Thursday, November 01, 2007

Tonight's Eye On Hate Radio Show Attacked

UPDATE: You can download the show here!

We started broadcasting at aprox. 9pm est. tonight Thursday Nov1 our shoutcast server seems to have been attacked with DOS as a result we were unable to broadcast live tonight.

Instead we ( Nikki, Crypto and Myself ) put togther a on-demand program.

Our first segiment tonight Is for Racist broadcastor Hal Turner and can be heard here in mp3 format, aprox 10 minutes long Eye On Hate responds to Racist Plea

We will be posting three segiments of tonight's show as we can.

Other segiments include chatting with Nikki and Crypto about Ron Paul and the court verdict in the Westboro Baptist Church.

Eye On Hate Radio

please repost

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  1. Hal Turner a hater? How about Abe Foxman? Now there's a hater.

    I don't agree with threats. So Floyd, how about getting yourself a gun. So you can blast anyone who threatens you.

    Because when the dark hordes breach your perimeter, you're gonna have to start blasting. That is if you want to live.

    Come home, Floyd.


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