Monday, February 19, 2007

Perception Is Everything

Perception is everything - especially when talking about how you see yourself. Take, for instance, Bill White. I would never perceive him to be a he-man or a tough guy, and I certainly have never thought of him in terms of a Lord and Saviour. But, his self-perception is quite a lot different than mine. We are all familiar with the bluster associated with White and his tall tales about beating up a gaggle of cops and taking on the Vinlanders. But, I'll bet you never knew that he also compares himself to Jesus.

A little over an hour ago a picture was posted on VNN depicting him speaking in South Carolina to a motley crew of Klansmen and NSM and skinheads and other foul creatures. His response was quite telling - and goes straight to that narcissistic mindset:

"Much like Jesus, I preach to whoever will listen."

If the man starts to walk on water - I will have to make a hasty exit!


  1. Well, speaking of Bill. I had the displeasure of listening to his radio show tonight. PURE HELL!! LOL!!

    Anyhow, he claims that he might sue David Gletty over $300 he gave him to travel to the Lansing Rally the NSM held. Reason? The FBI paid for him to attend that rally.

    I have not laughed that hard in a VERY long time.

  2. That's the Old Echo theater in Laurens, aka the Redneck Shop where he was speaking at.

    If you walk out of it to your right, there is the Laurens county jail and sheriff's office right across the street. There's a small video store across the street from it and on both sides of the Redneck Shop are vacant.

    Yes, there is a 24 hour security camera the sheriff has fixed on the entrance of the Redneck recording license tags of those who park by the Redneck Shop.

    There's a hand written sign on the door listing a number to call in case there is any trouble.

    The owner (John Howard) was Bill Hoff's next door neighbor in Enoree. It should be noted that Howard is a English version of Horowitz.

    Other than a nice antique furniture shop and a little restaurant, downtown Laurens is in decay. All the businesses are outside the town right by..... Walmart.

    The NSM is going to hold their world conference either in Laurens or Cayce SC.

  3. ...both sides of the Redneck Shop are vacant.


    Imagine that!

  4. Much as I detest Our Lord and Savior William of Roanoke, you guys need to really go after this guy Alex Linder.

    Just got to reading his website. I don't think I'll be able to eat for awhile.

  5. Linder is really a very, very sick obnoxious man. I could conceive of him getting his head flushed down the toilet every day when he was in grade school...The way his mouth works, it's a wonder the sot still has any teeth in his head.


  6. BTW, Willow, I've listened to MOST of Bill's shows now. Completely inept. Me and my friend Jon put together a better podcast on our first try.

    Sound sucks. Background noises. Terrible music. same old conspiracy -addled BS , "Jews this" and "Jews that"...

    Pretty rank stuff. Yawn.

  7. Want to hear something really funny? I used to be a moderator over at VNNForum back around the shop-white fiasco. LOL. They REALLY didn't like it when that little tidbit came out.

  8. I would imagine not. The dregs on VNN forum are , to be blunt, every bit as bad as the several clowns that follow Hal Turner's websites around, posting in his comments area.

    Wonderful collection of little half-educated stooges blustering about with a snootful of libelous claims and tinfoil-hat conjectures.

    God, I gate the internet.

    Don't these E-tards ever get tired of blaming everything on America, Israel, and the "Joos"?


  9. Er, should be:




  10. My tolerance of web screeds , this time around, is strangely enough, alot lower.

    I hadn't really surfed around the poisonous bile duct of WN world for several months. Checking back with all these anti-American, anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi and conspiracy sites has gotten to me again. I might need to take another break soon.

    Either that, or my ulcer begins throbbing.


    best of Luck.


  11. Borg, I know exactly how you feel. My research has taken me to some ugly places these past few years. But I carry on because someone has to. We do take breaks from time to time to clear our heads though, you have too.

  12. One question:

    Are any of these conspiracy and WN guys putting up these sites being financed, do you think, by Islamic terrorist organizations?

    Bill White, or Alex Linder, maybe? It seems like, oddly enough, the only non-white people these guys really tolerate and even love are Islamic radicals who hate the U.S. Is it just me, maybe? Aren't they all really saying the same things?

    All I can say is: If Bill White thinks that "Islamofascists" consider themselves his "brothers" in the "struggle" , he's even dumber than what I thought.

  13. No I don't believe they are in anyway connected financially. They (WN) are riding on the coat tails of these guys cause it suits their needs. HATE for the Jews. Stupid I know but sadly true.

