Saturday, May 26, 2007


Preliminary Reports say that Alex Linder has been arrested. He was unable to give his speech and the VNN bunch is speculating that he will be held and "played" with for a few days.


  1. This is from VNN:

    Alex has four JOGZOG charges against him:
    1. Disorderly conduct
    2. Vandalization
    3. Resisting Arrest
    4. Assault

  2. URL:,1406,KNS_347_5557316,00.html
    Knox rally staged amid heavy police presence
    By News Sentinel staff
    May 26, 2007

    A rally against interracial crime in downtown Knoxville started today with the arrest of its organizer.
    Alex Linder, operator of the Vanguard News Network and an ardent white supremacist, left the rally in handcuffs around 3 p.m. when he ignored orders from Knoxville police and fought with officers, Police Chief Sterling P. Owen IV said.

    More than 200 Knoxville police officers stood guard at the scene, assisted by at least 100 more Knox County Sheriff's Office deputies, Tennessee Highway Patrol troopers and federal agents.

    Linder and others had touted the rally on the lawn of the old Knox County courthouse on Main Street as a protest "in honor" of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, a white couple who authorities said were kidnapped, raped and killed in January after a carjacking. Five men and a woman, all black, face various charges in their deaths.

    White supremacy groups have accused the national media of ignoring the case. Less than 30 protesters showed up for today's rally, while about twice as many counter-protesters stood across the street shouting in opposition. The demonstration lasted less than an hour and a half.

    Linder walked down Main Street, which had been set aside for use by police and emergency workers, carrying a sign that read, "Murdered by muds, covered up by Jews." He struggled when officers stopped him and ended up on the pavement as the crowd across the street shouted, "Go home, Adolf!"

    Linder faces charges of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, assault on a police officer and vandalism.

    More details online as they develop and in Sunday's News Sentinel

  3. And Alex Linder, who is indigent according to his bankruptcy filing on Pacer, still buys his sport coats at the local Goodwill.

    Less then 30 white supremacist showed up. Just shows they are a dying breed but like a virus, they do make an appearance once in a while.

  4. I find this whole thing very funny. First, they have this huge argument over what sort of fashion statment to make. Then they caution everyone that this is in "memory" of and that black should be worn since they are in mourning. This should be a "dignified" affair.

    Then...the very leader of this debacle starts skipping around and taunting the protestors like some sort of clown and becomes indignant when the police tell him to get out of the street and back on the sidewalk.

    Next, he resists arrest and tears the cops uniform! Just goes to show you what I have been saying all along - ya just can't take these boneheads anywhere.

  5. Hal gave them Hell in his good speech.

  6. Hal is a con man. Only an idiot wouldn't see it, Steve.

  7. You're either for Hal or against him. I happen to be behind him 110%

    He's the best thing going for the White race.

  8. Well the good thing is 99.99% of the human race is against Hal Turner.

    Out of several million within a 3 hours drive of Knoxville, less than 30 bothered to support Little Hal and indigent Alex Linder.

    And speaking of which, I guess you didn't come out support him in Knoxville either.

    All talk, no action, all retarded.

    That's Steve Holsten for you.

  9. I would've loved to have been there, but with fuel being almost $3 a gallon I couldn't afford the trip.

  10. Yeah and since you were fired from your last job, you've chosen to remain a welfare leech. Oh well, Steve you don't have to fill in the details. Won't get another job because then you'd have to pay back the money and services you've stolen in the past, eh Steve? You're a real good example of what the white race has to offer, Steve. You make me sick to my stomach.

  11. Daddy shore is mean to me. He makes me play with his "snake" all the time. No Daddy! Mr. Mouth doesn't want to water the snake tonight!

  12. Nooooooooooooo leave Stevo alone. He is one of the good folk.

  13. I tell you what is lower than lower is Hal Turner telling the parents of the two murdered people in Knoxville it's their fault for them dying.

    "If these families had educated their children to be more race-conscious, maybe they'd still be alive," - Hal Turner

    So Hal isn't blaiming the blacks but the parents of those two victims. It's bad enough that these parents lost two of their children but now the white supremacists keep rubbing their face in it.

  14. there's no such thing as 'bad publicity'; if Alex can 'hang tough' until he's 'bailed', then 30 people @ a rally can become 30000!

