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Are we judged by the compay we keep? Do birds of a feather really flock together? Within the realm of the White Nationalist Movement lurks "just a little circle of friends" who when we really look at who they are and how they are connected might very well expose the underbelly of that movement that no one wants to admit - especially those who share the ideological bent of white supremacy. From David Duke to John Nugent - connect the dots. The expose will arrive on March 27th.


  1. Nikki had to take down the DeNugget posts, the lies were catching up to her and that stupid fucking drunk Floyd.

  2. I did not take them down, Hooch.

  3. That wasn't me Nikki. A Hooch impersonator.

    I did have the first posting in that thread though and the impersonators statement makes me wonder what responses I had to that posting that demanded the end of the criminal activity on your site.

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  5. Blevins will never change anything. He is still the same racist piece of trash that he has always been, coward, snitch, and idiot. The only thing that has changed is that he is off his medication. He is trying to use reverse psychology on the Nimbusters, little realizing that it won't work because most of us are a lot smarter than he. That is your biggest problem Mike, your failure to realize you are a lot stupider than everyone else. Shalom, bitch.

  6. """your failure to realize you are a lot stupider than everyone else. Shalom, bitch."""

    Sorry but I am some other guy that is "stupider" just like Belvins but I am not Belvins. I guess I am one of the "stupider" people who ever got their MBA.

    Nikki can put this on her blog and track my IP addresses time from the excel spread sheet of Ip's they will give her and cross reference it to the time I posted. Then she will have confirmed my IP.

    Then she can go here and see where that IP is coming from. She will see that it is Roanoke Va. I will not use a proxy that redirects through China so she will be able to see my exact location and confirm that it is where Bill used to live. We all know Belvins does not live in Roanoke.

  7. You are Blevins. You have no MBA. You should shut up while you are ahead.

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  12. """A Real White Man said...You are Blevins. You have no MBA. You should shut up while you are ahead."""

    Yea, you're right, I am Belvins. Please direct all of the Nimbusters murder attempts towards me and you will be getting the right guy. Sorry I lied to you guys about that.

  13. Hey Hooch - I took down the nugent posting - why don't you come say these things to my face - I live in renovo,pa - bring a bigger gun with ya than I carry - you might need it

  14. Ok, I don't mind ordering you to your face to immediately end your criminal activity. What is your address, you are pretty close.

  15. John De Nugent with one phone call scares drunkard bastard Floyd Cochran to hell!!!!!!!!!!1

  16. I doubt that Floyd was scared by a word from Nugent.

    Looks like Floyd has other issues to take care of.

    It takes an iron stomach to deal with this muck, and not everyone is cut out for it.

    Good luck Floyd, we wish you well.

  17. 139 5th street renovo,pa

  18. On a lighter note The House passed a bill March 19th which includes disturbing language indicating young people will be forced to undertake mandatory national service programs as fears about President Barack Obama’s promised “civilian national security force” intensify.

    The Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act, known as the GIVE Act, was passed March 19th, 2009 by a 321-105 margin and now goes to the Senate.

  19. Okay - deNugent hasn't "scared" anyone. He's another whacko out of the bowels of the movement. He didn't "scare" Floyd and he damned sure doesn't "scare" me. More to come soon...

  20. """Anonymous said...139 5th street renovo,pa"""

    Big mouth for a fudgepacker. That address is to a beauty salon that serves homosexuals called "Salon Impressions". So that is your home, huh?

    You little sissy.

    """The Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act, known as the GIVE Act, was passed March 19th, 2009 by a 321-105 margin and now goes to the Senate."""

    The New World Order requires the GIVE act.

    New World Order Education Here (some of it is legit, some crap)

    Give Act:
    "volunteer corps....a.... mandatory service requirement for all able young people"

    So how exactly is volunteer and mandatory both being used as an explanation. Is the word volunteer being used simply as a lie to lessen the blow? Mandatory only means one thing.

    The legislation also refers to "uniforms" that would be worn by the "volunteers" and the "need" for a "public service academy, a 4-year institution" to "focus on training" future "public sector leaders." The training, apparently, would occur at "campuses."

