Saturday, December 23, 2006


And I guess I'll get at least one of those wishes!

In all seriousness, I would like to take the time to wish each and everyone of you, regardless of what you celebrate, a very happy holday season! May your lives be blessed with peace, laughter, good health, a warm heart, sloppy puppy kisses, and beautiful smiles.


  1. Hi Nikki. The Nimbusters give you a Christmas present. Sorry I didn't wrap it.
    Check out StromFront:

    Hal's home phone #

    (201) 348-8388

    Bill is next. We sent those naked pictures of his wife to her work place. Ho Ho Ho A Nimbusters work is never done. TO ALL A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT!!!!

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  10. I fail to understand why you must bring race into everything, Steve. You must be a sad little man.

    Hal Turner is only getting what he has had coming to him for a long long time. Have you ever heard "You reap what you sow?" Hal is learning a lesson about posting the phone numbers of others and calling for phone harassment. Even StromFront is laughing at his silly ass. Hal deserves what he is getting. It does seem sad though that they are now harassing his parents. But hey they hatched the miscreant.

  11. I thought you was a Todd imposter and I'm right. One look at your profile proves it.

  12. I wish a happy holiday to the people who have exposed Hal Turner this past week (keep up the good work) - even racists are beginning to turn on Turner as this post here from VNNforum shows - Floyd
    In an unprecidented move, Turner Radio Network founder Hal Turner has bowed down to online pranksters who disrupted his online radio show last Wednesday. If you didn't know, Mr. Turner was noticable aggrevated and paranoid of each caller being one of the pranksters. His first caller was Artie Wheeler, a long-time caller and well known person in the White Activist community. However, what Mr. Turner didn't realize was that this "Artie Wheeler" was nothing more than a crudely made soundboard made from Artie Wheeler calls that was played over the phone to embarrass Mr. Turner on his radio show.

    Mr. Wheeler's wife called in (eventually due to the amont of calls the pranksters generated), and corrected Mr. Turner in explaining to him that Artie did not call the show. Hal was embarrassed and applauded the efforts of these pranksters who he accused of being Jews, wiggers, and same race-traitors who bow down to Niggers.

    Thursday, Mr. Turner decided to go through the caller ID list he gets from his phone provider, Vonage, and post the numbers he believed were the pranksters. Out of the 12 numbers posted, 8 were obvious caller ID spoofs, and 4 were actual minors who didn't use online telephones like Skype, or were too dumb to hit *67. So Hal decided to persue this as revenge by posting the numbers on his site and going after the website that coordinated the radio prank by sending off e-mails to have material on that site deleted and the IP addresses of the posters revealed. However, Mr. Turner claimed his lawyers did the emailing, when actually the e-mail was so misdirected, it was obvious that Mr. Turner did it himself.

    Friday night, Mr. Turner got an unwelcome suprise. The online pranksters purchased background information and solicited other online databases to find Mr. Turner's house number. Yes, his actual house number, and decided to call him up for extra laughs. Mrs. Turner answered the phone and she wasn't too excited to hear from these pranksters. She threatened to call the police after the caller failed to identify his name and phone number for Mr. Turner to call back. She started to get angry, threatened to post the caller's phone number on the Internet and claim Mr. Turner was not available to take the call, however Mr. Turner got on the phone after a few minutes. The caller told Mr. Turner to remove all information on his website regarding the pranksters, the caller ID lists, and the comments area or his personal information, including his house number, would be posted online. At first, Mr. Turner acted like he would not submit to their demands, and hung up, however after a flood of random phone calls from people on the Internet started, Mr. Turner gave into the harrassment, removing all the information that the caller demanded.

    Mr. Turner got on his website and submitted to these pranksters demands, removing all the information they requested and replaced it with MERRY CHRISTMAS. I believe Mr. Turner is attempting to cover this up and has lied to White Nationalists in the past regarding some of the stories he has claimed, including the infamous "4 Hispanics showing up looking for trouble at my Condo" where he claimed he killed them and subsequently dumped their bodies in the Jersey River.

    It is my believe that Mr. Turner is a liar, a fake, and does nothing to help the White Nationalist Movement if he is allowed to be harrassed by teenagers from the Internet and allowed his show to be disrupted to people who actually listen to his show.

    His information was posted online and can be found at the following sites:


    I am not posting this information to harrass, slander, or cause more trouble to Mr. Turner but I am doing this as a duty to all White Americans who are misguided by incapable leadership who do nothing to the Movement but advance their name.

