Sunday, October 22, 2006


We knew it was coming. We knew he couldn’t hold it together much longer. And, we knew that Bill White was overdue for another meltdown. The disabling behavioral disorder that has plagued Bill most of his life mandates that he be treated as a universally renowned individual who is above reproach and certainly the prime stabilizing factor in a world out of control.

Realizing that Bill has been rendered somewhat insignificant in the grand scheme of the racist right, doesn’t ameliorate the fact that he is struggling for a comeback and is still making an absolute ass out of himself in the process, or that he continues to fabricate on his website.

Granted, we are delighted that he aided us in furthering our outrage at the Satanic worshipping of the NSM Chairman’s wife and the wholly abominable interactions they were having with teens. However, since he left the National Socialist Movement there has been a multitude of misinformation, gossip, and outright lies published by White.

With Bill White, nothing is sacred except his ego, that is. He has no compunction about publishing names, addresses, and phone numbers of those he believes have wronged him and often goes even further by publishing the same information about family members of these parties. Never mind that 9 times out of 10 the information proffered is erroneous and places innocent bystanders in harms way.

Earlier this week, the Winter Edition of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Report came out featuring a story about the Satan’s Gate shake up within the NSM. Alexander Zaitchik authored an accurate description of what took place and how it affected the National Socialist Movement. Zaitchik’s report befittingly placed Bill White as a key player in crippling the NSM, and chronicling his history of disloyalty and untrustworthiness, Bill took great exception. Of course, that ‘exception’ materialized on his website, and of course, it is fraught with more than just a little distortion.

In his continuous efforts at self-importance, Bill attempts to convince his readers that he somehow “exposed” Zaitchik as being an “SPLC informer.” In fact, what Bill White did was what he does to everyone who he doesn’t like – he published the personal information on Zaitchik and, of course, his family members.

It is interesting to note that both Bill White and shock-jock Hal Turner have this tendency to put this kind of information out there hoping that some demented individual will act on it and do their dirty work for them.

Next White claims that the article published by Zaitchek was somehow in retaliation for Bill’s “outing” him. Bill takes great issue with the author’s characterization of him as being “untrustworthy” and an “anarchist” and claiming that no white activist should have anything to do with him. Well…if the shoe fits…

Within the mental residence that Bill White’s mind calls home, there appears to be a cog out of whack – a gear that doesn’t shift. The article written by Zaitchek, “Nazi’s Falling,” was about a series of events and the people and groups that played out the drama. Of course, if you are Bill White, seeing your name in print generates the false illusion that it is all about you. Zaitchek did a superb job of capturing the true Bill White. We don’t even have to look at our assessment of Bill’s ‘trustworthiness.’ We can look right in his own movement. Don Black of Stormfront will attest to his lack of integrity. Alex Linder of Vanguard News Network will confirm his lack of loyalty. And, Jeff Schoep, et. al. of the National Socialist Movement will tell you in a heartbeat that Bill cannot be trusted.

As Zaitchik mentioned, there were dozens of people who ragged on Jeff Schoep and warned him about Bill White. Even Schoep admits this and wishes he would have listened. Narcissists are, by-and-large, devoid of integrity largely because the condition warrants, indeed necessitates, loyalty only to oneself.

I might disagree that Bill White is an anarchist. So would most anarchists as he gained no favor among them when he professed to be one. In fact, he was all but shunned by those who saw him as an anomaly and one who couldn’t be trusted. Throughout his metamorphosis and his chameleonic life, he has never really been anything. He sucked at being an anarchist. He sucked at being a Third Positionist, and he sucks at being a Nazi. Actually, he sucks at being a human being, as well. People who are narcissistic seem to believe that they can be anyone they want to be. The trouble is – they can’t because, in most instances, they lack the ability to work and play well with others.

Further, to Bill’s consternation, Zaitchik portrays Bill as an ‘informer,’ to which Bill takes adamant exception. It’s funny how his mind works. He doesn’t believe himself an informer – just a righter of wrongs. However, unconsciously or deliberately, Bill White eventually ‘informs’ on everyone whether it’s to the police or to the public. When he first teamed up with the National Socialist Movement we were all taking bets on how long this would last and licking our chops in anticipation of the information that would be forthcoming once the honeymoon was over. Of course, we knew that we would have to wade through a lot of fabricated minutia to find the pearls. He certainly didn’t let us down as he immediately began to air all the dirty laundry of the NSM.

In one truly humorous sentence, Bill makes the following observation:

“The SPLC and the ADL promote white "leaders" that serve *their* purposes, and they attack white leaders that don't.”

First of all, that’s called politics. Second of all, Bill White is one of the most notable of all of the racists for “attacking leaders” who don’t serve his purposes. He attacks the leaders and their families on a very personal level. But, Bill wouldn’t see this. He would not be able to admit that what he hates in others are the things that he most hates about himself.

After watching Bill over the years we have become quite good at “reading” him. We knew that a meltdown wasn’t far from occurring because he is not receiving the attention that he needs and believes he deserves. His website is losing ground. His new group is not moving forward as he knows it should. He hasn’t been interviewed lately. The letters he keeps sending to news sources aren’t getting the attention that he thinks they so rightly deserve. No one from the media is hounding him about plans for the next demonstration because he doesn’t have any. This is totally unacceptable to one who believes he is the great white hope.

Hence, he needs to bolster himself to the handful of “followers,” that he has so he publishes this:

“Days after a group of homosexual Jews at the Southern Poverty Law Center issued a bogus report claiming that the Vinlander Social Club was topping the list of violent skinheads, thousands of members of the news media, whose IPs can be clearly traced to their organizations, have turned to to learn that the Vinlander social club is heavily infiltrated by the FBI and that its violent activities are being directed by agents of the Southern Poverty Law Center who have infiltrated the group.”

