Friday, November 30, 2007

Cross Burning NY,Suspected Arrested

Arrest Made in NYC Suburb Cross Burning
Posted: Nov. 29, 2007
HAWTHORNE, N.Y. — A white man suspected of burning a cross in a black family's yard in a New York City suburb was arrested Thursday and charged with a hate crime.
Cross Burning NY,Suspected Arrested


  1. So, you enjoy linking to Faggot sites? How often to you surf for Faggots?

  2. No as much as you do Steve, that's for sure! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA


  3. Thanks for this news item Harry,


  4. No problem Floyd, I found the story doing a simple google news search for "hate crimes".


    Steve Holsten is the one who is constantly not only surfing gay porn sites but posting gay porn himself. Steve even has posted pictures of naked men on sites that are full of underaged teenage boys.

  5. Steve, not sure if Schwartz is into faggots but he is definitely into black women.

    Since my wife isn't off limits to him I don't mind telling you her name is one Tiffany D. Schwartz.

  6. Gee,

    I'm sooooooo freightened....

    Well, I'll give you a hint Blevins... she isn't black but she does work for a Governmental Public Safety "unit" .....

    But the question you never answer Blevins... why are you and your obese wife so afraid to do any "activism" in Sarasota ???????????????

    You're just a total coward with a feminine personality.

  7. You can call me Tiffany if it makes you feel better hun.

  8. The Schwartzo KIKE spewed This lie:

    "Steve Holsten, my Hero is the one who is constantly not only surfing gay porn sites but posting gay porn himself. Steve even has posted pictures of naked men on sites that are full of underaged teenage boys"

    Post a link where I ever posted Faggot pics for underaged boys.

  9. Schwartz--

    My radio show is my activism.

    Nothing has changed...I am still doing my podcast and you are still a jerk.

    As I have told you morons here before my wife isn't involved with what I do(she doesn't even hold the same views as I do). She isn't involved in any sort of activism-she never has been. I think it is really ridiculous that you call her a Nazi. You guys are a little too free with that label, anyone that you don't agree with is a "Nazi," you guys even have the gall to call Ron Paul one. The only thing she is guilty of is loving and marrying me.

    Your "tolerance" can best be defined as intolerant. Anything that doesn't conform to your world view you slap a ridiculous label on it. You people are all walking contradictions. Sad really.


    *To BOA

    I happen to love my wife very much and care for her deeply. Can you say that much about yours? As I recall you put a beating on her...did you do that at the same time you tore up your own kitchen and cabinets? I laugh every time I think of that. You were so damn frustrated with me you TORE YOUR OWN HOUSE UP! Tell me again who is mentally ill? And the government gives a cretin like you a fucking badge! LOL

    *If TICKER is out there give me a holler...would love to have you on the show.

  10. Poor delusional Von, I never beat my wife. Blow the whole house thing out of proportion, I could careless. Ticker has a bigger dislike to you than I, you would want him on your show.

    Does anyone know what Holsten is babbling about? The boy just ain't been right since his uncle tampered with that ass.

  11. Listen up Fake Snake, and listen good. Nobody ever tampered with your Greatest Hero's Ass; especially nobody in my family. That one Faggot TRIED when I was 12 or 13, but I was able to get way. And Fake Snake, you're as bad as Schwartzo KIKE about lying about good folk like Von & I. You and Schwartzo KIKE will Fuck with the wrong one someday and your Asses will be stomped.

  12. Doing an mp3 program when you aren't suffering and crying from your headaches isn't activism at all.

    You even said "all activism is local" ....

    You are totally afraid of being exposed in your own neighborhood. You were scared shitless when you got outed in Roanoke, and you are scared shitless now to do any activism in Sarasota.

    Even Michael Burks isn't afraid to do "local activism". I'll give him that much credit...... unlike a total coward like you.

    When you had the chance to support your race in the Sarasota area, you did what Peter did when he denied Christ.

    You are a total coward and I hope you always remains that way.

    Come on punk, be a man for once, show up in front of your local synagogue and protest against it. I dare you.



    Blevins is the one with a documented court history of substance abuse and abusing his family according to his divorce court records. And I doubt if Boa ever has had to live in a halfway house for drug addicts and the mentally ill.

