Thursday, October 26, 2006

Blevins - No White - Just Basic Black

Here we go again. It’s posturing and feather preening time, once more, for the Nazi’s. The National Alliance is in the toilet. The National Socialist Movement is barely treading water. Aryan Nations is genuflecting before the Klan in hopes of rejuvenation. You would think that the last thing any of the racist Nazi’s would be looking to do is puff out their chest, extol their virtues, or declare themselves viable. However, they are not really known for being rational or cognizant human beings.

Now, it is no secret that Michael Blevins, better known to most as Vonbluvens, has some serious mental illness problems, is a vicious racist, and just doesn’t know where home is. After leaving the NSM because of their Satanist connections, we lost track on how many new groups he attempted to start and how many times he hooked up with Bill White and left again. His rollicking declarations of loyalty and fealty to the white race and to the “cause” have been met with derision and contempt by others within the movement. The ambivalence displayed by Blevins has become the source of merciless scorn from his brethren.

And, he did it again. After joining Bill White’s American National Socialist Worker’s Party and being appointed Florida State Leader, it seemed that Blevins was on the road to recovering some sense of direction. Yesterday, he resigned once more. Actually, the handwriting was on the wall as he had been toying with another group for some time. Seeing himself as a “Christian,” he has decided to start a National Socialist group for Christians called “American National Unity.” Of course it is somewhat of an oxymoron – but we must consider the source.

Michael considers himself an artist and does a fair job at “cartoonish” characterizations. For awhile, he considered leaving the movement and devoting more time to his art. As he is unemployed, one must wonder how his wife Bernadette is coping through all of this. One must also wonder at his penchant for fashion.

Throughout all of the on-again off-again allegiances declared by Blevins, it appeared that his biggest concern was not the ideology or the make-up of the group, but what kind of uniforms they would wear – and what color.

While a member of the National Socialist Movement it became pretty obvious that he had a real hook for a beret and was a real stickler for correct placement of patches and insignias on the NSM uniform. He even dedicated a radio show to sewing and ironing of rally regalia.

In this recent bout over fashion, it also became clear that he coveted basic black. Of course, we can understand that this fashion guru was knowledgebale about the “slimming effect” that black seems to have, as well as the understanding that black can always be “dressed up” or “dressed down.”

Michael Blevins, whether unstable or controlled, lacks the aplomb, foresight, and leadership ability to ever be a major player in this thing the racists call a movement. Like an impetuous child, Blevins engages in childish impulses and knee-jerk reactions across the internet. He runs the gamut in attempts to fit into the racist enclave of our society. From hardened racist to remorseful Christian, Michael Blevins’ list of characters is a long one. Through the years, Blevins has provided us with great amusement and sometimes great anger.

It’s easy to laugh at the ambivalence and buffoonery of Vonbluvens. It’s equally easy to feel sadness and pity for the malady which prevents him from being a functioning part of society. And, it takes very little effort for us to rage at his preposterous and sometimes despicable calls to violence through his radio shows. Knowing that the radio show was coming from the same house which housed a day care center, gave us no trouble when it came to expressing outrage and anger.

It’s interesting to note that the racist right has been home to many unstable and emotionally disturbed people – far more than you find within the general mainstream population - proportionately, that is. Violence, mayhem, domestic abuse, drugs, alcohol, mental illness, self-loathing, and general dysfunction are far too prevalent to be mere coincidence. Watching people like Bill White and Michael Blevins self-destruct in that downward spiral of madness is never pleasant. One cannot help but wonder what could have been if that potential had been channeled in the right direction.

Yet, as someone once said – you have to laugh to keep from crying.

That Michael Blevins is an insignificant character in the bigger picture is a given. As a matter of fact, there are those who will wonder why I have even visited this non-issue. To them I would say, I visited it because often what is a non-issue today becomes a much bigger issue tomorrow. I am oft reminded of a young man who thought he was a Nazi. Plagued with a debilitating disability, Hardy Lloyd, much like Blevins, was deemed insignificant by those he tried so hard to impress. His website and his rants were met with the same castigation as is Vonbluvens. He was used by what he believed were his “peers” when it was beneficial, and cast out as a leper when he became what they believed was an “embarrassment.” Today, Hardy is spending his days weaving baskets and being medicated after placing a bullet through his girlfriend’s head.

I have witnessed many things from the racist right in my lifetime. I have seen, first hand, the carnage and the grief, and the fear that they leave behind as their calling card. As we watch these groups fall apart at the seams and clap our hands, we must be ready, not only for the fallout, but for the new species that is certain to evolve. And, we must be cognizant of the fact that there are more Hardy Lloyd’s and Michael Blevins’ out there – just waiting to be somebody.


  1. A letter Vonbluvens wrote to the Roanoke Times claiming he wasn't getting enough benefits for being mentally ill.
    Mentally ill live in poverty's straits VIRGINIA has moved some of the mentally ill out of hospitals into the community. This gives them the chance to interact with mainstream society. It also produces savings for our state by eliminating hospital costs and substituting an $815 per-month living expense and $57 per-month for personal expenses (Feb. 4 news article, "Owners of assisted living facilities look to legislators for financial help"). These individuals have Medicaid, but that doesn't cover dental care. Also, they need eyeglasses, orthotics and orthopedic devices that Medicaid doesn't cover.
    Michael Blevins, Roanoke VA
    his letter to the editor of the Roanoke Times, Feb 11, 2001
    talking about himself.

  2. I forgot to add, this was right after Michael Blevins was released from a mental institution and placed at 1529 Patterson Ave, Roanoke.

    Bill White knows what a palace that place is.

  3. Mike must be doing something right. Otherwise, the Other Color Lovers wouldn't give him this much attention. Good going Von. You're doing something right.

