.

    What the USSR ran wasn't communist at all but socialist. Once Hitler got into power, he modeled his government after the Stalinist government of the USSR.

    Millions of Jews and Orthodox Christians did die under the USSR run government. Millions of jews and Christians died under the Hitler government. Both were horrible evil governments.

    The best form of government is the United States constitution. But that applies to everyone Vonbluvens, including Jews.

  54. Well Isis,

    I guess I did waste a whole whopping 5 minutes of my time dealing with cowards like Chris Drake today. Drake hasn't done a thing in the CSRA in years and he shitted his pants when his master Bill White got thrown out of the NSM.

    If Drake was such a big time activist in Aiken and Augusta, you figure he would be able to prove his activism by showing us some newspaper articles or other proof. I bet he is just like Vonbluvens, only an activist on the web but can't even be one around their own family. He feels safe going to private meetings in Laurens, about 60 miles from Bath, SC.

    Private investigations is about what I do for a living, finding addresses and information of people who owe medical bills & court judgements.

    I got a tip from a "friend in Roanoke" who told me where Blevins was living in Florida and who he got married to. My "friend in roanoke" loves to play both sides. I fully support what this "friend in Roanoke" has done.

    I've been spending a lot more time working on a database of holocaust deniers and more classier racist like Jared Taylor. I'm working with THHP and Nizkor on this database.

    Well, this makes 10 minutes I have spent on unimportant idiots.

  55. Well, Schwartz, I could really use your help on stuff happening here in DC. It's a bit different than what you are working on now, but it will help the public to know the truth about some things that are going on right now.

  56. Call it being bored or just too lazy to find anything else to do last night (wednesday Dec 20 ), I decided to tune in Hal Turner - I listened for awhile , Hal as always spent the better part of an hour ranting about something,this week it's the collaspe of the "dollar" - it wasnt till the call-in part did the show get interesting - One of two things took place last night, either we arnt the only ones who dislike Hal Turner or Hal is playing one of his "fundraising" games. Let me explain -

    Hal at the beginning of the program alluded that some people in a irc chat room where going to disrupt Hal show and sure enough when the call-in segiment started the first few callers where "people" who ask questions,made comments or just hung up when Hal answered the phone -

    Hal true to form threatened to send racist skinheads to the callers home - today on Hal's site he has spent the better half of the day writing about the people who called his show and that he is going to post thier phone numbers on his website - what makes me think this is one of Turner's outrageous fundraising tactics is he hasnt posted anyones phone number or address , claimed the irc room is closed and has spent a large amount of time and effort talking about something as petty as prank callers.

    So, if it truely happened that some IRC people called in, keep it up and dont worry about Hal sending racist boneheads (skinheads) to your home, Hal is a blow hard who likes hearing the sound of his own voice and the ruffles of dollars bills as he looks for way to scam his listeners for cash.

    Hal is a prime example of the no-where man, he is no-where in life so he has to blame others for his failures - if Hal didnt have an internet connection, a microphone and suckers to send him money he would be picking up cans long side the highway and living life in a padded room.

  57. Harry, SPLC has us on the map. On top of that, our NA unit got the cover of the old NA bulletin. We also made the news for protesting the NAACP and SPLC reported on us being hold-outs who stuck around after Chester Doles was captured. You're supposed to be a private investigator, right? Googling people isn't private investigating. We've made the news about 5 or 6 times in the past couple of years but keep in mind, this isn't a big town anyway.

    And for the record to those who aren't in the know, I don't have a boss.

    And FLoyd, Hal would claim credit for sinking the titanic if he could. I seriously doubt he had anything to do with this. According to reports, that area's businesses get shot up all the time. DLJ probably used it as an excuse to take his hard-core team of white-hating warriors of equality and back out of doing what would've been a flop of a show.

  58. And another thing Harry, we're talking just local stuff, right? If not, you do realize that I am the same Chris Drake that went all over the country marching with the NSM, right?

    Aside from that, knife scars and broken bones (mostly noticable on the nose) tell the story of how afraid to go into dangerous situations. How about you, tuff guy? No one even knows who you are on your side of the fence. Hows that for being cowardly. Typical fucking jewish male. Why not go find a big negro to hide behind? Oh right, you've got the internet!