    "funded with an allocation of $6 billion over the next five years, according to the Congressional Budget Office."

    For those of you libs who were laughing at someone in a previous thread about the fact that Obama is setting up his own private army, you may want to look at this.

    Things are starting to become very clear

    "Many, however, are raising concerns that the program, which is intended to include 250,000 "volunteers," is the beginning of what President Obama called his "National Civilian Security Force" in a a speech last year in which he urged creating an organization as big and well-funded as the U.S. military. He has declined since then to elaborate."

    The Canada Free Press says, "It becomes forced labor and like the practice of another era, presses American citizens of all ages and creeds, unknowingly into military service,"

    The requirement will be 3-4 years of domestic military service

    This is the bill for you radical leftists that think I am lying.

    Here is where you can see if your house member voted for this communist bill. Mine didn't.

    Here is where you contact your Senators and tell them you promise if they act against the Will of the People and vote for this you will vote them out next election and actively work on pressing criminal charges for treason which is punishable by death.

    These radical comunist ideas of Obama are moving way too fast to even keep up with them all. Obama himself has never even read the bailout. I would be willing to bet that not a single politician has read all it yet.

    No politician should vote for anything they don't fully understand. They have been shoving this shit down our throats so fast I simply can't keep up.

    Obama has given this whole project to his wife to run, as if anyone hired her.

    This bill is for every person in the country, not just kids.

    In the Soviet Union when this was done the children were taught to turn in their parents, In Germany when this was done the children were taught to turn in their parents. What do you think the government will teach our kids?

    I personally will not serve under Obama. When they approach me and tell me I have to volunteer for my mandatory service my guns will be blazing. I will die FREE, not a slave. Yes, that's right, I said it!!! They will never inslave me. I will go out in a blaze of glory. I will form a militia and die trying to take back this country.

  21. Nikki- One thing that has struck me as really unusual, how much Nugent talks about being sexually molested as a kid, nonstop.

    He claims the reasons for him imposing this TMI over and over again is because he has a fight against pedophiles and child molesters.

    Then, how the hell does this crackpot explain why he then claims Joe Fields, a CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER as his best bosom buddy?

    And another observation, you listed a handful of dead in the water Whiter Power not really leaders, such as Duke.

    Now that Nugent has been thrown off of Stormfront for being nuts and for his strange passion for young bad boys, where are those "connections" now?

    I see them standing up for boy-toy Henrik, but with why haven't they publicly tried to help Nugent be welcomed back on Stormfront?

    Something tells me they are all, except for maybe Fields, standing behind Don Black's decision and would rather wash their hands of him.

    Something tells me Nugent is standing as a lone nutcase.

    And in closing, he was born John G Nugent his "de Nugent" facade is a fantasy Nazi name.

    Calling him Nugent BUGS THE HELL out of him *grin*.

  22. Correction: Joe Fields is a convicted PEDOPHILE, the same kind of people Nugent claims he is fighting against.

    But embraces him as a brother knowing full well that Fields terrorized 11 yr old little girls.

    Sick and twisted!

  23. Hooch has started whining again or I guess if I state it correctly he never stopped.

  24. Spock, I have a somewhat sinister take on all of this including some of the things you have mentioned. Right now I am attempting to put it all together in a logical and cogent expose. Hopefully it will be an eyeopener for those unfamiliar with some of the real inner-workings of the white supremacy movement.

  25. This is a story about a neo nazi molester in Pennsylvania who is tring to become "somebody" Meet John De Nugent.

    Sounding more like a distraught lover than a hard core leader in the neo Nazi scene -self proclaimed racist leader John De Nugent wailed as immigration officials arrested a international neo Nazi fugitive ( Henrik Holappa).

    Holappa age 23 is a Finnish national who is wanted in his native Finland for various felony crimes connected with his neo Nazi beliefs. Holappa came to the US on a tourist visa but ended up in the hateful arms of a neo nazi in Pennsylvania. Before his arrest, Holappa was the live-in roommate of John de Nugent.

    De Nugent who lives in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area is racist "leader" who suffers from delusions of grandeur. Many of the people who live in the world of organized racism see themselves as great leaders of men and daring ( Hitler syndrome if you will).

