Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turner's Ten Ways to get money from the Suckers in White Sheets and Brown Shirts

Over the years racist broadcastor Hal Turner has used a varity of ways to con his listeners out of thier money.

After listening to Turner's pitches, we thought of this

Turner's Ten Ways "How to live-off and con your internet listeners" also known as
Turner's "Ten Ways to get money from the suckers in White Sheets and Brown Shirts.

Note - this is a parody - no one here at Eye On Hate Radio is laughing at racism and hatred.

Take A Listen:
How It Pays to be a Bigot


  1. I'm glad Hal took my advice (using another identity) by taking his site private. That means innocents won't be able to hear it anymore.

    Yea, I know, he'll give up on it in a few weeks. But until then, no one can accidentally run across his site.

    Thus Hal has been silenced except for a few chosen.

    That's good. I hope Hal keeps up the "subscription" service for as long as possible.

  2. Why can't I stomp your Nigger Loving Faggot Ass? I don't normally wish bad on people, but it would be almost funny to see you swingin' from a Hal Turner noose.

  3. Steve asked:

    Why can't I stomp your Nigger Loving Faggot Ass?

    Answer: Because you aren't capable of it, that's why.

    Steve, you really have to get a grip on your self-hatred of homosexuals. That's the only reason why you hate them. And remember, Jesus looks upon you just like he does with all homosexuals.

  4. Oh my, some fool actually takes Hal Turner seriously? How stupid is this guy, oh goy!?

  5. Hey KIKE Schwartzo, your Great Hero is still NOT a Faggot. And remember I hate Faggots like you because God said in the Bible that Faggotry is an abonination in his eyes. You can't twist it any other way Faggot.

    And yes, I'm fully capable of kicking your scrawny puny efeminate Ass any day of the week.

    This Hebrew Hammer should rename himself the Hebrew Hummer since he sounds like he has a big Nigger Dick shoverd up his Ass. Schwartzo KIKE will be jealous.

  6. God says all sin is an abomination in his eyes. Therefore God equates Steve with the homosexuals.

    But we all know the reason why Steve loves to post homosexual porn all over the web..... Steve is trying to promote it and loves doing it. I wonder how many hours Steve goes around surfing gay porn sites to share it on the web with others?

    Like I said, Steve hates blacks out of jealousy and hates gays out of self-hatred. It's obvious Steve doesn't follow the Bible himself.

  7. God turned a city into stone & salt over Faggotry. I never surf Faggot sites. I only post the Dick pics on Nimbusters to spite those Nigger Loving Faggots like you. I don't hate gay happy people, but I do hate Sodomite Faggots like you.

    I don't hate the few good blacks in this world. I do hate the savage Nigger Beasts who bring harm to Whites.

  8. I guess Hal had decided to screw me.

    I have come to the conclusion that my money must not be green enough for Hal. I sent in $10 earlier this year when he was going to go subscription. He told me in an email that the funds would still be good when he got the bugs worked out. Now he won't answer my emails to get my logon info. I was going to use this for two months and the pay a year in advance in January when I get the tax refund, but as I say my money must not be good. I hate to air this here, but what is a man to do?

  9. We've told you for years what Hal Turner really thinks about you Steve. In private he calls you a "worthless child molster". Yelp, sounds like Hal has you down pretty damn good.

  10. You know Nigger Dick Sucker; Hal may say & do that. But I can proudly hold my head high and say that I your Great Hero am NOT a child molestor.

  11. Steve,

    You need to read up on your Bible, Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed for all sorts of sin worse than homosexuality.

    God also talks a lot more about your adultery and your perversions than it does about homosexuality. However, you should not take this that God hates you more than gays. God loves homosexuals as much as everyone else.

    And as far as Hal Turner ripping you off Steve, don't worry, in a few weeks, his site will be free again.

  12. Schwartz,

    Know anything about THIS?

    I would hate to think you had anything to do with hacking into my personal emails.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I did it you worthless fat sponge. Now whine about it some more so we can laugh at your stupid fat ass.



