Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I know that "Bonehead" and "Logic" do not go together - so before you say anything I just want you to know that I understand.

They say one picture is worth a thousand words - how about a short slide show with a few pictures? Maybe 10,000 words? Taylor Bowles of the National Socialist Movement is running for President of the United States - or so he says. If you are torn about who you are going to vote for, or whether to vote at all - you really need to check out this presentation:


After you do that and you have regained your composure, would you please come back here and try to tell me why we should be worried about these clowns? When we say that the NSM et.al almost make Bill White and Hal Turner look sane - we really do mean it.


  1. Has he picked a running mate yet as VP? Please OH PLEASE pick Hal Turner as running mate!!
    The lulz from that would echo across time and space.

  2. He did have a VP picked out but William Hoff has assumed room temperature

  3. Bill Hoff would still be a better pick than Hal. Even dead Hoff is more useful than a live Turner.

  4. You'd think Bowles could pick a couple of more respectable-looking sidekicks than the knuckle-dragging clowns he's teamed up with as "security" and "youth corps leader."

    Chappell and Swift look like they come from the kind of homes where "mama" and "sister" are the same person.

    And what's with the slouching, boys? Sit up straight - this is a Presidential campaign stop, not a trip to the principal's office for skipping fourth hour to smoke weed.

  5. BTW - the article was well written, and the writer's use of that straight-faced, deadpan approach was pretty funny.

    You can't write better comedy than this, except for the fact that the NSM and its ilk are serious about genocide, concentration camps, and forced relocation of human beings.

  6. The NSM is about genocide, putting people in camps etc, right? I swear, when your side of the story comes down to making outragous claims like that, its time to re-examine either their side or yours. Saying they are all about crap like that is like saying "Bush wants to kill all blacks." Has he ever said anything to elude to that fact? Nope. Has he ever done anything to support that? No. But it would be easier for you to hate him if he did, right? Heck, I don't like the guy one bit but I'm not not into puking up what people attempt to spoon fed me. The jews say the things they do about National Socialism, traditionally, because they think there is no other way to get people to rail against them. Show some intelligence and just say "I hate National Socialism because it threatens the Zionist way of life" instead of "they want to kill our children..." Come on. This isn't HBO, this is the real world.

  7. Chris:

    1. Nazis have a proven track record of exterminating those they despise: 5-6 million Jews, and another 5 million Poles, Roma, gays, Sinti, communists, and assorted others during the Holocaust.

    2. Although Bill White is no longer an NSM member, he offers an example of the racist mindset and its fascination with plans for genocide: I left the film [Apocalypto] saying to my wife that I never felt better about the mass killing of hundreds of millions of coloreds as I did seeing that film, and that it almost inspires me to get started on finishing the job. I also felt pretty good about slavery and human sacrifice as well.

    3. Scan threads on VNN, Stormfront, or any other WN board and you will find hundreds of similar examples of imagined violence and murder against non-whites, gays, and everyone else not deemed an Aryan.

    4. BTW - If NSM is such a peace-loving group, why does it insist on greeting visitors to NSM88.com with the image and sound of a loud explosion?

  8. 1. This has never been proven. In fact, they are so afraid of it being disproven, there are laws to protect the myth. You can explore wheather or not your god exists but not jewish war-deaths. Besides all that, jews have got a track record, past and present of genocide.

    2. You're right, Bill White isn't part of the NSM. Are you talking to Bill White right now? No, you're not and I'm talking for me. So when Ann Coulter says, "let's kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity," she's speaking for conservatives as a whole, right? How about all Americans? Why bother with trying to sort it all out, huh?

    3. Who are the people on those forums? Most likely they are people like you. If you notice, I use my real name on forums. Christopher Drake. Not Aryan-Strongman-nigger-killer-88 or anything else---My name tied to my opinions. Show me where myself or any of my associates have said anything about the hollywood brush you are trying to paint me with.