    And yes, Bill is that dumb. LOL

  14. I know from Alex Linder's bankruptcy filings that he hasn't had a steady job at least since 2001. He hasn't made a physical appearance since his days of running with Billy Roper.

    VNN is so dysfunctional, it is laughable. Full of trolls, informants, couch nazis, and the mentally ill.

    They never get tired of blaming the Jews for their own failures.

    And speaking of Roper, he seems to have fallen off the map.

  15. Borg,

    Bill White is only a "nazi" because it brings him the most attention from knee jerk reactions.

    I like what Bill White is doing for the nazi movement.

  16. Speaking of Bill White, did you see his bullshit post about Germans, the Holocaust, and National Socialism?

    He claims a group called "Metropol Institute" conducted a poll of 3,000 Germans, but - SURPRISE! - no such "Institute" can be found on the search engines.

    So... did Bill make up the entire article, or is there some heretofore unknown polling firm that just debuted with its first poll?

    Or... is "Metropol Institute" a new While Politics LLC property, and Bill called a couple dozen of his German-claiming Nazi pals for their opinions?

    Too much...

  17. Mike,

    When Bill writes under "overthrow staff", he is stealing articles from other sources and rewriting them.

    The story he stole for his article can be found here

    Nazism is growing in Eastern Europe and East Germany in the economically challenged areas.


    There is a photo of Eric Hunt in court there as well. He looks really scared. And yes, there looks to be a mental plea coming.

  19. click on the photo to enlarge it

  20. A mental plea probably isn't going to work.

    He knew what he was doing, pre-planned it in advance, got himself to San Francisco without problem, then was able to locate and stalk Elie Wiesel. After the attack, he was able to get himself back to Pennsylvania. Then he boasted about the attack on a website.

    There is no insanity here in my opinion. He knew what he was doing.

    Mentally ill? Perhaps but not insane. They can give him psych meds in jail and prison.

  21. I agree, Harry. The very fact that he was able to track Wiesel and make that cross-country trip rules out any chance he has of being considered mentally incapable of knowing what he was doing.

    The young man does look confused and scared. But, ya know, after planning all that, I'll bet he checked himself into that place so he could claim insanity.


    At the end of the video police say Hunt traveled to Florida in an attempt to get to Wiesel but could not catch up with him.


    Vernon man wanted in Calif.
    Wednesday, February 21, 2007
    Star-Ledger Staff

    The Sussex County man charged with attacking Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel in a San Francisco hotel earlier this month made his first appearance in court yesterday, where his attorney asked that the man be moved out of the Somerset County Jail because of "a medical problem."

    Blinking and looking dazed, Eric Hunt, a former high school debate team member allegedly turned anti-Semitic blogger, appeared in Superior Court in Somerville on a charge of being a fugitive from justice.

    The 22-year-old Vernon man is wanted in California on $500,000 bail in connection with the Feb. 1 attack on the 78-year-old Holocaust scholar. Charges include attempted kidnapping, elder abuse and committing a hate crime.

    Hunt said nothing during the brief appearance before Judge Robert B. Reed. Hunt's attorney, James D. Addis, asked that his client be moved out of the Somerset jail and into a medical setting.

    "I am concerned for his mental well-being," Addis said, adding that he wanted to make sure Hunt's regimen of medication continued. Addis later said he did not know what, if any, medication Hunt is taking.

    Addis also asked that bail be set, but Reed declined because it was set in California. The attorney said he did not know if Hunt will fight extradition.

    No family members were in court yesterday. But reached by phone later at his home in Archbald, Pa., Hunt's father, Frank Hunt, said his son has been treated for depression in the past. He said he believes some sort of breakdown likely led to the confrontation.

    Frank Hunt said he saw his son for the first time in 13 years on Feb. 9, when Hunt called and asked to be picked up at the Scranton, Pa., bus station. After two days, he drove Hunt back to Sussex County.

    "He just didn't appear to look too good. I was kind of worried about him," Frank Hunt said, adding that he learned through his ex-wife and family that his son had been "transient" and out of touch for some weeks before the incident.

    "He was a very, very bright young man. ... I think he must have had a mental breakdown or something," Frank Hunt said. "I just hope this Mr. Elie Wiesel can understand that my son is sick. He has been ill."

    He said he wants to work with other family members to try to get Eric treatment, rather than prison time.

    Addis, who described Hunt as "a very gentle soul," said he met with his client for about 4 minutes yesterday morning, and the young man did not mention the incident in San Francisco.

    "To me, he seems completely non-violent," Addis said. "Very much into his own thoughts."