Now, we know this is not true. There are not “thousands” of reporters who even care about the Vinlanders, and those who do would not even dream of going to his website for any kind of information. In point of fact, he is the one who has been “outed” over and over again. The media, those who follow the racist scene, law enforcement, and other racist groups realize that he plays very loose with the truth and any use of information published by the likes of Bill White is risky at best.

Additionally, Alexander Zaitchik made the following statement about our involvement in the National Socialist Movement’s disablement:

“The party's problems began last June, when Citizens Against Hate discovered that NSM's Tulsa post office box was shared by The Joy of Satan Ministry, in which the wife of NSM chairman emeritus Clifford Herrington is High Priestess. Knowing that NSM ally and hate-radio host Hal Turner was a Catholic-raised convert to the white supremacist theology of Christian Identity, the anti-racist group decided to plant a metaphorical banana peel under NSM's unsuspecting jackboot.”

That “metaphorical banana peel” served more than one purpose – it also further alienated Bill White from the rest of the movement. We predicted what would happen if the misstep occurred – and it did, on cue. And, Bill White acted in precisely that foreseen manner. When Zaitchik said that “it couldn’t have been scripted better in Tinsel Town,” I had to laugh because the cast made it easy – all they had to do was be themselves.

At this point in time, Bill has not recovered. He is struggling to be somebody once more, but the road is really rocky now. He has run his bluff too often on people and they are realizing more and more that he is a bluster, a bluff and an empty show. However, I would not write him off just yet. Bill has this uncanny resilience that has kept him afloat longer than most people thought. While the huge majority are sick to death of his antics and insanity, there are a few misfits who will follow. Also, he has a certain appeal to newcomers and that could work in his favor. One thing is for certain, however. Bill White lives in a very lonely world right now.


  1. Is that a bullet-proof Bill White is wearing? Scared to death from his own kind. Well, we know why now.

  2. As I understand it, Bill wouldn't be caught dead without his kevlar.

  3. Poor Bill. He's probably still pissed that he couldn't even merit a decent picture in the lil' old Toledo Free Press coverage of the 1-year anniversary issue of the North Toledo riot.

    Mark Martin and his shiny boots made the cut, though.

    White claims his "face was plastered all over the cover," but the only people depicted were Martin and a uniformed police.

    And I am pretty sure this is not him.

    He did get a little ink when a staffer interviewed him.

  4. Is it true that Bill owns or parts a nightclub in Roanoke called "Girls, Girls, Girls"???

  5. No Lloyd, it's not true. William doesn't own a nightclub.

    But how about the mentally disabled VONBLUVENS resigning from William's group today? Of course, Vonbluvens has resigned so many times from so many groups, an average calculator would have an overflow error keeping track. Vonbluvens once he gets straight on his meds might come running to Bill for forgiveness.

    Then again.....

    From what I understand, it wasn't just the Christian thing (Von isn't a Christian) but the fact that his main website, esons, is hosted by Hal Turner. Von always goes where he can get a free ride.

    And finally, Arch-Cardinal Kenneth Schneider is still a wanted fugitive by the Roanoke City police on several charges including assault. Von has been crying for him to call him and I suspect Doc is either in jail or another psych ward.

  6. Ole Schwartzo is ridin' high on his wave on what he believes is bad things about Whites.

    I almost feel sorry for Schwartzo. He would give a billion dollars if he could've been born a Nasty Smelly Buck Coon with a Brillo pad for hair. He hates being White.

  7. Looks like Steve is having one his mentally challenged moments. However being born with cerebral palsy & mental retardation doesn't give him the rationale to be a racist.

    Steve is jealous that most blacks outperform him in every possible way from intelligence, to earning income, from driving a newer car, and from health.

    Steve hates blacks out of jealousy.

  8. No KIKE, your Great Hero has never said that I hate Blacks. I get aggravated because they think they might have moved up in the gene pool and ignore their roles.

    Me jealous; I have much intelligence in one of my asshole hairs than the smartest of Coons.

    Schwartzo proved himself to be full of shit a few years ago when he said a couple of times he was going to have vonbluvens and I put away for 72 hours forced observations in mental hospitals. his threats are as empty as his fat head with a jew nose.

    If the real truth were known about Schwartzo; you can bet that he and his half breed brood all live in a nigger infested low-rent housing project that is also roach infested and not a half million dollar home that only exists in his dreams.

  9. Elmer refers to African-Americans as

    "Nasty Smelly Buck Coon with a Brillo pad for hair"

    and yet he says he doesn't hate them.

    Harry, Didn't Elmer say that white man tried to molest and rape him when he was a child?

  10. Yes, Steve Holsten did say that a WHITE MAN tried to molest him when he was a kid.

    We need to be careful with Steve Holsten though because advocates for the mentally retarded will claim we are picking on him because of his disability.

    Like I said Steve hates blacks out of jealousy and hates gay people out of self-hatred.

  11. I love it when you Coon Lovers turn & twist facts to fit your agenda of putting down outstanding Good Whites like me.

    I don't know where Schwartzo gets that I am FuckTarded. FuckTards don't drive school busses safely & accident free for over 10 years. FuckTards don't pass the CDL tests & etc. They don't work about that long as Cashiers either. I was a computer tech in a computer store for almost a year building and repairing computers.

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    I don't hate Coons. I hate their violence against Whites. Schwartzo the KIKE tries to say that Whites commit more crime, but the FBI stats proves the Coons are far more violent and commit more crime than Whites.

    I do hate all nasty assed Sodomite Faggots. They are an abomination in my God's eyes and that's good enough for me. There is probably a hotter corner in Hell for all of the Faggots.


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