  15. I wonder if it ever sinks into that dim brain of Steve's that no one believes his story about not being a molester. Billy Bumps is supposed to do a radio address about fake WN child molesters who escape justice in Missouri. I guess that means the Pedo's son got away too.

  16. "I did it you worthless fat sponge. Now whine about it some more so we can laugh at your stupid fat ass.



    Prove it. Post some of the emails.

  17. That isn't the real Big Boa. He never acted that childish & stupid. It's a Loser who rides the coat tails of others who don't have the balls to admit who they really are.

    I don't know what this "Howlin Hal" big problem is besides having a Faggot sexual hangup about Hal. I said all along that my son's case would be made right in court. Looks like these turds would realize that I don't have to spread lies. Billy Bumps scares me about like Schwartzo KIKE and JohnnyBQueer

  18. Well, hacking my email isn't going to stop me.

    Guarantee you if someone in our camp did it to one of them there would be howls and screams.

    I am sure law enforcement would be there johnny-on-the-spot as well.

    Not whining...comes with the territory.

  19. How you figure it was made right? He is still a convicted child molester. That is right to you?

  20. DickHead, you better look at He was ONLY convicted of Attempted Burglury.

    I'm just about tired of your Fucking Lies. I can & will stmp your aggot Ass.

  21. Holsten: Stop thinking you have a brain. I am the original and only Boa and you sir are an idiot.

    So your son is a molester as well, Interesting. If you wouldn't run your trap, everyone wouldn't know how stupid you are, Steve. My advice is that you keep your trap shut.

  22. Fuck Face, If it's really you then put up a short "Boa's Pit" and prove it. Otherwise shut the Fuck up. If this is you; then you're as fickle as a teen girl. You made up your mind before that I was not a Pedo.

  23. Howlin Hal The Faggot, you sure got quite.

  24. Why don't you just shut your trap Holsten? Every time you post you show your stupid ass...and your homosexuality. I guess you just loved it when your uncle was molesting you,
    eh Pedo?

  25. Sorry Pedo I've been busy writing violent convicts and giving them your home address.

  26. Why don't you shut me up, Faggot Fake Snake? Oh, that's right; you're a Fucking Pussy who thrives on the coat tails of others. Your Great Hero has no Faggotry.

    So Howlin' Hal the Faggot who has the hots for Hal; sounds like you want convicts to come to your home to make you their little whiny Bitch.

    You two redneck Pussy Punks need to learn real quick that you don't scare me. As usual, all you whiny Punks will ever do is Shit and fall back in it. I enjoy these verbal Bitch slappings that I give you Faggots.

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. "Verbal bitch slappings?" Give it up Holsten you get your ass kicked all over this blog. You post the same old tired thing time and time again and some how imagine you are coming out on top. Everyone else is laughing at always.

    The funniest thing is when you either deny being a homosexual or try an tell us about your

  29. I've always found it odd that Steve hates blacks when it was a white man who tried to molest him as a child.


    stop using hitler1488 as a password and people will stop hacking your accounts. How stupid could you possibly be???? And why are you always crying about something? Always whining and crying...

    It's always "i've been hacked", "the jews did it", or you crying to the Roanoke Times about the government not paying for your eyeglasses while living a halfway house for the mentally ill.

    Why don't you be a man for once in your life?

    Now go cry some more Blevins.... But I allow you remain around because it is entertaining to watch.

  30. Because, Mr. Schwartz Vonnie is not a man, he is a crying little bitch. Hey Von, I'll be happy to adjust the sites on your .22 and give you some viable .22 hollow points if you want to finish the "job".

  31. Yes Fake Admin, I can understand me your Greatest Hero causing you to laugh. It's not hard to entertain FuckTards like you. You know that I am not and never have been into your Faggotry.

    Mr KIKE Schwartzo, I don't hate the very few good Blacks. I hate the Black Savage Beasts who commit most of the crime. Why do you keep bringing up the time the Faggot TRIED to Fuck with me? Oh yeah, it's because you must fantasize about molesting little boys. And KIKE, you don't have the power to decide who stays and who doesn't. So, you are once again showing your Faggot desires for Von.