    I would encourage people to call his show on Wednesday night and ask him about it, however I doubt he will accept the questions, much like how he didn't answer questions regarding the killing of these 4 Hispanics who came looking for trouble at his condo.

    The pranksters also posted a MP3 of their phone call to Mr and Mrs. Turner, it is available at

    I listened to it and it made me sick as a White Nationalist to see Mr. Turner submit to mongrel children's pranks.


  13. That was not a white nationalist that posted that. VNN wised up and removed said post.

  14. um Von - it is 939am here in PA (Saturday Morning) and the Turner post is still up on the VNN site -

    Now if I was like Hal Turner, I would be claiming credit for the problems Hal has had the last week with his show, cause as you know VonBluvie - Eye On Hate started focusing on Hal just a couple of weeks ago and bingo - people are reacting - but I am not like Hal Turner so I have no idea who are behind the attacks against Hal - really - trust me,


  15. I wish warm and a wonderful holiday to everyone.

    I really hope in this new year there can be bridges built between peoples of various mindsets.

    But, looks like there is still going to be a bit of chaos before the calm.

    I hope this chaos is short lived and some sort of peacful solutions can be made.

    I think we have all done our share of fighting in the past year, so maybe we can all work on communicating on a more effective level in this next year.

    Peace on earth. Happy Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa and may we all have a wonderful Solstice.

    As the sun is being reborn in the heavens, may it's waxing path bring us growth physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

    So Mote It Be.

  16. Clear the cache on your computer floyd.

    VNN vacated that post many hours ago.

  17. IsisDC wrote :I really hope in this new year there can be bridges built between peoples of various mindsets"

    I am not sure if we can or want to build bridges with nazis and people like Hal Turner -


  18. Yes, Thank God that the VNN link was removed. You can find the first post that the Asshole Jewboy posted, by doing a search on Hal. All the responses to it are gone.

  19. The mall boys were only calling until the Nimbusters: DeLorean and Schwartz started helping them. Turner got what was coming to him and hopefully was taught a lesson he will never forget.

    I'll admit maybe it went to far. Hal Turner started crying when he was called over at his father's house where he has fled because his wife has thrown him out. You can get all the info on Hal's parents on "Steve Holsten's" Young Shaved Ones Blog:


  20. That Blog isn't mine. It belongs to you or one of your Butt Buds

  21. Ask yourself one question:
    Who are the REAL haters in this situation?

  22. Hal only got what was coming to him, Von. Hal, Bill, and yourself have been posting the private information of people for a long time now. It has come back on Hal. The best part was he couldn't even take it like a man. Did you hear him crying like a baby?

  23. The Nigger Lovers like this poster above this one are the real Haters. They're useless and waste good oxygen.

  24. has only just begun for Hal. If it's true about the domestic violence and him "punting" that puppy - then he really IS vermin.

    Thank you so much for the "present." Ya know, someone really close to Hal told me that he is "too emotional for his own good," and that they were absolutely certain that his marriage is in deep trouble.

  25. it has only just begun for Hal. If it's true about the domestic violence and him "punting" that puppy - then he really IS vermin.

    There was ever any doubt?

  26. Too funny!
    Turner is so maniacly egotistical, it is wonderful to see him suffer.

    Everyone deserves to be taken down a few notches, now and again.

  27. Hal will see that those useless Turds pay. Count On It.

  28. LOL! Borg - there was NEVER a doubt - but even racists usually love puppies. Turner now has reverted to an elaborate scheme to protect his program from prank callers - how much ya wanna bet it doesn't work?

    LOL! LOL! Gee, sometimes I just LOVE my job!

    Floyd - phase 2? Now?

  29. Hi Nikki, we love you Nimbusters. Thanks for the intel on Hal. Tell Delorean and Schwartz mucho thanks.
    XOXO Where they count.

    I just wanted to tell ya that none of us made any death threats against Hal, his wife or son. If you listen to the MP3 I made (my real name is not James) I was very polite to him. If you read his website, you can see that all the threats are coming from him. Hal started all this when NuMad (who is only 11 years old) called his show and asked Hal a simple question. Hal hung up on him and latter called back and threatened "To beat him to death with his bare hands if he ever called him again". From this point on we figured it was open war. From what I understand Hal has been posting the private information on people for quite sometime, it just seems like me he can dish it out but can't take it.

