Monday, October 29, 2007



At 9:00 Eastern time, Cold Shot will be on the air. Just go to EYE ON HATE and click on the Winamp Button.


*The Westboro Baptist Church and Reverend Phelps in Court

*The further break-up of the National Socialist Movement and Jeff Schoep's desperate attempts to save what's left.

*The Ouster of Taylor Bowles and a hysterical look at his campaign "platform."


  1. ha! ha! ha!...Nikki FuckNutz couldn't tell the truth if her worth-less, jew life was @ stake!

    re: Freddie Phelps...

    i/doesn't the xtian Bible condemn fagz in numerous places?

    ii/didn't God supposedly destroy two ancient cities in the Old Testament(Sodom & Gomorrah) because of faggotry?

    iii/doesn't the xtians' Scriptures say that "if you condone sin yr condemned yr-self"?

    but, of course, Nikki is no more a xtian than i am....what she is, though, is a fckn HYPOCRITE...Phelps is quite right to condemn the murdering ZOG thugs in Iraq because they're kid-killing scum & because they're there TOTALLY ILLEGALLY!

    doubtless, the preponderance of fagz in the US military adds to this psychopathy because most fagz are psychopaths them-selves!

    (added to which: most fagz are child molesters to boot...conversely: most child molesters are also FAGz!)

    Phelps is also 'in the right' on his web-site to condemn fagz because of their vile,repulsive & down-right DANGEROUS practices such as: 'scatting' (shit-eating), 'golden showers'/'water sports' (pissing on each other) and 'fisting'(shoving their fists up each others arse-holes!) wonder fagz are subject to all sorts or hideous diseases which they want to inflict on the 'straight ppltn'...being a fckn fag is about 10X more dangerous than smoking!...yet we never see warnings like: "homo-sexuality is HAZARDOUS to yr health!"

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  2. Nikki FuckTard Nutz smears & condemns honourable Aryans who 'take oaths'....same ol', same ol'!...jewz 'lie for a living' so, to them, a man who strives to "keep his word" is just a schmuck!

    wonder if this retarded kike cunt has ever heard of 'the law of contract'?....the origin of that body of law was with the ancient Aryans for whom "their word was their bond"!

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  3. Nikki LyingNuggetz "laughs off" the 'right to bear arms'...clearly, this slimy ZOG bitch has no conception of the Second Amendment of the US which: ALL, and i repeat, ALL, laws referring to "fire-arms licensing and/or registration" are ILLEGAL!

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  5. the best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter!

    (Winston Spencer Churchill)

  6. Well...there you have it, folks! The critical review of this week's Cold Shot by the best and the most articulate the racist right has to offer.

    Since his commentary apparently amounts to a big thumbs down, I guess no one should bother with listening to this episode.

    It is interesting to note that this particular critic has parted ways with his "racially aware" buddies in that he believes that Phelps is justified in picketing the funerals of our soldiers.

    I considered deleting his comments, however, I believe him to be the best advertisement we have to encourage others not to get involved with racist groups. Not only is it not in fashion, it turns your brain to mush. Crack kills a lot faster than racism which is a long and painful death.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Nikki, NewsGay aka Jimbo is best ignore or laughed away. He is a total retard that is not worth a reply or acknowledgement.

    He's a fake. He is not from Australia, he's a total fake who only wants attention. Ban him or ignore him, it's the only way to get rid of him.

  9. I considered deleting his comments, however, I believe him to be the best advertisement we have to encourage others not to get involved with racist groups

    u couldn't "lie straight in bed", u silly effin' twat!

    WTF dontcha "fess up"?.....the reason you considered 'deleting' my cmmnts is because, basically, they 'blow every-thing u said out of the water'?

  10. It is interesting to note that this particular critic has parted ways with his "racially aware" buddies in that he believes that Phelps is justified in picketing the funerals of our soldiers

    ....the only 'soldiers' in Iraq that are bvhaving with decency, honour & decorum (viz: "behaving like true white men"!) is the small Aussie contingent; but, they're committed professionals not 'hired thugz' & 'mercenaries' like the 'Kwan 'contingent'!

  11. what jooz ARE REALLY LIKE!....and Nikki no-Brainer the domestic terrorist & HATER calls us white racialists 'haters'! ha! ha! ha!....

    i'm gunna SHUT YOU UP! & shut you DOWN, bitch!

    (skin-headz 'on the march' in the jewSA...we're comin' for youse!...time's UP!)

  12. Schwartzo, did you see what happened in court?

  13. Wasn't at the court but heard it over the radio and TV. The church doesn't care, they even smiled after the verdict according to media reports. The church protested in front of the courthouse in Baltimore before the verdict was read.

    I'm mixed on this. My heart wants the WBC to be nailed into the ground however,.....

    I do think they have the right to do what they are doing under the 1st amendment.

    The judge also have some real weird opinions to jury before the trail started.

    I do think this will be tossed or reduced on appeal.

    White supremacist should be alarmed if this verdict is allowed to stand because they will be next.

  14. Here is the AP story concerning the Phelp's Gang and the Verdict against them.

    I will touch on this tomorrow night on Eye On Hate Radio.

    Jimbo - you seem to be a real bad ass threatening women - I notice you dont make the same threats to me or other males, but then again I should know by now that most racists are cowards and chickenshit.


    BALTIMORE (AP) — A grieving father won a $2.9 million verdict Wednesday against a fundamentalist Kansas church that pickets military funerals out of a belief that the war in Iraq is a punishment for the nation’s tolerance of homosexuality.

