Saturday, October 28, 2006


Some folks over on OPP have come up with a new way to bash Bill White. Now you all remember just a few weeks ago when Bill staged a one-man protest outside a Holiday Inn holding up the sign you see in the picture. That was a bad move - a really bad move.

You see, that sign is an open invitation to folks who have Photo Shop. There are a lot of entries so far - and I will just put a few of them up. They are being circulated all around the internet. Click on them to see full picture.


  1. Looks like Bill likes to freeze his tenants & children to death also. Even if you believe the story on his homepage about the boiler explosion, Bill admits he didn't consider turning on the heat until Oct 15th on his properties... well when the average low temperature is in the 30's.

  2. Yeah - he tries to paint himself innocent but he really let those people down. What else is new, though? What can you expect from a slumlord?

  3. For those unfamiliar with the circumstances, here is a little something I wrote then archived:
    Have you noticed how taxing a day in the life of a slum lord can be? Case in point - Bill White has had just a horrendous time of it lately. It seems that one of his properties is so run down that there wasn't any heat for a family living there. This resulted, according to Bill, in the family having the children removed from the home until it was rendered inhabitable.

    The property was in such ill-repair that when they turned the gas on and finally lit the boiler - the boliler blew up.

    Now, the guy living there, if you are to believe Bill, supposedly went to Legal Aid and got himself an attorney. Imagine that. The attorney, again according to Bill, is all set to file against him soooo...Mr. "I'm A Millionaire So Sue Me," calls this attorney and can't understand why she was less than cordial to him.

    The interesting thing in this diatribe that he has issued is that he is soooo able to blame everyone but himself. He's a slum lord, pure and simple. He has absolutely no misgivings about his insensitivity toward basic human needs or to the problems of the poor. He has claimed, over the years, that he is taking a run down neighborhood in Roanoake and making it livable and better for his tennants. All this latest rant of his tells us is that Bill White has no intention of doing anything for his fellow man, white or otherwise. He simply capitalizes on the misfortunes of others.

  4. If this is true, Bill is committing a criminal act by making children suffer. Where is the SPLC when it comes to them protecting the poor in Roanoke?

  5. Bill White isn't a threat. Hal Turner is a threat. Hal Turner has 800 listeners a show while Bill averages around 4. It's time for you guys to change your focus.

  6. Yes, Hal Turner for President...


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