    Has it gotten carried away? Well we never meant to make the man cry or break up his marriage but what goes around comes around.

  30. Mall Rat Turd, you rest assured that it is not over with. You Fucked with the wrong one when you & your Butt Buds picked Hal. You're not very intelligent allowing an eleven year old to get involved in a very adult world.

  31. well since it is Christmas, we should back down and wish Hal's Turner step-father a Merry Christmas and wishing him best as he recovers from cancer.

    CLICK HERE!!!!

    Link to his donors when he ran for congress

    The key was when Hal wished his step Dad a happy 70th birthday. That confirms which I was 99 percent about, that the PA name listed was his step-daddy. Just google that name, call him up and wish him a Merry Christmas.

    We always knew Hal was a wife beater. Didn't know he abused animals also.

    He's now going to use Phyllis to screen his calls.

    And to everyone, Happy Holidays!!

  32. Hi Mr. Schwart. Hi Mr. Fraizer. If you talk with Hal, Elmer you should tell him that if he pushes it, we will shut him down. Every show. He's already unemployed so my guess he'll have to return to Jack-In-The-Box a flip burgers and mop the floor.

    And like dude, what's wrong with you? You're Steve Holsten right? Do you have some kind of gay fixation with penises?

    Merry Christmas All! And to All a Good Night!!!

  33. Rat Turd, many, many Turds like you have tried to shut down Hal's site. Most weren't still shitting in their diapers like you Whigger Assed kids.

    It's no business of yours whether Hal has a job or not. The last that he wanted us to know is that he is selling real estate again part-time. He had such a good job working for Coldwell-Banker, but some more Shit Skin Loving Turds back then caused him to be fired. You were being a smart-ass when you said Hal should work in a Burger place. That is an insult to a man of such high caliper as Hal. Those jobs are for Turd Headed Juveniles like you.

    I really wish us supporters could give him enough cash that he would never need to work again. Then he could devote full-time to his causes. Especially the Black & Shit Skin Mongrel crimes against us good Whites, and the Mongrelization of our White race.

    And no Rat Turd, for myself I don't have a fixation on Dicks and I'm not a Faggot. What I do is my way of pay back to Turds like you and Schwartzo for running your holes against Whites. We are sorry, but you can't keep blaming the rest of us because you Turds weren't born smelly nasty blacks with Brillo pad hair.

  34. Looks like Hal took the money that someone in Iceland gave him three months ago and used it as a down payment for a 2005 Lexus.

    His bandwidth bills are 99 dollars a month. that includes the bandwidth used for his show.

    Looks like Hal has pulled down his entire website tonight at least from here, but all the other sites that Hal host are still up and running well. Hummm.....

    And yes Mail Rat, that's Steve Holsten who is constantly posting gay porn images over at NIMBusters. He's an expert when it comes to the sexual habits of gay men.

    Merry Christmas.

  35. I forgot to add.

    Thanks to a big effort from a group I am now helping out, Jared Taylor was given and big FU and had his invite to speak in Canada revoked.

    I can only take credit as far as I helped out that group in notifying the Canadian authorities about Jared Taylor.

  36. Sunday Dec.24 - New Jersey Internet racist jock Hal Turner just posted on the VNN website, that his website is under attack and his family threatened. - Poor Hal - to folks who Hal has pissed off - keep up the good work ! - Floyd

    [url][/url]As some of you may know, during my radio show on Wednesday evening (Dec. 20), a group of internet relay chat (irc) people decided it would be fun to place crank calls to my show while it was on the air for three hours.

    I received a heads-up" via e-mail prior to the show but since I do not screen calls, the first I know of any scam is when I actually put a caller on the air.

    It quickly became clear this prank call effort was very well planned. I dealt with it humorously on the air and figured ok, ha ha. They had the first laugh. Now it's my turn.

    After the show, I logged in to the Vonage account and downloaded the Caller ID log for my four inbound phone lines. There were 186 calls placed to my show in the three hours it was on.

    I went down the list and called each number to determine who was a real caller and who was part of the prank. I was able to clearly determine four or five numbers in particular which showed as having called more than ten times. I released those numbers on my web site to show those who did this that they could be outed.

    They retaliated. Within hours, someone posted my private home telephone number on several IRC web sites and we started receiving dozens of crank and threatening phone calls at my house.

    Callers told my wife they were coming with a gang of blacks and hispanics to gang rape her.