    These delusions can come from many things, feelings of failure, bad child hood, lost love, in De Nugent's case it could be entirely possible these delusions of grandeur are due to the fact he was molested as a young boy. De Nugent write on various racist forums "he is the only leader who admits he was molested".

    As often happens when a young male is molested he himself will become a molester as an adult. This apparently true with De Nugent, he has become the molester. In a coming series of exposes we will cover the story of De Nugent and his delusions' that he holds for Pennsylvania and young males.

    Like many Pennsylvania racists before him such as Mark Thomas,August Kreis and Ed Foster, John De Nugent lives in a world of lies,neo Nazism and fairy-tales. Just like Thomas, Foster and Kreis, De Nugent's attempt will fail, the suspense is wondering when and how.

    Until recently no one paid much attention to John De Nugent - he just doesn't fit the image of a angry macho neo Nazi, De Nugent doesn't wear the long white robe and pointed hat of the Ku Klux Klan -he doesn't swagger or swear in German( that we know of anyways ),De Nugent looks more like an effeminate collage professor than a bigoted neo Nazi. De Nugent is the newest racist "leader" attempting to build a Valhalla in the hills and mountains of Pennsylvania.

    Operating in south-western Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh (Sarver) de Nugent is a busy neo nazi - harboring a international neo nazi terrorist ( H. Holappa ), promoting the idea that southwestern PA could become a white homeland, de Nugent broadcasts a live show on the Internet all the while writing a "book" that will change history.

    De Nugent is trying to become a player in the racist scene, currently there is vacuum among the hard core racist movement. With Bill White in jail, Hal Turner exposed as a possible FBI informant, William Pierce dead, the racist movement in 2009 is in a shambles, the robes are dirty, the brownshirts have faded and the microphone is going dead. Jumping up to grab the flag of hate and bigotry is John de Nugent.

    More to come on Monday March 23

    Part two of the John De Nugent story.

    While most will agree that John De Nugent is a molester of minds and souls, we should not discount him as "merely just another nut in the racist movement who needs attention".

    John de Nugent could be dangerous, he could be nuts, but he is worth taking a look at.

    In the past many racist leaders would set themselves on a piece of ground, surround it with fences,dogs and armed gaurds.

    de Nugent isn't setting up a compound in southwestern Pennsylvania, de Nugent is attemping to build or create a racist of enclave in southwestern Pennsylvania. de Nugent writes"
    In February 2008 moved to greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, an area considered ideal for pursuing further pro-white activities." "preparing a possible re-entry into political life. joined there by other white activists, and through his writings and videos online began to become known worldwide in the pro-white community"

    Taking advantage of the fact that the racist movement is basically nuetered and leader-less, de Nugent thinks his talents and good grooming will catapult him into the neo nazi leadership ranks,with followers and plenty of attention... something he de Nugent craves.

    Well first some facts about de Nugent:

    His was born in 1954 and claims he was raised as a Jehovah's Witnesses until he left the sect in 1975.

    He has from what we can tell been married twice and in the 70's joined the Marines. From his web-site de Nugent writes the following :

    "In 1976, de Nugent join the United States Marine Corps Reserve, and after basic training at Parris Island, South Carolina he served in a Marine Reserve unit, the 35th Interrogator-Translator Team at the Washington Navy Yard (and later at the nearby Anacostia Naval Air Base)".

    de Nugent left the Marines in 1981,claims to have graduated magna cum laude from georgetown university with a 3.72 gpa.

    de Nugent claims he started hanging out with the National Socialist White People's Party headquatered in Arlington,VA.

    de Nugent He wrote several articles for the National Alliance ( Ed. Note: a racist outfit operating in West Virginia), de Nugent spoke at the 1983 NA convention in Chicago),

    1986 he worked with Hans Schmidt, a former German SS member.
    (Ed. Note: Schmidt later moved to Folorida and became a player in Holocaust Denial Movement ),"

    1989 de Nugent moved Louisiana to hang out studying" Former KKK State Representative David Duke, staying there till the spring of 1990".