    And now for the Fake Snake Wannabee; You need address Schwarto as the KIKE the nasty swine is.

    The best thing you 3 Faggot Looking Turds can do is shut the Fuck NOW!

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Schwartz, It was a 15 digit password.

    I am not making a threat (unlike you have in the past) but I should remind you what one of my pastor friends use to say:

    "There is a payday someday."

  34. Steve, I think you are right--that isn't the real Boa, but if it is all I can say is he shouldn't be using his resources from his government job to harass individuals on the net he doesn't like.

  35. Think what you want Vonnie but I am the real thing. Real enough to kick your fat lazy fat girl lovin' ass.

    Holsten is a pedo, his son is a pedo and I could care less what he has to say. He is a joke, like most supposed white nationals (though have you looked at Holsten lately, with his Olive skin, I doubt you'd call him white....Bill doesn't). Bill White calls Steve Holsten a "White Wannabe", for once I agree with Bill.

  36. If that really is you; what made you flip-flop? You said on your show that I was NOT a Pedo. And yes, your Great Hero is White.

  37. Nah, that isn't the real Boa.

    Pretty sure of that.

    That poster is a fraud just like most of what you find here.

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. I'll admit after the lies you told on Boa's Pit I believed in you Steve. I thought you were just a simple man who was being taken for a Nimbuster ride because you couldn't control your temper. Now since your son's arrest I know this is not true. I believe about 85% of what Schwartz says about you. Though much of it is conjecture, it fits.

    You are a sick man Steve. You not only are a molester (in your heart if nowhere else) but you fail to teach your children right from wrong. To make matters worse you teach your sick value system to your kids. You are a very sad man, Steve.

    Vonnie you shouldn't trying thinking it is not your forte'. I could careless who you think I am. Your opinion means nothing to me.

  40. Oh this is off topic, sorry Nikki but anyone can vote in my Nimbuster of the Year Polls. Vonnie is up for Cocksucker of the Year.

  41. Vonbluvens,

    How's Doc doing these days since his "beating" from "skinheads" in Knoxville a few months ago????

    If that beating was true (which I doubt), remember who your real worst enemy is Blevins.... and it's not the jews...

    And speaking of you, I need a good laugh, tell me once again, how that guy on his deathbed named you Vonbluvens and told you to conquer the world for the white race.

  42. Boa,

    I've always said that Steve was a pedophile and is sexually attracted to underaged children.

    However, I've never had proof that Steve actually touched a child. But for most of Steve's life, he's done his best to be around children in a position of trust like most pedophiles. He was a part-time school bus driver for years and attempted to become a juvenile police officer (which would give him a real position of trust with children, thank god, he failed to become one). All of course while Steve was drawing a disability check for his mental & physical disability.

    To me, Steve is dangerous. I would not be one bit suprised if there are victims of Steve in Holcomb, Kennett, or Piggott.

  43. Well the truth came out tonight. This is NOT the real Boa. The real Boa has nothing to do with this Nimbusters board. He said it is a fake and he'll never post on it. He is only to be believed if he posts a short Boa's Pit on Shoutcast to vindecate himself. Otherwise, he needs to shut the Fuck up for good using Boa's name.

    That's right Schartzo KIKE; you know there is no proof that I'm a Pedo because I am not one. Why don't you leave me as a Pervert like you said a couple of years ago and move on.

  44. Steve, I suggest you read your Bible tonight to find out what God has to say about perverts. Hint: it's worse than what he/she says about homosexuals.

    Now back to something more serious, Ron Paul actually makes some sense, read the first three questions here

  45. I believe that the bible speaks of Faggot perversions.

  46. This Boa Impostor seems to be the same one who Impostored Lloyd a few months back.

  47. Mr. Schwartz: A friend of mine who is a police officer (with access to the NCIC) told me that Steve was arrested for something similar in Kennett over ten years ago. He was arrested for "exposing himself" to a minor (which at that time was a not a felony). Steve played the gimp card and was allowed to plea to a reduced charge. I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't a "brother-in-law" deal. Holsten has lived in Kennett all his miserable life, I rather think he is protected by the system.