    My 12 year old son answered the phone Thursday evening and the caller told him they were going to kidnap him, rape him in the ass then slit his throat.

    Some of the callers recorded the calls they made where my wife answered then put those audio logs on the internet for all to hear!

    Hours after that, someone posted the home address and telephone number of my 62 year old mother and 70 year old step father (who is recovering from leukemia. They too began receiving crank and threatening phone calls.

    These calls continued non-stop all through the night both at my house and my mom's house. They continue today.

    At 3:00 this morning, a denial of service attack began against A particular IP address from was hurling FIFTY MEGABITS PER SECOND (50 Mbps) against my site. The server handled it without crashing.

    At about 9:00 this morning, realizing their efforts had failed to crash my site, they added two other servers to their attack. On such server at IP address began sending another forty-eight megabits per second (48 Mbps) at my server, for a total of 98 Mbps.

    We realized the machine was under attack about three hours later around 12:30 PM and began efforts to isolate the attackers. We halted the primary attacker for about an hour when they resorted to a new, DISTRBUTED Denial of Service (DDOS) attack.

    My server began being hit with 196 Mbps - and still it did not crash because it is a well-designed system. But it occurred to me that I am paying for all this bandwidth. Do the math: $0.50 center per gigabyte.

    At 100 Mbps, they ate up one gig every ten seconds. That's 6 gig per minute , 360 gig per hour, times about 10 hours before I found out about it. 3600 gig x fifty cents per gig $1800 (on top of whatever normal costs are associated with my site.)

    From about 4:00 until about 6:30, they attacked with about double the data force, and at that time I realized I had to shut the site off to prevent myself from going broke.

    At 6:30 tonight, I instructed the data center to "null" all traffic heading into my web site on its particular IP. Their routers are now blocking all access to my site IP. ALL OTHER SITES I HOST ARE UP AND RUNNING!!!

    In the meantime, we are having the routers at the data center sniff all the packets destined for my site so there will be an actual log of where all these attacks came from. The data center will provide me that information and it will be used to seek legal redress.

    I have received a slew of e-mails from people at the jew web site "ebaumsworld" (in their FORUM) as well as folks from the IRC chat sites and taking credit for this attack and warning me they will continue attacking until I give up and close my show.

    I will not give up.

    Attacking my views is fine. Attacking my server with this type of massive DDos attack is criminal. Threatening to rape and kill my wife, my son and my 62 year old mother is so beyond the pale that I have decided to "settle" this issue "out of court."

    The folks who made these threats did so by using internet-based phone services like SKYPE and SPOOFTEL because those services either block caller ID or deliberately spoof another number. What the idiots didn't stop to realize is that all of them were required to give a credit card # in order to use those services.

    Records of who used their SKYPE or SpoofTel account to dial my home, my studio and/or my mother, can be easily obtained through the legal process and those folks will all be caught.

    THe machines involved in the DDOS all came from traceable IP's. They may be the actual perps, but they may also have been compromised by Trojan Horse software and used without the owners knowledge.

    Rest assured every effot will be made to track down those responsible and either bring them to justice - or, more likely - bring justice to them.

    In the meantime, Turner Radio Network site is still up - until they attack it, and my personal e-mail address is for anyone wishing to contact me.

    If they did this to me, they can do it to every pro-white site on the net and break us all in a matter of days.

    I earnestly hope we will all stick together with this because the sheer size of their effort is mind boggling and it can be repeated against all of us if we don;t stick together.

    I ask that folks in the pro-white community copy and forward this posting to other pro-white sites.

    Hal Turner

  37. Ole Floyd Cock Breath is enjoying this so much. For him to have been a WN at one time; he must've turned Faggot like Schwartzo. It's not normal to go from WN to Coon Lover, and especially overnight.

  38. What is it that this Homo-Holsten guy has about cocks? Can he even form sentences without the words:
    Cock or nigger?

    Hal was warned. Hal was told to recant and admit his lies and apologize. Until he does he will not be allowed to have his show.
    I still see burger flipping' in Hal's immediate future.

    Is it illegal to post debit card records online? Hal's has some interesting surprises. to be exact.

  39. FCochran: Hal evens lies to other nazis. It's impossible for two residential to do a DOS attack at those speeds.

    So it turns out that Hal Turner abuses women and animals. Why am I not at all surprised??

