Sunday, October 22, 2006


Every once in awhile, something happens that restores one's faith in human nature and the world. Sometime back I was approached by a group of teens who wanted to get involved and help in our fight against racism, prejudice, and bigotry. I have visited with them from time to time and today they opened a "Teens Against Hate" site on My Space. It's priceless!

Lacey Montgomery is the leader of the group and an absolutely beautiful young lady both inside and out. These kids are taking this business to heart, hearing our call, and diving in! Kudos to Lacey and friends. Please stop by, sign in, and give them all a round of applause!



  1. 90% of all religiously motivated crimes are committed against jews, huh? I don't doubt it actually since 90% of wars are jewish motivated.

    Answer me this though: how can you say you support equality and looking past everything to see the person on the inside...etc...and in the same breath, support jewish supremacy? Its that simple. Jewish supremacy is the driving force on your side of the fence and always has been.

    Whats funny is that I can see people turning a blind eye to the jewish problems we have, not only as a nation, but as a planet. I can see someone who doesn't want to face up to the jew because they have it good in life, or so their bank account says. I can see someone who has rarely been in want of anything, want to fight people who have made it clear through all forms of media that resisting them will mean their destruction. What I can't understand is why people, knowing full well in their hearts, that they are part of promoting a hypocritical ideology, built on the jewish lie of equality. Jewish hate and jewish lust for domination over all peoples of the world is alive and well. And its done more damage in our lifetimes than Nazi Germany could have if the war had lasted twice as long.

    In closing, you're betting on the wrong team. Why? You're betting against the human spirit. And as this time marks the 50th anniversary to the Hungarian Revolution against Jewish Communism, I say to all my comrades, let the spirits of those who thought to keep their country their own, inspire you to do the same.

  2. Jewish Communism? I don't think so.

    The former Soviet Union banned all worship at synagogues.

    The USSR before nazi Germany turned on them helped out the nazi's in identify and rounding up Jews in Poland.

    Joseph Stalin slaughtered Jews, especially in the Ukraine and Belarus.

    But in Israel, they have 100's of Christian churches and 100's of Moslem mosque. Israeli Arabs have full voting rights in Israel and hold seats in the Israeli paraliment.

    Tell me how many synagouges there are in Iraq? Iran? Saudi Arabia?

    Jews make up less than 1 percent of the world's population. Out of the tens of millions of square miles of lands on the earth, Israel holds less than 1/10,000th of that land.

    It is the paranoid white supremacist who are betting against the human spirit. I wouldn't worry about the Jews, Mr. Drake, I would worry about your own types. They seem to be their own worst enemy, not the jews.

  3. The worst enemy is whites, you are correct. They're the worst because they sell out their own kind by holding the door open for the jew in return for a few sheckles. In your case though, you get nothing.

    Stalin's NKVD was staffed top to bottom with jews. Sure they put a ban on public religion but that was fine since the jews were in control of the country. The jews were clearly responsible for not only the "Russian" revolution as well as the communist regime that followed. My advice to you, listen to facts about jewish history from something other than jewish sources. And heck, don't take my white-as-could-be take on things--check out what anyone who isn't in their back pocket says--the world over.

    As far as your disappointment in the jewish not dominating everywhere in the world yet, the fact that there are so few jews and the control so much should be a kick in the ass to your whole "equality" lie of thiers. Yeah, jews are 1% or less. Thats more of a reason why they should control even LESS. As far as why there aren't synagogs all over countries where jews have either committed mass killings or threatened to, gee, you got me there.

    And then let me ask you how many memorials there are in israel to all the mercenary nations who saved their asses and put them back in power in Europe? Huh? How many holoco$t memorials are there in America? How about the UK? How about Germany? Poland?? Remember jews are such a small, small part of the world population. Is it possible they were somehow killed more than everyone else? Take your jewish supremacy and hold it up to a little candle of common sense. The entire world isn't made up of over-fed Americans filling their head with plastic mental constructs that are easier to come by than a Shindler's List DVD.

  4. Chris Drake said

    Sure they put a ban on public religion but that was fine since the jews were in control of the country.

    If so, then why doesn't Israel ban all synagouges there since the Jews control it? But I see your logic, Jews control something, then ban all their religous places of worship. And Stalin wasn't jewish.

    And if you ever have actually visited Europe, you'll find 100's times more memorials dedicated to the Great War and World War II then to the Holocaust. Every single village has a memorial to those wars. Only the larger cities have memorials to the Holocaust.

    I don't know how many memorials are in Israel.

    In the southern United States, most towns have a confederate memorial or monument. Some have a world war monument. Almost none of them have a Holocaust memorial.

    And take a look at your "white leaders" like Hal Turner & Alex Linder. It just shows how far down the toilet white supremacism has gone. From people with doctorates like William Pierce & Richard Butler to unemployed paranoids leading it now behind a computer.

    You're on the wrong side Mr. Drake. You are on the losing side.

  5. I never once said all jews were on the same page. Most jews neatly fall into two camps: communist and zionist. Sometimes those two are at odds. One thing you can be sure of though is that no matter which side wins, it spells good news for jews and bad news for whites. I'll write a little more on this when its not 11:00 pm.


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