Wednesday, February 03, 2010



As of last night, this blog has been set to only accept comments from people who call themselves something or other. No more "anonymous" posters will be entertained. You can still maintain your anonymity but you have to be a named anonymous.

Now, I know that this will not solve the problems that we have been having here with people trying to imitate others and people who are only interested in game playing. However, this is my first step before I revert to registered users only or moderated comments.

I have given you guys a lot of leeway and cut a lot of slack - much more than would have been tolerated anywhere else. But, just like the spoiled children that some of you are, you have taken advantage of that - and, quite frankly, you have gotten on my last nerve.

Throughout all of this, I have tolerated death threats and threats of violence to me and mine. I have watched you malign and defame others and make uncalled for threats and accusations, all while I have been attempting to present information worthy of intelligent, articulate, and sane discourse.

This really goes against what I believe in. I would much prefer to leave things the way they were, but, in good conscience, I can't allow this to continue. And that really sucks for those of you who have offered coherent and cohesive discussions without having to sign in. To those people, I apologize. If you have a better suggestion as to how to solve the problem please send me an email.

Now...on a side note:

I can assure all of you that the real Hooch who posts here is NOT Michael Blevins.

As to Michael Bevins, aka VonBluvens...He has indicated time and again that he has left "the movement." That does not necessarily mean that he has given up his racist beliefs or thoughts. It does, however, mean that he is no longer a part of any racist organization. Personally, I believe that when someone wants to change their life, better their situation, and concentrate on family and self, we should let them do that.

For some twisted reason there are those who simply don't want that to happen for Michael. Shame on you. You seem to have some warped idea that you can malign him and cajole him into making an appearance - well, get the hell over it and move the hell on. This is not the place for you to engage in your vile and venomous attacks.

The same goes for others who want to put up fake blogs and webpages and use Nikki's Nest to promote them. And, I am speaking to both left and right on the spectrum. If, after all of these years on the internet, we haven't learned how to bring our fights and disagreements to each other in a manner worthy of being heard then we have no business trying to advance any agenda or any movement.

If you look back through the pages of this blog you will see that a lot of very good discussion has gone on here between people who generally did nothing more but scream at each other. However, lately it has deteriorated into a cesspool of vitriol and ignorance where those of us who truly have something to say have to wade through the vomit of a bunch of mentally defective imbecilles who simply want to jack-off all day.

To those who want to persist in this behavior - you're just going to have to find another litterbox. To those who are willing to discuss in a civil and topical manner - you are welcome.


  1. I think that is a great idea Nikki. Afterall, it's kinda nice to know who you're talking to. I know of some outstanding highly intelligent Anonymous posters that frequent this site and it would be nice to put a name to the comments. As I'm not sure if it's one extremely intelligent individual, or a few.

    No big deal my conservative friends. Just set up a gmail account other than the one you probably already have so you remain anonymous and aren't traceable in any way. When you fill out the gmail form don't fill in the part where it asks for another email address so send a lost password, etc to.

    And if you wish, dump that email identity and user name every few months ensuring complete anonymity. And use a proxy server if you really care. But personally I don't give a shit. I'm fighting the good fight. Afterall, I'm on the right side of things.

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  4. About Blevins:

    The last time I heard from Michael Blevins, he was posting on accused pedophile Martin Lindstedt's forum and asking everyone to pray for Hal Turner.

    Yea, that Martin Lindstedt.


    Once Lindstedt figured out Turner was an informant was the last time Blevins posted there.

    The truth is, Blevins and I both knew Hal Turner was an informant via ours talks to a North Bergen police sergeant.

    Now I do hope Blevins has stopped being a racist.

    But I will say this, Blevins did more to make the white supremacist movement a laughing joke more than he did to recruit people to it.

  5. Do you truely believe that a turd can change it's smell Schwartz? Blevins is a piece of shit, he will never stop being one, it is as simple as that. He can put lots of perfume on but he can never completely cover up his smell. He will always hate blacks and Jews and try to blame his problems on them.

    It is funny, if Hooch is not Von why does he use the same phraseology, the same stupidity, the same lies as Blevins. If it walks like a turd, looks, like a turd and smells like a turd....

  6. Boa - Hooch and Blevins are NOT the same person. I understand your feelings about Blevins - but, I know that the two are not the same.

    Harry - Blevins was posting on some of the CI sites and still posts over on The Phora. My point is that there is no reason to think that everyone who posts here anonymously might be Blevins. Mike, on the one hand, says he wants to be left alone and that he is out of the movement - then he can be found all over the place posting on those kinds of sites. He would be better off just staying away or posting his thoughts somewhere else. I understand that. But, I am sick to death of all of this game playing using him as a soccer ball. Leave the guy alone and let's see what he does. He might surprise all of us.

  7. Hooch - that was my thinking as well. We have had some really good posts here from anonymous individuals. It becomes confusing and taxing when you are trying to respond to what they have to say when there is more than one anonymous. So...pick a name - any name - so discussion can be enhanced.

    And to those who want to play grab-ass, do it somewhere else. I will remove those posts when I see them. You have just become boring and asinine.