    1990, de Nugent aka "Jack Nugent," ran in the Republican primary for Congress in the Sixth District of Tennessee, de Nugent got over 20% of the vote, running on a white power platform.

    de Nugent has written several articles for several leading racist publications and Holocaust denial publications.

    , 2005 de Nugent returned to Washington, D.C. to become a writer for The Barnes Review. ( ED. Note the Barnes Review magazine is a Holocaust denial publication.)

    de Nugent has extensive contact with European neo nazis and far-right nationalist groups.

    de Nugent has numerous contacts and working affilations with major racist players around the world. As a result of these contacts and relationships de Nugent could draw many of these people to Pennsylvania. Already in savory charcthers have been dran to him, people such as H. Holappa wanted in Finland for neo nazi activies or Joe Fields a convicted child molester from California.

    One of the problems of dealing with so called 'nazi leaders" is thier mental instability they often display. In this case de Nugent is in my opinion and many others.. just plain nuts. Even white power webmaster Don Black hinted that de Nugent needs help. Black wrote the following about de Nugent "John[de Nugent], you've really lost it".

    Part Three Tuesday March 24 -
    Well the reviews concerning our series of articles documenting the racist activities of John de Nugent are starting to come in and the overwhelming consensus is.. why pay attention to de Nugent he is NUTS ! - I agree de Nugent is mentally unbalanced, that he couldn't be a problem for Pennsylvania, I disagree.

    In the early 1990's here in Pennsylvania when I first started exposing Mark Thomas, I was told to back off , I was wasting my time after all Mark Thomas is unstable - we all saw what happened by ignoring Mark Thomas - kids killing their parents, Thomas providing a place for people to meet that eventually led to bank robberies and other kinds of problems for the area of PA that Thomas operated out of.

    To bring the point close to home in the mid 2005 we started focusing on Bill White from VA - many people kept asking me why are you paying attention to Bill White he is a nut no body is listening to him, that is nobody listened till he provoked a riot in Toledo and started calling for attacks on people he didn't like - today Bill White is in jail.

    Way back in the 1970's when Richard Butler moved to Idaho to set up Aryan Nation the local area wrote him off as a nut, that no one should concern themselves with - by the 1980's crimes sprees started happening that were connected to Aryan Nations - I will point out that Butler wasn't convicted of anything - but the people he drew to the area over a 20 year period did commit numerous crimes in north Idaho and elsewhere.

    These three examples should be reason enough for us to be concerned about Nugent, yes he is NUTS and Unbalanced - but that will not stop him from trying to bring people into the area - I doubt Nugent is going to be committing crimes himself but the people he could draw to him and his message will ! In fact we have already witness some of the criminals showing up at his doorstep ...Holappa and Joe Fields.

    I live in the mountains and hills of Pennsylvania and know first hand that there are many people who will listen to a NUT like de Nugent.

    In closing I think we should deal with Nugent with kid gloves, take a wait see attitude, watch his activities - who he brings to the area, what things he is doing and look for counter measures if need be, but by no means should we ignore him. Given this man's ego (de nugent) he likes the limelight no matter what we do, he will proceed to hold rallies, wrote and in his words "build a movement" - I want to make sure the only movement he creates in Pennsylvania is a bowel movement.

    Of course this is my opinion, I could be wrong, lets hope I am and de Nugent is nothing more then a flash in the pan or a nut job waiting for his white straight jacket.

  26. Oh...and incidentally, Spock...I don't believe in telegraphing my punches. I'm a pretty good poker player and I learned a long time ago to play every hand close to the vest.

    Understanding comes with knowledge. You have to be able to look at the BIG picture to grasp the nuances and mechanisms. Those who you believe to be "dead in the water" may just not have reached the rigor mortis stage yet.

    I appreciate your exuberance, however, patience and perseverence runs a strong second to persistence. And if I am anything, I am patient and persistent.

  27. Nikki- I know where you are coming from.

    We have been working on this one for a long time.

    Nugent is his own worst enemy.

    Building up Nugent as the big bad Nazi is not only grossly inaccurate reporting, but exactly was Mr. Narcissus is begging for.