  59. And to the bambi kid, no millions of jews died under Stalin. He killed of some of his high ranking jewish rivals but thats where it stopped except for some Russian converts. Lenin had a jewish background and Stalin was part jew and married to a jew. Sorry but the jews were not the enternal victims in the USSR. They ran the camps, did the killed and ran the NKVD. You are going to have to wrap your head around the fact that there are and still are evil jews. Its really proof to my point about a lot of whites in America in the way you are acting. Its almost like you are brain washed to the point that you are refusing to see jews as anything but helpless victims and you refuse to see them any other way than the way you are told to see them: innocent. Look at the rest of the crowd around here. Blacks can only do wrong when they are wronging jews and jews can do no wrong. Ever. Who's brainwashed? Who...?

  60. Vonnie, if that's all you wanted, then the news story will have to suffice for now.

    Chris, spare me the shit-talking. I heard it before. Unlike you however, I will put my money where my mouth is. You know that. But I won't argue the point any further. Go ahead and respond. You can have the last word. I will have the last action.

  61. Oh, and Vonnie? Part of what I can use against you is the fact that you did not respond (again) to the posts regarding how you lied about me.

  62. one parting shot.

    The severely mentally ill Vonbluvens considers it to be "intelligent conversation" after Chris Drake spent paragraphs attacking Mr. Jenkins. But if you dare go after Mr. Drake, it's a different story and "ruining" the thread.

    And Chris, show us the evidence YOU are passing out fliers or doing anything in the Augusta/Aiken area. Again, you point out examples many miles from where you live. Like in North Georgia. Show us the articles from the newspapers with your name in it.

    If you have knife scars, probably done by your own kind since you have quite a history of assault. You've been in quite a few fights with your own beloved skinheads.

    I don't know for sure but I bet Chris Drake is another one of these mentally ill nazis drawing social security checks for their paranoia. Just like Hal Turner, Michael Blevins, Frank Weltner, August Kreis,Steve Holsten, and countless others nazis. All unemployed. Maybe if the Government would make these nazis work for a living instead of sitting at home, they wouldn't have the energy to promote hate.

  63. DLJ, now thats some tuff-man internet talk if I've ever heard it. Fact is, you feel safe going after Mike or at least threatening him. He's not worried about it and neither am I. Fact is though, you aren't in the position to drop threats like you are the secret political police who might just pay someone a visit. Give me a break. I say you go back to bopping around to ska music or whatever and get off the little anti-white hate kick.

    And for the record, you talked shit first. I'm super curious as what you think you'll pass off as an "action." Going to crank call Mike's house or write up something on your webpage? Scary. I'd better hide what I believe in the face of such divine terror.

    And Harry, you seem to love the SPLC so much, go look up augusta on their website. Yep. Some PI you're supposed to be.

  64. And DLJ, when have I ever not done what I said I was going to do?? You on the other hand, you get beat up and lie about it. And you putting your money where your mouth is? You and money. Thats a laugh. Lay off Mike and this is the last time I'm telling you.

  65. One thing that ticks me off too is that Harry keeps saying that I'm violent. Yeah Harry, I obviously fucking am when its called for but there's no criminal record of it. Like I said, post it or shut up about it. And of coarse I've been in fights with other skinheads before, big deal. We are a fighting subculture. More often than not though, if it was with other skins, it was mostly for fun or just people testing one another. Its part of being Aryan and just as important, its part of being a man and growing up. Geez, what a panty-waiste! Besides, aren't you the kiko that said he was going down to Florida to beat Vonbluvens with a baseball bat? How about come to SC. Its a shorter drive and you save money that way. What kind of jew are you anyway? :)

  66. Ummmm, or else what, Chris? You'll write another paragraph?

  67. And that's a good question: When have you not done what you said you was going to do? Here's a better question: What have you done?

