Monday, February 22, 2010

Big Brother Taken To Court

L. Merion webcam issue is new legal territory

By Larry King, Dan Hardy, and John Shiffman

Inquirer Staff Writers

Even today, relatively few students can imagine their schools giving them a computer to take home.

Fewer still can envision their schools using those devices to spy on them.

Yet that was the charge leveled in an explosive federal lawsuit filed last week against the Lower Merion School District in its use of remote-control cameras on those laptop computers.

Now federal prosecutors have subpoenaed the district, The Inquirer has learned. The grand-jury subpoena, delivered Friday, sought records related to the cameras and the system that district officials used to activate them, said a person who had been briefed about the matter. He spoke on the condition of anonymity.

School district spokesman Douglas Young, while declining to say if a subpoena was received, said yesterday that the district would cooperate with any investigation.

U.S. Attorney Michael Levy, who previously headed the office's computer crimes unit, declined to comment. But one federal official offered a rough outline of what investigators might be looking for.

"Among the allegations we would look at are whether any wiretap or computer intrusion laws were broken," said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. "We're just getting started. And at the end of the day, we may not find any federal violations." More Here


  1. Give em an inch and they will take a mile, EVERY TIME.

    This is even more justification for supporting our constitution. Freedom of Speech and all.

    The government always has ulterior motives, and that is not a conspiracy theory, it is a proven fact based on countless occasions.

    Americans really need to start standing up against the government.

    When they say they want to wire tap citizens phones, but only phones that are making international calls to terrorist areas, know that this is not their intention. As they already did, they "accidently" listened to many drug dealers and since they were already on their phone and already had evidence against them, they used it and put them in prison.

    Step 2 is knowing that in one point in time, you smoked some marijuana. So they tap your phone and lock you up. Or they suspect that you are working under the table, so they listen in and get evidence of you talking about work.

    All of this is a sign of them having WAY too much tax payer money. And they have to blow every penny of it or they will lose their budget for the next year.

    Normal businesses give money to executives who were able to save the company money. Completely opposite for the government.

    This invasion of privacy is getting completely out of hand. Especially now that the Obama administration has come to the determination that "electronic devices" like email, computers and cell phones, do not fall within the privacy laws.

    Or when they "hide" within the cash for clunkers website a clause in a bunch of legal copy that you have to click agree to that says that if you enter the site that the government has the right to search your computer for anything they wish from that point on. EVEN if you're no longer on the site.

    And Obama's answer when being questioned was, Ohh, That? Don't worry about that.

    You Democrats are allowing your politicians to turn this country into a police state. Why don't you do something about stopping this crap?

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  9. This shows exactly why parents must be more involved in their child's school life. There have already been cases of vaccinated children, without the consent of the parent. This is just a push to see how much control the schools can get over a man/woman's son/daughter. Aaron Russo discussed this in his interview with David Rockafeller. Welcome to 1984.

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    The school jumps to the idea that he's selling drugs.

    Have they ever been in a childrens doctors office and seen the big poster with candy on it and with meds next to each candy showing you that candy and meds look alike so be careful leaving them out?

    I guess maybe....No.

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    I see videos like this almost every week of the public beating people to death. This one is a beating but typically they like to burn them alive which is a horrible way to see someone die. Rapist or not, that's way over the top.

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  22. The Real Hooch...
    BOA is not a fellow of me. Someone with more wit then I once said, "Evolution teaches us that man rose from a worm like creature; Some show it more then others."

    The school system needs electric shock therapy. Kids getting into trouble for all kinds of things. A girl saved a life of another girl on the bus by letting the girl use her inhaler because she was having an asthma attack and didnt have her own meds.

    Kids getting kicked out of school b/c they brought a nail file to school. The list goes on and it really is disturbing.

    Back in 93 or 94, I turned in a weapon that a kid gave me. What it was, was pretty much a bobcat fire cracker stuck inside a pen.
    I wont give more details about it but it was to go off if you click the top of the pen.
    The worst mistake I made. Was turning it into the school. Next thing I know. I'm kicked out of the 7th grade and the TBI and ATF are at the door,searching my room and bathroom. They didnt find crap and its a good thing they only looked in those two places because also at that time I was a civil war re-enactor[YES A LIBERAL CIVIL WAR RE-ENACTOR] bet you cant guess what side I fought with?
    I had my black powder and rirle with my dirty uniform downstairs in the garage airing out the smell of smoke and dirt from the weekend before.
    I was charged with of course the weapon, endangerment of students, weapons on school property. I spent that whole year fighting the stupid charges and the Juv. justice court goes take a plea and we'll offer you 1200 hrs of community service, give up your rifle [Which was a two band 1863 muzzle loader with the name C.HALL CSN on its butt], and a year with to chit chat with a head doctor.
    Or I can face two years in a school for boys.
    I declined the states offer and after a few months they dissmissed every charge.

    The schools need to stop. Its getting alittle bit crazy. Now if kids did something AT school then by all means he gets his punishment but if he's at HOME let his parents deal with him.

    Sorry for the rant!!

  23. Kicked out of the 7th grade. No wonder you liberals are so stupid and uneducated.

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  25. I guess its fake Hooch or real hooch at this moment I dont care....
    Ya what I didnt tell you is that I spent most of my new free time sitting in college classes because my parent was working on getting one of several degrees. Unlike you we dont fear education. What I also didnt state was that I returned to school for the 8th grade. Went on to graduate Highschool and college, and in the near future I'll be back earning another degree outside of the one I have.

  26. I think it is the fake one. The "real" on is usually more long winded and more full of shit.

  27. Looks like little Hal turner has been caught lying again. Looks like Hal's pro-bono attorney were the ones fighting to keep witness OFF THE STAND.

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  30. """machinegunsven said...I guess its fake Hooch or real hooch at this moment I dont care...."""

    Fake Hooch. I do call you libs names but I wouldn't characteristically say an empty insult like that when I agree with your statement.

    Schools are completely out of control. They do need to chill the fuck out. And it is all based around the fact that this country has become a place where people sue others for anything. Our politicians over the past 20 years have obviously decided that regulation of the justice system, what you can and can't sue someone for, is not necessary.

    """and in the near future I'll be back earning another degree outside of the one I have."""

    A professional student, huh. I got my MBA and am done. I will NOT be getting another degree due to the fact that boatloads of degrees don't do a whole lot for you in the workplace. Just a waste of money and a whole bunch of student loans and debt.

    """Rev. Cocksucker said...I think it is the fake one. The "real" on is usually more long winded and more full of shit."""

    Good observation lefty.

  31. """Fudgepacker DeLorean v2.0 said...My work is never done. I have been writing Billy White. I have him convinced his wife is cheating on him with a black man."""

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  32. Real Hooch...
    I should have known.
    I just cant stay focused on one area. First its a degree in English/Journalism then I went back to focus on Law. Then I whiched to Sociology, the last two I never finished but always plan to.

    IDK, somewhere its all miss firing here in nIkki's blog article. Someone acted and then it became one huge dust dorm.


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