Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Citizens Against Hate has come a long way over the last few years, and we are growing by leaps and bounds! Much of this is attributable to those who have worked so dilligently to expand and expound on our quest.

We have a few new web promos that you will see a lot of in the coming months as we develop of outreach programs even further. Here is the first installment. Enjoy:



  1. I wish your "promo" was a little more honest when it came to activism... Hal Turner has mentioned that antifa people have phyically harrassed people, and have slashed tires, and have thrown C and D size batteries at people...

    Do you really think you can stop all the hate in the world? There has been hate in the world since Cain and Abel in the Bible days.. You will never get rid of all the hate in the world.....

  2. Lloyd,

    Since when you did start believing hal Turner again? He's lied so many times, you could write a book larger then the Bible full of them.

    And racist groups like the Klan that Turner loves so much have hung people by the rope killing them dead. That's far worse than having a tire slashed.

    You know better to brand all of a certain group based on the actions of a few radicals. Most antifa don't throw batteries or slash tires.

    And Lloyd, remember which side wants to KILL all Jews, KILL all Blacks, KILL all Gays .... Hal Turner & most other white supremacists preach that on a daily basis. Of course, Hal's too little to actually do anything himself though..

    You know better Lloyd.....You know better......

  3. I guess Schwartzo the KIKE thinks it is/was Ok that the Nigger Brood Sow used her newborn baby as a weapon against her Coon boyfriend.

    Hal Turner is not a Pussy. He kicked that Shit Skin Mongrel's Ass who was terrorizing Hal's wife & son on their property.

  4. And I take it that Steve thought it was okay when Andrea Yates, a white woman, in Texas drowned and killed five of her own children.

    Be thankful Steevo the nazis/Hal Turner types will never get in power because the first thing they would do is to gas disabled and indigent people like yourself. Yes Steve, your beloved nazis gassed everyone with Cerebral Palsy along with other mental and physical defects.

  5. A little bit of good news. Federal Informant David Pringle has canceled his show and his website due to pressure from his boss.

    Pringle was the one who gave the feds the goods on Chester Doles.

    Now who do you think notified his employer?


  6. Whho turned him in? Nothing less than a Stupid Assed Nigger Lover...

  7. 90% chance that Pringle was turned in to his employer by another "nazi".

    It always turns out that way...

    I know one so-called nazi who wants to put Hal Turner into prison for the rest of his life. I'm sure even someone with your intelligence can figure out who.

  8. He better hope that Hal doesn't figure out who he is. Hal will stomp a mudhole in his Ass and walk it dry.

  9. Uh...I don't think so. Hal Turner is a real coward. He might talk the talk but he won't walk the walk.

    If you ever notice, everything he does or says is something that will incite OTHERS to do his dirty work. He always asks "Are you with me?" He doesn't have the necessary equipment to "stomp" anyone.

    As to David Pringle - I'm amazed he even has a job. He lived off his wife for years.

  10. Hal is no Pussy.

    Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff needs to be run out of office for his dismal failure to protect our borders; as shown in the story immediately above, his border patrol LITERALLY didn't catch elephants with a Mariachi Band crossing the border illegally!
    I am organizing a hostile, virulent protest at Chertoff's house outside of Washington, DC in the near future!
    I want to create a protest that is so hostile, so angry, with such obvious fury, that this incompetent bastard, Michael Chertoff knows it is time to leave.

    With election day just four weeks away, we can turn Chertoff into a political pariah - and Bush will be forced to sacrifice Chertoff for fear of losing the Congressional mid-terms to the Democrats! NOW IS THE TIME!

    Everyone interested in participating is encouraged to attend. Please e-mail me at this special e-mail address for further details:


  11. Ok, I'll spill my guts on Pringle. The preassure is getting to me and I've cracked. Pringle is actually the guy who owns Pringle's Chip company. He has ran it from behind the scenes for years after he took it over from his dad or brother or somebody. He even kept it a secret from Gliebe and Walker while he was with the NA. Some guys figured it out after because of a few clues but nobody said anything since the NA was apparently going bad and might try to bring Pringle's company down. Pringle then decided to cast caution to the wind and use his snack company to promote the pro-white cause. His idea was to make chips in the shape of Wolfhooks but couldn't find a team of engineers smart enough to keep the chips from breaking apart. One team got made when Pringle pulled them off the project and sent an email to the company BOD. So they got mad as hell and told Pringle to cease because they were worried about what it would do to their company stock value. Pringle said ok but then a week later was investigating a way to print pro-white slogans on the chips using dye or food coloring or something like that. Thats when they decided to get tuff with him. They got their lawyers together and threatened a hostile take-over if he didn't cease. Pringle got this on a Friday and didn't think much of it until he talked to his lawyers on Monday. They said that the BOD had every legal right where they stood on the behalf of the stockholders. Pringle was caught on the carpet and he knew it. What did he do? He caved. He not only scrapped his new chip ideas but also, on the advice of his legal staff, pulled his website and radio show. Pringle instead decided to use his money to secretly build an army of robot-soldiers, capable of untold destruction and unmatched intelligence. Once that project was started, he then got a team together to search for the city of the Mole-men, whom he could rely on as allies, according to old Nazi documents. Pringle even took some time off and accompanied the team after they told Pringle they might be onto something. Thats as far as my info goes. All I can say is that Pringle + Robot-Army + Mole-Men = goodbye Citizens Against Hate. I'm warning you about this because I think Pringle's gone too far. If I were you, I'd mostly use this website for bashing Vonbluvens and pretend that you somehow support Pringle. I mean, fighting robotic soldiers, I can see. People can do that, even non-whites to an extent. But the Mole-men? You never know where they'll come up and they can probably dig through just about anything. You know, since they live under dirt, rock and who knows what else. Maybe if you told the feds all of this now, they could shut down Pringle's secret robot factory and drag him out of whatever cave he's exploring to contact the Mole-men. Or you could go looking for the Mole-men yourselves and tell them they should support the jews for some reason. Or you could get some signs and wait around places you think they'd emerge, telling them to go home and its not their country. I hope I've brought some peace here and helped everybody avoid unnecessary violence.

  12. By the way, why is there someone holding out part of a negro's arm? What kind of a statement are you trying to make? I mean, is it some sort of thing saying that white on black violence is getting too bad or something? Frankly, its sick. You don't need shock photos to sell and idea, just jewish support. Thats almost as bad as the walking weener.


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