    There is just too much smoke around Holsten for there not to be a fire. Steve always has a story to go along with his dishonorable and sick actions. His extortion of money from a check cashing establishment (Delta Check) or his out right thievery of DirecTV are good examples. Holsten is a liar and a thief and everything he says should be viewed from this perspective.

    Holsten: What the hell are you talking about, son? I impersonate Lloyd? Lloyd impersonated me. He stole my show ideas then called it "On The Domestic Front" or some such crap for years. You need to pull your head out of your incredibly fat ass, boy. As usual you have no clue as to what you are running your head about. True I've rejected Nimbusters for years but that has more to do with my disagreements with the Admin who is a closet Nazi.

    Mr. Schwartz: Doc is a bigger criminal than petty criminal Michael Herbert Blevins, who appallingly is only a woman beater and a drug abuser (at least that we know of). Doc is wanted in two states. I've got a few irons in the fire right now but I plan to do a Boa's Pit in the near future (maybe after the first of the year). Wouldn't mind interviewing you. I have been talking with getting Mathew Ramsey for an interview concerning Mike Burks (VonWelfare's new buddy) whom he claims is a bigger child molester than even Holsten and his views on William White the NSM and some shocking information on Jeff Schoep (I don't want to let the cat out of the bag but it involves allegations of homosexuality). I think it is possible that Bill White went to Mexico to have Vonbluven's head surgically removed from his ass. Other topics: Hal Turner is nothing but Mona Montgomery's mouth piece. Mona completely controls Hal's deeds and actions. Hal doesn't make diddly squat from idiot donors like Holsten but is supported by Mona
    (I got it straight from the Cash Cow's mouth now I'm attempting to document it). I strongly believe that there is a sexual relationship as well.

  48. Yep, the fake snake has been outed and he's a hissin' and pissin' at the world. He's even resorting to lying now because me, his Greatest Hero has never been arrested for anything. And, the fake snake Fucker can't prove me wrong.

  49. shit-4-brainz 'schwartz': "Steve, I suggest you read your Bible tonight to find out what God has to say about perverts. Hint: it's worse than what he/she says about homosexual"

    i gotz a better idea: WTF dontcha all read The Talmud & see WTF jews hafta say abt "having it off" with three-year-old girls & seven-year-old boys, eh?

    trust a POS kike like schwartz to call "God" a "she"!....but: those 'in the know' know that jewz don't believe in "God" any-way; the jews' "gods" are, first, them-selves and, then, gold!...old Julius Streicher had you fckn vermin 'nailed' long ago!

    mean-while, FUCK-tard "rev.bigboa@" chucks around the label "child molester" like so mmcuh fckn confetti!....WTF dontcha go 'check out' yr nearest infestation of jewz & niggaz?...they're nearly ALL fckn child molesters!

    *try yr local synagogue of Satan....thatz where most "kiddie-snuff" child porn' is made....!....*

    (ohh...thass-right...yr probably a fckn jew yr-self right?....IWC: you'd be an "odds-on favourite" to be a kid-FUCKER to boot, right, cunt?)

  50. Boa, I do volunteer work for an organization that keeps track of people like Hal Turner. (I’d rather not mention the name here, not into name dropping) I would very much like to talk to you about Mona Montgomery. What is your email address? I think that most likely you are right about Mona giving money to Hal, “Cash Cow,” I like that but let's just shorten it to "Cow". She reportedly told people before the Kingston rally that she “owned” Hal Turner.

    I doubt you’ll find a paper trail on Mona leading to Hal. Mona is a successful Probate Attorney from Glendale, CA. I doubt you’ll find anything on her, the only reason she let her guard down at the rally was because she’d had a few drinks. Does she support Hal? Most likely, Hal was widely unsuccessful before Mona came along, checking himself in and out of Drug Treatment Facilities. He filed for Bankruptcy in 2001 (I believe) with a ton of bills including 15,000 worth of student loans dating back to 1980-84. Now he has no job yet drives a Lexus. Hal didn’t hate Jewish people until Mona starting backing him (Mona reportedly hates Jews with a passion) in fact he was Murray Sabrin’s campaign manager (Murray is Jewish).