    I'd bet money that the rest of Hal's story is a bunch of BS & he's just trying to get sympathy & in the long run, more money.


    Elmer: You got some serious sexual issues to deal with dude.


    Happy Kwanzaa & Christmas from folks at Unit 9a of the IRC.

  40. No 9 Turds, I have no sexual issues. I have good sex like. I'm 46 yrs old and have a 30 yr old wife who is ready at any time I want. It's not fault or Hal's that he has bunch of Faggots after him. It was bad enough when it was mostly Schwartzo, the One Prick Project and Floyd Cock Breath was after Hal, but now he has these Faggot Juvenile Delinquents still in diapers after him as well.

    Rat Turd, you don't seem to know it, but you are dealing with a man who will hurt you badly. Your diaper crew has threatened Hal's wife, son and elderly parents. You best back off before Hal Fucks your world up but good. He will stomp your Pussy Ass.

  41. Your sister doesn't count, Elmer.

  42. Well, it's like this Dumbass. I don't have any sisters.

    Do you need your Mommy to change your diaper, widdle boy???

  43. Ooh, sounds like we hit a sensitive spot, there. Your 'argument' gets less and less coherent with each post. I've traded less ridiculous insults with high school sophomores.

    Curiously, does marriage down there nullify filial titles? If not, thank god your parents didn't breed moar.

    (And I am a girl, widdle wedneck.)

  44. Well widdle Shitty diaper girl, I do have a brother who is also racially aware like me. I have 5 kids, and the oldest 4 are racially aware. My baby is 2. I'll also raise him to be.

  45. It must be a product of geography. Thank god it's not contagious.

    Am I correct in assuming that some of them may have more than ten fingers? It's a common trait.

    "racially aware"? Right. That's quite a PC term for a bunch of people that don't have anything better to do than spew vitriol and get drunk and beat your sister-wives. I wonder why y'all never have anything intelligent to say, or undoctored "facts" to back up your thinking, but then I realize that there isn't any.

    I just hope your children will grow to have more common sense than you do.

    Later, Elmer. I'd say it's been fun talking to you, but it's more like poking a retarded child with a stick repeatedly just to hear the funny noises.

  46. Unit9 wrote"
    FCochran: Hal evens lies to other nazis. It's impossible for two residential to do a DOS attack at those speeds.

    I'd bet money that the rest of Hal's story is a bunch of BS & he's just trying to get sympathy & in the long run, more money."

    Unit 9 - I have been thinking along those same lines that Hal is behind this - I am working on tomorrow's (tuesday) Eye On Hate program now - and as I think of different things Hal has said and done concerning this "attack" on his website - some things arnt adding up - Floyd

  47. Floyd- Nothing is going to get resolved until both sides start realising that we are all just people.

    The fight has it's glamour, but the results can be much more simple.

    It takes opening up and working on tolerance.

    I met a beautful anti-racist one evening this past year.

    His name is Daryl Davis.

    He fights with love.
    The love of humanity and music.

    I did a story on him that really didn't do him justice.
    The photos sucked from that night, and my writing skills are not very good.

    But, you can look him up on the web:

    Take a peak.

    I promise it won't hurt you.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Solstice


  48. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  49. It is unlikely Steve's Children will grow up with any sense. Steve himself is an admitted child molester. His oldest son Chris was recently arrested in a "To catch a Predator type raid". His 13 year old step daughter is encouraged to go out with 22 year old men and have sex with them.

    His youngest son Michael's only hope is that Child Welfare (they've repeatedly visited the Holsten home) takes him away and puts him in a foster home with loving parnets.

  50. Well, no one was supposed to do anything illegal. I guess we got carried away. Hal's about to pop a grape though. He can't get his site up for more than a few minuets and is getting reeellllie man.

    Holsten is on a "Suck my dick" a second status and hopefully will stroke out soon.

  51. This Todd Imposter is the same Turd who posted the fake Photo Shopped pic of Hal with the Nigger head.

    And no Todd Imposter who is a Faggot, I have never said that I molested kids; by God I haven't. And yes, my four grown kids are doing just for themselves. Michael isn't going anywhere. He is in loving home and will be taught what's White and what is Shit.

    What's this lie about my step-daughters? They are 10 & 4 and no, I'm not encouraging them date anyone. Shirley & I are teaching them when they get old enough to date to never date anyone who is not White.

    Rat Turd, we are ALL fully aware that you want to suck my Dick and Hal's Dick.