  68. I was in the writing mood today. Obviously, you want another paragraph if you want to know what else I've done too. To tell the truth, its nothing much compared to some and lot more compared to others. Just in the NSM alone I have/had a good radio show, turned a hip-hop radio station in the middle of the getto into a recording studio, defended it which was often a task, marched in several cities, did about 30 or so press interviews, served on the NSM's security squad, ran the state of Georgia for the NSM, did lots of light work for the party like making graphics for stickers and things like that, I donate plenty of money to different groups and people, donated what was probably my favorite computer, gave a lot of speechs to the folk (not that that really counts), helped out comrades when I could, kept busy by being the area's engineer for the movement, in fact, I can't list everything I've done or put together in the past two years not counting when I was in the NA. You asked me that on purpose just to see me write a bunch of stuff. Tricky negro, tricky. Anyhow, its a lot to some but not much by others. In any case, everyone in the movement says I do a lot so I feel pretty good about that. Obviously I haven't done enough though since I'm not in the Rogue's Gallery!

  69. That last sentence sums it all up, m' boy...

  70. Yeah, but these days I'm drinkin' milk! I think probably you'll never put me in there just because I want to be. Still, I think it helps both sides of the fence having that little sight of yours up. Its a great place to show people how low the anti-white left can go. On top of that, its fun to see something you're into, bitched about. It makes it more fun. All that and you can play like you are some sort of judge over white people. Its win-win.

  71. Floyd Cock Hound, you better ask that Shit skin Mongrel who went to Hal's home if Hal is so harmless or not. The Bastard was hauled off in an ambulance...

  72. Okay, time for everyone to break it up and go to bed.


  73. Isis, you know this good stuff by internet entertainment standards. Its so easy to pick these guys to pieces and in certain moods, its irresistable! Besides all of that, my buddies enjoy reading all this for a laugh. I don't know why more people don't post here. Its fun and you get to hear Floyds take on things, DLJ's empty threats (oh right, he only threatened Mike and his family, not me) and to tell the truth Nikki is more tame on this blog than she is when writing a "goddamned white people article," so thats entertaining.

  74. Chris Drake said:
    And of coarse I've been in fights with other skinheads before, big deal. We are a fighting subculture. More often than not though, if it was with other skins, it was mostly for fun or just people testing one another. Its part of being Aryan and just as important, its part of being a man and growing up.

    So violence and fighting each other is part of being Aryan? That's a new one. I'm white and didn't have to fight other Aryans to test myself or others.

    It's not the sign of a subculture, that's a sign of having no culture. That's the way animals act in the wild.

  75. Chris, it is definately entertaining to be sure. That news article DLJ posted speculates about who could have done the deed but it is just that:speculation.

    I also think it is interesting how he makes veiled threats out of the blue as well.

    I do like the NS vs. Soviet Union debate.

    Unit9: A lot of your questions could be answered by going to jewwatch. I don't think it is a biased source since most of the source material came from Jews.

    It is a good place to start anyway.

  76. If you all don't behave, I am going to cast a Peace Spell on all of you.

    And you're not going to like it!

  77. Unit 9 or shall I say, Mr. John Q. Hippie: So the Roman empire was made up of animals? How about the Norse people? How about all the Northern Europeans in general? Geez, kid! What planet are you from? Nobody said you had to be a tuff guy to be Aryan but its an Aryan trait. Take DLJ here for example, he and his kind only fight in fights they are 100% sure they can win. He sees nothing abnormal let alone dishonorable about it. Aryan man historically is different. Testing one's self in all ways, both physical and mental are part of what put us at the top the heap. So sure, I test myself constantly and have my entire life. To me someone isn't much of a person if they have no desire to do so. For instance, one of my favorite activities is kayaking UP the rather switch Augusta cannal. The boat captains there all say I'm the only one who goes upstream. During the summer months, the heavily tattoed guy in the large kayak is part of the tour. Then often at the end of my run I carry and drag my boat up and down into the Savannah river where I take the rapids and fight the rocks. Why? Why not? Its the same spirit that makes me like to fight. If you can't understand all of that, I have no doubts that you even more obviously now don't understand racialism. In short, I could fuck your girlfriend if you had one.

  78. The Peace Spell!!

    Okay, you asked for it....(this spell is evil, this nasty little tune will be stuck in your head for days)
    Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
    Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
    Brown paper packages tied up with strings
    These are a few of my favorite things

    Cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudels
    Door bells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles
    Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
    These are a few of my favorite things

    Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
    Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
    Silver white winters that melt into Springs
    These are a few of my favorite things

  79. I am all for peace.

    Merry Christmas!