  13. And yea,

    Have you noticed that Blevins covers up for Holsten's pedophilia and his posting of gay porn all over the place including on forums that are full of teens like 4chan and 7chan.

    But yet Blevins complains about people continuing to support Kevin Strom..... The hypocrisy strikes again.

  14. 'schwartz' couldn't find a more reputable site than "" to report the demise of some fckn fag!

    fagz r an affront to man, God & Nature: they have no place in a white society....@ least: no place like as prominent as they now have!....courtesy of the kikez!

  15. Maybe it's time to clear some things up...

    Mike - did your wife post on the internet under the name of Jersey Girl?

    Did she post on racist websites?

    Have you ever engaged in public activism in your city?

    Have you ever been hospitalized for psychatric care?

    Have you stated publicly that you are mentally unstable?

    Do you have contact with your children?

    These are simple, straight-forward, questions that require nothing more than yes or no. You can clear all of this up by simply responding.

  16. For the last time there is no documentation saying I ever abused drugs or any court declaring I had been found guilty of beating women.

    I lived in a very cheap room for a couple of years after my divorce...yes, there was people with problems that lived in that apartment building...I am proud to say that even after living in poverty and in a horrible black ghetto for a few years that I was still able to retained my dignity. I didn't turn to drugs or alcohol as many do that live in extreme poverty. Hell, some of the best shows produced came from that might say living in that crime infested neighborhood was what tempered my racist steel and radicalized me.

    Taking up for Holsten? You trying to say I am his advocate or something? I do find it strange that Boa once believed in his innocence but now doesn't. You torment that poor fellow without mercy...I honestly haven't been following what he does...I am sure as Hell not inclined to believe anything YOU say in regarding him.

    But what exactly am I "covering up" in regards to Holsten?

    I think you are just a sadistic personality, but what would I expect from a Jew?

    I guess I will just have to learn not to take your baiting and deal with it in more constructive ways. ;)

  17. "Babbit" was entirely correct in a
    previous thread,
    denouncing Nikki FCK-nutz as "an ad-hominem agent"; that is plain for all to see on this particular thread where Nikki NUMB-nutz & her 'cohorts'/'accomplices' descend to school-yard "finger-pointing" & childish smears to advance their 'cause'! this all the 'argumentation' that the "anti-s" can now muster?!?

    no wonder this febrile femi-twat refused to engage in rational debate on VNNf's "Free Talk Live"....she would have been "nuked" in less than five minutes!

    here's a coupla little sumthins that the ZOG nigger-luvvers don't want you knowing, white man!

    life in Sth Afreaka to-day!

    popular myths & myth-conceptions abt Dayid Irving....war criminal Winston Churchill, the drunken pschyopath, portrayed for the brain-dead sheeple as "a hero"..... prt i & prt ii !...enjoy!

  18. A divorce hearing isn't about guilt Blevins. There is no "guilty" plea.

    But after hearing the evidence from others that you abused drugs and abused your family, the judge agreed in your divorce settlement that you should have no contact with both your wife and your kids.

    So while you can say you were never convicted, the judge believed those things and ruled accordingly.

    And even if this didn't happen, what kind of a father would abandon his kids and move several states away?????

    And the only way you qualify to live under the "Roanoke at Home" project at that address is either you have to be a drug addict or mentally ill.

    And considering you wrote a letter to the Roanoke Times crying that your mental health benefits didn't cover eyeglasses.. And don't lie and you didn't write the letter, the very same day you wrote a letter complaining about the Roanoke police chief and it published in the same day!!!

    You are a sad excuse for a human being. I can assure that you have no dignity.

    It's a shame to see a person like you who has to lie about everything in his real life in order to be accepted on the web.

    BTW - I still think it's funny how you faked your own disappearance.... we do remember that whopper!!!!

  19. I forgot to add, that Blevins was thrown out of that halfway house for his emotional problems and slapped with a NO TRESPASS warning to boot because of it. It was posted right on the front door of that address. I'm sure OPP still has a picture of it.

    Real classy Blevins....

  20. You better know it, Schwartzo KIKE. Von is 1000 times more classy than your Nigger Loving self ever will be.

    And Schwartzo KIKE, you've got no room to call anyone a liar. You have yet to say a true thing about me, your Great Hero. What about those times that you said that you were going to have Von & I committed several yrs ago? That has yet to come about. You wouldn't know the truth if it bit you on your Faggot Ass.

