Thursday, November 29, 2007

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Special Guest DLJ from Ones Peoples Project (going to Roanoke)
Eye On Hate Radio's NewsFactiods,
Interview with Laurie from SOAR,
Anti Racist Activism (North New Jersey),
Answering Emails and Comments,
What's Happening In Arizona ?
Republican Debates and VonBluvin's Ballon.
Plus Much More.
Nikki from Citizens Against Hate will co-host
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  1. Watching the Republicans last night was enough to make me vomit.

    Especially when they were answering about how to reduce black crime.

    The quickest way to reduce black (and white) crime is to get rid of this bogus "war on drugs" nonsense. Have you noticed that when blacks get busted for drugs, they go to jail. However rich whites when they get busted for drugs... get to go to a country club rehab. That's bullshit.

    And one of the bozos said "we've got to restore the family unit", without giving a solution of course. The solution is simple, stop penalizing low income families for getting married. Then you'll see a rise in marriage and reduction in out of wedlock births.

    Then again, the Democrats aren't showing any ****'s either.

  2. Same here Harry, I wasnt sure if I wanted to throw up or laugh-infact I am going to spend a good deal of time tonight talking about them (republicans) - Floyd

  3. Mike Huckabee is the only good Publicaan if there is a such a thing.

  4. Steve,

    You're not a Ron Paul fan????

    If true, I'm surprised.

  5. I can't see voting for anyone but John McCain. He is the Republican's best and only chance of avoiding Hillary as our next president.

  6. I don't think Hillary makes it to the general election. Personally, I don't trust her because I also have no idea what she'll do.

    I can't see McCain winning, he looks tired and old... especially compared to Romney. That will affect voters. Romney himself has turned a 180 on views when he needs nationwide republican support.

    Right now, I don't know who to vote for either republican or democrats as far as president goes. I'm not closed minded to say that any democrat is better than any republican in the white house.

    The Democrats in congress haven't done jack, therefore, they should take my vote or any elses vote for granted.

    Maybe I'll vote for the real libertarian candidate and I don't mean Ron Paul.

    Of course, any candidate would have the nerve to force Blevins to work again instead of getting welfare checks would get my vote (grin)

  7. You hit the nail on the head there Schwartz. At least the fat gimp Pedo has an excuse for being lazy and living off the government dole. Though I hear that Vonnie lives with his fat wife in Florida, sponging off fat girls is his speciality. Or did she get enough of his shit already? I wonder if the daycare licensing committee for the state of Florida knows that she has a fat mental Nazi nutcase living with her?

  8. Yes, Fake Snake; the Schwartzo KIKE already tried to cause Von & his wife problems with her daycare. But thank God nothing ever became of it. The state investigated but found all to be Ok. Then the Faggot KIKE Schwartzo tried to Fuck with Von's neighbors over the Bullshit. Schwartzo KIKE had the Faggot hots for Von real bad while this was going on, and now you the fake Snake seem to have the Faggot desires for Von as well.

  9. 'Cochran': thnx for "filling us in" on your views concerning abortion!

    it is now obvious to the more discerning exactly who & what you are!

    i, for one, will remember that if our 'paths' ever happen to cross!

    (for the record: neither Bush nor any other 'Republican' will attempt to serious interfere with the current legal situation apropos 'aborion on demand' becaue those that "pull the stings" behind the scened want the status quo to remain as is!)

  10. Yea Steve nothing come of it..

    That's why

    1) They lost half their accounts when the story became public. That alone cost them money.

    2) Blevins resigned from the movement and pulled down his website for a months. (Blevins has only quit movements like 30 times since then also)

    3) Michael Blevins removed his name as his wife's "back up"

    4) Several major Sarasota media outlets have carried the story.

    5) I have **YET** to contact Blevins neighbors.

    6) Because of all of this and the fact that Blevins is a total coward, Blevins has yet to do one single bit of "activism" in Sarasota. Just like in Roanoke, all his activism is either behind a computer or attending a NSM rally 100's of miles away.

    7) It did seem really odd that Blevins faked his own disappearance right after Boa posted evidence that he was in or near Roanoke on business.

    However, I still have one more card to play in this which will effectively either shut down the daycare or get Michael Blevins thrown out of the house. When I decide to play this card is up to me unless someone else does it first.

    However since Blevins does much to make WN a joke... as well as make himself look like an ass all the time, I allow Blevins to remain on the web.


    One of several stories Notice how much of a coward Blevins was to discuss this political views when asked.

  11. You make sick, you Faggot looking Schwartzo KIKE. How dare you Fuck with the lives of fine outstanding people. I'd be glad for Mike & Bernie to watch my kids. At least they'd be around White Pride and reinforcing the ideas that we instill in them not to be race traitors & etc.