    4. I have no idea of why the NSM sets their website up the way they do. I swear, you're side can show masked criminals throwing firebombs and you wouldn't notice something like that. You notice the explosion. One thing I've never noticed though is where any National Socialist reported to be a pacifist. Law aiding and spineless-white-person aren't one in the same. Don't let people with real courage shake you up, Mike.

  9. Chris:

    1. The Holocaust happened, dude. Deal with it. However, there are legitimate intellectual debates about the Holocaust, like the intentionalist versus functionalist debate, or Norman Finkelstein's provocative "Holocaust industry" arguments.

    2. That being said, I agree with you that laws banning Holocaust denial are useless. They turn people like David Irving and Ernst Zundel into martyrs, as opposed to crappy historians or anti-Semitic nutcases.

    3. No argument from me that some Israeli military personnel have committed atrocities against Palestinian civilians, or that the Palestinians got a lousy deal in 1947.

    4. As far as your personal views, feel free to state them. Are you for the forced removal of non-whites from the United States? Do you agree with genocide as a means of "purifying" a given nation? Many WNs do, and chalking this up to a bunch of antis with fake names on VNN doesn't cut it, Chris. BTW - I don't post on those boards, although I surf them from time to time. The boards I post on - like you - I use my own name (well, except for some fiction I write. I have a pen name for fiction, but that has nothing to do with the real world).

    5. I abhor and condemn violence and crime where it occurs, be it by white, black, yellow, or purple people.

    6. Somtimes it takes greater courage to be a pacifist than a warmonger, Chris.

  10. Chris said...
    "I swear, when your side of the story comes down to making outragous claims like that, its time to re-examine either their side or yours...

    "...The jews say the things they do about National Socialism, traditionally, because they think there is no other way to get people to rail against them."

    Kinda like what one of your fellows had to say about us a little while ago, huh Chris:

    From Donald Brown...

    "The Citizens Against Hate that Nichol Nichols represents is a group that shouldn't laugh at since they are considered domestic terrorists and frequently violate the law and others Constitutional rights."

    The statements made by History Mike regarding genocide and violence - stand strong when considering the NSM and other hate groups. Regardless of what your beliefs are, you know that Mike is 100% correct. There are no euphemisms that can alter what these groups stand for.

  11. Listen to any nazi rally and it's all about hate. Hatred of Jews. Hatred of Blacks. And enough crying and whining to last a lifetime.

    You'll never hear them talk about loving white people though.

  12. Unit9, let me correct you, you'll never hear pro-white groups talk about loving white people on TV, which I gaurantee is as close as you have ever come.

    Nikki, whats that supposed to mean? Frankly, I think the word "terrorist" is thrown around way too much. In my opinion, a terrorist is someone who commits acts of terror. Hence, I don't see any terrorists. Even someone who stood up and said "I fully support terrorism in the middle east" (of course not speaking of jewish terrorism, which is ok to support and applaud)---I don't think they are a terrorist.

    However, you are a bunch of folks playing NKVD. I know and you know that you'd like nothing better than to imprison anyone pro-white and create laws to jail anyone who questions the jewish dictate. You are exactly what you accuse us of being except we go out of our way to prove otherwise. You pretty much let your anti-white stance stand as it will, with the full backing of jewish supremacist. After all, what you do is in full support of them, the real supremacist. Trust me a couple of klan guys talking white supremacy in a corn field and jewish global dominate/genocide are hardly on the same page. If you were really out for equality and a kinder world, you go after them tirelessly.

    And now to Mike. Mike, Mike, Mike...

    1. Most of the world doesn't believe the holoco$t happened or that it happened anything like how the jews said it did. Its been proven to be mostly false over and over again. Did the communist enslave better than half of Europe after the war, Mike? Who ran that show? Should the jews be forced to pay us back for that? Should we force people to pay homage to everyone who lost their freedom and lives to jewish communism, not only in Europe but also in West Asia? Should we not allow anyone to question whatever number we throw out there and whatever stories we make up about it? Should we be given a white homeland because of what the jews have done?