  80. I'll call a truce for a moment since you brought up the outdoors.

    I'm surprised we've never met Chris Drake. I've kayaked but usually along the Broad River near Columbia. It's not real technical but still has plenty of rocks from the dam til the Gervais Street bridge. The Saluda River from Lake Murray is also another place we have tried. Never got around to going on the Savannah River north of Augusta where the fault line starts.

    I'm no expert at kayaking though and have never done really tough courses, my wife simply doesn't like them.

    We have been kayaking and canoeing down at swamps at Aiken State Park. Even saw an alligator in the water there. It's peaceful down there.

    There's great kayaking in Pickens and Greenville county. Don't know if you have been there or not but if you haven't, you're missing something.

    Haven't been kayaking or canoeing since coming to Maryland. Hopefully that will change next year.

    I guess my biggest claim to fame is having done 1,600 miles of the Appalachian trail. If I didn't have this mortgage now, I would have finished it this year.

    Shame your such a bigot, if it weren't for that, we might have something in common for the love of the outdoors. Just look at how peaceful the outdoors is and ask yourself why you have to hate with such rage?

  81. I was right Chris. All you will do is write more if I keep going after Vonnie. And you must know exactly what I am talking about if you are so defensive about me going after him. And it should be noted that if you WANT to be on the Rogue's Gallery, you WILL be! That has been a standing rule for a long time. That's how you got to know Vonnie! The thing about you is there's nothing about you that warrants it. Your pic's on the site from Kingston, and that's all we need to put up.

    And let's be real: Who takes the bitching of Nazis seriously? The only way they do is by making that which they bitch about more popular.

  82. Chris Drake wrote: "white-hating warriors" - Chris, my question to you is:where you do you get the idea that we (anti racists) hate whites ? - being anti racist doesnt equal hating whites - one can be proud of thier heritage with out endorsing groups such as the KKK or professing love for men in brownshirts and funny mustashes - there is a big difference between being proud of who are and hating other people.

    Chris while you and Von Bluvie brag about your exploits ( scars and kayaking ect ), lets be serious here for a minute or two - what have the either of you done that has made a true contribution to the world and to America ?

    Yeah know Chris , in many ways you almost seem normal, like someone who might be fun to hang out with - if you would put aside you ill founded ideas of race and Hitler, who knows where you could go in life -


  83. Floyd, first off if going far in life means making a lot of money, then no thanks, my honor isn't for sale and thats just how that is. As far as what I've done to contribute to America, I've done very little. As far as my contributions go to the white race, I've done what I could or was capable of. I'm no leader and I'm no one who will lead his people to a spiritual and racial re-awakening. If I thought I was going to be the next big NS leader of some sort, then I obviously wouldn't be a fairly normal person.

    Anti-racism=being anti-white. Its as simple as that. You can't give anything without taking it away from someone or something else. Thats life. Anyone, non-white or otherwise, who is against white racialism is against the white race in the clearest terms. And being proud of your heritage doesn't mean shit if you won't defend the here and now.

    So as far as life goes, yeah I've done tons of work for the DOE. I've helped engineer some rather large projects for some famous people (famous in their own fields at least). I'm a racialist because I'm mad at the world or I'm looking for friends. Life has been very good to me and part of being in the movement is stretching it to the limit. Naturally, its a catch 22 when you are talking about your movement resume versus your real world resume. If you say too much movement-wise, you give away too much and its the same with the real world part.

    And lets talk about you all for a moment. What have ANY of you done to stop racism? How have you gone above nature and stopped this natural process that has been around as long as man? What have you done other than CREATE more racist? I'm talking to the ones who really think they are working against racism and not just using it to make a living. What has any of you done that has ever so much as slightly slowed down the movement's growth? The movement would continue to grow if every group out there shut down tommorow. What does that say for any of you? White racialism in fact has grown more mainstream and more common place than ever. People are fed up and your trying to stop a rain storm with a few coffee cups.

  84. DLJ, shoot me your number or email. I've got a lot more recent pictures than Kingston. Besides that, you've got my pic from Yorktown and probably Orlando too. Anyhow I've got some good ones nobody has seen yet. I figure I can get you to host them for me and I can link to them for different stuff.

