Monday, May 28, 2007

Racist Terrorist David Lane Dead (author of 14words)

Eye On Hate Radio - we are getting unconfirmed reports that racist terrorist and author of the "14 words" has died at age 69 in prison in Indiana.

In the 1980's,Lane was a member of the neo nazi gang "the order", he was convicted of violating talk show host Alan Berg's civil rights - Berg was murdered by the Order because of his outspoken anti racist views and being Jewish.

Lane and other members of the Order were also involved in bank robbery,armour car robberies and numerous other crimes.

Lane had strong ties to Aryan Nations and the Ku Klux Klan.

As more info comes in we will post it.


Eye On Hate Radio


  1. What a terrible loss to our great White race. I didn't really know of him, but I can tell by reading VNN that he was a great man.

  2. Let's see.

    David Lane helped kill Alan Berg and robbed banks in order to fund white supremacy.

    Homosexual pornographer Steve Holsten backs this man.


    It should be noted that if Steve Holsten's mother had joined the David Lane's organization and given birth to him, they would have killed Steve due to his cerebral palsy & associated mental retardation.

  3. Schwartzo, you have been Fucking told that your Hero wasn't born with this. It was caused by the 6 month Polio shot.

    Your Hero is still not a Fucking Faggot, and I am not a Ponographer.

  4. As usual Holsten has no clue about what he is talking about. The man in question was a meth head who robbed armor cars, banks, and counterfeited money to support his habit. He also killed two people. The chief among them was Alan Berg a radio talk show host. Lane was a
    Wotanism or in reality he was a Odinist.

    The world isn't any poorer now that he is dead. I doubt you'd believe much of what he believed in Steve and if you weren't so damn ignorant and stupid you'd now that.

  5. When people die, I generally don't like to say unkind or horrible things about them. However, the glorification of this man is something that I will never understand.

    Not only was he a criminal. Not only was he violent. Not only was he involved in the murder of Alan Berg - he was involved in the murder of one of his own.

    Reading the comments by some of the racists regarding his demise, I sat and just shook my head trying to understand why this man was so revered. How is it that the racist groups cannot see that he was just a criminal?

    I guess when you are desperate for heroes this is what you put on that pedestal? This is what you encourage your children to look up to? This is what you want your children to be like?

    The "movement" really IS in trouble - the "movement" really does attract some very sick individuals.

  6. Its like this, if one of the boo-boos who brutally killed the white couple in Knoxville were killed by Aryan Brotherhood or something to that effect, you'd be the ones mourning. You're going to sit there and drag around the memory of David Lane, like a US soldier through the streets of Somolia. You're going to do this after you have pretty much reached the pentium of your anti-white idealogy, short of killing and torturing someone yourselves.

    You can sit there and claim some sort of victory over whites, being that an old, caged fighter has died. He died with his honor and thats a whole lot more than any of you will pass with, having never began to grasp the concept.

    Get this straight, the anti-white thing has lost its steam. Was it the evil message? All the bad people involved? Was it the bell of common sense ringing in people's heads? Look around. Remember the funny little picture the pro-jewish movies used to paint of a nervous little man in a bunker, moving imaginary armies around a tactical map? Guess what? Thats you now.

  7. nikki: "When people die, I generally don't like to say unkind or horrible things about them"

    then why fckn do so, u hypocritical kike cunt?


    I don't agree with every-thing the 'Order' did; in particular: committing armed robberies; that was just plain fckn STOOPID!
    (and was wht, ultimately, destroyed them!....i can't recall if Mr Lane was involved in that though?...any-way:)

    there are many ways of making money: both legit & semi-legit!

    'armed robberies' r TOTAL FCKN STOOPIDITY verging on TNB!

    but: Lane's name will be remembered 1000yrs hence whn all u pathetic scum are dead, buried and LONG FORGOTTEN!

    'schwarz': u got a fckn CHEEK callin' Lane 'a domestic terrorist'; yr filthy fckn tribe r the worst terrorists to have ever polluted the face of the Earth!

  8. As usual the racists avoid the facts.
    Tell us Chris how was the man not a criminal? He robbed banks and armor cars, he counterfeited money by his own admission it was to partly to fund his drug habit. He killed two people. Yet you would tell us that this man is one of your heros?

  9. raoul X rckns: "As usual, the racists avoid the facts.
    Tell us Chris how was the man not a criminal? He robbed banks and armour cars, he counterfeited money by his own admission it was to partly to fund his drug habit. He killed two people. Yet you would tell us that this man is one of your heroes?

    i'll answer that!

    i/'fiat' money, created by the Federal Reserve(same goes for the 'Reserve Banks' in most Western nations, BTW!), is counter-feit, bogus, jew garbage any-way!
    ...just another big, fat, jew con job!...plenty of people have exposed it!...many of them not 'nazis'...a 'currency' not backed up by a solid commodity like gold is just a form of legalised theft! as is 'credit'(the creation of money out of thin air) and 'fractional reserve banking!
    can u 'counter-feit' sumthin' that's already 'counter-feit'?

    ii/Berg hardly qualifies as 'a person': he was a loud-mouthed kike cunt(just like Nikki!) constantly bad-mouthing white people, christianity & traditional & family vaulues!