  52. Merry Christmas everyone. I just have a few minutes before the family and friends grace my home - I hope each and everyone of you are enjoying the season and whichever holiday you celebrate.

    Isis said..."Floyd- Nothing is going to get resolved until both sides start realising that we are all just people.

    "The fight has it's glamour, but the results can be much more simple.

    It takes opening up and working on tolerance."

    Isis, are you wearing blinders or are you really such a "cock-eyed optimist?" Racism and hatred, anti-Semitism, gender discrimination, anti-gay prejudice cannot be "resolved."

    People have been killed and maimed, threatened and intimidated, lied about and defamed because of these nutjobs who call themselves "White Nationalists, and Supremacists.

    The only "resolution" is the neutralizing of such an ideological travesty. And...since that isn't going to happen anytime soon - then the fight will continue.

    Additionally, there is nothing glamorous about any of this. Your lens has focused upon men in uniforms waving swastikas and screaming obscenities at a crowd. You turn your lens to the other side of the fence and see much of the same - except for the fact that the other side isn't wanting the wholesale slaughter of millions.

    As to "tolerance" I really DO hate that word. There will never be tolerance of hate - nor should there be.

    While there may be issues that both sides find agreement on, or that I may be in agreement with - there remains the FACT that these people spawn violent actors who deal in blood and mayhem. I WON'T "tolerate" that.

    This whole thing smacks of "Can't we all get along?" The answer was "no" then and is "no" now. Who wants to?

    There's an old song called "You Gotta Serve Somebody." And...that's the truth. So...who are they "serving?"

    People who ride fences get people like Floyd and I killed. Those who play two ends against the middle, put the rest of us in serious jeopardy.

    There is NO resolution with a racist - period.

  53. FCochran & Mailrat: I would bet the only phone call Hal or anyone in his family got was the one that was posted on the web. That mp3 of the phone call wasn't threatening at all.

    Hal has really pissed off a lot of nazis & it wouldn't surprise me if they would go after Hal's family before the ARA would.

    Elmer: You really need help.

  54. Nikki- Yeah, "cock-eyed optimist" is probably pretty accurate.

    And the holiday only makes me worse.

    I don't think I am wearing blinders, in fact I like to think I have taken them off, as I have sat down with some of these guys and tried to listen to them.

    Many of them have been badly hurt themselves, by what they believe to be racist attacks against them.

    I really do not agree with how they direct their anger, nor do I agree with their racism by any means. I still try to listen and understand their pain and always hope that will help heal them.

    Has it worked? I don't know, and I could very well be wasting my time and energy. But, it falls under my principles to try to do so.

    I do know that Daryl Davis has done wonderful work with this approach to life. Although, I am sure he does it much better than I do. He really is a great human being.

    I try not to crawl too far into my lens as I hope to open the big world through it to show the public what is really going on.

    There are a lot of different kinds of things going on, and on many levels, and I do feel myself nervous about many of the things I have seen.

    And yes, I have seen things right here in Washington that make this street theater look like nothing more than puppet shows.

    You are always more than welcome to e-mail me Nikki if you ever choose to smooth some of these misundertandings over.

    Peace and well wishes to you this holiday.

  55. It is a shame people like Hal and Steven Holsten hate so much. I really and honestly don't understand them. I wonder if they are like that in RL?

    I apologize to Hal that some of my friends have gotten carried away and shut his site down. It all started when Joey (not his real name)called Hal and made the funny Pedo voice from Napoleon Dynamite. If you listened to the call it is actually quite funny. "Pedo" wanted to get into one of Hal's White Power groups. This was no call to threaten this kid (he's 11) Hal threatened to beat him to death with his bare hands.

    Nikki says, "People who ride fences get people like Floyd and I killed."
    Oh Please, I am only 15 years old and I can tell you one thing, "Lighten up" Nobody dies in Cyberspace. It's only X's and O's.

    XOXOX to you all.

    Merry Christmas, to you all. Even Hal and Steven. (No thank you Mr. Holsten, I don't want to have oral sex with you)

  56. Imposter of mine, you sure being friendly to a child. Is that normal?

  57. Mallrat#.0001 you wrote "Nikki says, "People who ride fences get people like Floyd and I killed."
    Oh Please, I am only 15 years old and I can tell you one thing, "Lighten up" Nobody dies in Cyberspace. It's only X's and O's."

