Wednesday, March 18, 2009



This is rich...

Last November 43-year-old Cynthia Lynch went to Louisiana to join the Klan. Apparently, after a clandestine meeting in the bayou, she didn't like what she saw, felt uncomfortable, or simply changed her mind. Of course, this begs the question - "What the hell was she thinking in the first place." Well...they shot her - killed her and left her body. Now one of the defendants in the case is pleading "Not guilty by reason of insanity."

One can only wonder if the defense might not be able to make the case. After all, no sane person joins a group that wears sheets and pointy hats, burns crosses, and calls themselves a "Christian organization."


COVINGTON, La. (AP) - The defense in the case of a man facing an obstruction of justice charge in last November's death of a would-be Ku Klux Klan member from Oklahoma is seeking a hearing to determine his mental condition.

The motion for such a hearing for Shane Foster is set to be heard April 21 in state district court in Covington.

Foster is the son of Raymond Foster, who faces a second-degree murder charge in the case.

The victim was 43-year-old Cynthia Lynch of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Authorities said she was recruited over the Internet to join a small Klan faction. She is believed to have been shot in November after a disagreement with Raymond Foster, who has pleaded not guilty. Shane Foster has entered pleas of not guilty and not guilty by reason of insanity.


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  2. Racism really should be included in the DSM.

  3. A lot in prison are mentally ill.

    This clown would have to prove he was insane during the entire time he was involved in the Klan AND in the crime.

    And state run facilities for the criminally mentally ill is worse than any prison you can imagine.

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  5. LOL, wow, those Nimbusters really are a freaky bunch.

    Relating to the murderer, I wish for his immediate death. I have no remorse for anyone deciding they are going to play God. I don't care if they are mentally insane or not.

    The anti death penalty stuff has gotten out of hand. I do not like paying 50K a year per inmate, of my hard earned tax dollars to pay for murderers to have free living expenses.

    Also, not electric chair or lethal injection. A 10 cent bullet to the head will do just fine.


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