  21. well Steve, that was before I knew you suffered from a brain condition that causes physical disabilities and mental retardation. As far as Blevins, he's been in the psych ward at least 7 times... and it could be more than that.

    Now ignoring that..... Here is a story that will you gloat over Steve.

    Firehouse noose incident in Baltimore was a hoax

    No, it wasn't a hoax, it's still a hate crime, just the person who did it was black. And he should be charged just as if a white man put up that noose there.

  22. You know, you'd have to be in coward's paradise to sit back, unexposed and toss rocks at Blevins. Frankly, I don't know why he comes on here to defend himself to you people. Mike, the reason these very self-rightous but very typical antis target you like they do is that you allow them to self-elect themselves to judge and jury. If Swartz were man enough, his life would be as out in the open as your's tends to be. So who cares? Out of all of them, DLJ is the only one who isn't a coward/traitor to his people. I guess it helps someone be more anti-white when it appears that a simple negro is the only one who actually believes in their cause and is willing to go out in public for it.

    For Swartz to go after you in a big way, he's got find someone to fight for him. This person has to be expendable and willing to commit illegal acts to get at you. He finds someone like this who can't be traced back to himself, then you might have some aggrivation on your hands. We know good and well that unless they take advantage of someone who is mentally ill (a name comes to mind) or fanatically loyal to the anti-white cause (and willing to work for Phantom Swartz), this won't get done.

    This is all an excuse for pious individuals to play internet games with someone's life and use their politics as an excuse. They have zero concept of honor or else they'd come out from behind their screens and go toe to toe with you. If I was one of them, I'd picket your home, in person, then follow you around town until I had the chance to corner you and...have a word with you. But hey, its the nature of their movement, they fight from behind misguided youth, the internet and the press (often even law enforcement). It makes sense since the jews fight from behind them. Just remember, if they've committed what Tom Metzger was accused of and lost his home for, 100 times over.

  23. Chris,

    you don't understand something. If I **WANTED** to shut down Blevins, I would do exactly what you just said. But I don't want to shut down Blevins for now.

    I view Blevins as an **ASSET**. He's always disrupting and starting fights on VNN, attacks other WN all the time, and makes himself & anything he is associated with look so stupid.

    Because of all of that, I want Blevins to continue to prance around as a WN. So that's why I allow him to remain on the internet.

    Now Chris, get back to kayaking.... something you are actually good at.

  24. Chris, you are absolutely right.

    Why continue to debate cowards? That is exactly what they are.

    You have been right about many things and I haven't listened to you in the past. I think I will take your advice concerning concerning these cowards.

    If they want "answers" or debate me they will either have to come on my show or meet me in person.

    Nuff Said.

  25. Schwartzo KIKE has always been a Pussy Coward.

  26. Actually, this has not been a good year for kayaking. Georgia and South Carolina has been plagued by drought. We hit the Ogeechee for a few days and wond up having to carry our boats for miles due to the water level. Nothing is worse than having a dead cell phone and being two-three hours late arriving at your pick up point. And guess where alligators hide when the water-level is really low? Its a trick question: they don't.

    On the way to the redneck shop this weekend, I was shocked to see Lake Greenwood nearly vanished. Sure it aggrivates me but think of all the people who have businesses that depend on the lakes. Well, at least the ocean never drys up.

    Enjoy your vacation and stay off the computer, Mike! Whenever you get back, we're going to try again to put you in a boat. There isn't enough water around here for you to drown in, thats for sure.

  27. Hey Drake you'd better put Mike in a big boat, otherwise his fat ass will sink it.

  28. Hey Fake Snake; tht Fucking comment was unnecessary. Oh I get it, you're showing those Faggot desires for Mike.

  29. Only homosexuals are totally obsessed about homosexual acts Steve. Von maybe trash Steve but at least (as far as we know) he doesn't try to have sex with children. Man that uncle of yours really messed you up, didn't he Steve? So tell me boy, at what point did you start enjoy him tapping your ass?

