Saturday, October 07, 2006


In this Coldshot segment, Nikki talks about "Unlikely Alliances" and Glenn Miller. Why do we call these people "Domestic Terrorists?" Well...when you want to form alliances with other countries and seek ways to obtain weapons on the international market for the sole purpose of furthering your hate against the government and the people of the United States of America - you just may be considered a threat.


Also - if you missed it, you can check out Floyd Cochran on the Naomi Judd Show at the link below. Floyd did an excellent job in representing himself and other anti-racists on this venue. Kudos, Floyd!



  1. Do you actually think anyone listens to you or actually cares about anything you have to say?

    You thought wrong, bitch.

  2. It looks like a certain nazi from Virginia has been kicked out of Gordon Young's rally in Harpers Ferry this coming weekend.

  3. lol!!! I just read that and cracked up!!! How appropriate!!!

    It just continues to get better and better.

    Proves the effect of diversity is worse than had been imagined
    Gee whiz, it only took Harvard years of study to figure out what I've been saying for years! Glad to see the Ivy League is catching up with Hal Turner.

  5. Steve,

    Learn how to post a link

    Funny though, Hal doesn't mind diversity in his own household, condo complex, or his church (which is over 80% non-English speaking).

    Hal only expects you to follow what he says, instead of what he does.

  6. I tried posting the link, but it kept erroring out. It may be because I'm using Windows Vista RC2

    It makes no difference what Hal does or anyone else. People are finding out how screwed up Diversity really is, and that's what matters.

  7. Maybe you should learn basic html Steevo.

  8. Actually thinking about it, if you read the article, it just proves that racism is alive and well today and still needs to be tackled face on.

    While white supremacist groups are on the demise due to paranoids and freaks in control of them, racist attitudes still exist.

  9. Yep, because most whites like me are not Coon Lovers like you...

  10. Well, I have to give my two cents on this too...

    I only watched the first couple of minutes, and then turned it off, and watched one of my Star Gate SG-1 videos....

    It was very boring to me... At least Floyd looked a little cleaner than the time he was on TV with Hal last year hence Hal's nickname of "old drunk" HAHAHA!

    BTW, Schwartz, did you ever get a chance to get to Walterboro, when you were still in SC, and get some pics of Brother Stair's place?

  11. I think I still got pictures of Stair's complex. It's a former cheap hotel with about 1000 no trespassing signs around it near an intersection called Canady's Crossroads. It's on my old computer I believe, If I get time later on, I'll see if I can find them.

  12. Wait, did I just understand FLoyd to say he was going back to being a Nazi? I might not have been paying that much attention but it sounded like he said he was thinking about getting back into the movement or something like that.

  13. That would be good news. I hope you're right. It's not normal to try to bring Apes up with White humans.

  14. I'll watch it over again but I could have sworn I heard him say something like "I'm pretty much getting back into being white power" and then he started talking about speaking at schools or something like that. Then the older woman started saying that impresses her so Floyd started laying it on thick saying he was going to start talking about pro-white stuff more. See, people can say a lot of things about Floyd, call him a drunk and a hobo, but he knows how to handle women, especially old women. If you say something and they get impressed, say it again. Obviously Floyd has a way with older women since he stated in the interview that he had a kid when he was 14. If he wasn't just boasting and thats true then that would make his kid about 52. So Floyd probably figures he has the grand kids all grown up now so he can go back to being into CI.

    You see Floyd is smart. Smarter than most of us think. He got to retirement age and decided since the movement doesn't really offer 401k, he thought he'd make money off of the other movement, the anti-white one. I think he's a genius. So he does this until he starts pushing 80 and then sort of re-retires and gets back into the movement, stinking rich.

    So when I get to be about 60 or so, I'm going to say the Commander Jeff Schoep tried to kill me with a rocket launcher but missed. Commander Scheop might try to say he misse on purpose or he never did it, but the American public will know and feel sorry for me and give me money. Actually, for $40,000 right now I will say that I saw Vonbluvens send $20 to the North Koreans because they needed gas money for their nuclear missle.

  15. to Chris - apparently you dont listen very well or maybe you simply cant understand basic english - I join the racist movement when I was 14 , not that I had a child when I was 14 - I am happy to announce thu I am a grandfather to two wonderful grandchildren - I have always had a way with women - jealous ?

    As far as going back to the racist movement not on your life or mine -

    plus my black jewish girlfriend who is bi-sexual would be angry with me - oh you might want to congradulate me as we are expecting our first child, hopefully her parents wont have me arrested as she is only 15 and her dad is mad at me cause I also have been sleeping with her Mom and she is expecting too.

    have a good day


  16. Schwartzo will be Shitting down both legs over Floyd's last comment. Floyd must be moving back to White Power ways. He has Pedo tendencies.

  17. Floyd..Floyd...I say you have a way with women and you insult me...dude. So my English isn't so good? If I was an illegal immigrant, you'd dig it! Seriously, you still weren't clear on wheather or not you were going back to being white power. I mean what is this, "on my life" stuff? You don't have to go through me to come back. I don't care if you talk about wanting to kill white babies or join the ANP. Just remember, I'm not standing in your way. You might be old and skinny and I might be big and scarry looking, but I know better than to fuck with you. There's one reason and one reason only: you look like some dude I saw on Oz. Or it might have been The Sheild, I can't remember.

    Just remember, you don't have to kill anybody to do what you want to politically.

    Feds--Floyd Cockran just threatened to kill me--sure as hell. If I get shanked, its because everybody sat on their hands while I got murdered by some bald-headed, anti-white, ladies-man. Oh and he just said he was dating a black-jew, 15 year old bisexual. I don't know which one of those things are illegal but thats what he said so, its out of my hands.


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