Friday, February 19, 2010

Black Farmers to Get $1.25B

US government promises $1.25B to black farmers

Julie Rose

Friday February 19, 2010 MULTIMEDIA

The Obama Administration announced yesterday it has reached a settlement to compensate thousands of black farmers who were discriminated against by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The announcement comes less than a week after black farmers held rallies across the south demanding the government pay up. John Boyd of the National Black Farmers Association organized the rallies and says the latest settlement is long-overdue.

"If you could see the faces that I saw over the past few weeks where about 8,000 black farmers came out to rallies we had in the South," says Boyd. "I had a black farmer look at me and say 'Dr. Boyd, do you have gas money that you can lend me to get home?' That's real, you know?"

It's been more than 10 years since the Department of Agriculture admitted to denying loans to black farmers. About 16,000 of those farmers received settlement checks averaging $50,000. But many more farmers applied too late and didn't get a dime. Now, the Department of Agriculture has announced a plan to pay them $1.25 billion. Continued here...


  1. So why were they denied loans? Credit risk? Should they have given them to them to not pay back?

    So what exactly happened with the subprimes? The Democrats forced banks to give whites, blacks and mexicans loans that were considered credit risks. Did they pay them back or was that a key factor for the massive nonpayment causing a crash of the economy?

    I would like to see the evidence that they gave credit risk white farmers the loans while not giving them to blacks.

    This exact same thing has happened before people. As a matter of fact, it keeps happening over and over. The monkeys sue, proof is presented that they were a bad credit risk, just like the poor white farmers that they wouldn't loan to, and we give them money anyway.

    Enough is enough. It's time to put an end to this garbage. The country doesn't have the money for this crap and it needs to stop. It's just getting real ridicules now.

    And to top it off, I would be willing to bet you that there are a boatload of politically uneducated liberals out there that think this is the first time around. And that they actually believe that racism was involved.

    You gullible people really need to smarten up and start seeing the world as it really is.

    But as always, I will help you open your eyes so just maybe, one day, you will be able to pull away the vial of the government media complex and actually see that you are being fooled and in this case, the negros are playing the race card to suck over a billion dollars from the hard working tax payer.

  2. Pretty funny since your butt buddy Bill defrauded the government a shit load of money, idiot. He spent some of it getting a tit job for a half black/half hispanic stripper named Alecia Hernandez.

  3. I really don't give a shit about his girls tit job. I bought my X-wife some tits too.

    And that is COMPLETELY irrelevant to the subject at hand showing how the negros are defrauding the American Tax Payer and how we simply don't have the money for this crap right now.

    And to top it off, Obama already knows about the previous times they have done this and he already knows that it has been proven already that decisions were based on credit worthiness, not racism.

    The Obama administration is not stupid. They already have this information.

    It is you radical leftists that need to open your eyes and start understanding that you are being fooled. Why don't you just try a little. Just try to look at the undeniable evidence I continuously provide.

    Democrats have this unique ability to completely shut down when they see or hear anything that is contrary to their beliefs. And the unfortunate thing is their beliefs are based on the propaganda of the government media complex.

    What ever happened to you people? In the 60's you used to stand very strongly for peoples individual freedom. used to be extremely anti establishment, etc.

    You guys did a complete about face now pushing for big government, more laws, rules and regulations against the people, complete disregard to the constitution, the only document that keeps the people free from dictatorial control, etc.

    You people have completely lost touch with individuality and all people in the worlds right to be free.

    I can assure you, neither you or I were put on this planet to be under control or under the thumb of a small handful of very "special" people which includes the politicians and the puppet masters that line their pockets.

    Down with the tyranny! Long live the United States of America....

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  5. How about I'm Hooch. Ever think of that?

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