  15. ZOG fuckers like youse, the jewz & the niggz only exist 'cos the fckn Kwaps protect yr worthless arses!

    we're gunna 'take out' those fckn dogz first: then, we're comin' after you scum!

    (BTW: the days of 'protests' r just abt the future: we'll be carrying sumthin' with a more BITE than fckn placards!)

  16. Alex be getting his pooper fixed up in da slammer. He gonna find out what it means to be loved by a man. Daddy showed me that shit a long time ago. Maybe Alex's Daddy didn't teach him properly. Them savage beasts in da jail will. Sure You Betcha!

  17. Alex did ok in my book. This thing in Knoxville isn't finished by a long shot. Trust me.

  18. Of course your types aren't going to let it finish. Your types will ensure that the parents of those murdered will have to re-live their murders each and every time.

    But you clowns have proven, you don't care about the victims or the families of the victims, it's all about exploitation.

    You guys have no soul and Satan, if he did exist, would be in a form of a white supremacist.

  19. Sorry Mr. Schwartz but I just can't imagine Satan as a WN. I mean, you'd think that Satan would have something on the ball. He wouldn't be a clueless fuck up, or a welfare collecting loser. I could imagine Satan as Hitler but the current crop of losers? Billy White, Alex Linder, VonWelfare, or Hal Turner? No, maybe Tim McVeigh as a minor demon but he's dead.

  20. It's Hell when Pussies like Schartzo wouldn't teach their kids about the evils of the other color. Hal is right. Those kids should've avoided those Niggers at all costs. And yes, these four are Savage Nigger BEASTS.

  21. The sick little child molester is talking about evil? Look in the mirror for your evil, Stevo. You shouldn't even be allowed around children.

    Oh the irony, the child molester giving out parenting advice. Hey Schwartz I hope you're taking notes.
    Har har har.

  22. Yes, I don't know how many people here know about Steven Holsten but he is a distributed individual. I'm not sure he himself is a child molester but his son Chris is an attempted child molester who was netted in undercover sting. For him to be giving out advice on how to bring up any one's children is perverse at best.

  23. Bouncing Turd Avatar, I have been accused of being a child molestor now nearly 5 yrs. There have been two false reports filed against me for that Bullshit. You'd think if I was as bad as you say that I'd been put away a long time ago. The simple truth is that I, your Hero am not a molestor.

    My son was enticed & entrapped. Those types of stings should be outlawed. Just showing up is not proof enough to arrest these poor guys. Hell, they could back out before actually doing anything.

    So, you Nigger Lovers are saying that it's not good to teach your kids about Savage Nigger BEASTS. May God have mercy on their souls if attacked by Savage Apes.

  24. From VNN about ARA Pussies...

    Lmwao! These Amerikwan Antifa types are hilarious! One good man charging in their direction would send them flying! KKKowards? er...............right you are(?).
    But what style eh? Did they just dress in whatever they found on the floor besides the bed? Or for some of the "men", what their mum left on the floor? This is the opposition? Do I ask a lot of questions?

    The WN's looked like citizens, keep it up!


  25. Where there is smoke there is fire Steve. Maybe if you and your son would leave little girls alone life would go better for you. Heaven help you and your offspring if I ever caught you messing around my daughter.

  26. It's like this Bouncing Turd Avatar, I have never bothered any girls, and especially little girls. But, you're probably too stupid to see the difference between little girls and teen girls.

    You're more than likely just like Schwartzo, all you'll ever do is Shit and fall back in it.

  27. Raoul,

    Interesting you bring up Tim McVeigh, who was a white supremacist, and whom to this day owns the record for the biggest terrorist act done by a natural born US citizen.

    While the white supremacist movement as a group is totally dead, it is troubled individuals like McVeigh and like minded ones like Vonbluvens that means we have to keep an eye on them.


    I think Linder got himself arrested on purpose. Notice however, no one else within his group including Hal Turner offered any assistance.

  28. Tim got revenge for Waco & Ruby Ridge. His problem was that he targeted innocent people instead of the guilty one. He should've targeted the nasty ugly assed Lezzy Janet Waco Reno.

  29. I watched an interesting program on the History Channel the other day about the Neo Nazis. Floyd Cochran was interviewed (briefly), as well Morris Dee's of the South Poverty Law
    Center. I hadn't until that point realized that Tim McVeigh was a white supremacist. In fact if it wasn't for his interest in the Turner Diaries I wouldn't think he was one.