    MallRat, I cant speak for Nikki, but I can tell you from personal experiences , I have reason to be concerned, from racists coming to my house and threatening to kill me to bigots coming to my public presentations making threats, along with threating my employers and fellow employes, it does leave one a little paranoid.

    Now that being said I will work on my feelings and try to reach out to the nazis, maybe if we all sing a round of kumbaya, things will change, until then well I will be concerned about racists.

    Do want to thank you for your good work.


  58. Until they can totally cure mental illness, you are always going to have white supremacy around. White supremacy today is based on some form of mental illness. The DSM-IV book of mental illnesses is weighing in on considering white supremacy to be a classified mental illness.

    You can't negotiate or reason with most mentally ill white supremacist.

    You can not win a debate against a paranoid.

    You can not win a debate against a liar in denial of the facts.

    You can only hope that medication can perhaps relieve some of the symptoms.

    I'm glad Floyd was able to break the cycle of the cultism that is white supremacism.

    I had a good ... no ... a great Christmas.

  59. Mall Rat,

    You have nothing to be sorry for. Unit 9 hit it on the head. Hal Turner has made so many enemies from OTHER WHITE SUPREMACIST, that it wouldn't surprise me that either.

    a) Hal is lying about the threats to his family and the dos attack. Most probable.


    b) a disgruntled white supremacist and not an ARA member threatened his family.

    I don't wish for physical harm to come to Hal's family but if it does happen, it's 100% Hal's fault. His and his alone. Not yours, not mine, and not anyone else's.

  60. Hal Turner has filed a lawsuit against the so-called DOS attackers. Of course, it's a vapor ware lawsuit. That means the lawsuit only exists in the mind of the little pea sized brain. He's pulled this stunt dozens of times and he has no lawyers.

    Continue as planned.

    Unit 9 of the IRC.

  61. You go, 9 units of Turd. Encourage the Trash to keep on. It would be sweet to see Hal get to clean out their parent's coffers.

  62. Steve: Hal isn't going to clean anything or anyone out. He's getting his ass kicked in by a bunch of 15-year-olds. Hal is totally going nuts over this. I love it. Hal sure can dish it out but can't take it.

  63. Right now if you go to it defaults to the FBI homepage.

  64. It's a meta redirect Nikki done by Hal Turner himself. He's pulled that stunt before.

    7chan is fully aware it's just another mental breakdown by Hal Turner.

    But watching Hal Turner going totally insane over a bunch of teenagers from a IRC group.

  65. Eye On Hate Mp3 Internet Radio Report for December 26, 2006
    Join Floyd from Eye On Hate,
    Nikki from Citizens Against Hate and
    DLJ from One Peoples Project

    as we discuss the year in review for 2006.

    Other topics include:
    the possible demise of racist internet bigot Hal Turner,
    Satans Gate and what happen in Jacksonville, Florida

  66. Hal Turner's backbone provider is

    It's owned by Alex Rubenstein

    I'll give you three guesses what ethnicity he is.

    Hal Turner & Vonbluvens esons are only around because of a loving Jew who believes in free speech.

    Or I think they allow Hal Turner because of what he does for white nationalism. Totally discredits it.

  67. I don't know, my way in on this is as follows: if shooting up a club window in the middle of the night is an act of cowardice, then what do you call this?

    Half the problem with our race today is the apparent lack of manhood on the part of our males. Heck, I'm pretty savy when it comes to the ins and outs of the OSI layer and the fun to be had when it comes to the TCP/IP suite. But you know what, I fight my fights like a man. Its that plain and just that simple. All these kids have done with harrassing Hal Turner is prove that the anti-white white kids are probably worth not forever losing to our gene pool. Its all cowardly and each time one freaks out because the feds are now involved, it drives the point home even further. I'm not one for wanting to get the cops involved but in this case, it would be funny to see a couple of mom's and dad's empty their bank accounts to keep their kids from get a very upclose look at a multi-racial society (prison).

  68. Chris, I think what a lot of people aren't understanding in all of this is that these kids are NOT anti-racist. Some of them ARE racist and this raid on Hal's site has absolutely NOTHING to do with race!

    These people got really pissed off when Hal posted their personal information on his site and threatened them.

    By-and-large most people don't like those kinds of things - and Hal, as well as Bill White, have been playing Russian Roulette with this kind of thing. Eventually, if you pull the trigger often enough, eventually you will find the bullet.


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