Thursday, December 07, 2006


ANNOUNCING - Citizens Against Hate has merged it's Eye On Hate Section with One People's Radio's Floyd Cochran. As our new Public Relations Director and Director of Eye On Hate, Mr. Cochran will be bringing us audio and video in the form of "Eye On Hate Magazine" on a regular basis.

To start us off, the first audio issue deals with none other than our original "Little Man" Hal Turner. You will really want to hear this - and you will want to see the poster we have in store for Mr. Turner.





  1. Hal Turner is the best thing that ever happened to the Great White race.

  2. Why waste your time and limited resources on Hal? He is waaaay to smart for the combined forces of OPP, Floyd Cochran, and the rest of the calvacade of ARA/Anti-racist misfits.

    I am watching this with the same amount of interest Iran is watching the USA dealing with Korea. :)

  3. Actually, Blevins - this is a merger between OPR - not OPP - and Hal is one of many who will be receiving our full attention.

  4. Well Mike -as Nikki pointed out "Hal is one of many we will be paying attention too."

    Eye On Hate will be focusing on the movers and shakers in the organizied racist right, thier crimes and activities,
    people who represent a danger.

    In all honesty Mike, I doubt we will be focusing on you.

  5. Hal will laugh in your faces, and chew you up and spit you out. You are all taking on more than you can handle.

  6. When you thought you've seen it all than up pops Hal worshipers.

    Want be long before they start comparing the taste of his ass with the taste his boots.

  7. Good, I am glad you are not focusing on me. I can rest easy now.

    I just stay up nights worried about what you guys are going to try to do to me next. lol

    Actually, you folks shot your wad in trying to destroy me.

  8. Hal Turner is so much in love with himself, if he was double jointed, he would be spend all this time making love to himself.

  9. The Anti's already know that have lost. The have resorted to personal attacks & etc.

  10. Mikeaka VonBluvins wrote "Actually, you folks shot your wad in trying to destroy me."

    When did we try to destroy you ?, you are a joke, wouldnt waste our time - you have destroy your self - you dont need any hep from us, no run along a knit some swastika socks or something

  11. Don't be surprised when Von slips up and bites all of you on the Ass.

  12. Agreed, Steve, It's always the ones they dont pay attnetion to that always cause the most problems....

  13. You got to wonder what kind of education Floyd has. His above post looks like a 7 year olds.

  14. OPP - CAH - EOH, they are an emerging Axis of evil !

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  16. And Steve Holsten, who dropped out of high school in the 11th grade & gets a social security for being mentally challengeed, is questioning the education of Floyd Cochran.


  17. With the mentally ill Michael Blevins, sex pervert Steve Holsten and lifetime internet troll and cult follower Lloyd Davies being Hal Turner lovers, we've got nothing to worry about.

    That's the intelligence and mental capacity of your typical Hal Turner lover.


    Wild BillHoff has assumed room temperature.

    If I still lived in SC, I would attend the funeral.

  18. Schwartz, if I am still alive when you leave this planet for the infernal region you can rest assured I will be paying your grave a visit. :)

  19. Schwartzo the Faggot KIKE is doing what he does best; running his Hole about Good Whites. We all know that his major threat to anyone is to himself taking a big shit and falling back in it. He's too big of a Pussy to do anything else.

    And Von, don't just piss on his grave. Shit on it too.

  20. Vonbluvens,
    You mean Jersey Girl will give you the money to visit my grave & let you borrow her car?

    Don't worry, the last time you really pissed me off, you were run off the web for months and Jersey Girl got quite a bit of press down in Sarasota.

    I wonder how much money it cost her because of your actions when those two families left her daycare???

    You do know there is more I can do ... But having someone as mentally ill as you being around only plays to our advantage.

    And do I really need to respond to the mentally challenged Steve Holsten?? Nah, Steve is on his gay porn kick over at NIM Busters as I type.

  21. Yep, KIKE Schwartzo has Sodomite Faggot Cock Sucking on his mind as usual.

  22. Schwartz, yes, I listen to Hal Turner and Brother Stair regularly, but i dont agree with 100 percent of thier views. I just dont enjoy ya'lls bashing of Hal or April Gade...

  23. Just go to NIM Busters, and you'll see the only person posting gay pornography is Steve Holsten himself.

    Science already has proved that those who hate homosexuals the most often are homosexual themselves. Holsten is no exception.