  30. I saw the last hour of it. Floyd looked drunk or high or both. Dees looked like a Faggot.

    It too bad that we lost Dr Pierce & Pastor Butler. They had things in perspective.

  31. Who pulled your chain, Child Molester? The Grown ups are trying to have a conversation. You're excused.

  32. I am unable to voice this in the words of the politically correct but one thing I can tell you about Steve Holsten is that he is not quite all there. You can tell this if you talk with him more than five minutes. He has a thick country accent like he doesn't get out very much and he is very uneducated upon most issues. He seems completely unaware that the majority of the civilized world doesn't share his value system. He will parrot the voices of those he worships i.e. Hal Turner, Alex Linder, or Michael
    VonBluvens. But having met him I can tell you he is basically harmless. He will not look you in the eye and walks around with his head down. I believe the reason that he hates black people is because he is afraid of them. He gets bad and bold behind his computer keyboard but that is all.

    Steve Holsten is just an example of
    what is wrong with a small section of rural American, that is it is still quite ignorant and uneducated in parts. Racism and stupidity often rule the day. But these are small pockets. Most of rural America is friendly and open. The Steve Holsten's are becoming more and more rare. The best thing we can do about Steve is to ignore him. His kind is a dying breed for the most part, ignore him and he will fade away.

  33. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  34. The problem with saying that people like Steve are harmless Sarah is that that same description would have been given to Timothy McVeigh. McVeigh was a cowardly misguided man, yet he killed 163 people believing he was doing right. I've been to ground zero in Oklahoma City Sarah, and if you believe that these people are harmless then I suggest you visit the memorial site as well. It will open your eyes to what these sick bastards can really do.

  35. Raoul has also been to Prison in OklaHOMO for credit card and identity theft. Haven't you, Geno Paris?

  36. Why do you Antis obsess so much over Steven Holsten? First Steve Holsten is a child molester. Second Steve Holsten isn't even white. Holsten is just a Jew who wants to be white. Nothing he says or does has anything to do with the white race. He is a wanna be nothing more.

  37. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  38. Woger, Woger, Woger, (MCMUM_Admin) I am not your great Bug-A-Boo cell mate Geno. Nor am I Brent Hamm, Mark Morgan, Lloyd Davies, or any of your idiot Hams. I've been to Oklahoma twice in my whole life you bloody idiot. I was born in England and I've lived in upstate New York for almost all of my life, except for the 4 years I spent in Massachusetts going to college.

    Like most of the Usenet Meow scene I recognized your stupidity long ago I even wrote a little diddly about you. Which is still available on my homepage.

    Unlike you and your Daddy Geno Paris I've never been to prison and never had to play bugger me cellie with other men. So get that out of your mentally challenged mind and trying washing the grease off of your nasty face once in a while.


  39. Alex Linder has now been bailed out and is back home. A bit sore, but nothing apparently broken. He is expected to post his own account of events on VNN sometime today, most likely on the main page.

    BTW, the establishment media got it wrong. There were more than 30 pro-white protestors. Ron Doggett, one of Glenn Miller's former WPP lieutenants and a man who has forgotten more about rallies than most of us know, counted 75. A VNN Forum member, OnThePathToTruth, personally counted 100. With people constantly filtering in and out, the number would vary.

    The establishment media chronically undercounts pro-white protestors at rallies because of an ingrained institutional bias against white nationalism.

  40. The only way that the lovers of the other color can try to put me down is to falsely call me a Molestor. My superior intelligence overwhelmes them so.

  41. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  42. Any word on who bailed Alex out?

  43. Steve Holsten, superior intelligence?


    Oh my I laughed so hard I very nearly soiled me breeches. {snort snort guff}

    Riddle me this Stevo. Why do both sides of the issue WN's and antis seem to disdain of your wonderful hero self? I am impressed though that you haven't made one homosexual advance toward a long time. Keep fighting those urges Stevo. Just keep saying to yourself, hetro goooood, homo baaaaaaaaad.


  44. That's right Bouncing Turd Avatar, Faggotry is bad. Now you need to convince Schwartzo of that.

    I have never "come on" to any man, but there are many ARA's and lovers of the other color who want to commit Faggotry on me.

