Sunday, February 18, 2007

Martin & Rock Court Documents

While drug trafficking is no laughing matter, we have to simply say that we couldn't help but double over at the latest debacle to hit the racist movement. Amidst a host of sex crime busts and lone wolf action running amok, Tom Martin and John Rock, two skinheads without who fancy themselves as important, fell to law-enforcement by the hands of none other than former Florida State National Socialist Leader, David Gletty. As you might have heard by now, it turns out that Gletty, the guy who organized the Orlando rally, was really working for the FBI!

Details about the arrest have been slow in coming and there has been nothing more than speculation and denial. We thought we would help everyone out by making the court documents available to our readers.




  1. Ok, everyone here needs to know that they DO have more evidence in this case that has not come out yet. You can bet your bottom dollar there are more recordings between Gletty and these guys. As more court documents become available I will be more than happy to provide them for public discussion. It's my job! LOL

  2. And you are fantastic at your job!!!!

    I would be willing to bet that there is a lot more to be told.


  4. LOL, guess I need to figure out how to put links up I guess. LOL


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