Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No Trial Date - But New Judge Possible

For those of you wondering...

Bill White has asked for a new judge. The ruling will take place on April 2nd but no trial date has been set.



  1. Bill is in a good place with lots of men, some who are armature proctologists. I am certain he is in good hands.

    Hooch posted: What is Nimbusters, anyway?

    It's that board you post on every damn day, dumbshit.

  2. This only applies to this one felony case. A new judge = more delays = more time Bill spends in Chicago.

    Then once the trial in Chicago is done, he's got 7 more felonies to face in Virginia.

    I don't understand the logic but his millionaire parents in Montgomery County MD are spending a fortune for the legal fees. The only way I can figure it out is if they aren't offering any plea bargains to White.

  3. Matt Hale sat in that same facility for over a year before going to trial. He waited another year for sentencing. All the while his defense was filing motion after motion.

    Bill White will probably not go to trial before late summer or early fall - if that soon. And, as you say, he still has the charges in Roanoke to face. He'll be tied up for awhile.

  4. I see three possible reasons, Mr. Schwartz:

    1). There really isn't a whole lot of plea bargaining for federal cases. The guidelines are what they are. The only plea you can make is for the lesser side of the guidelines.

    2). Bill is lying to his attorneys and is going to fight his case. Knowing what we do of Bill this seems the most likely scenario. If Bill fights the case and loses the feds will break it off in his ass. Not only will he get the high side of the guidelines he will get sent to a higher security prison. A medium security FCI will be dangerous for a Nutzi. Lots of movement around the prison yard lots of opportunities for someone to stick a home made knife in his back. He'd better accept protective custody.

    3). The feds have decided to make an example out of Bill. The are not offering viable plea agreements.

    Bill is pretty much screwed (I made a funny) the jail where he is being held is infamous for sexual assaults and beat downs. Also Virgina is not a state that is known for running their sentences with federal sentences. Most like they will run it consecutively. So Bill will have to severe his Federal sentence then go severe his state one, unless he plea bargains.

  5. Obama May Use Legislative Ploy to Jam Through Health, Tax Bills
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    By Brian Faler

    March 18 (Bloomberg) -- President Barack Obama may try to push through Congress a health-care overhaul, energy proposals and tax increases by using a partisan tactic that would thwart Republican efforts to block the measures.

    The administration and congressional Democrats are debating whether to use a parliamentary procedure called reconciliation to advance some of the biggest items on the president’s agenda. The move would allow Democrats to approve plans to raise taxes by $1 trillion, create a cap-and-trade system to rein in greenhouse-gas emissions, and overhaul health care without a single Republican vote.

    “You’re talking about running over the minority, putting them in cement and throwing them into the Chicago River,” said Senator Judd Gregg, a New Hampshire Republican who stepped down last month as Obama’s pick for Commerce secretary. “It takes the minority completely out of the process.”

    Reconciliation reduces the number of votes needed to pass legislation in the 100-seat Senate to a simple majority rather than the 60 required to overcome resistance to major bills. The tactic also limits debate to no more than 20 hours and imposes restrictions on amendments.

    Senate Democrats have a majority with 58 votes, though Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts, who is struggling with brain cancer, is frequently absent. Several other Democrats often vote with Republicans.

    House Democrats

    House Democrats are pushing to use reconciliation because it would help ensure they don’t end up voting for tax increases and other legislation that can be blocked by Senate Republicans.

    “On those big issues, people are going to want some sense that there is a decent chance that the Senate will act,” said Representative Chris Van Hollen, a Maryland Democrat.

    White House Budget Director Peter Orszag told lawmakers last week the administration hasn’t decided how to proceed.

    “We’re not taking anything off the table,” Orszag told the Senate Budget Committee. An Office of Management and Budget spokesman didn’t respond to a request for comment. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, declined to say which way Democrats are leaning.

    “We’re having conversations,” he said.

    Democrats will have to decide soon because reconciliation, if it is to be used, would have to be included as part of the annual budget blueprint lawmakers hope to complete next month.