    Study showing that most homophobic men turn out to be homosexual themselves

  24. Sorry KIKE, but I don't have Faggot feelings for you, nor any other man. We know you want me to rape you. It's not in me; so you'll have to continue to suffer without me. You & Floyd could get together again though.

  25. Steve, I am 100% comfortable being a heterosexual. Because of that, gay people don't bother me one bit nor do I seem them as a threat.

    If you were secure, you wouldn't feel threatened or hate gays either. Like I said, science has shown that homophobes like yourself often are gay themselves.

  26. I guess that makes me better than you in another way. Filth doesn't bother you. It makes me Fucking sick. Sodomite Faggotry is Fucking nasty. How can the thought of men messing with each other's nasty Assholes not bother you?

  27. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  28. You know why it doesn't bother me?

    Because I never think about it. I've never one time in my life seen two men having sex. Even at gay pride parades, never have seen it.

    I really care less what two consenting adults do in their own bedrooms.

    But you seem to be more than curious about the details of male on male sex. You really have a graphic imagination on the subject.

  29. Who is Jersey girl?

    You can't hurt me or my family. If there was more you could do you would have done it already.

    All you can do is run your mouth.

    I hope you DO get angry enough to try something stupid with me but the only way you would do that is if you got several people to come down here with you-and I doubt even then you would. When you lived in SC and you threatened me you were too damn cowardly to make good your threats...You have always conducted yourself in a cowardly way...

    Not only are you a liar but a coward with a 7-mile yellow streak up your cowardly hide. Did I mention you were a coward?

    However,I did mean what I said about paying your grave a visit.

  30. Well, this thread has, once again, deteriorated into absolute ridiculousness. Blevins - I cannot believe that you would call another person a coward and a liar. Of course, it is not unusual for you to attribute those qualities that describe you to other people.

    If this radio show that you love to do is still coming from a house that houses a daycare - and if that daycare services children whose parents aren't of the same ideology, expect more of the same. Placing other people's children in such a situation is immoral and unacceptable.

  31. Nikki, I am doing absolutely nothing wrong.

    No laws are being broken. Shows are NOT being done around anyone's children.

    For all you know I am doing these shows on a laptop in my car...again, you are making too many assumptions.

    Of course you can make the same bogus allegations but the end result will be the same as it was the first time.

  32. The result the first time was that you quit the movement for months and Bernie lost two kids in her daycare costing her countless amounts of money. Then when you came back, you were crying like a baby of what happened to you.

    And think of... he's reduced to doing his show inside a car away from his family.

    Another story will cost Bernie probably half her daycare business again.

    But just think Blevins, once they find out about a judge who ruled that you were abusive toward your own biological children & prevented you from ever being around them again, they will shut down the daycare unless you move out.

    And they will find out.... I think because of your previous psychotic history and abuse toward your own family in the past, those kids in that house are in danger as well as the Bernie's underaged step-daughter who attends a military school.

    So yes, you are a threat to those children Bernie is taking care of in my opinion.

  33. Schwartzo, it'd be wonderful if Von really went Psychotic and stomped your lazy KIKE Ass.

    It's wrong for you Coon Lovers to get into people's livelihoods.

  34. Col Hoff's obit.

    ENOREE, SC-- William Herbert Hoff, 71, of 90 Old Depot Road, died on Friday, December 8, 2006 from injuries sustained in an automobile accident.

    A native of Queens, New York, he was a member of the South Carolina Fraternal Order of Police, The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, Independent Order of Odd Fellows of South Carolina and was a Colonel Hoff in the National Socialist Movement. He was also a U.S. Navy Veteran.

    Surviving are two special and close friends, John and Hazel L. Howard of Enoree; and an adopted grandson, Dwayne Howard of Enoree.

    Mr. Hoffs wishes were to be cremated and no service held.

    In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions in memory of Mr. Hoff may be made to the Redneck Shop, 108 West Laurens Street, Laurens, SC 29360.

    Lanford Funeral Home in Woodruff is in charge of arrangements.

    Lanford Funeral Home



    So the owner of the Redneck Shop was Hoff's next door neighbor.

  35. Jersey Girl = Bernadette Heikkila
    Fonzie = Dominick Feragola III (he's an adult)

    And don't lie and say otherwise Vonbluvens. And I've got her voice on the computer in that show where she appeared. Just think of the media gets hold of that one! She won't be able to lie her way out of that one.