    'The Order' did main-stream 'Kwans a favour putting that CUNT off!

    if some of these jd-xtians practised what they preached(OR had the fkcn gutz!), THEY would have 'stopped his clock' too!

    (i don't know who the other person was that The Order was accused of killing? informer perhaps?...but: that's 'par for the course' with revolutionary orgs ain't it? many 'informers' have leftist groups 'offed'?...'course: we NEVER hear abt that SHIT do we?....or abt the terrorism of vrs 'Kwan leftist groups in the 1960s/1970s....oh....of course!...that shit's 'KOSHER' right?)

  10. Did the man break the law? Yep, he sure did. Did I ever say he didn't? Its cheap, made-up bullshit that he was on meth but the rest of it is true and no one is sorry about it.

    Did George Washington break the law? Your hero, Joseph Stalin, was a train robber and a bandit long before he before he married one of God's Chosen and was the head man of the USSR.

    You claim I ignore the facts. Hell, you just change them when you think they don't look right. Fact of the matter is, Lane died with honor. There's no cage to keep this old man in now, he's gone.

  11. Chris,

    The fact you are more concerned about rather if he was on meth rather than robbing banks just shows what your types are all about.

    By the way, which organization are you a part of this week?

  12. Jimbo,

    While your types are always complaining that the US dollar is worthless are always willing to accept the "worthless" dollars from others.

    It's like the liberty dollar bullshit. Owners of liberty dollars are always willing to exchange their liberty dollars for your US dollars.

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  14. Raoul aka Rich Troy shows he knows nothing once again.........he's only preteneding to be anti- his "Raoul" website with references to greasy Hispanic head wear.

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. Woger, Woger, Woger, I thought I was your old cell mate Geno Paris? Who took long showers with you which always lead to you dropping the soap?

  17. Yep. I think being a methhead is ten times worse than robbing banks. You picking the methheads over bank robbers shows what kind of person you are too, Harry (jew, or at least plays one on the net).

    What organization am I in? Why don't you tell me, expert. While you are at it, talk about what all organizations I've belonged to for the past two years or so. I always love this part.

  18. I don't know what organization you are in this week Chris, you've quit so many of them, I've lost count.

    And you think being a meth-head is 10 times worse than robbing banks? Rural Aiken county is full of white meth-heads. But you already know this.

    Then again, you think it's a badge of honor to be stabbed in the face by a member of your own race.

    And what's this blog from your ex-girlfriend that says you are a cashier at the local Burger King? And I think it's legit because she mentions you need to pick your fights better.

    At least being a Burger King cashier is better than being on Social Security disability. I'll give you that much.

  19. And Chris "Burger King" Drake,

    Who says I play Jew on the internet?

    Show me one time where I was said I practice Judaism.

  20. I shake my head in disbelief when folks idolize Che Gueverra or Stalin...

  21. Hey, Chris,

    Is it me or does Nikki and company put the "hate" into anti-racism? lol

  22. They certainly do, Mike. Anyone who listens for 10 minutes who isn't already anti-white, figures out that this crowd certainly is. But thats the way it has to be. Jews say racism springs forth from whites and once in a while infects a non-white (such as non-whites who don't like jews). This is the party line that they'd tow through hell.

    If I had been them, I would have done like the largely anti-white media and left the whole knoxville murder thing alone. Saying all of that had nothing to do with race is like listening to a staggering, slurring buddy repeat to you that he isn't drunk.

    What needs to be said more than anything else is that this won't be the last rally of this kind. We've got enough manpower and reasources available to bring all the horrors of multi-culturalism right to white America's front door. The days of hiding this under a quick local news story are over.

    I was impressed beyond words at the ammount of DIY press this story got from our side. Everywhere I looked, there was this horror story of equality being told. You can have heart-pouring speech about the dangers of being pro-white all day on anti-white documentaries. You can sit for hours listening to Floyd Cockran talk about how someone said they wanted to kill his child. You can read abstract and near-senseless views on how race doesn't exist (the sun doesn't either, so neither does sunburn, right?). It all comes crashing down when you see the crime, you watch what the system does and you realize what its all about. "It ain't about you, its against you."

  23. Harry, I didn't say you "practiced" the jewish religion, however, you claim to be a jew. You act too much like a jew to be a jew though. You also make these broad generalizations like "whites commit more crimes than black" or "hetro-sexuals are make up the majority of child molestors" etc. It leads one to think you are writing yourself a script and then reading it out. No one would expect the opposition to be so dumb as to fall for any of that. Well, maybe a true-jew would. They've expected us to fall for a lot worse.


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