    Deficit-Cutting Measure

    The procedure was created 40 years ago as a way of making it easier for lawmakers to cut the federal budget deficit. It has been increasingly used in recent years to protect bills from partisan attacks. Former President George W. Bush employed the practice to muscle tax cuts through the Senate, while Democrats used it in 2007 to cut subsidies to student-loan providers such as Reston, Virginia-based Sallie Mae, officially SLM Corp.

    Goldman Sachs Group Inc., in a research note this month, called the reconciliation decision this year “extremely important” because of its impact on the odds of Obama’s initiatives becoming law. While Democrats won expanded majorities in Congress and control of the White House in last year’s elections, their grip on the Senate is tenuous.

    Last month, the party’s lawmakers were forced to cut tens of billions of dollars from Obama’s economic-stimulus package, over the objections of House Democrats, to win the support of the three Senate Republicans needed to get the 60 votes required for Senate passage.

    Weeks later, in another sign of Democrats’ fragile control of the Senate, Republicans blocked a $410 billion omnibus bill until they were given more time to offer amendments. No major bills have passed the Senate this year with more than eight Republican votes.

    Political Cost

    The maneuver may carry a steep political cost because it is likely to poison relations with Senate Republicans, who would be excluded from the deliberations over some of the most important bills of Obama’s presidency. Gregg and other party lawmakers said using the tactic would be a departure from Obama’s campaign pledge to bridge the partisan divide in Washington.

    Senator John Cornyn, a Texas Republican, warned Obama to expect retaliation from his colleagues if the president chooses reconciliation.

    “There’s other things he’s going to need Republican support on,” Cornyn said.

    Republicans “invite” reconciliation “if they’re just going to be obstructionists,” said Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad, a North Dakota Democrat.

    Republican Retaliation

    Using reconciliation may also have consequences for Democratic lawmakers. Eight Senate Democrats signed a letter opposing using the tactic to approve climate-change legislation even if that would make it easier to get a bill onto Obama’s desk. Among them: swing votes such as Ben Nelson of Nebraska who usually enjoy outsized influence in the chamber. These senators may find themselves marginalized if Reid suddenly doesn’t need 60 votes to move bills.

    “Legislation so far-reaching should be fully vetted and given appropriate time for debate,” the letter said. “Using this procedure would circumvent normal Senate practice and would be inconsistent with the administration’s stated goals of bipartisanship, cooperation and openness.”


  7. Matt Hale sat in that same facility for over a year before going to trial. He waited another year for sentencing. All the while his defense was filing motion after motion


    tell a few fckn lies, you slag!

    BTW: if u ever "cross my path", i'll FCK you up the arse....with a broken beer bottle!

  8. I'm sure by the time Bill White is released he would have divorced Megham and became a gay rights activist.

    I hear from the grapevine that Jeff Schoep is in the Feds next target. Something about conspiracy to violate civil rights. This one is gonna be fun!

  9. White is dreaming, just like Hale. The nut HT fiercly denied to have written any letter.

    2 Letters From Bill White


    I received them both today - one post dated 17 Feb, the other 25 Feb. I'll quote the latter per Bill's instructions:


    As you are the one person whose mail has gotten through to me who is best positioned to make this known, I wanted to write to you and ask you to spread the word on VNN and wherever else you can.

    Individuals who write to me using racist, anti-semitic or violent language are having their letters returned, often without notice to me. This particularly applies to Hal Turner. Yes, this is against the law and BOP policy, but that is an issue for my lawyers to address, not correspondants. Anyone writing to me should refrain from using racial, anti-jewish, or violent language.

    Further, reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated. If I were to accept a plea bargain, I would likely be releasted late this year. If I cooperated, I could be released almost immediately. If convicted at trial on all charges, I may face 30-50 months imprisonment, which means 18-36 months, 14-28 if the Obama sentencing reforms are enacted, and really 12-30 and 8-22 because of time I've spent in segregation (which I was released from this year). In short, even if convicted I may be out later this year - maybe in 2010 or 2011.

    Please spread the word on this and I appreciate your help,


    /s/ Bill White" (unquote)

    NOTE: I won't quote Bill's other letter because I don't have his permission to do so. However, he did state he's spent about $50,000 on his defense, and another $50,000 will likely be needed. Bill also wrote: "I also have to note I am retiring from publishing. I expect my family will demand much of my attention on my release."