    2. No, I think holocost lies are there to oppress what is dangerous to jewish power. Its terrible to see people go to prison for questioning them but its great to see the jews overplaying their hand as usual. Don't you like the holoco$t, Mike? It would go away without the laws to protect the lie. Truth doesn't need laws to protect it. Its that simple. As for the laws effect on the white population they are inflicted on: its revolution time.

    3. Some? I bet someone couldn't twist your arm into saying that just "some killings" took place in or around the camps in WW2. Its state-run genocide and its nothing new for them. They've been doing it for decades, always with greedy and spineless people to back them up. Its funny how Israel picks its fights though. They are involved in such a struggle against a bunch of half-starved, unequipted, untrained peasents. They let us tackle real armies like Iraq and soon to be Iran. Look at how they fought in Lebannon: cowardly. Anyhow, we're getting off topic.

    4. Am I for genocide? Sure, Mike, after I spend a few hours walking down the road muttering to the voices in my head, I sit on a grassy hill and day dream about killing large numbers of people. You must be out of your mind or they are tooo far into yours. Fact of the matter is, we won't a white homeland. Given, the jews have had to commit genocide on two continents to obtain theirs but I doubt we'd ever have to do that. The world is a big place with plenty of space in it.

    5. You're against crime. Thats great. You're obviously a good citizen, Mike. I guess though crime isn't a factor for hating racialist though, huh? (yes, I'm manuvering you into a talk about crime--another mutli-cultural failing)

    6. And here's the easiest one. Its your mode of thinking that got our nation into this mess. Mike, a mugger will tell you not to fight. A rapist would tell you not to fight. A bankrobber doesn't want a fight either (he's just breaking the law for a chance for a better life!). Anyone telling someone not to fight something that harms you is likely an enemy or a coward. I oppose and rail against what is clearly against me and my kind. Its that clear. The easiest thing in the world to do would be grumble about it a little go about my buck-chasing life. So when I'm old, my nation's a mess, I've lived a meaningless life, no one including myself has a damn reason to respect me, I've cowered from every conflict, I've accepted any terms my enemies offered...I can attempt to wrap my head around the very jewish and abstract concept of being a coward as somehow being brave. Maybe I'll spend the kid's inheritance so I can go live in an all white area so I can pretend there was never a problem to begin with. Who knows? There are a million ways to avoid conflict and about a million ways to surrender. I can think of but a few to go foward.

  13. Mike, in case you are remotely interested in the holocost fraud, here's a really simple to read website (one of thousands) dedicated not so much to truth but to the obvious:


  14. Chris:

    1. Most of the world acknowledges the reality of the Holocaust, just like most of the world acknowledges the reality of the moon landing. There are, however, a few people who stubbornly cling to conspiracy theories claiming both were faked.

    2. Holocaust denial laws, in my opinion, are more like emotional reactions to by people shocked at the assaults on history and memory. The problem with these laws is twofold: they suppress free speech and they end up turning a handful of fringe extremists into martyrs. It's better to let Ernst Zundel churn out his cheesy pamphlets than to stick him in jail.

    3. Agreed that this is off topic, although some denial arguments link Israel to the conspiracy theory.

    4. Glad to hear you state you are a reasonable WN. Start buying up land in Idaho, Montana, or wherever you want to create your nation.

    5. Crime and poverty go hand-in-hand. Lousy economic situations bring out the worst in people of all colors. I grew up in Detroit (yes, that Detroit - my dad was a city cop for 25 years), and I know firsthand more than a few whites who chose the path of crime. I also know plenty of successful blacks who did not make that choice.

    6. Don't confuse "pacifism" with "passivity," Chris. If an SOB came up to me or a family member with a weapon, I would have no problem kicking the s**t out of said thug. I know how to throw a punch, swing a Louisville Slugger, and pull a trigger. That being said, the Iraq war (like most of the recnt modern wars) has been a colossal waste of human lives and material resources. As someone with pacifist leanings, I object to our President leading us into what looks like the start of a wide Middle East war (or - perish the thought - World War III).


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