    Best to stick to the basic facts.


    He is undeniably severely mentally ill, most likely schizaphrenic.

    There is "strong speculation" from within the White Power community that Nugent has a passion for young men.

    There most defiantly is an animosity within the White Power community about how Nugent handled Henrik's stay with him. They believe Nugent's attention whoring was what flew up the red flag on Henrik, exposing him to the attention of the authorities leading to his arrest.

    And then of course there is the question about what might have been going on between Nugent and Henrik.

    Nugent is obsessed with the images of himself, images of Henrik and there dozens of photos of them together.

    None of the leaders like Duke, Black, Kelso want anything to do with him. They have all turned their backs and are shunning him like poison ivy.

    All he has left is to speak in front of a skinhead street gang gathering in Boston April 11.

    This not anything that is new mystical or different.

    This is not posting or reporting any secrets that haven't been out there for months now.

    Most likely 90% of WN's already know and agree with what I posted about Nugent, and understand it.

    And THAT is why the certified mentally ill old effeminate Nazi will NEVER go anywhere.

  28. this Nikki cunt is goin' "the right way" to stop a bullet!

    (she must be "sick of living"!)

    yr FUCKING with the wrong sort of people, girly!

  29. Wow my socks are so funny! Some claim to be from Australia!

  30. LOL,

    "lets stick with the facts" and the "facts" listed included terminology such as:

    "most likely",
    "strong speculation",
    "most defiantly",
    "They believe",
    "there is the question about what might",
    "Most likely 90% of WN's"

    I can see it now. See the shades of gray Hooch. Facts don't have to be facts, They can be strong speculation or most likely correct.

    This is an absolute fantastic example of the damaged state of mind that radical liberals have. I am very curious if it is the Prozac or some other anti-schizophrenic that causes this.

    Spock, please list the anti-depressants or anti-psychotics that you are presently taking. Don't lie because you will fuck up my research which wouldn't come out with "factual" results ;-)

  31. Why don't you stop whining, Von/Hooch no one gives a damn about any trash you post in any case. FOAD bitch.

  32. Spock, I agree with many of your findings and perceptions. Nugent is a mess, for certain.

    There are other things at work here. While you have been working for months on Nugent, I have been working for the last few years to bring some things full circle. I'm close right now - and Nugent is just one tiny aspect of my research. Exposing him is a good thing and necessary. As Floyd has pointed out we can't ignore someone just because they are crazy - we didn't ignore Bill White. We didn't ignore Matt Hale. We didn't ignore those involved in Satan's Gate.

    I'm, looking at something bigger - much bigger than just Nugent.

  33. What your fat nigger fucking ass? That is certainly bigger?

  34. I am looking forward to your findings, Nikki.

    And what a great contribution it is, thank you for all your work.

    I have also just started a thread on "Peter Brimelow", who is a jacket and tie racist with connections in the political and financial world.

    Sometimes racists like Brimelow are even more of a problem because they have some influence on our nation's public policies.

    You can see the beginnings of this thread here:

    Keep us posted on the John Nugent articles, I think all of us together will accomplish a lot.

  35. Excellent! We are certainly heading in the right direction - pun intended! lol

    The results of all of this could be statling to many!

  36. They are all FBI informants. Hooray, I figured it out!!!

  37. Racist president blames white people for the crisis!

    Brazil's President Inacio Lula da Silva blamed it on "white people with blue eyes".

    I am guessing that you radicals like DeLorean in particular probably think that he has this wrong and the cause is really white people with any color eyes because you don't discriminate on eye color.

  38. Wow! You have us all figured out.

  39. I have no views on Politics. I only live to dispense Karma. Racists deal in hate therefore have a lot of Karma coming their way. Bill White is long overdue.

  40. Jews, kill them fucking all with the goddamn niggers and you'd make the world a better place.

  41. I have no views on Politics. I only live to dispense Karma. Racists deal in hate therefore have a lot of Karma coming their way

    k.....then, start with the REAL racist haters!.....the fckn kikez!...the biggest mass murderring, psychopathic, war-mongering, baby-butchering gangster bastards in history!

    check it out! .... here & here; finish up here!