  10. Mr. Schwartz - I think you're right about the Feds refusing to offer Bill White a deal. The fact that they've refused to allow BW to bail under any conditions is a sign that they intend to use BW to administer an object lesson to other White activists. This makes Bill White a political prisoner.

    Yet Hal Turner has posted a poll on his website that promotes some rather homicidal solutions to some problems, and he remains at liberty. But perhaps that no longer matters now that he's also selling porn. He's burned his bridges with us - he's done.

    Which is why when Mt. Redoubt started rumbling, my first thought was "don't let Hal Turner into Alaska, he'll probably want to fly over Mt. Redoubt and toss a satchel charge down the hole". Turner has become a cartoon character.

  11. Vonbluvens, after Burks and Boyer, becomes anti-racist. They are going to testify against White? If so, he will get 40.


    Blevins said...
    (Note to Nikki)


    I don't know what is compelling me to write you this, but I want you to know that I am no longer working in or for the so-called nationalist community--haven't been for some time (With the help of God I slowly edged my way out of it). I have always been accused of not ever really being part of it, and maybe they were right. Does this mean I will be joining your side or appearing on Oprah Winfrey?--I think you know the answer to that one.

    I am a human being and have made mistakes...but what really made me "see the light" was my so-called comrades in the struggle...I don't think I need to explain further why on that score since you chronicled a good portion of it.

    I am not a hateful person and I am not a monster...I do regret any hurt I may have caused individuals with my words, but I don't apologize for castigating and putting up to ridicule those elements that make living in our society a living Hell on Earth.

    I want to live in peace with what is left of the rest of my life.


    ps. Don't write me back asking questions because I won't answer them. I think the above note speaks for itself.

    March 19, 2009 2:19 PM

  12. Bill White is not a political prisoner, moron. Someone should drown you in a bucket of shit for being stupid.

  13. Unlike others in here who have made the claim, I do actually write Bill White. Bill is not taking any plea agreements at this time because both Bill and his attorneys feel that they have a good chance of beating the case, it is all bullshit anyway. They also feel that as the court date approaches that the plea deals will get better. Bill is innocent but may take a plea agreement because jail is torture.

    Bill's existence is a virtual hell because posters from the Nimbusters message board have been writing other inmates and telling them that Bill is a child molester and a Nazi. A few of the letters got through before they caught them and Bill has been placed in solitary confinement for his own protection. Bill only gets a shower three times a week and he only gets out of his cell 1 hour a day. Because of the letters other inmates threaten him with sexual assaults and before being protected he was assaulted by three other inmates. Hal Turner was writing Bill letters but when Hal started talking about illegal activities his jailers started intercepting his letters. Bill thinks that Hal is working with the government to make a non existence case against him.

    Bill is not cooperating with the Feds in anyway even though they want information on Mike Blevins and Justin Boyer. Bill says he would rather face life than turn on his former friends. Bill White is a political prisoner regardless what you Antis think.

  14. "They also feel that as the court date approaches that the plea deals will get better. Bill is innocent but may take a plea agreement because jail is torture."~ Phillips

    Probably the most truthful thing you have posted here.

  15. I too write Bill and send him books, Bill hasn't been sexually assaulted just struck and pushed around by three black inmates. The guards also taunt the Commander and if he complains they call him a "pussy". Why do you Nimbusters hate Bill so much? You should be ashamed Nikki.

  16. Interesting information. Who are the cockroaches here sending letters of child molestation in attempts to get Bill White killed?

    Well, you are now implicated in a conspiracy to have Bill White murdered and your whole organization is being closely watched by the FBI. It is only a matter of time where you nimbusters start getting arrested.

  17. Nikki, you better extract those people from posting here or you are going to end up arrested too. I know you don't accept that type of behavior and it is now time to publicly display this.

  18. Joe,

    There's no way the Government would ask Boyer, Burks, or Blevins to testify against White unless they are inept. Blevins wouldn't show up anyhow.

    White's defense would tear any of them totally apart with credibility.

  19. @Schwartz

    Good point, since they are indeed, well, uh, not completely normal.