    Schwartzo the KIKE ignored the last Ass kicking I gave him in the previous thread.

  4. Steve, why the fuck are you sticking up for Vonbluvens? Don't you remember when that piece of shit called you a pedophile on his show? And he did this after you sent him some money.

  5. That was back during the time that the Coon Lovers were working hard to make me out to be a Pedo. The sensible people who are White proud now know better.

    Us Whites have got to learn to stick together. This in-fighting and other Bullshit needs to stop now.

  6. I didn't write any such letter to the editor.

  7. So...Von - someone impersonated you? Who would want to do that? No one wants to be you - bet on it.

    Also, I seem to remember a letter to the editor about the courts that won't let father's see their children, or something like that. Did you not write that one?

  8. Vonbluvens did in fact write the letter, the same day, ANOTHER letter was published from Vonbluvens complaining about the Roanoke Police Chief. And we know how often Vonbluvens complained about him. Michael Blevins is lying again.

    And to show you how small Bill White's new group is, he has to accept the severely mentally ill into it's ranks like a Michael Blevins. He can't afford to discard him yet or risk losing 25% of his membership on one member.

    Even VNN has figured out how severely mentally ill Vonbluvens is.

    Anyone can search google news archive search and see both letters Vonbluvens wrote himself.

    And to Holsten... the infighting has got to stop yet just yesterday, Vonbluvens was spreading gossip about the NSM on VNN. The same NSM that Hal Turner allows to air on his network.

    But you being of the lowest IQ, you can't figure that out yourself can you?

  9. Nikki,

    Yes, he did write a letter to the editor when the courts decided he was such a threat to his own children, he wasn't allowed to see them anymore. He was complaining the courts barred him from seeing them during Christmas. I'll pay another $1.95 to dig it up when I get back from Gatlinburg this weekend.

    The only reason a court totally disallows visits is if they determine the person to be a threat to the health of the children.

  10. Schwartzo's lips are moving; so he's lying as usual.

    If Mike says the letter wasn't his; then why the Fuck can't this sorry assed KIKE accept it? It's because he likes causing a White man all the problems that he can.

  11. You're right, Harry. The only time that I have ever known the court to disallow visitation completely is when the parent presents some sort of threat to the child.

    He didn't even have supervised visitation, if I remember right.

    There are times when I wonder who is more mentally ill - Blevins or White.

  12. Again, these are lies. You don't know anything about my personal life.

    I love how you guys like to attribute letters not written by me.

    Schwartz, at one time got the rumor started that I was in fact the basketball coach(Had the same name as I) that was raping girls that I was allegedly coaching.

    There was another Michael Blevins whose acts were attributed to me which was not.

    You guys accuse White of getting the facts wrong, but in fact you guys are more guilty of it than anyone.

    There are numerous people in Virginia with the name of Michael Blevins and what is sad I think Schwartz already knows this.

  13. Wise people pay about as much attention to Schwartzo as they do a dryed out dog turd in the yard. He has lied so much that his credibilty has went to Hell. Von, look at the several times on Hal's old message board that he was going to have us involuntarily committed to mental observations. His threats were as empty as his lies are now.

  14. So...again, I you deny writing those letters? Were you refused visitation with your children via the courts? This is your opportunity to clear this whole mess up, Von.

  15. Who cares, Mike? Does anybody listen to this crowd? Hell, Schwartz said not long ago that I was bankrupt, a criminal and had a drug history. This is the prime-time TV crowd. If reality doesn't match TV then they make up stuff to make them line up. Well, I think Schwartz is an exception, he pure out lies apparently just to do it. But like I said, who cares? The fact they keep out of the public eye tells volumns about what kind of people they must be. Heck, look at DLJ, he steps into the light and look what came out about him.

  16. Okay, Blevins is fun to pick on, and you know I like to see him squirm, but somebody REALLY needs to FINALLY neutralize the sickening little pus-bag known as Hal Turner:


    From Hal Turner website:

    Hal Turner smirks:

    Well, well, well, Judith finally sings a very different tune.

    Didn't I warn you to stay off my web site and stop posting in these coments areas because you were unwelcome?

    Didn't I REPEATEDLY block your IP address to physically prevent you from coming here, only to see you repeatedly change IP addresses and use proxies for the express purpose of defying me?

    Didn't I tell you on more than one occassion that I had found out who you were and that I would publicize that information if you didn't leave here?

    And didn't YOU mock me at every turn, thinking you held the upper hand with complete anonymity?

    Now, we see the sad ending that didn't have to be.

    The next time a guy like me tells you to get off his web site and stay off it, (or to do anything else for that matter) maybe you'll do as you're told.

    There are people in this world who are far more powerful than you; more powerful than the police; more powerful than state governments and, dare I say it -- even more powerful on a particular level than our mighty federal government. I am one of those people.

    From federal District Judge Joan Humphrey-Lefkow, whose family was gunned down afer I said she was "worthy of being killed" to President Bush himself, into whose Oval Office I was able to get White Supremecist SkinHead David Holloway - even after the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force told me I "couldn't make a move without them stopping it" - all the way down to little Judith in Alaska: No one escapes my power.

    Everyone who crosses me, loses.



    Megalomaniacal psychopath. Clearly in need of court commitment.

  17. Ah, listen to the baby whine. Do you need a little cheese to go with it?

    Hal Turner for President......

  18. Didn't Blevins get thrown out of the halfway house he used to live at 1529 Patterson Ave in Roanoke? I remember a sign being posted stating he was barred from the property.

    So I believe Schwartz 100%

  19. If he told the truth about that; it would be the only truthful thing that I've seen him post. My memory seems to remember Big Boa posting that instead of Schwartzo.


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