    Also, what the NS bitch about is the regular man's problem of tommorow. What we fly the flag against today will be the conservative (read: social coward) position of tommorow, except of coarse the jewish question.

    And lastly to everyone, how is me knowing the truth about things and speaking out about it hating anyone? There's a huge difference between voicing your opinion of injustices against you and your people and just blindly hating someone or something. What kind of insane person just hates something for the sake of hating it? Really. The whole "they hate, they hate" whine doesn't work on people like it once did.

  85. Harry, in the spirit of your truce, you have missed a lot if you haven't tried the Savannah River right up where the canal links to it. The first time I hit it was late in the day and I was about an hour away from it being totally dark. I put in and almost immediatly started slamming against huge rocks (some only an inch or two below the surface). The current was strong and the water was freezing so things would have went badly had I spilled. I got a sick feeling in my stomach when I discovered the fact that, yes, small waterfalls do exit in the Savannah River, along the rapids. I was really in the wrong boat for that sort of thing too. I was in a 15 foot boat with about 70 pounds of gear. I somehow made it out but then discovered another kilometer or so of more rocks and rapids, this time with no light. I then started the laborous task of dragging my kayak gear up the dam of the river and then sliding it back into the canal. All that and I narrowly miss getting hit by a tour boat that was mysteriously operating with no lights in the dead of night.

    Most of my kayaking is done in the ocean or in salt water waterways. You haven't seen a good time until you go to Beauford, SC and try the largely unspoiled marsh lands there. For some reason the crabs climb up on the reeds and just hang there. They don't do that in Savannah or Hilton Head. I can't even tell you how many miles I've been in the ocean or nearby using either my Pelican Alpha (more for launching in waves) or Perception Swifty (definately not for waves). Now I'm using a Pelican Castaway because I need all the storage space for extra gear. Hell, not long ago myself and 3 relatives go stuck at night in the Ogeechee Swamp/River. Now that was a hoot! We had a broken crank-light and a wet lighter to get us through the night. Gators were everywhere and the snakes aparently eat something healthier than they do anywhere else in Georgia. The next day, I almost physically ran into an alligator in a tight bend in the river. I always go into the bush with two things though: a pistol (sometimes two) and a hand ax. I pulled out my Walther as I saw the damn thing in my path and opened up. The sidearm had been underwater several times and was covered in grit but worked like a charm. I didn't hit the beast due to the angle but it did scare it away. Normally it would have been no big deal--I'd go my way and he'd go his--but in the tight area we were both in, I was sure I'd see a fight with this large swimming lizard. I pulled out my hand ax and got ready for any others I might see close by. Its illegal to kill them but who cares when its you or them, huh?

    Another time I got caught in a tornado with a friend while kayaking between the canal and Lake Olmstead. I nearly died, no lie. I've been in only a few tornados (we're more of a hurricane folk around here) and I was sorry to see this one as close as I did. Some of my photo graphs made the paper for that one. I snapped plenty of shots since I figured they'd find me torn to bits and my dry-bag somewhere nearby. Somehow I lived through that. I also had a 5ft tall girl with very little experience that needed saving more than I did. I got me and the crying female to a small bridge where we waited out the tornado that blasted rain and bits of debre at us for about 30 minutes more. There's a lot more to that story but honestly, it sounds like complete bullshit so I won't post it here. I nearly drowned twice and one of our animal friends paid a suprise visit.

    Anyhow, in case anyone is wondering, I've got some spare time on my hands and its messy outside, so I've been typing a lot lately. If I posted all of this on my own blog, no one would argue with me and that wouldn't be much fun.

  86. I have a shot of Chris with his shirt off!!


  87. When was I wearing no shirt? Its probably some other muscled up guy with bad ink and a face that women can't take thier eyes off of. Anyhow, I'm hoping Isis has a very Mer Yul. Methinks I need to go to some more protests up north so I can see you again!

    Remember when we were in Orlando and we freaked out my bros who were bitching about the press? That was priceless. Can I repeat that story? Honestly, you made me look smooth as pollished glass that day. And besides all of that, your camera LOVES me.

