Sunday, February 25, 2007

Eye On Hate Myspace

Eye On Hate just open a myspace account - as of the moment we dont have anything posted - here is the url - thanks
Floyd-Eye On Hate


  1. The recent posts of Bill White on his shitty little blog are nothing more than an attempt to cover his own fat ass. Everyone with half a brain (not Bill White) can see his finger prints all over "Eric Hunt's" Killjews blog.

    Caught with his fat tit in the wringer Bill is trying to squirm and lie his way out of it. Nimbusters had nothing to do with Bill's fake Eric Hunt blog. FUCK YOU BILL WHITE.

  2. First Nikki, let me say that I enjoy your blog and Citizen's Against Hate Websites. I have come to you today because you seem to know William White. I am looking for insights into the mind of William.

    Let me say that Mr. White is not unknown to us. In 1995 William asked to join our group, "American Hasid" but because (I understand, I never met the young man personally)
    Mr. White seemed deeply troubled he was turned away from our group. Now from reading Mr. White's numerous websites, I find that Mr. White is anti-Semitic. He has recently issued threats toward our group. I ask only why?

    It is one of the great tasks of contemporary man to find means, philosophical and practical, to allow faith and/or heritage based identities to cherish their own existence and continuity without demeaning (or worse) the Other. This is the theme of much serious soul searching among all those who see universal harmony in other than MacWorld consumerist, facelessness.
    If William White is struggling against this faithlessness why must he promote such disharmony?

  3. Bill White will do anything to get himself attention.

    When he was 18 and 19, he was trying to get the DC police to stop harassing gay sex activity in Rock Creek Park and he called for the elimination of age of consent laws for male on male sex. Bill white also encouraged underaged white kids to abuse drugs and to run away to him where he would give them protection.

    A few years later, he tried to take credit that the shooters at Columbine were acting under his orders. CNN found this out to be a Bill White hoax.

    When being pro-gay & pro-communist didn't give him enough attention, he became a "nazi".

    One of Bill White tactics is to fake and forge, then report to the police giving them fake information.

    What is interesting is that the San Francisco police emailed me on Friday and I spent 30 minutes on the phone with them. I figure Bill probably gave them my email address.

  4. Hmmm...well, Rabbi Schiller, I do know a lot about Bill William Alexader White. However, I have absolutely no idea why he would issue threats to you or your group given that you are pretty well-known as a racial separtist.

    As Mr. Schwartz has indicated, in 1995 Bill was playing at being whatever would garner him the most attention - hence, I can certainly understand his applying for membership in your group.

    It's interesting that he has selected you and your group to now threaten and while you and I would probably never agree on many things, I think we are in agreement that he remains a very troubled individual.

    It is important to remember, so I keep reminding, that Bill White is neither a Nazi nor a white supremacist. He is a narcissistic opportunist who truly cannot function without being the center of all eyes. He has been that way since he was a child and will not "grow out of it." If anything, as we have witnessed, the psychosis just continues to grow.

    The only thing that I think of that would have made you his focus of attention is the fact that you are Jewish and he is all caught up in this whole Elie Wiesel saga.

  5. Let me say that Mr. White is not unknown to us. In 1995 William asked to join our group, "American Hasid" but because (I understand, I never met the young man personally)
    Mr. White seemed deeply troubled he was turned away from our group.



    You couldn't make this stuff up!

  6. The article Unit9 linked to is hilarious! Bill wrote it, apparently in 1998. Not only did he want to join a Hasidic group - he was hanging out in a gay park????

  7. Nikki, initially William White called us and identified himself as a member of CAH, he made various threats to shut us down he made many anti-Semitic remarks, laced with profanity. He then called back, at latter time, identified himself as Bill White, a reporter for National Socialist Magazine, he asked us about the threats we were receiving from CAH. I believe Mr. White was attempting to create his own news stories or stir something up. What he failed to realize was that our calls are recorded. It was very easy to tell that the callers were the same person

  8. That's Bill alright, seriously mentally ill. He even posted documents from one of his many psychiatric evaluations he had in high school on his website.

    Please, please, please, please post these phone calls if you can do it legally.

  9. Mayer
    Whats the chances of getting a copy of both recordings.

  10. Challenge made to Steve Holsten.
    For him to create a blog of his own for us to comment on like he does to ours.
    Is he man enough to accept the challenge? Or will he run away?

    I can hear him lacing his sneakers already.

  11. Actually, what you are telling me, Mayer falls in line with a couple of other oddities that have taken place at Citizens Against Hate recently.

    Are you certain that it is Bill White doing the calling? I mean it could be someone claiming to be him, could it not?

  12. I do not have the first tape where the unidentified caller with the voice of William White threatens us. That is in the hands of the police. Given the history of violence against us and Jews in general we took the threat seriously. I would be happy to render the second recording into this medium but someone will have to explain the technical process of doing so. I am not, in the vernacular , technically savvy.

    The first call had caller Id disabled. However, the second where the caller identified himself as Bill White did indeed come from a phone number registered to William White. For the whole thing to have been faked then someone would have to know how fake caller Id. This is all I can tell you. Can caller Id be faked in this manner? The police did not seem to think so but I have heard others say that it can be done. The voices of the two callers were the same.


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