Friday, February 26, 2010

Not In Our Town!


by KGW and Associated Press

Posted on February 26, 2010 at 12:54 PM


CANYON CITY, Ore. -- Grant County residents packed a community hall in Canyon City to voice fears that a white supremacist from Idaho may go ahead with his plan to move to nearby John Day.

About 200 people were turned away from the Canyon City community center on Friday because fire laws limited attendance to 300. Another 300 people watched the meeting as it was streamed live on the Internet.

A second community meeting was planned for Friday evening.

A white supremacist from Idaho said last week that he wants to buy property in John Day to create a national headquarters for the Aryan Nations.


  1. """A white supremacist from Idaho said last week that he wants to buy property in John Day to create a national headquarters for the Aryan Nations."""

    It's going to be real hard for him to get any insurance. I know I wouldn't insure it if I owned the insurance company. Too much risk.

    Radical leftists and extremist anti's = people who love to commit crimes. That place will be burned down in no time.

  2. Hey bitch, do you ever do anything but cry? Tell Bernie to stick a tampon in your man pussy.

  3. Bill Clinton left a budget surplus to pay down the national debt. Then, over the next eight years, George Bush emptied the national treasury. Paul Krugman warned us about the disastrous effects that robbing the treasury (tax cuts for the rich) and fighting an unprovoked war (Iraq) would have on the economy. Bush quickly turned the surplus into record deficits, and quadrupled the national debt, while sabotaging any governmental oversight of his cronies. For the Republicans to moan and groan about the budget expenditures of Barack Obama is blatant hypocrisy.

  4. Looks like the Klan is coming to Chris Drake's neighborhood.

    <a href=">Link</a>

    KKK Grand Dragon: "rally will be peaceful"; neighbors say "not in our town"
    A proposed Ku Klux Klan rally is still more than a month away, but it already has people on both sides of the river up in arms. The local grand dragon says they're doing the rally to get out a message about tighter immigration laws.

  5. Then what did Barack Hussein Obama do Hooch impersonator? Will you educate us on his spending? Maybe you could compare it to all presidents in history COMBINED and see what the result is.

  6. Your first post was correct. Your second post only shows you to be a misinformed in retards to the debt. 3/4 of the national debt has been incurred under republican administrations and this is NOT my opinion but the findings of the Senate Budget committee. GOP spends too damn muchPersonally, I am very tried of both parties. The Republicans are too far right and the Democrats too far left. They do not represent the American people any longer.

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    Alex Linder aka Pencil Neck Geek

    If anyone else has the names and addresses of anymore Nimbusters please let me know.

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  9. So Nikki,

    Now your board is being used for death threats. Please delete the comment from "The Politically Correct Apostate III"

  10. Ken Kraus Ken,

    Why don't you post some new and accurate information? And why are you trying to act like Obama is on that chart. He has ALREADY beat them all COMBINED.

  11. There goes Hooch/Von thinking he runs something. Oh yeah and he's crying. Like that is something new.

  12. Actually, Hooch - I'm leaving it for a couple of days so the "proper people" can see this.

    To this Apostate person. I have reported your threat and will continue to do so should you persist in this kind of thing. You aren't as anonymous as you think you are.


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