    Hunt was arrested Saturday at Carrier Clinic, a mental health and substance abuse treatment clinic in Montgomery. He had been in the facility for about a week, Addis said. He did not know if Hunt checked himself in, or why.

    San Francisco police identified Hunt as the suspect in a Feb. 1 attack on Wiesel, who was accosted in an elevator at the Argent Hotel.

    A Holocaust survivor awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986, Wiesel had been a featured guest at a conference on violence at the hotel. Hunt allegedly asked to interview Wiesel, then insisted the elderly man accompany him to his room on the sixth floor.

    When the elevator reached the sixth floor, Hunt allegedly dragged Wiesel out of the elevator and down the hallway. Hunt fled after Wiesel began yelling for help.

    San Francisco police identified Hunt through a vehicle left in the hotel garage. On Feb. 6, a posting on an anti-Semitic Web site by someone identifying himself as Hunt took credit for the attack.

    The Web posting said he had been tailing Wiesel for weeks and wanted him to admit his most famous book, "Night," a harrowing memoir of his experiences in the Nazi death camps, was made up.

    "I had planned on ... getting Wiesel into my custody, with a cornered Wiesel finally forced to state the truth on videotape," the posting reads.

    Hunt had earlier tried to confront Wiesel at a conference in Florida, according to published reports. He is charged with attempted kidnapping, false imprisonment, elder abuse, stalking, battery and committing a hate crime in connection with the San Francisco attack.

    Hunt is now being held in a solitary cell in the Somerset County jail, which is standard procedure for the first 72 hours for new inmates, Sheriff Frank Provenzano said. He arrived with no personal effects besides a change of clothing, and was "docile and quiet," the sheriff said.

    Hunt will have no access to a computer while at the jail.

    Hunt graduated from Vernon High School in 2002, where he was a member of the debate team, editor of the newspaper and a varsity tennis player.

    Staff Writer Brendan Berls contributed to this report.

  24. This may be redundant, but


    From Overthrow Blog:

    Dear Ms Cockburn:

    In regards to your article:

    Your time has come.

    Please enjoy the attached poem, and consider hiring bodyguards. Richard Warman or Elie Wiesel can probably recommend a good provider of such protection.

    Bill White, Commander
    American National Socialist Workers Party
    PO Box 8631
    Roanoke, VA 24014



    The human flock is bleating...
    Their mindless, pointless feeding
    Makes them fat and lazy...
    Their minds are dull and hazy
    Sick and pathetic...weak and diarrhetic
    A waste of time and space...
    When from some darker place

    A plague of lightning from the sky
    Jewish Pharisees with a world to crucify
    But the Aryan Inquisition--
    We will break Jews on the wheel

    You won't escape...torture and rape
    Death and destruction...IT'S JUDGMENT DAY!

    Worthless Jewish prayers...will forever be silenced
    By mass-destruction elevated to a science
    You can offer no no defiance
    You will know the meaning...of Ultraviolence!

    We will build an empire unlike any other
    Where the masters of our race
    Lead Jewish sheep to slaughter
    It's raining blood from Heaven
    Your judgement day has come
    Your world will be destroyed
    Slaughter of Zion!!!

    All hail the new centurions marching in the street
    SS storm contingent -- Killer elite
    Triumph of our wills...we will grind Jews under heel
    Show you for the pigs you are...
    With your dying breath
    We will make you SQUEAL!

    Jewish swine lined up for slaughter
    Your blood will flow like water...
    Like a river to wash the world away
    You won't escape...torture and rape
    Death and's judgment day!

    Deny the Jewish God...become your own redeemer
    The choice is yours: Life like a slave or die by the SWORD!

    Your judgment days have come...
    Your government over-turned
    Synagogues and yeshivas burned
    A new religion...based on Ultraviolence
    We will build a new tradition:


    It's raining blood from heaven...
    Your judgment day has come
    Your world will be destroyed...
    The endless slaughter...of Jewish fodder
    Slaughter of Zion...Slaughter of Zion
    SLAUGHTER OF ZION!--Bill White "A Poet"


    Sounds like a threat he just issued, to me.

  25. Funny, I could swear he's stolem some lines from a Slayer song.


    Yeah, NOBODY has to worry about a guy like THIS ever being taken seriously...


  26. I mean somebody help me out: Is Bill really an anti-racist in disguise?

  27. I fully support what Bill White does for white nationalism.

    Translation: he helps make WN look like a joke with his antics and manic rantings. I'm glad VNN has let him back in.