  36. Vonbluvens,

    is is true that you faked your own disappearance on your website a few years ago?

    And he has to do his show in his automobile???? That means that he knows his ideology is demented to say the least!!

    I wouldn't be ashamed of my beliefs in front of my family and friends. Vonbluvens is.

  37. Unit 9a, I bet Nikki doesn't have to hide out in her car doing her shows.


    And yes, Blevins did fake his own disappearance right after Hal Turner was faking his own heart attacks.

  38. Yep - he faked his disappearnce and there was a convoluted story about an abduction. Doc held the fort down for weeks - and everybody on VNN thought the worst.

    When we broke the story on the Nazi Day-Care - Blevins pulled everything off the net - and I mean everything! When he came back it was tentative, at best. Then he hooked up with the NSM - probably believing there is safety in numbers.

    Blevins - I said "if" you are doing that show out of your home - not assuming anything - just letting you know. Now...if it ends up that you are, I'd be willing to bet that the results this time would pretty much do you in - at least with Bernadette.

    As for "going after someone's livlihood" that's secondary to what the kids in that day care center are being exposed to. Additionally, I guess it's okay with you that Blevins lives off of Bernadette's earnings. Typical.

  39. I am sure with all the publicity the parents who put their kids in Mike Blevins's wife's dayacre already know what Mike is involved with.

    As you posted earlier, there is probably much bigger fish for you to fry than Mike.

  40. Just what in the Hell do you think the children that she takes care of is exposed to?

    I am not involved with her business at all.

    I guess it all boils down to proof.

    She isn't involved with what I do and I have no part in her business.

    Wether you like it or not this is not the former Soviet Union...this is the United States of America and I have a right to think, feel and speak as I do, regardless if you like it or not.

    All the rest is speculation on your part. Better qualified people than yourself, Nikki, has stipulated that she is in complaince and no rules or laws have been broken in the conduct of her business. Trust me, she is inspected very frequently.

    BTW- I was IN the NSM when you conducted your first salvo against my family.

  41. Funny when the nazis get confronted, they always say their spouses are not involved. Hal Turner even said that in court.

    Blevins of course is lying and was listed on Bernadette's daycare license. Only after the story was broke did she remove his name.

    Think about it. If they can't even win over their own family, but yet want to win over the world.

  42. Thinking about it.

    Blevins, Steve Holsten, and Lloyd Davies are like cockroaches. Once they get exposed for something, they quit posting for a period of time, and once the exposure is gone, they came back... Just like cockroaches do when the light gets turned on them.

    Holsten quit posting for quite a while when a NIMbuster reported him to social services. We all know about Blevins.... Davies has quit posting in NIM Busters about a dozen times when the heat gets turned out, only to keep coming back.

    Like I said, just like cockroaches.

  43. You sure as Hell don't scare me KIKE Schwartzo. And it looks as though Von & Lloyd know that you're no threat to anyone but yourself when you Shit and fall back in it.

    It wouldn't be very smart for another Coon Lover to file another false report on me to Family Services. They were aggravated about having to waste god time on it when they could've been working on real Child Abuse. They talked like if another stupid report was made like that; that it would be investigated to see where it came from.

    Speaking of roaches, if the real truth were known you can bet that schwartzie and his half breed brood all live in a nigger infested low-rent housing project that is also roach infested and not a half million dollar home that only exists in his dreams.

    You really have to feel sorry for Schwartzo. He would give a million dollars if he could've been born a Nasty Smelly Buck Nigger with a Brillo pad for hair.

  44. Hey, Schwartz, I don't know, I just think that with the growing trend of racism that is sweeping the country, being an anti-racist activist, you would find so much bigger and more active people to go after than Mike.

    Neither he or Chris are involved with anything more than an occasional internet radio show here and there.

    I'm not telling you what to do, just suggesting that you might want to think about using all that energy you might be wasting to go after those who are making bigger waves.

  45. Actually Isis,

    I only mentioned Blevins because he decided to post in here and I felt his mental illness deserves a response. Had Blevins not shown up in here, no one would be talking about that freak. Vonbluvens and his master Bill White are totally insignificant these days.

    Hal Turner and the fast growing NSM are of somewhat of a concern. While Hal Turner himself is too afraid to do anything and is generally full of shit, someone who is mentally unstable could actually decide to act on Hal Turner's words. Turner draws about 200x more hits than and his show draws around 700 listeners while White's draws 2 or 3. Turner is a much greater concern.