    And as long as we are totally off subject I would just like to point out that my Minnesota Vikings have the best running back in the league with AD who will be a shoe in for Rookie of the Year!

  30. Listen here Fake Snake, and you listen but good. You are to stop trying to involve me, your Greatest Hero into Faggotry. What part of me not ever being molested do you not Fucking understand? No Faggot ever touched my Great self. This is to be your last time of trying to involve me in Faggotry or you can have your Fucking Nigger Loving Ass stomped.

    Nobody is in the least bit worried about Yard Ape ball.

  31. I read they held some kayaking championships near Lake Murray earlier this year and released dam water making for a top class event. Drought is so bad I heard that gators are now in the Columbia canal where they usually never go that far upstream. Lake Murray is 6 feet below normal.

    Lake Greenwood is a nice area, nowhere near as known as the larger lakes in the state. I've heard of some people launching canoes at the dam there and paddling all the way to Lake Murray.

    BTW - you made sense on your posting over at VNN today.



    Thought you were a Lions fan? Well if you were, I don't blame you by the way the season has gone for them. Tonight though, my team is in action... The Baltimore Ravens and all 21 points underdog at home to the Patriots... If I were a betting man, I bet my house on the Patriots and give the 21. My brother will be in this company's skybox watching the game.

  32. So, your brother also gets off on watching Yard Apes.

  33. Adrian Peterson is absolutely incredible. If he can stay healthy for a few years, he will break all kinds of records.

  34. So what's the deal with the idiot and his uncle. His uncle molested him and he like it? What's the story?

  35. Hell Hammer, where you been? I thought everyone had heard that story by now. You see Stevo was 8 years old when his uncle John started “baby sitting” little Steve. Holstain was a fat assed kid even then, when Uncle John would have Stevo sit on his lap while uncle John would ram his greased up fuck stick in Stevo’s glory hole. The really funny thing about this Holsten tradition, Stevo started to like it! So he never told his fat ass mom and dad about uncle corn holing him. It wasn’t until the handy man, Leroy (a black man) caught Steve and Uncle John doing the nasty that the activity came to an end. Uncle John was sent to prison and latter killed himself when his fellow inmates started giving him a taste of what Stevo got. Steve blamed the handy man for breaking up his love fest. To this day Stevo hates black people. Poor Stevo he is one messed up SOB.

  36. Those refs in Baltimore probably will need police protection to make it to the airport tonight.

    What a game though!!! Where was this all year long Ravens??????

    P.S. - glad I don't bet real money on games, I'd be homeless tonight.

    Agree about Peterson but will he stay healthy? He didn't at Oklahoma....

    I'll have to catch coldshot on the mp3 side.

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. Schwartz, I followed the Lions when I lived in Michigan but my favorite team has always been the Vikings. I love betting on sports games, Schwartz it makes the games interesting but I never bet more than I can afford to lose.

    You are the liar Steve. You posted your homosexual images all over the 4chan and 7chan boards. Something isn't right with one man who is so obsessed with another man's penis.
    You threatening me gimp boy? Don't make me laugh :) Poor, poor Steve his racism doesn't allow him to enjoy sports.

    Admin, is that a true story or are you just taking poetic license? I always thought that there was more to Steve's story than he was telling. He mentions it too much to have it been stopped at the point that he says. I believe that Steve was tampered with. It is sad that it made him into such a total worthless shit.

    You might be right Nikki, AD needs to learn to avoid at least some contact.

  39. I thought Nikki would've cleaned the Shit & lies off about me. So I'll have to straighten out these Fucking lies with hard-hitting truth.

    To the Fake Nim Admin who wants to suck my Dick; your Great Hero doesn't an uncle named John. So your story about your Great Hero is ALL a big Fucking lie. Your Great Hero hates Nigger Savages, but it has nothing to do with Faggotry.

    To the Fake Snake who also wants to suck my Dick, I did not post Dick pics all over the Chan boards. I only posted ONE .gif to the Faggot DickHeads who were putting down Hal.

    You two FuckTards need to Fuck off and get back to doing what you two do best; sucking Nigger Dicks.

  40. Steve,

    You are a damn liar when it comes to posting the gay porn pictures all over 4chan and 7chan invasion forums. You did it and you knew those forums were mostly teenage boys.

