Thursday, May 17, 2007


We have some sad news about a really awesome Citizen Against Hate. Many of you will remember an interview that Eye On Hate did with Edward “Eddie” Lee on April 21st in regards to the NSM rally in South Carolina. On May 14th, Eddie lee passed away from a sudden heart attack. Eddie was a board member of the Carolina Peace Organization and was only 44 years old. From the Carolina Peace Organizations website…I read the following.

Eddie was committed to waging peace through non-violent action, including creative critique alongside other puppetistas at the School of the Americas protest in Ft. Benning, GA. Eddie also worked to support U.S. troops and to bring them home from Iraq, and advocated for peace and justice in Israel and Palestine. As a long-time participant in Food Not Bombs, he shared food and good will with hundreds of Columbia residents Sundays in Finlay Park. Most recently, Eddie co-organized a counter-protest of the Neo-Nazi rally on April 21st.

Please keep Eddie's wife, Julie, in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be sent to Carolina Peace Resource Center and the SC Progressive Network ( Both websites have homepage "donate now" buttons, or you can send checks to:
Carolina Peace Resource Center, PO Box 7933 Columbia, SC 29202

We will put the information up at citizens against hate dot com and nikki’s nest at

It’s always difficult to lose someone you care so much about – and even more difficult to report on that loss. To Julie, I want to say that I hope she feels the arms of all of us around her and that she knows how special she and Eddie are. Their dedication to making this world a kinder and gentler place has been felt and heard in more than just South Carolina. Julie, know that your anti-racist family is here for you and should you need a shoulder, we have lots of them. Be strong, and take care – we’ll talk again soon. And to Eddie – we love you and hope that we make you proud in our future endeavors. God bless and keep you in his arms for all eternity.


  1. Man, it's a shame a guy goes from a heart attack so young. I'll give him credit - he was obviously an active participant in life, not just a mere passive spectator. He opposed American imperialism worldwide, and Israeli imperialism in the Middle East. Sounds like basically a stand-up guy, even if he was an anti-racist. But then again, none of us are perfect.;-)

    In the spirit of the occasion, I'll offer my own condolences.

    BTW, Nikki, you ought to take up Theseus' offer of an interview on VNN radio. He impresses me as a stand-up guy who isn't trying to set you up.

  2. i support wht he done to remove US forces from Iraq; albeit my reasons would differ: they're only there because of Yidsrael: that's well-documented!

    he certainly seemed to have 'the courage of his convictions' and to be 'up front' with his activism: un-like many anti-s who r back-stabbers & rely on ZOG to do their 'dirty work' for them!

    i admire ppl who are prepared to 'go it' against the odds; that includes 'anti-globalisation' and 'environmental' activists; evn though most would, of course, not ascribe to my racial beliefs!

    i too extend my condolences to his immediate family but i'll 'pass' on donating to those groups mentioned !

    ('Eddie' should have drunk lots of green tea and taken @ least a couple of aspirins every week....he might hv lived longer!)

  3. While I disagree with the racist views of AA and Jimbo, I am impressed that they offered condolences to Eddie Lee's family instead of honking off.

    Let's hope they set the tone for the rest of this post's comments.

    My condolences to Julie and the rest of Eddie's family. Though I never met him, his history as someone who stood up against the warmongers makes me feel a connection to the late Mr. Lee.

  4. We're not monsters like the same folks who put our fallen comrades in their "rot in hell" section. My condolences go out to this man's family and comrades as well. Its hard losing anyone but losing someone in their 40's leaves everyone feeling rather cheated by fate. I look back on all the things my passed-away friends have missed and am sure his friends and family will do the same one day.

    Basically, I detected this guy just didn't know any better and thats why he was anti-white. In his mind, it went along with the cookie-cutter stance against "oppression." If you are mainstream and oppose tyrants, you just have to be anti-white and never name the jew under any circumstance. He followed those rules and it doesn't necessarily mean he was a bad person. He just never discovered the truth and like so many others, quietly backed away from the anti-white movement or loudly joined our side. Either way, he knew there was something wrong with the world and he gave his time and energy trying to fix it. I can respect that.

    We run on honor and glory. However, we are secure in knowing our cause is just. Its ok to honor the enemy when he falls. The type of racial tendancy to gloat and laugh at rival's death is exactly the type of behavior we want shipped back to the region that spawned it.

    In closing, we appreciate Eddie's organizing the counter-rally against us in Columbia and adding to the energy of that event. We all gave them a good show of America in action, didn't we?



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