Thursday, November 08, 2007

New Look, New Sound and Great News and Commentary on Eye On Hate Radio tonight at 9pm est.


Eye On Hate Radio for Nov. 8th
Tonight at 9pm est. tune in and listen to the latest news concerning racist activities in the US and Around the World.

Topics for tonight:

Neo Nazis on the March in Russia;

The Demise of Aryan Nations;

Why We Consider Ron Paul A Racist;

Did IBM Support Nazi Germany ?

plus Headlines in Hate

and your questions.

We will be joined by Crypto and Nikki Nichols.

Plus some brand new music, tonight we will feature music by:

Public Enemy - Fight the Power

System of the Down

Rage against Machine


We have clear up the tech problems (we hope) that we had last week.

To listen to tonight's program and view our new web look go to
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  1. Scapegoating? You should listen to my show tonight. It appears that Jewish bankers are behind the thefts of the Wanta funds...a scandal that perhaps will release the balloon everyone has been talking about for years.

  2. I see Blevins is spamming again.

    I thought you were leaving this forum forever. I wish you would keep your word for once.

  3. By the way, Blevins source is a site called The Spoof

    But why I am even trying to debate Blevins? He's mentally ill and can not accept facts and logic.

  4. Looks like he's taking lessons from Hal.

    Sorry one is listening to you or your King. All washed-up, has been, never was.

  5. Not a spoof. Drudge is talking about it too.

  6. Nikki,

    He spammed his show in here because VNN is having problems. But only a handful in VNN even bother giving Blevins any attention, they pretty much ignore him in order not to start a flame war over there.

    You know it's bad for Blevins when he is begging US to listen.

  7. Setting ideological differences aside momentarily, the new template looks sharp and appears innovative. I'm particularly intrigued by "The News In Hate" setup. Click on a category, and the headlines change right before my eyes. I've not seen it done that way before.

    Now, back to ideology. There's no way that Ron Paul can be considered racist. He has specifically renounced any formal ties with WN groups. He does not preach either racial nationalism or racial populism. The donation widgets placed on Stormfront were procured by Stormfront, not placed on there by the Ron Paul campaign. Obviously that new OPP "diva", Crypto, is corrupting you with her extremism.

  8. Thanks AA - I'm still working on it, but I was curious as to how others would like it. That news feed is pretty cool.

    As to your next observation - LOL! Yep, Crypto will be the ruination of me! She just gets me into hot water all over the place.

    Ya know - there are times when I kinda like you, all of the racist stuff aside. I particularly appreciate your humor.

    Ron Paul is a racist, a bigot, and anti-Semite, and a misogynist. He is also a Christian Fundamentalist - all things that I really don't like.

    Now...I'm not saying that he ascribes to neo-Nazism, or anything like that...but, consider his age...and consider some of the things that he has said. He would do nothing to assist this country out of the mess that it is in.

    He won't be supportive of civil a matter of fact, he has gotten pretty good at waltzing all around those issues. He wants a return to the Gold Standard which, for the life of me, I can't see happening in a global society.

    I agree with his stand on the war. I also like his rhetoric about smaller government and keeping government out of our personal lives. That doesn't make me want to vote for him, however.

    He comes from the Reagan and Goldwater camp - and that ought to be enough to scare the hell out of anyone with any sense.

    Right now he is playing his cards close to the vest - he wants the nomination and is savvy enough to realize that he has to present a more mainstream front in order to get there - Sort of like David Duke. But, it's all a facade.

    But then...that's politics.

    Also, I don't care who supports him - but...I do care that he hasn't answered questions about this and refuses to denounce racism and racist groups. I have not seen anything that says he has.

  9. "Ron Paul is a racist, a bigot, and anti-Semite, and a misogynist."--NN

    Nikki, how can you possibly say this? What positions has he taken to make you come to this conclusion.

    I wish your opining was true, but most in the mainstream would disagree with your assessment of RP. BTW-I am not a supporter of RP (not yet anyway).

    I think it is just a lame attempt to insert yourself into the national political debate.

    Anyway, your assertions make you look like more of a kook than even I thought.

  10. Michael - I KNOW you are NOT calling anyone a "kook." This is from a man who gives fashion advice to the down-and-out nutjobs on the racist right! This from a man who staged his own "disappearance" a few years back because he needed attention. This from a man who has been excoriated by his peers. This from a man who flip-flops around like a fish out of water 90% of the time and has absolutely no idea where he belongs.

    Michael - don't go there. You have been chewed up and spit out so many times that there is nothing of substance left. Get help.

  11. And don't forget Nikki, he's said he has left this forum at least a dozen times. If you throw in VNN and NIM Busters, it's about 50 times Blevins has said he was leaving forever.

    And thanks for reminding me that Blevins faked his own disappearance.

    In any case, Blevins keeps crying from attention from anyone and when he doesn't get it on VNN, he comes in here. He has to even bump his own threads on VNN, then begs Burks to bump them again.

    And have you noticed this about Blevins, he never does any activism in Sarasota at all. None.

  12. mr. schwartz said...
    "And have you noticed this about Blevins, he never does any activism in Sarasota at all. None."

    And that is truly interesting. Of course, there are a couple of newspaper reporters there that I know would love for him to become "active."


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