    I realize that's the only way you can respond to anything, accuse everyone of being homosexual. You can't refute arguments any other way so you have to express your sexual frustrations instead.

    And you are showing your hypocrisy also, you've done your fair share of putting down "Hal" over the past week or two.

    But if you want to know why people attack you here, just look at the start of this thread, in particular post #2 where you started this whole thing.

    You are your own worst enemy Steve. I think personally, you enjoy the attention.

  41. Both my and Ticker's email addresses haven't changed. I've already sent the Boa's Pit with Steve to everyone who requested it, I'm sorry but I no longer have the Boa's Pit where I interviewed Lloyd. Lost it in a computer crash, sorry.


    I think you're right Harry, Holsten enjoys the abuse. Holsten changes his story too much not to be covering up something. Is he a Pedophile? Who really knows? Is he "one of the good people" (as he likes to say) I wouldn't consider him as such. At the very least he is a racist and a thief.

    In the end Holsten needs to face facts: He is obsessed with homosexuality. Most homophobes are closet homosexuals in denial.

    Belvins: I didn't really have anything to do with hacking your email, I was just jerking your chain.

  42. Listen here you Nigger Dick Sucking KIKE, I, your Great Hero said that I made the one post, and that is all. I don't give a Fuck who was there, and I'll give a Fuck less tomorrow. They sure didn't act like kids to me. Kids don't usually go around saying what was being said about Hal.

    Yes, I'm a little aggravated about Hal for now, but I'm not putting him down either.

    I have no sexual frustrations whatsoever. My good wife more than fulfills any need or desire that I have. Just because I can spot you Nigger Loving Faggots a mile away does NOT make me a Fucking Faggot too.

    I made my post in #2 because you had to get your Faggot story from a Faggot site. You admitted you were looking for Faggot related hate crime. Since I'm straight, I would avoid Faggot sites if I was looking for stories.

  43. The guy who posts homosexual pictures of another man's penis hundred's of time a day claims not to be a homosexual. ROFL!

  44. That's right, Fake Snake. I post to aggravate the Faggot Nim Busters, but that doesn't make me, your Great Hero a Fucking Faggot.

  45. Fuck you, KIKE. I enjoy Hal's shows. I especially like hearing his take on Nigger Savages and other Savage Shit skin Mongrels. I hate it that I won't be donating anymore to the good cause.

  46. You really must have a mind set of a 5 year old child Steve. Just listen to yourself. You sound just like a 5 year old child who can't watch the Wiggles anymore.

  47. I should add this after I read your VNN crybaby thread again. You complained for years about what we called Hal but yet you are now calling Hal a "jew".....

    Oh the hypocrisy!!!!!

    I realize you are incapable of learning anything but just like how Jim Jones lead his followers to drink the cool aid by telling them what they wanted to hear, Hal Turner did the same to you.....

  48. It's like this, KIKE. I won't be drinking any Kool-Aid unless I know where it came from and who made it.

    Hal is acting like a crooked Jew over this latest subscription thing, but I won't go around putting him down anymore than that. And yes the names you went around calling him and the lies you told on him did seriously piss me off.

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. What Holeswine means is: He wouldn't be drinking anything unless it cums out the end of Hal Turner's love muscle.

  51. Listen here, Hal Imposter who also wants to suck my Dick. Your Great Hero, which is me is NOT a Fucking Faggot and I do not partake in you & Schwartzo's Faggotry.

  52. Steve you are so clearing a fucking faggot that it isn't even up for discussion. Now run along and suck some Turner dick, little homo.

  53. You better pay very close attention, Hal Imposter. I am not a Fucking Faggot, I never have been and never will be. We know that you fantasize about me being with Faggots so you can watch, but your dream will never come true. You better stop and think who you're Fucking with as well. I can and will stomp your Pussified Ass.

  54. Oh lookie the gimp tries to be tough.
    I is so scared.......NOT. You'd better stick to stomping sperm cells in the shower, gimp.

  55. Fake Hal, you're to big of a FuckTard to know when to be scared. You'll be eating those words when I'm stomping your Pussy Faggot Ass.

  56. I have never understood why you let them bait you Steve. You only make any ass of yourself. Ignore them and they will go away.

  57. I have ignored them off & on since 2002.


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