    If we could embarrass Mona concerning Hal I am sure she would drop him like the turd he is but I doubt Mona is going to leave any smoking guns around (can someone send me the link to the speech she made at Kingston or the transcript?). She is crazy as a bed bug but not stupid. Mona is just the tip of the ice berg; there is someone who donates money to WN hate groups under others name. We know it’s being done but no idea who is really donating the money.

  51. Well, well, the one with the Bouncing Turd Avatar proves once again that he wants to suck Hal's peter. Once again, all you and the fake Boa are going to do is Shit and fall back in it. I proved last night that this is not the real Boa.

    So, the best thing you can do Bouncing Turd is shut the Fuck up.

  52. Boa, you are a lying son of a bitch.

    When have I ever been arrested for abusing drugs?

    I do know everything I have EVER been formally charged with the result has always been the same: THE CHARGES DISMISSED/INNOCENT.

  53. Question to Boa:

    Is it legal for an individual employee to use government resources to investigate someone they don't like or an internet feud? Remember how much trouble the ADL got into for illegally using police files of their opponents? I think they got slapped with an 11 million dollar judgement on that one, and I think what you are doing here is no different. (Of course you are lying concerning me). Did you use government resources in hacking my personal emails?

    I wonder if you still work at the Federal building in Detroit.

  54. Steve, the only thing you've ever proven is that you are a child molesting pedo who needs to shut their pie hole.

    You've never been right about anything. You go on and on about things you know nothing about. The sooner you realize that you are a total idiot the better off you'll be.

    Is Boa the real one? I don't really know but I'll tell you this if you go back and listen to the old versions of Boa's Pit then the versions of the fake Lloyd and the fake VonBluvens sure sounds like the same guy to me.

  55. Blevins: Don't even try to take the high ground. You are a mentally unstable fat man. In the past you've threatened my family. Your domestic abuse charges were dismissed because the witnesses failed to appear in court not because you were innocent of the charges. Oh and VonJewvians? My private life is of no concern to you.

    Holsten: You stated to me that you believe the age of consent should be lowered to 14. You whined that young men didn't realize that they could get in trouble messing around with underaged girls. Then years later you own son is arrested for the very same crime. Did he not know that it was illegal? I think not, he was just following in the foot steps of dear old dad, the child molester. The same pedo who let his daughter dated a twenty year old man. STEVE HOLSTEN YOU ARE A PEDO.

  56. P.S. Holsten, I never said you were not a Pedo. I said you planted a seed of doubt in my mind. I no longer have that seed of doubt. Your son's arrest and your lying concerning his arrest convinced me otherwise.

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. Boa,

    Don't forget that a judge in Roanoke County Virginia ruled that Blevins drug use and abusive behavior toward his children and ex-wife was so bad, that he ordered him never to have unsupervised visits with his children. Witnesses even testified against Blevins showing his pattern of abusive behavior.

    It was this behavior that landed him with at least 7 short-term stays in the psych ward and him being assigned to a halfway house that Bill White describes as being full of drug addicts.

    However, Blevins doesn't have to pay child support because his Social Security mental disability check pays his children around $450 a month.

    I suspect Blevins headache problems that he keeps crying about comes from him abusing illegal substances in the past.

    The real question is... Does Florida child care know about Blevins history with his own family in Virginia?????? They don't... at least for now.....

  59. Of course everything you have said is a lie.

    Keep on opining.

  60. Sure it is Blevins.... Maybe you have forgotten.....

    Roanoke County Circuit Court

    (names of Mike's ex-wife and children protected, I won't post them)

    Defendant: Blevins, Michael Herbert
    Attorney: SMALL, MARC JAMES

    Trial Judge With Witnesses
    Final Order Date: 01/12/95

    Present Decree And/Or Order:
    Defendant is to have no contact with Plaintiff or family.