    Do you almost Shit your pants often? Sounds like you need to wear Depends.

  45. Convicted terrorist and The Order member David Lane is dead.

    This ensures that he can no longer assist in the murders of anyone else.

  46. Steve Holsten insist he isn't gay but yet he posted gay porn on a message board full of underaged teenagers.

  47. Schwartzo, how do you know it was a site for teenagers? They were playing adult games by Fucking with Hal.

  48. hal said himself it was a board full of teenagers.

    Are you calling your hero Harold a liar?

    Like I said, you are the one going around gay porn all over the place, including message boards full of teens. That's something a straight man wouldn't do.

  49. Hal said that they acted like a bunch teenagers. The guy who owns the board is in his 20's

  50. Hal gave an excellent speech when he was in Knoxville. I will rebroadcast it on my site.

  51. nikki, the lying kike cunt quotes her MSM ZOG buddies: "Less than 30 protesters showed up for today's rally, while about twice as many counter-protesters stood across the street shouting in opposition. The demonstration lasted less than an hour and a half.

    Linder walked down Main Street, which had been set aside for use by police and emergency workers, carrying a sign that read, 'Murdered by muds, covered up by Jews.' He struggled when officers stopped him and ended up on the pavement as the crowd across the street shouted, 'Go home, Adolf!' "

    here's what really happened from AN ACTUAL EYE-WITNESS: "[NOTE: My initial reaction immediately during and after this event was partially irrelevant. I injected my misunderstanding and naivete regarding the check point procedure that I allowed it to wrongly color my reaction at that moment. After viewing the videotape and based upon Alex's behavior, Alex violated no clearly established law and he was well within his rights to walk where he walked. Additionally, the police did not issue ANY VERBAL WARNING OR ORDER TO ALEX therefore, Alex could not have been refusing any police directive at the moment he was accosted. The cops who man handled Alex violated clearly established law and had no basis whatsoever to interfere with Alex's expression of his First Amendment secured Rights. He is completely innocent of each of the bogus charges the Knoxville police lied about to bring against him. Read on.]

    I've looked at the video of Alex WALKING over in front of the antis and in front of the barrier they were behind. He wasn't aggressive toward them or the police and merely held a sign up and occasionally shouting at them. They were definitely shouting him down and several flipped him off with the middle finger salute. There were no signs that stated walking onto the street was prohibited and there was actually an opening clearly there for the purpose of ingress and egress.

    The police walked over to him briskly and grabbing him by the arm jerked him around and began walking him over to the opposite side of the street. Alex did not physically act out toward the cops that grabbed him nor did he give any indication that he was going to hurt or cause them harm. They subsequently threw him down on the hot asphalt road face first. Two cops are sitting on top of him and one is casually pushing Alex's face into the hot asphalt road. There is no resistance and no violence of any kind by Alex Linder toward anyone present at the rally.

    Although I don't think Alex is going to sue them the City of Knoxville has violated clearly established law and demonstrated deliberate indifference to the rights and safety of Alex Linder. One might even argue that the officers involved possessed malicious intent. There can be no justification for their overly harsh treatment of Alex Linder. There was apparently a prescribed process for entering the courthouse area but there was no clear notice of a prohibition against walking in the street.


    independent eye-witnesses have corroborate the fact that the actual attendance @ the rally was perhaps some-wht in excess of 100 people; but, of course, the jew-controlled MSM once again lies through its Talmudic teeth!


    because jews are liars par excellance!

    is it a jew?

    then, it's a fckn LIE!

  52. 'google' vid` lnk, courtesy of 'cygnet', VNNF: i hvn't watched this vid' as yet 'cos me brd/bnd is currently "playin' up!" but i think it contains 'footage' of Linder's (prblby illegal!) arrest!

  53. Baoul, Bowel, you still suck James Belzinski's little cock and it only took you 8 years to get through that 4 year "college" you claim to have attended. That's why you and your little "dittys" suck.
    Roger hasn't been to prison, unlike you....and you are Geno Paris convicted felon, and instead of doing nursing, you clean carpets for a fucking living. And speaking of greasy faces, aren't all you polack spic illegal mexican wetbacks all considered "greasy?" Maybe that's how you are so familiar with the term.


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