  20. If that was in fact done, it isn't very funny. It could get Bill White killed or hurt. Sexual assault is not funny. Think about it, how would you like it to happen to you? It makes me feel sorry for Bill.

  21. Screw Bill, he deserves it. He has it coming. I wish I'd had done it. I hope it is true. I hope he gets repeatedly raped by large well endowed black men and contracts HIV.

  22. First the Nimbusters fuck over Bill, now they are sending Hal Turner child porn in the mail and alerting the police. You should be ashamed Nikki.

  23. When you think about it, what is happening to Bill is damn ironic. This is the same kind of crap that Bill tried to do to others. So you ask me to feel sorry for that sorry excuse for a human being? Hell no, he has it coming. Oh and don't tell me how he is a "political prisoner" there is nothing political about it. He is a tiny little man who is paying the price for his criminal stupidity.

  24. Okay - this really pisses me off.

    First of all - right after Hal Turner put up his little disclaimer that he had not sent Bill any letters, I told you here on this blog that Hal Turner was a lying sack of shit. I said this because he has, in fact, written to Bill. I believe White is correct in thinking, as "Former ANSWP" posted, that Turner is working along with the government.

    Secondly, if anyone is deliberately sending letters to other inmates in an effort to cause violent action to be taken against Bill White, I find that reprehensible. is it that we know who is doing such a thing. Let's face it...Bill White made a whole lot (I mean a WHOLE LOT) of enemies on the outside. And I'm not talking about just anti-racists. White pissed off a ton of very heavy-hitters with very long arms.

    For him to have even been in the general population was foolish. Look at how many he pissed off in the movement alone. So...before you start pointing fingers at who is doing this you need to be damned sure of the facts.

    Additionally...Justin Boyer is not who the feds want - they ALREADY have those people in their pockets. That's a no-brainer. Actually, there are probably almost as many government agents in the movement as there are actual members. Law-enforcement wants information, of course - but they aren't fishing for minnows - bet on it.

    On a final note - we all know the kinds of things that Bill White has said and done. He has said and done things that have hurt people on both sides of the fence. While jail isn't supposed to be fun or easy, it IS important to remember that Bill White is awaiting his day in court and has not yet been convicted of anything. I, for one, anxiously await his trial in both Chicago and Roanoke and whatever punishment he may have to face upon his being found guilty. With that being said...I would also state that anyone who does anything that would bring harm or death to him should be dealt with immediately.

    Again...hating the hater makes you no better than him and inciting violence against that person doesn't make you cute or funny or righteous - just stupid, heartless, and unworthy of being considered part of the human race.

  25. That made me angry too, Nikki. No one really deserves that. Isn't being in jail punishment enough? Too many sadistic people frequent this forum

    I just hope it isn't true.

  26. In the event that the message left by VonBluvens really came from Michael Blevins...this would be my response:


    We all make mistakes and wrong turns in life. The best that any of us can hope for is that we leave this earth in just a little bit better shape than it was. The small things that we do while we are here may only be noticed by a few - sometimes more. But, if we touch one life in a positive way - then we have made an impact.

    Often it is the things that we dislike in others which make us become introspective and see ourselves and our failings.

    I wish you nothing but happiness and peace and hope that you find what you are looking for along the way. Godspeed and God Bless...


  27. Screw that rat.

  28. I hope it's true. It gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling that someone like that sorry sack of shit Bill White is getting some of his own medicine. Bill White has traumatized many, it's pay back time now bitch! OH YES WE CAN!

  29. """I hope it's true. Bill White has traumatized many, it's pay back time now bitch! OH YES WE CAN!"""

    This is likely one of those who are sending the letters.

    This is not only a hotbed of radical liberals but a hotbed of extremists that are well over the edge to the point of attempted murder. A very dangerous bunch of radicals that I can assure that the FBI has a very close eye on. Your time as a free man or woman is ticking.

    You are very similar to those radical anti abortion activists that murder doctors who kill the unborn.

    Do you think you are going to get away with your attempted murder charges? I can assure you it won't happen. Bill didn't even take any steps towards his words. All he did was say that person should be killed. You have actually implemented the plan. You went beyond Bills limits of threats into the realm of attempted murder and you can't take it back now.