    And folks though Isis isn't racist even in her toe-nails, I am happy to say this attractive and witty gal is my friend and fellow Pagan. I do get a little sick of hearing how I need to drop the movement but hey, thats her being a nagger! I said "nagger", DLJ, or to be more PC, "nagro" or "Scolder-American."

  88. Chris- The PC term is "Bitch American"

    And BITCH means:

    Control of

    And yes, both me and my camera love you!

  89. Chris is one hell of a fighter for the movement. I predict one day he is going to be known for future exploits.

    If Daryl thinks he is just a net warrior then he has another thing coming.

    I honestly don't know what Daryl keeps harping about me for. He says he is going to go after me...for what I honestly don't know.

    Chris may be right...Daryl must percieve me as weak and figures I would be an easy target. Perhaps Christmas will come early and DLJ will show up at my door.

    It is all so damn stupid.

  90. Chris,

    Been in Beaufort a few times but never for recreation but business. Visited nearby Parris Island. It seems to be a good area, but it is growing really fast. I hope it doesn't ruin the eco-system. My family owns a house in Hilton Head but I find HH to be full of snobs and overly protected rich property owners.

    Don't know if I'll ever get a chance to do the Savannah River but if me and the mrs ever do trips again in SC, we'll keep it in mind.

    SE Georgia swamps - it's not the alligators and snakes but the mosquitoes and no-see ums. Wouldn't mind doing it winter but no way I'm going in there in the summer. Never had kayaked in the ocean.

    I'm hoping to get a Garmin 76csx GPS unit for Christmas (yes, we celebrate Christmas, not Hanukkah), in part to explore the Potomac River here in Maryland and it's tributaries this spring. I use a Geko GPS now, it's small and light which makes it perfect for hiking but I want one that does all the bells and whistles.

  91. Nikki- Maybe you should post up a Happy Holdiday post where we can all post our holiday wishes in the comment section?

  92. Chris, hit me up at, and I will give you the number. This conversation needs to leave this thread. We need to talk a bit.

  93. Found this at OPP:

    “We are inviting like-minded people to organize actions against local neo-Nazis in their area. We are specifically asking people to organize outings and home demonstrations against any local fascists they know about. We are calling this day of action so we can send a unified message to these fascists; organizing our actions on the same day - outside of their homes and jobs and right before Christmas - will send the strongest message, and will prove that anti-racists will do whatever it takes to bring this fascist organizing to a grinding halt.

    As of today, actions are being planned in Philadelphia, Baltimore and
    Northern New Jersey, with plans in the works for other parts of
    Pennsylvania and New Jersey.”

    One question: Does this call to "action" include OPP (since the announcement was on the OPP site) or is it just a blanket call for others to do this?

  94. Von, check out what KIKE Schwartzo is saying about you on his Shit Blog

  95. Harry, I know you've seen Forrest Gump, right? Well, the whole Vietnam thing was shot in Beufort. Lots of movies have been shot their apparently. I'm big on that town. I show up with a guitar at Plums every now and again and play songs for the USC chicks to sing along to (that is after I finally get out of the water).

  96. Elmer, my favorite is this gem:
    "His threats for people to come visit him have put the lives of children at his wife's daycare at risk and he is currently being investigated by Sarasota County officials."

    How is it "I" am making a threat when it is him and others that have stated they would like to come down here and do this and that? Amazing.

    If this joker actually thought I was as crazy as he says I doubt very seriously he would screw with me as much as he has.


  97. I have to comment further because this is about the most convoluted thought process I have ever seen in print.

    How am I doing anything when OTHERS say they are going to come here to attack me and my family?

    I remember when Schwartz made his threats...I remember some of the other veiled threats over the years as well.

    So, "I" am going to be investigated and held responsible for threats "others" make against me?

  98. Von, we found out years ago that Schwartzo's threats are as empty as his Jewboy KIKE big head.

    The Pussy now says that he's not going to do anything to me; that nature will take it's course on me.

    He's just a Keyboard Rambo who likes to run his hole about others, but he can't back up a thing he says.

  99. Chris,

    Believe it or not, I have never seen Forrest Gump. I'll get the Mrs to add it to her Netflix account.

    You should be out kayaking this weekend, I understand you got a ton of rain, would make it more of a challenge. I'm a novice and I'll credit that you are much more an expert on them than I am.


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