    Then there's the 2nd divorce case where Blevins didn't even bother with a lawyer and ended up at the halfway house for drug addicts and the mentally ill under the supervision of the Roanoke at Home project.

  61. pmohThe KIKE Schwarzo can't give all those details because he doesn't have them. Von said it's a lie and that should be good enough for anyone. If Schwartzo's lips are moving then the stupid Son-Of-A-Bitch is lying.

  62. You're really funny Pedo, except for you Blevins is the biggest liar here. Both of you lie to yourselves. Vonnie is nothing but a parasitic woman abusing sponge who supports himself by living off others. Everything Mr. Schwartz has posted about him comes straight from the court records.

  63. raoul, I believe I can locate a copy of that speech by Mona - it was the Jews Ate Jesus speech. Shortly after that, she got hysterical over in the comments section on Hal's site. That was when he claimed that he had fallen and couldn't get up - laid in below zero temperature for hours.

    Mona might be a cash cow for Hal - but I don't think the money being funneled through false names is from her. She is a real piece of work.

  64. That is an actual distortion of facts. I have visitation rights with my children.

    I was never ordered to LIVE anywhere. I chose to live in the ghetto because of my financial circumstances.

    I would also like to say that I finally found the love of my life and have a wonderful relationship.

    Boa also said I was charged with drug abuse--WHERE? Produce the fucking proof!!!!

    People can accuse/charge people all day long. it doesn't matter what is alleged in court or what someone is charged with...what counts is the final adjudication of said cases. Was "I" found guilty of anything? The answer is simply NO.

    Anyone that says I abuse drugs I should hope would be able to prove it.

    Anyone alleging that I am a woman beater should be able to prove that I was convicted of such a charge.

    Otherwise you really should shut the fuck up about it.

  65. Thank you Nikki, I would very much like that speech. Most of what I know about Mona is second hand. I didn't mean to suggest that she was the individual/individuals who are donating money in others names. To tell the truth I can't even say for sure there is such an individual but we suspect it rather strongly.

    The rumor we get from people who were at the Kingston Rally was that Mona had a few drinks and got very loose with the tongue. Calling Little Harold a "little bastard" and saying she "owned him". She also said he was her "tool" against the Jew Controled Media.

    I can also tell you that Mona calls
    Little Harold from her cell phone an average of three times per week and twice that much directly before and after the Kingston rally. The day before Knoxville Rally they talked ten times with an average talk time of 15 minutes. Now before
    the WN's start yelling fowl and government abuse I assure you that you can find out all this information quite legally on certain web sites.

  66. This comment has been removed by the author.

  67. It's a sight how you Nigger Lovers will lie on good WN. The Bouncing Turd hasn't a clue about what the Fuck he's talking about, but he'll still lie on and about Hal.

    The fake snake has always lied just as bad as the Schwartzo KIKE

  68. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  69. Steve Holsten: Reverend Boa, Ms. Nikki, Mr. Xemblinosky, and Mr. Schwartz post well thought out informative posts while you post nothing but crap, repetitive crap, and more crap. It is very clear to me that you belong in the slow learner and retarded class, should ride the short bus to school, and shouldn't open your mouth while your betters are discussing important issues that are beyond your merger cognitive abilities. In the vernacular: Shut your trap, dumb ass (using smaller words that you have a better chance of understanding).

    Nikki, I would very much like to see that Mona M. speech as well. As I understand it she is accusing Jewish people of cannibalism. She is a misguided and evil woman. If Hal Turner is letting someone like her "own" him then I am going to laugh my Judenhut off.

  70. A Kike writes: As I understand it she is accusing Jewish people of cannibalism

    don't youse?

    what abt jewish ritual killing?