    The NSM is growing and starting to reunite/merge with other groups which is a bad sign. The NSM is a fringe movement though and 99 percent of all people can see right through him. Although the NSM will never be a real force in America, the time to stamp out cockroaches is now before they get a chance to multiply.

    I hope you are doing well Isis. I'm doing well enjoying the mountain air up here. I'll have to ride my bike down to Washington when the weather warms up.

  46. Ping Vonbluvens:

    Let me ask you two questions and they are not trick questions either.

    (1) Why do you hate and want to eliminate all the Jews?

    (2) Why do you want to overthrow the current US government and replace it with a National Socialist form of government?

  47. Hey Schwartz- If you really want to pay attention to real racism, I would go no further than Capitol Hill and look at those who work in some of those offices who show up at Jared Taylor's American Renn events.

    Mike, Chris and probably even probably Hal are pretty harmless.

    I can see where you might want to keep on the numbers on the fringe grassroots groups like the NSM, but this constant attention on Bill White, Mike Blevins, Chris Drake and some of the others is not worth any energy because there isn't really anything there. Going after their families is even more exhausting and it can really hurt innocent people.

    My roomie has been biking to work which is close by in Rosslyn.

    I need to get my bike tuned, I didn't touch it this past summer and the extra padding on my thighs proves it.

    I am always up for the WO&D

  48. You've got a point Isis. Amren does attempt to pass themselves off as normal Americans. I think the reason is that they aren't over paranoid about the Jews. In fact, there are Jews within Amren. And of course, they don't play dress up and wave non-American flags.

    Over the past 20 years, the neo-nazi, klan movement has been totally defeated. 20 years ago, the klan could get over a 1,000 into the streets. Today, they are lucky to get 5 precent of that number and have to hide themselves inside a cage.

    I guess I've been lazy. It's so easy to tear apart the fringe elements like these nazis on the web. In fact, it's kind of fun to do.

    But taking down Jared Taylor and his ilk would be much more of a challenege and he's a lot closer to where I live at now.

    If the weather holds up, I'll take the afternoon off, bike ride down the mountain to where Camp David is near Thurmont and brainstorm some ideas.

    I think you're on to something Isis.

  49. Response to unit9

    Question one: Hate and eliminate all Jews?

    I honestly don't think I hate Jews I am against Jewish supremacism in all forms. If you mean killing Jews when you say elimination, well of course the answer is NO, I don't want to eliminate Jews or anyone else for that matter. I would prefer to see them go to Israel where their allegence resides.

    Question 2:
    Actually, I would like to see a violent restoration of our Constitution.

  50. OK

    I'll take your statements in the past about killing jews as joking and didn't really mean it.

    But why do you hate jewish supremacism but not Christian supremacism or Islamic supremacism??

    As a Christian myself, I do believe the only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ. But I don't hate followers of other religions either. You are one also from what I have been told. But Jesus didn't command his disciples to go around calling people niggers, kikes, and fags. He taught his disciples to approach those followers in love and peace.

    And the original constitution protected the rights of Jews every bit as much as they protected the rights of Christians, athiest, and others. Freedom of religion was a basic right under the original constitution.

    I hope you would reconsider some of your beliefs.

    The Other Half

  51. "The only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ" is just as equal to any racist group out there. You claim to approach with "love and peace" but you are just coating sugar on rhetoric that they are being more blunt and honest about.

    This is why I gave up religion and practice paganism, we don't care what others believe, all we have to worry about is hope that it doesn't rain on the rituals we have in the woods.

    Schwartz- Careful of the security dogs around there. We usually take the Four Mile Run trail into DC. The problems are the clueless tourists who will not get out of the way. But, it's way cheaper than metro, and way cheaper and easier to park.

    There is an interesting "Critical Mass" group in DC who meets and rides every Friday, who I have been thinking about shooting for a while. I also would like to ride with them. I don't know if shooting and riding will work though.

    If you want more info, let me know, I know at least 3 people who are their most active members.

  52. A smart man who is in command of all his facts blew Wolf Blitzer away and wound up owning Blitzer's CNN program.

    You can watch it at this youtube link and find out the real truth behind David Duke's disgust.

    And guess what? Duke was at a conference sponsored by the real haters of the century - the Islamafacists. They make the local Nazis look like girl scouts.

    If you had any guts, you'd be opposing them instead of the local idiots.


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