    The ARA needs to do nothing but just sit back and let Bill do the work for them that he has done so well over the past several years.

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  29. This is all so funny. Several years ago, when we first started keying in on Bill, I kept asking everyone if they were sure he wasn't really working for us.

  30. With that post Bill made, it looks as if he has taken a page from Hal Turner's playbook - and embellished it a little.

  31. Bill's not smart enough to play that game of chicken with the law like Hal does. Neither is Hal for that matter.

    Anyone see his newest? His mom's home had a small fire; soon to be blamed on the forces of anon and used as a rallying cry for more donations.

  32. Actually anonymous, he put something up that says it was an electrical fire. Surprised the hell out of me. I thought for sure he would do the same thing.

  33. The Anonymous Pussy is plainly a Hal Turner Hater. He has a blog that is dedicated to Hal. It's hard not to say that he has Faggot feelings towards Hal.

  34. With Hal Turner and Bill White, always assume they are lying until it is proven otherwise by a 3rd party.

    I give his mother's house burning down about a 25% of it being real. The local newspaper in where Hal's mother lived (Tunkhannock) has several fires listed but none for Hal's mother.

    I didn't know I was a member of Citizens Against Hate until Bill White said I was.

    But if Eric Hunt maintains he is a member of the ANSWP, Elie Wiesel can sue Bill White under the RICO act.. And yes, he can sue in California instead of in Roanoke.

  35. Schwartzo, Hal & Bill's words are Gold compared to your lying Ass. Just the lies you have told on Vonbluvens & I was enough to prove that if your lips are moving then you are lying.

  36. This news article was discovered by anonymous.

  37. a nony mous - what an excellent find! Can we now say that Hal Turner is a lying sack of shit?

  38. For those who haven't read it:

    Dogs, passer-by help avert disaster for couple

    TUNKHANNOCK TWP. — Kathy Diamond stood outside the charred remains of her home Wednesday counting her blessings.

    “I can’t believe this. I can’t believe this is happening,” the 63-year-old woman said as she tried to clean her soot-stained hands.

    If not for the barking of her dogs — and the quick-thinking of a passing motorist — the situation might have been much worse.

    Hours earlier, fire ripped through a portion of her house on Route 92 about four miles east of Tunkhannock.

    About 7:30 a.m., Mrs. Diamond, who had been sleeping in a first-floor room, was awakened by the barking of her three German shepherds.

    “I couldn’t see out the windows. It was black, and then I saw flames,” Mrs. Diamond said, adding that her husband, John, 70, was having coffee on the other side of the house and didn’t realize the house was burning until she yelled fire.

    She ran outside to let one of her dogs out of a pen, saw a car slowing on Route 92 and yelled for help.

    It was Lackawanna Trail High School English teacher Michael Petherick on his way to work.

    Mr. Petherick, of Sweet Valley, parked his car and ran to the house, where he tried to put out the fire with three extinguishers.

    “He was doing well at getting it out, and the extinguishers ran out,” Mrs. Diamond said, adding that 911 was called.

    Firefighters soon arrived and doused the blaze.

    Mr. Petherick said that other people helped the Diamonds, too.

    “I think anybody would do the same thing,” said the 30-year-old father of two boys. “You look at the stuff, and sometimes you just act.”

    After helping the Diamonds, Mr. Petherick, who suffers from asthma, went to work. He eventually was treated at Wilkes-Barre General Hospital and released.

    Triton Hose Company firefighters had to return to the house twice to put out smoldering fires in the dog pen near the house and in a second-floor wall.

    Tunkhannock and Factoryville ambulance personnel also responded.

    The Diamonds will be staying with relatives.

    Triton Fire Chief Paul Shaffer said that the fire was accidental, but the cause is still undetermined.

    State police Fire Marshal Ron Jarocha said he plans to investigate today.

  39. How does this prove that Hal lied? We don't know his Mom & Step-Dad's names & etc.

  40. Steve,

    Kathy Diamond is Hal's mother.

    Looks like Hal was telling part of the truth for a change. He still lied quite in a bit in his story though.

    I'm glad they are okay.

  41. Where's the lies?


    Her beautiful little home suffered catastrophic damage. Fortunately, my mom, my step-dad and all three German Shepherds got out all right.
    Mom got out with only her pajamas on; all of their clothes burned.

    The Fire Department determined the cause of the fire was electrical. There was no sign at all of arson or any foul play.

  42. Maybe a first for Hal; he has told the truth. I doubt it will become a habit though folks, no cause for alarm.

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