    You radical liberal extremists are going to prison where you belong.

    Nikki, by all of the responses here from your "friends" you better very seriously think about who you are surrounding yourself with. These people are very dangerous.

    And they even do it in the name of Obama "OH YES WE CAN!". Wow, would the media love to get a hold of that and expose this intricate plot to assassinate a white supremacist within prison by radical Obama extremists. A great story that will end with the demise of you all.

    Watch your ass Nikki. You and Schwartz are the only two liberals here that have their heads screwed on straight and these freaks you like to hang out with will take you down with them as accomplices or inciters of this extremism that takes place here.

    (BTW, I have noticed that this information of the Nimbusters sending these letters is all over the internet. Hal even has it in comments on his site that were made by a regular Nimbuster that hangs out around here that acts as if he or she wasn't part of it)

  30. This Idiot Hooch has to be Blevins, no one else cries that much. I was the one that sent the letters, Hooch. Me. I always told Bill that there would be a pay back. You can cry all you want to the FBI bitch, see how far that gets you. Oh and hey dipshit I am hardly a liberal. Everyone hates that stupid fucker White. Neither Nikki, Schwartz, or Nimbuster Admin was involved or knew about it prior to it's occurring.

    Not laws were broken, I simply looked up the most violent inmates that Bill was locked up with and gave them lots of factual information about Bill White. Nothing wrong with that. It was something that Bill threatened to do to Kevin Storm how ironic is that? No laws were broken and nothing can be traced back to me anyway. JUSTICE IS SERVED. I'll do the same thing once he moves on to prison.

  31. That's nice that you think that trying to get Bill White killed is not attempted murder. I'm sure the FBI will think the same.

    Your wrong about justice being served. It will be once they lock you up freak.

  32. Nikki is right. No, I don't like Bill White but I'd never agree to egg on those who might do him physical harm.

    I agree: Mr. White should have his day in court where the State can prove its case that he broke the law (if the State can).

    Our justice system is tested by how it treats its least worthy citizens.

  33. Does anyone have Bill's mailing address? I'd like to write him and tell him that he still has people pulling for him.

  34. If this is true it is my hope the individual planning and orchestrating all this from NIMbusters is caught and is prosecuted.

    I won't hold my breath though.

  35. The owner of Nimbusters is a guy named Stan Lawson and I think he lives in England.

  36. Finding inmates locked up with Bill is the hardest. You have to use the Bureau of prisons inmate locator to find inmates returning to court that are locked up with Bill White. To do this I used common names until I find violent ones that are at the facility. This is the hardest part but if you work at it I've found you can find on an average of three an hour. I made sure they were black and preferably violent but beggars could not always be choosers and I took what I could get. I figured word would get around the cell block. First I included a picture in the letter (only 4 X 4 pics are allowed in the facility).

    Keisha's Picture

    Dear sir,

    You do not know me but my name is Kesiha Jones. I have two beautiful children. A boy 4 and a little girl age 6. Their father was killed in Iraq and I am raising them on my own. I am writing you because one of the monsters who is locked up in their with you raped both of my babies. He is a very evil man and his name is Bill White. He is a Nazi that hates all black people. He is a very bad person. Because he can afford to hire very expensive lawyers it looks like he might go free. I just wanted to make sure that nothing happened to him while he was locked up in their with you. Thank you and hit me back brother. I would love to hear from you.

    Kesiha Jones.

    See nothing illegal about that. See "Kesiha" asked him to protect Bill so no one hurts him. At the time I wrote the letters I did not know it was traditional in prison to ass rape, baby rapists. Oh dear.

  37. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  38. Nikki, you might want to think about eliminating the anonymous feature on your comments section for a while. At least these cretins will be contained at nimbusters.

  39. Looks like Blevins got a smack down when he tried to get Nimbusters to stop their campaigns against several individuals.

    Someone that says he is von accepted an invitation to moderate that shit hole but the owner of NIM backed out.

  40. Bill White info:

    Where Bill is being held

    Bill White
    CHICAGO, IL 60605

  41. Stan who is really Schwartz never intended to make Von a moderator. He was just flushing out Von and his socks.

  42. Incidently, I think Harriet earned the quote of the month award:

    "Our justice system is tested by how it treats its least worthy citizens."