    Albert Snyder of York, Pa., sued the Westboro Baptist Church for unspecified damages after members staged a demonstration at the March 2006 funeral of his son, Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder, who was killed in Iraq.

    Church members routinely picket funerals of military personnel killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, carrying signs such as “Thank God for dead soldiers” and “God hates fags.”

    A number of states have passed laws regarding funeral protests, and Congress has passed a law prohibiting such protests at federal cemeteries. But the Maryland lawsuit is believed to be the first filed by the family of a fallen serviceman.

  15. Schwartzie, I was talking about my son's court.

  16. Steve,

    I really care less about your son, yourself, Hal Turner, or other internet stuff one way or the other right now.

    Let me guess, the DA dismissed all the charges or plea-bargained to a misdemaenor. If so, I guess that's good news for you.

  17. It really doesn't matter Pedo what the courts decide about you and your child molesting son. Sometime soon a convict who hates child molesters is going to pay you a visit. When that happens he won't care about court verdicts he won't care about the "good 'ole boy justice" that is available is Missouri that has allowed Steve Holsten to get away with two counts of child molestation and his son with one. Justice is coming Pedo.

  18. Well Schwartzo, you sure used to care. You posted about me & my son all over the net. You even posted on our local Topix board.

    As far as you go Random Nim Turd; I have had no such charges.

  19. Anyone know what happened to the Nim Shit board?

  20. Eleven million dollars isn't justice - it's Talmudic-style vengeance. WBC was the victim of a lynching, and yet another reason why we need to abolish the concept of punitive damages. Punishment is the responsibility of the criminal justice system, NOT the civil justice system. It was this type of judicial terrorism that turned me against the SPLC.

    Mind you, WBC committed a grave error when they switched from picketing homosexual venues to soldiers' funerals. How could they expect to gain any public support by picketing soldiers' funerals? Rev. Phelps must be missing a few links.

    Just imagine if WBC had been smart enough to picket movie theatres when Bareback Mountain came out. WBC would have gained mainstream support and we could have stopped the promotion and protection of homosexuality in its tracks.

  21. Floyd Fuck-Brain rcnks:
    Jimbo - you seem to be a real bad ass threatening women - I notice you dont make the same threats to me or other males, but then again I should know by now that most racists are cowards and chickenshit

    Floyd Cock-brain: i'v "had a GO!" @ you previously but you 'wimped', from memory....i'v "called you out" before cunt!...for 'the record', i'll repeat it here: any time u wanna lob in 0zz, i'll fckn accomodate you, arse-hole....'contact details' are on me 'blog!

  22. Floyd Fuck-Brain!.....listen UP! u fckn ZOG fuck-tard!

    femi-twat twunts like NikkiFuckNutz think ZOG gives them carte blanche to denigrate, libel & defame any white, male hetero-sexual they like!

    they want 'equality' & 'equal opportunities' but, when they leave the place & the tasks appointed to them by Nature in Her Wisdom (viz: home, hearth & having/raising white babies), and enter domains formerly the exclusive province of men, they "can't stand the heat"....and either 'cry foul' or get pathetic putzes like U to do it for them....u don't go 'round "tippin' shit" on able-bodied white men & expect zero response....the world don't work that way!

    Nikki NumbNutz is "reaping what she has sown"! will YOU!! if u ever dare to confront me face-to-face, u fckn race traitor mongrel dog!

  23. Na, Dog will be back. If not A&E; then another network will take him. He gets too good ratings for it to be over.

    The following niggers have used the dreaded "N" word on TV, recordings, and in the movies.
    1. eddy murphy
    2. richard pryor
    3. james earl jones
    4. dianna ross
    5. dave shapel?
    6. chris rock
    7. any and every black "comedian"
    8. etc to nausium.

    BUT !!!!!!!!!!
    DONT let a white utter the word........OH NO - ITs the KISS of (professional) DEATH.
    We either have the CONSTITUTION and it's first amendment or we dont!

    If SO then SHUT the FU@# up and get over it.
    If NOT then it may be time to exercise our 2nd amendment RIGHTS while there is still time.

  24. Nikki, nice job again, as usual. At first I was excited to see so many comments, but, well, I should have known better. ;-)

    The problem with things like the Westboro church is that it gives the more "run of the mill, mainstream" bigots some cover. Remember O'Reilly and his tirade at the Daily Kos? As evidence of his "impartiality" he condemned Westboro.

    Also, thanks for the update on the various Nazi movements and meltdowns. You keep track so that the rest of us don't have to; it was good comic relief!

    Note that the SPLC reports of one KKK group protesting another group for using inflammatory language and having "non-Christian" deportment! :-)

  25. Steve,

    Have you noticed that "Dog" is apologizing everywhere he can about the racist remarks? I think that is a load of s..t to cover this ass to keep his show. I would have some respect for him if he admitted that he meant every word he said.

    I'll even agree with you about the black comedians using the word, that's gotta stop also.

  26. Ollie,

    You know what is going to happen now? Almost every time Phelps shows up to picket, he faces the fear of another civil lawsuit. Fred Phelps is ready to croak anytime soon.

    While I wish they would fall into the ocean wearing cement shoes, I do feel they have the right to be disgusting bigots protesting funerals within the boundary of the law.

    Millions of soldiers have died so that the Phelps's would have the right to spew their garbage.


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