    From your posted link

    "After meeting with attorneys, officials did a special inspection Wednesday that included a rare visit from a supervisor. They reported the day care remains in compliance on every item checked, including gun safety, a background screening of family members, staff training and naming a backup for child care -- Michael Blevins."

    Sounds like and hopefully Mike is still a backup.

    You prove that you are Fucking KIKE Assed trash by even considering breaking up someone's marriage.

    You need your KIKE Ass stomped and stomped good, and KIKE, that day is coming. Mark my words, and take it to the bank.

  12. Nope Steve,

    Florida investigators didn't see Michael Blevins's divorces records or his mental health history through the Roanoke at Home program and Carlilion (spelling?) psych records. HIs mental illness records are supposed to be protected by HIPAA laws but that's easy to get around. Like if you are medical billing collector (grin).

    But they will one day.... however since Blevins does more good for my side than harm like disrupting VNN, I'll allow him to remain around on the web.


    And speaking of Blevins, someone who had full blown Blevinitis went nuts today in Rochester, NH.. exactly the same signs as Blevins... paranoia, schizophrenia, stalking, substance abuse, grandiose behavior, wrote letters to the editor crying about not getting benefits......

  13. Activists condemn day care in Sarasota home of supremacist
    Florida Times-Union (Jacksonville)/March 11, 2005

    Sarasota, Fla. -- Activists on Friday condemned a home day care center operated by the wife of white supremacist. A week ago Michael Herbert Blevins was listed in county inspection records as the substitute caregiver for the day care in his home, run by his wife of nine months, Bernadette.

    Blevins is a leader in the white supremacist movement and host of a nationally known Web site and Internet radio show.

    He has since been removed from the list and replaced with another substitute, county regulators said.

    Sarasota County officials, who regulate child-care homes, said they have no reason to close the day care, not having found any violations of health and safety regulations.

    But two of four children attending the day care were removed by their parents.

    On Monday, several Sarasota area minority groups, including African-Americans, Hispanics and Jews, will to meet to agree on a statement condemning Blevins' white supremacist stands.

  14. Thanks for reposting that article Nikki about the emotionally unstable Michael Blevins.

    Did you notice that while Blevins claims he is willing to die for his "race"... That he isn't even willing to admit his views to the local media... instead telling them "I have nothing to say"... And his wife, who is a neo-nazi also who used to post under the nickname of JerseyGirl, also turned into a coward when she had the chance to promote "nazism".

    Blevins is just a complete coward and almost everyone on VNN knows it. He's scared to death to do any "activism" in Sarasota.

    That's why it's important to keep Blevins around (and he's keeps us entertained) , he does more for our side than he does for the "nazi" side. If he actually does become relevant, he'll be neutralized again.

  15. Michael Belvins a "outstanding person?" No, I think not Mr. Holsten.

  16. Nikki, please delete the filth about my little 3 yr old son.

  17. Oh yes Hebrew Shit Knocker, Mike is a very good guy. He like me stands up for our White race.

    And Schwartzo KIKE as far as you go; you're proved multiple times that all you ever do is Shit and fall back in it.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. HOLESTAIN: I can pretty much speak up for 95% of the White Nationals when I say: YOU ARE NOT WHITE. You are a olive skinned hebee, a stinking mud.


    When the White Nationals rule the US, impure genetic stock like yourself will be thrown into the ovens. A real white man should beat you within an inch of your life for daring to call yourself white.

  20. Oh yes, your Great Hero is as White as it gets.

    Thank you for your deletion request! An automated confirmation email has been sent.

    All deletion requests are processed within 12-24 hours. Followup emails are not necessary.

    You have requested the following files to be deleted:

  21. Oh man Steve, you really showed Bill now. Retard, it takes you 24 hours to have it deleted it takes him 10 seconds to upload it. You lose again, Holeswine.

  22. I am sure I don't need to remind you that medical billing folk are not exempt from HIPAA regulations or the penalty for violating the law(not to mention other laws you would be in violation of).

    I am also sure that you are aware that obtaining and disclosing federally protected health information with the intent to sell, transfer or in your case to try to use it for malicious harm, carries a penalty up to $250,000 and up to 10 years in prison.

    You have alluded to doing this to other activist in the past--Hal Turner is one that comes to mind.

    I am not concerned personally with what you threaten me with(I am healthy). You have threatened to kill me at one point.

    I can promise you that if you keep this shit up I will have some friends locate where you work at in Maryland so we can inform your employer how you are abusing your position.

    If Nikki was smart she wouldn't allow you to continue to post threats of violating federal law.


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