Friday, February 23, 2007


Eye On Hate Talk Live Radio for Feb 23rd.
With a click of the mouse you can tune in Eye On Hate Talk Live Radio, tonight (Friday Feb. 23 at 7pm EST )

Eye On Hate host Floyd Cochran will ask the question: are these four attacks on Ill-legal Immigrants somehow related ?

* On Jan. 27, four gunmen wearing military fatigues and berets and carrying assault rifles shot and killed an Eloy man, who was driving a truck carrying illegal immigrants near an Eloy farm field. The attackers also shot 19-year-old Andrés de Jesús of Oaxaca, Mexico.

* On Feb. 7, 18 illegal immigrants were robbed at gunpoint by four heavily armed men wearing ski masks near the border at Sasabe.

* On Feb. 8, four gunmen opened fire on a pickup truck carrying illegal immigrants, killing a 15-year-old girl and two men just north of Tucson.

* On Feb 20, Three gunmen attacked a car with illegal immigrants and kidnapped the driver early Wednesday, Feb. 20th, Chandler,AZ.

Also we will discuss if Eli Wiesel's attacker Eric Hunt was influenced by racist bigots such as Hal Turner and Bill White; and briefly we will talk about "Holocaust Revisionism" and the role it plays in the over-all racist movement.

Along with discussing how to deal hate groups in your community,plus more, so join us at 7pm tonight, if you should miss the show it will be archived and will be posted with-in two hours after the Eye N Hate Live Talk show ends.

Nikki Nichols from Citizens Against Hate will be joining us, and at twenty minutes after the hour, we will open the phone lines so we can hear from you !

You can hear the show live and give us a call by clicking on this URL

go to and click on the blogtalkradio graphic or the one on the sidebar here.


  1. Look forward to the show.

    I would bet 100 to 1 that Eric Hunt doesn't even know who Bill White is. That fake blog was only put up after it became knowledge about Hunt and like Schwartz said, it was updated while Hunt was in a mental hospital.

    Bill White is the author of that blog and is pulling another Columbine stunt in order to give himself cheap publicity. For those who don't remember, Bill White claimed the shooters at Columbine where members of his UAP and acting under his orders. The major media figured out it was a total fabrication.

  2. I'll be calling in with plenty to say!!

  3. Excellent show!! If you didn't hear it live please tune into the archive!!

  4. Oh - this one was excellent! We had lots of callers and lots that we didn't get to. I really loved the Chat In Action group!

    Live radio is a blast!

  5. Well , Eye On Hate Talk Radio just finished up its first 60 minute Call-in radio show (last was 30 minutes) - it went well,much better than last week's program, we had a bunch of callers and some great questions in the area of racism in America.

    We also increased our listenership, if you missed the live show, you can tune-in here [a][/a]

    Wish to thank every one who tuned in and if you didnt get a chance to get on the show, we will be back next Friday night at 7pm, we will keep you posted :)

    Also want to thank Nikki and Tony for assiting in making the show a sucess tonight.

    Floyd - Eye On Hate Talk Radio

  6. youse'r constant perusers of VNNF & frequently refer to them in yr broad-casts &c....OK.....i challenge you to come on 'Free Talk Live' & debate Mr Alex Linder....u'll be given plenty of time to 'state yr case'...most of the broadcasts last for several all yr friends & supporters that you can actually BACK UP yr 'beliefs'....we await yr reply!

  7. Dear Jimbo:

    Perhaps you might make your case if we could actually read what you have written.

    Now, I know that leet-speak is all the rage on the Razr phones in your school, but when you show up on someone's site and go leet, you sound like the 14-year-old that you are.

  8. nvr mind me 'punctuation'...r youse gunna 'put up or shut up'? or what?

    youse'r clearly convinced of the 'justice' of yr own position!

    OK: let's see some 'arguments' to back that position up!

    (i'm assuming, of course, that you actually HAVE 'arguments' do, don't you?)

    the offer remains....Mr Linder is prepared to give youse more than enough time to 'state yr case'...certainly, MUCH MORE TIME than the 'main-stream media' would afford any of us white nationalists!


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