  8. Nikki, I can assure you that Hooch and Michael Blevins are in fact the VERY same person (at least the "real" Hooch) I can say that with a 90-95% degree of certainty. You see Von still posts on Nimbusters and though he thinks he is smart, he really isn't. I've been watching his bullshit for around ten years now. He posts pretty much the exact same stuff on Nimbusters at the exact same time (shortly before he posts on here or after) after having his socks deleted by Linder he has gotten a little bit trickier (he has an out of state dial up account) but not much.

    The attempt to hide is an interesting statement on Michael's Psyche. He is running because he knows that we know what he is as a person. Isn't it interesting that Michael has chosen to emulate Bill White? But nothing has really changed, he just now denies his racism and tries to excuse it with semenatics. He denies it to himself but little else. He is still a piece of crap he just blames his problems on liberals now. He is still the same piece of shit that cheered on 911 and won't get off his fat ass and get a job. Maybe his denial mode fools you but it doesn't me. I KNOW MICHAEL BLEVINS.

  9. I will tell you another thing Michael will never really change unless he gets serious psychological help. This hiding behind the "Hooch" personification is just cowardice. Nikki you are not helping him any, he needs to face up to himself and really want to change.

  10. Okay...this is my take on all of this Michael Blevins stuff.

    People in the racist movement come and go. We all know that many of them are a fickle lot. Mike was a follower - a "hanger-on." He coat-tailed on anyone who would humor him.

    As he, himself, has admitted time and again, he has some mental issues. We know that to be a fact - a very sad fact.

    When he was broadcasting he had some listeners. He had a few who supported him. But for the most part, he was always on the fringe - just another cukoo who screamed into a microphone about Jews and blacks and gays. But he was little more than an anomaly. However, what little encouragement he was given was enough to keep him happy.

    The problem was, he couldn't remain stable long enough to ever be a star. He wasn't leadership material and he never quite fit in anywhere. Therefore, he coat-tailed onto everyone else. everyone who would carry him is either in jail or has left the movement ... or... they are even more mentally unstable than he is.

    This so-called movement attracts more than its' share of guys like Mike. After Bill White pummled him and Linder banned him, he was pretty well exiled. The only people left for him to hook up with were people like Matthew Ramsey, aka Jim Ramm. We all know how long that lasted. Even Mike Blevins could read the handwriting on the wall well enough to move on.

    So...he floats around in cyberspace looking for someplace to land. He'll lite wherever he feels accepted. The trouble now is that he just can't find anyone who really wants him there and who isn't crazier than a bedbug.

    He's really paranoid, and maybe schzophrenic - I don't know. But, when these people line up in here accusing every other poster of being Blevins, setting up phony blogs about him, they aren't any better off than he is mentally.

    And, ya know what, their obsession with Blevins is really over the top. I can't tell if they hate him or just miss him. The fact of the matter is...and you are right Admin - he isn't going to change until he gets the help that he needs - and he needs a lot of it. And, while you claim that I'm not helping him - I can categorically state that all of this obsessing over him isn't doing him any good either.

    If I thought that I could reach out and somehow help him put his life in order - I would gladly do so. Personally, I have always believe that Michael Blevins never belong in this mess they call a movement. And I have always worried that he would come to no good end as long as he remained. I know that others feel much the same way that I do.

    While some of you continue to castigate him, I'm not quite so ready to write him off as hopeless. Call me the cockeyed optimist - but I still think he has the ability to do something with his life - with a little help.

    I'm not into throw-away people.

  11. Shit like Von always sinks to the bottom of the bowl.

  12. """Rev. BigBoa@ said... It is funny, if Hooch is not Von why does he use the same phraseology, the same stupidity, the same lies as Blevins."""

    """Admin Nimbusters said...Nikki, I can assure you that Hooch and Michael Blevins are in fact the VERY same person (at least the "real" Hooch) I can say that with a 90-95% degree of certainty."""

    That shows how much you people are complete paranoid schizophrenics with some freakish obsession with Belvins.

    I even told you I would be willing to prove that I live in Roanoke and not florida. Beyond an IP. Ask me a current event in Roanoke and I will tell you. I will even go take a photo of something in Roanoke, of your choosing, and post it on the internet. Do you think Belvins would drive all the way from Florida to Virginia to take a picture?

    How about this, I take the picture within an amount of time where it would be IMPOSSIBLE for Belvins to get to Roanoke?

    Would that convince you dipshits?

    You fools really need to get a life.

  13. BTW Little Boa. I wouldn't expect anything more out of a government employee!!!

  14. They won't ask you to do it Hooch. If they did, and you proved them wrong, their game would be over. They don't want their game to be over.

  15. Self thinks that maybe Hooch is Von but regardless of his flavor we all know him to be an racist/liar/dumbass. He was obviously responsible for 100's of Annoymously posted bullshit postings patting himself on the back. Self would also note that there are the same kinds of claims that VonBluvens socks made when caught by Linder. Hooch sure smells a lot like Von. Maybeso.

  16. Hey Hooch/Von at least I have a job, loser. Your a welfare collecting leech.

  17. Never have had welfare. Foodstamps as a kid out of college for a couple years but that's it.

    So what exactly do you do for the govt little boa? Something keeps telling me you're a refuse worker.


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