Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Due to unforseen difficulties, last Thursday's show with Daryle Lamont Jenkins was rescheduled for tonight. Listen live at 8:00 Eastern Time HERE.


  1. So Jenkins, whites who are proud of their race can't meet but you racist clowns can have a "black is back" rally.

    You are a racist pile of crap Jenkins and once we take back congress we're going to focus on locking up people such as yourself.

  2. You're going to jail buddy. You WILL NOT give your death threats to those who wish to peacefully meet and or protest.

    Your Black Panther like organization will be taken down and you all will be locked up.

  3. Besides being stupid, Hooch is now delusional. Take your meds Von.

  4. Well Jenkins sure turned out to be a real "nobody". Just a little turd that calls hotels and tries to get them to shut down peaceful meetings while his cohorts send death threats to the attendees.

    So in the mean time he can meet up with his pro black friends and rally against whites.

    What a winner that guy is. Thanks for letting us know about this dope Nikki.

  5. Nikki - Looks like you antis started partying a little too early. The Amren Conference is back on, and the new venue will not cave in to the terroristic threats of either Daryle Lamont Jenkins or Jeffrey Imm.

    What this episode does is validate Bill White's tactics, up to a certain point. White was absolutely correct in holding Leonard Pitts and Richard Warman accountable via direct action. Judge Turk affirmed this by acquitting White on the Warman charge, while the jury acquitted White on the Pitts charge. White's only mistake was in targeting genuine innocents like the two Section 8 residents and the Citibank flunkie.

    As for you, "Reverend" Garter Snake, why don't you give it a rest. It's been fully established that Hooch is NOT Von. No man in his right mind would consider the pathetic Vonbluvens to be a role model. Our problem is that the WN movement has too many Vons and not enough Bill Whites.

  6. Hooch - glad to know that you are a listener.

    AA - we announced yesterday that the conference was back on. As to terroristic threats - don't believe everything you are spoon-fed. However, if someone made those threats they really should be prosecuted.

  7. Not enough Bill Whites? Oh please, the criminal fuck is in jail where he belongs. If you are an American and you put on the Nazi Uniform you are a goddamn traitor to your country. You can damn sure be "white" without that bullshit.

    "Hooch" calling Jenkins a racist. OH THE FUCKING IRONY. Hey Hooch, you'd better get Bernie to look up racist in the dictionary, dumbass.


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