  43. Say what you will about von but he does take up for those that can't fight back.


    I personally abhor the notion of displaying personal information to harass people and what is being done here is just ONE OF MANY EXAMPLES, but this instance is a good illustration of what I am talking about.

    Stanly, I understand you think you are protected because the poster gave a link to an outside source, but if a lay person like myself can see that this is part of a broader pattern or campaign to harass and intimidate an individual in jail who hasn’t even been convicted of a crime yet—how hard do you think an attorney would have extrapolating that?

    Do you think you are relieved of responsibility because it is “linked elsewhere”?

    Now that you are aware of this you have a fiduciary duty to take steps to prevent this sort of thing.

    For YOUR sake do yourself a favor: Get someone that will actually moderate this board or if can’t do that take the board down.

  45. """See nothing illegal about that. See "Kesiha" asked him to protect Bill so no one hurts him. At the time I wrote the letters I did not know it was traditional in prison to ass rape, baby rapists. Oh dear."""

    It doesn't matter what "Kesiha" said, the only thing that is going to matter to the FBI is your intentions and you have already been very clear about them.

    Good Luck to you and the rest of the Nimbusters who were aware of this crime and did not report it. You will all be accomplices. I can assure you that I am not a Narc and will not say a word but I suspect that the FBI is already all over this.

    You radicals are a really smart bunch of people.

    You think I am a bad person because I am proud of my race. There is nothing wrong with that. I do nothing to harm anyone. However, on the other hand, you do.

    Well, I guess I'll see you in hell. I'll be the one fucking you up the ass with the devils pitch fork :-)

  46. You are a slim ball racist, Hooch/Blevins now do shut the fuck up. I am tried of hearing you cry like a little bitch.

  47. Hal Turner is not writing Bill White. The Nimbusters are and signing Hal's name to it and putting his return address on the envelope. They are making threats in the letters to kill the President and such. That's bullshit. Bill doesn't deserve this!

  48. I think it is funny as hell. Karma, Bill is experiencing Karma. What goes around comes around. Bill has it coming in shapes. Ha ha ha I made a funny.

  49. If you really think something illegal has been done on NIMbusters or any other site you can report it here

  50. Anyone that posts there now is a goddamn fool because I am sure it has the full attention of the authorites after that latest incident.

    It's a cop magnet you would be wise to stay away.

  51. I have worked in law enforcement and I will tell you that with almost 100% certainty that no one cares what was done or not done to William White. Maybe if Bill was to be killed there might be an investigation, maybe. Bill White is not someone that many will feel sorry for, he is after all a self admitted card carrying nutzi. Nazis are not figures that many are feel sorry toward. The criminal justice system is a hard place. Bill has made his bed and will have to live with it.

  52. Thats nice that you think that since Bill's threats that they DID care about were empty and in no way were an actual attempt of murder, however, Nimbusters threats were an attempted murder but they wouldn't care about that.

    You're a real smart guy, and a good indication of why cops should be forced to get a college education.

  53. He's just telling you the reality of the situation. Cops are human, Bill is not only a criminal but a disputable human being. They aren't going to lose a lot of sleep about him getting ass fucked by a bunch of niggers.

  54. """He's just telling you the reality of the situation....They aren't going to lose a lot of sleep about him getting ass fucked by a bunch of niggers."""

    So the reality is that correctional officers are "pro torture" for certain people? They like the murderers and child molestors but hate the racists? For the most part, everyone in prison is a looser dumbfuck.

    I disagree. There are abuses by CO's in prison but for the most part this is a civilized country and if people are tortured, it will be quick by the Mr. Sparky or injection.

    Now, those that are like you would be corrupt CO's and would allow the killing or rape of inmates by other inmates. You would within a few years become one of those inmates from getting caught with your corrupt ideas put into "non-action" during crimes you see.

    You radical liberals are dangerous people and we shall start working on exposing your psychosis so we can start locking you people up as you are likely a danger to society.

  55. Oh shit, Blevins crying like a bitch again. Trying to make everyone believe he knows his ass from a hole in the ground. Shut up Mikey, go molest your daughter or something.


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