    (too well documented to even bother refuting)

    don't jews own/operate most of the abortion factories that have murdered almost 100million white babies in the last thirty years or so?

    what happens to their corpses?

    it'd be a good jew joke on us stoopid goys to re-cycle them as sausages and ham-burgers, right?...or mix them in with various other packaged foods...since most of the biggest manufacturers of such(viz: Heinz & Kraft) are controlled by kikes too....which reminds me: every-time i'v seen a jew shopping @ the local super-market, they took a very long time to purchase a few groceries....were they just being stingy or are they care-fully scrutinising the contents of each can & jar?

  71. Hebrew Hammer Turd, I am your better and don't ever forget it.

  72. Hey, HH is funny. I think I like him.
    "Dumbo" is a total clueless fuck.

  73. I haven't heard back on the tape of the speech yet - but here is something that I wrote right after with a post from Mona that was on VNN.

    The Mystery of Christ Is Solved
    Photo by Isis
    Kingston, New York may get back to normal now that the Nazi flurry has past. Yet, the debate continues. And in the wake of the happenings of last weekend, we are left to ponder what really did take place. Perhaps one of the strangest moments of that one-hour non-event was when Glendale, California attorney Mona Montgomery spoke to the crowd.

    The demonstration had been called a rally against violence and was meant to give the Nazi's a platform on which they could rant against black on white crime. Tensions were high in the city as Hal Turner went on and on about a young white boy who was beaten up by a black kid. Blaming the local law-enforcement for not calling the incident a hate crime and attempting to shame the few local residents for what he considered their apathy about the whole affair, he then turned the microphone over to a woman by the name of Mona Montgomery.

    Ms. Montgomery swiftly changed the tone and the subject. Screeching her message of anti-Semistism and Holocaust denial, Montgomery's presentation had nothing to do with the stated message of the rally. It has since come to light that Montgomery, who really is a minor player in the movement, may have some deep pockets and according to those on the inside she funnels a lot of cash to Hal Turner.

    Understanding that, we could then understand why Turner felt obligated to give her a forum. What we couldn't understand is why she chose the subject matter. Then we were told that she truly is a one-trick-pony whose only objective in life is to prove that the Holocaust never happened. While her speech was absolutely off topic and delivered in an almost comical manner, I guess we should be thankful that she didn't take off on her latest endeavor - proving that the Jews ate Christ.

    That's right - I didn't stutter or mistype anything. This woman has proffered the message that the Jews actually dined on Jesus. Now, I have been around the block a time or two and I have heard some pretty outlandish things, but this is right up there at the top of my bodacious list! Shortly after the Kinston event as everyone was trying to figure out who this screeching woman was, she graced the VNN forum with the following post:


    "Jews sacrificed their own children on altars to Molech. There are many reports chronicled by Catholic monks over the last two millinea of little white children found sacrificed on Judenstein (Jewish stones) in the Black forest. The Jews eat their sacrificial victims to this day (mostly chickens). It is my personal belief that they ate Jesus. I base this belief on the following facts: (1) Jesus went into the temple and scouraged the Jews for selling sacrificial animals in the temple. (2) Jesus was crucified within days after scourging the Jews in the temple. (3) Jesus was crucified on Passover (the day the Jews sacrifice their animals. (4) Jesus' body was taken off the cross at 3:00 p.m. (the exact time the Jews hold their "slaughter sessions" on Passover. (5) Jesus' body mysteriously disappeared. CONCLUSION: The Jews ate Jesus!"

    Parents! Do you know where your children are???

    God I love my job!!!!

  74. nikki fck-nutz shrieks: This woman has proffered the message that the Jews actually dined on Jesus. Now, I have been around the block a time or two and I have heard some pretty outlandish things but this is right up there at the top of my bodacious list!

    how the HELL would u know, u retarded twat?

    were you THERE?

    are you an expert in first century history?....with access to extensive & detailed archives?

    then: STFU, bitch!

    (*admittedly: that's the first time i'v ever heard such an explanation for what happened to Jesus post-mortem but, in the light of jews' behaviour over the centuries, which could best be described as "diabolical", i wouldn't doubt it as a distinct possibility.....also: it could well be another piece of evidence to support the assertion that Jesus Christ WAS NOT a JEW!)


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