    BTW: "karma" is an Aryan concept; India (and China) were FOUNDED by white men; no major civilisation has EVER been created by non-whites!

  42. Do shut the fuck up, Von. Your bogus socks are boring as shit and ever bit as stupid as you are. STFU.

  43. Jimbo/Hooch/Spock/Blevins = same cocksucker.

  44. Self was lost in thought today. Many say that little fat man Hal Turner is a FBI informant, which is the only reason that this rotund figure of a man is not in a prison cell beside William White getting regular check ups on his rectum by amateur Proctologists. Self doesn't really think this is the case, one look at little fat man,
    Little Fat Man, Hal Turner
    and you realize that when he makes threats like: Is it time to ATTACK the Federal Reserve Board of Governors using force and violence?
    You realize that the only thing that Little Harold is able to attack is the food bar at Golden Corral! So unless you are a small dog, a crippled vet, or his elderly wife you really have nothing to fear from the little fat man.

    Self also laughs very hard when known idiots like Hooch call Billy Bumps a "political prisoner". When you make threats against jurors because you don't like the way they did their job as citizens then in self's mind you should not be surprised when you are thrown in the hoochie and have large unpleasant men playing space invaders with your anus. Buck up (self made another funny) Mr. White and try to take your medicine like a man.

  45. A tribute to men that lost their lives because of racism Rest in Peace .

  46. Another face of racism that isn't explored here true face of racism example 1

  47. While Hal Turner is accused of stoking the flames of "racism" we see this little gem posted by Hal's black counterpart:

    another example of A CALL TO RACE RIOTS?

    The difference between the poster of this vid and a white racist is that the black racist will can speak without prosecution or fear of the FEDS.


    Time to confront all forms of racism, Nikki.

  48. As I have said before, Fascism has come to America and I am not the only one that says so CLICK HERE . Starts at minute 2.

    This stuff with AIG indicates to me that the Obama regime is more NS than Communist.

    Fascist to be sure.

  49. Is OBAMA creating a street army?


  50. Exactly! Those people protesting for that criminal that killed four cops will make up this thug army.

    I can't believe so few people see what is coming.

  51. 5 Billion set aside for this initial 250,000"volunteer" force?

    Punks on power trips having their way with the American people, you can't get any more tyrannical than that.

  52. In my experience I have found that freedom of speech only applies as long as people like what they hear. It is inexcusable to sacrifice one's constitutional rights to placate the whims of others. I think that we are going to see it get a lot worse for those of us that are actually objective in our analysis of the political spectrum.

  53. """DeLorean v2.0 said...I have no views on Politics. I only live to dispense Karma. Racists deal in hate therefore have a lot of Karma coming their way. Bill White is long overdue."""

    Karma is very quickly approaching DeLorean and he will be punished severely for his murder-rape plots.

    """Hooch said...Jews, kill them fucking all with the goddamn niggers and you'd make the world a better place."""

    Another Hooch impersonator. This is the last time I will post here as Hooch and quite possibly my last post because I am wasting my time with conversations to children.

    """Anonymous said...Jimbo/Hooch/Spock/Blevins = same cocksucker."""

    Another child with paranoia issues.

    """Time to confront all forms of racism, Nikki."""

    Agreed, she wishes to hide other forms of racism though so it will never happen.

    """In my experience I have found that freedom of speech only applies as long as people like what they hear. It is inexcusable to sacrifice one's constitutional rights to placate the whims of others."""

    This is correct, freedom of speech is "conditional" by the agenda of the radical left and the conditions are if you say or do something that they disagree with you should be imprisioned or killed but otherwise it is acceptable.

    Take for example the Bill White stunt that DeLorean pulled. Bill verbally said that the juror should be killed but made no attempts in doing so. This deserves life in jail or death to the radical leftists.

    DeLorean actually attempts a murder or rape of Bill White and his attempt is perfectly acceptable to them. The thing they don't realize is that their attempted murder is not acceptable to the general public or law enforcement.

    All posts that you see from Hooch from here on and out are confirmed children as impersonators due to the fact that Hooch is no longer posting here.


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