Friday, October 05, 2007


By Nicole Nichols

What a shame that children are exploited and abused for the pleasures of sick minds. What a travesty that little boys and girls are preyed upon by pedophiles and child pornographers. And what a sad state of affairs it is when the adults entrusted with caring for them and protecting them place them in harms way.

On October 2, 2007, Kevin Alfred Strom, mentored by Dr. William Luther Pierce, and founder of National Vanguard, began the first phase of a trial that is being watched closely by racists and anti-racists alike. After being granted a Motion to Sever, the charges being tried were those of witness intimidation and enticement of a minor into a sexual relationship.

The trial had a problem, however, and it is probable that both sides knew it was not winnable. Yet, it moved ahead only to have the charges dismissed by the judge at the end of the Prosecutions case. They were dismissed for lack of evidence. The second trial will be in January, 2008, when Strom faces five counts of child pornography.

While the initial trial was a bust, not all was lost. During the day and a half affair, the depravity of Kevin Alfred Strom was unveiled for the world to see.

Something else that was unveiled was the fact that not only was Strom stalking a nine-year-old friend of his step-daughter, but he was pleasuring himself to photo shopped pictures of the neo-Nazi singing twins that comprise Prussian Blue. In fact, Strom had pasted their heads on the bodies of younger girls to meet his sexual desires.

In the debates and controversies engaged in by those on the racist right, it was more than appalling to see that there are those who saw nothing wrong with what Kevin did, or those who continued to support him because of the work he had done on behalf of the "movement."

Kevin's estranged wife, Elisha, testified against him at the trial and found herself castigated for being a traitor by some while applauded by others. The revelation that the singing twins had been one of the objects of Strom's affection generated a lot of discussion and a blasting from April Gaede, the twins' mother.

Gaede, a long time cohort of Strom's, had defended Strom from the time of the arrest. She insinuated over and over again that it was Elisha Strom who had "planted" the child porn on Kevin's computer.

Now that the truth had surfaced and the evidence included confessions by Strom, as well as his sexual fetishes which included her girls, April was righteously indignant that the situation was being discussed in a public forum. Also, she held Elisha Strom accountable for remaining silent for so long, and claimed that Kevin and Elisha should have a stake driven through their hearts.

Such a reaction might have been understandable, given the circumstances, had it come from anyone other than April Gaede. Let's look at both of these women.

While Kevin Alfred Strom's sexual leanings had long been questioned by the racist community, so had Elisha's. Considering her to be a "feminist" she was persona non gratis at many of their functions. It should be remembered that in the misogynistic world of white supremacy women should "know their place" and not become involved in the "man's affairs" unless in a helping capacity.
As sure as Kevin's website was "weird" and "creepy" to some - so was Elisha's. She had been the focus of an almost brutal lambasting from those who remained in the National Alliance after Strom's ousting.

In addition, Elisha had continued to live with Kevin Alfred Strom, along with her young daughter, even after she was certain that his proclivities toward children existed. Hence, in my opinion, sharing some of the blame in this abomination against the innocent.

However, April Gaede is just as much responsible. In a dialogue between the two women on the VNN message board, Elisha Strom absolutely pummeled April.

Objecting to a comment made by April asserting that her girls hardly knew Kevin, Elisha claimed that they had attended many of the same events, and that she had, in fact, protected the girls from Kevin on a couple of occasions. At one event, in particular, in New Orleans, she claimed she had started an argument with Kevin to divert his attention as he wanted to go to the pool to watch the twins in their bikinis.

April proffered that the reason her children's names were mentioned was because of Elisha Strom's testimony. Never mind that Elisha was under subpoena and had to answer the questions, and never mind that Kevin Alfred Strom had used her girls for his own sexual fantasies.

Elisha told April…

"Your daughters' names are out there because of YOU. Your daughters' names are out there in a criminal case because of KEVIN STROM.

You've put up pictures of your daughters in string bikinis, and outfits others have said were provocative, and, honestly, I don't think there's anything wrong with you doing so. But when you do that knowing your children are public figures, how dare you bitch if someone misuses those pictures?"

Taking issue with Elisha's silence, April was questioning why she had never come forward and warned her about Kevin and his actions to which Elisha replied:

"I have that one, too. And I have the conversation I had with (I believe it was) your husband -- immediately prior to my leaving that message -- in which I told him that Kevin had named your daughters in a public document and I wanted to not only let you know about it but how I would be responding to it. I also have the entire conversation we had about the photograph Kevin had made putting your daughters heads onto the bodies of not adult females but on children significantly younger than them -- to paraphrase Kevin, "shockingly young girls."

"You have the nerve to say I didn't warn anyone when this first happened but I also have the message your attorney, Edgar Steele, left for me after my two phone calls trying to warn you Kevin had publicized your daughter's names in a court document. You attack me for not trying to warn you then you attack me when I do try to warn you.

"I have the PM exchanges where we discussed the upskirt pictures of your daughters that Kevin had taken himself, and I asked you why you let him stand there at an event (one I was excluded from) and take so many pictures. He has literally hundreds of pictures of your daughters, most of which you allowed him to take and some of which you sent him. The one he photoshopped came directly from you.

"So… you want to use a message I left for you against me? Be my guest. Force me to defend myself though, and you better believe I will."

Throughout the entire soap-opera, however, I do believe that Elisha Strom delivered the crowning blow to April Gaede with this comment:

"And for the record: When asked, I had always stated that I did not for even a second believe you would purposely contribute to Kevin's sick obsession with your children. The only time I questioned my judgment of that was when I saw your complete lack of response to David Lane in that interview when he told you your children were his fantasy girls. Quite frankly, even a retarded first grader would have known exactly what he meant by that. This would be the same interview in which you called your teenage daughter a "cunt" on national television."

A lot of people did some judgment questioning after viewing the James Quinn video and seeing April interacting with her children in a manner quite telling about what it is like in the Gaede household.

April Gaede is no role model even for the white supremacists. She is a delusional and controlling individual who has attempted to live her life through her twin girls and is promising to do much the same with a younger child.

When you consider what the, now fifteen-year-old, twins have had to endure, you can't help but wonder just how much damage has been done. Having been home-schooled for a good portion of their lives while being indoctrinated into the white supremacist mindset has to have taken its' toll. As is evidenced in the Quinn documentary, they are starting to rebel.

April has promoted and exploited these girls for own gain, both personal and self-gratifying, since they were three. She has been criticized for the clothing they have been pictured in and the sultry poses, which some even on the racist right have considered way too provocative for little girls.

As most of us attempt to protect our children from certain influences and people, April has forced her children into a world of skinheads, racists, and pure hatred. They have been required to perform before audiences of drunken and seedy individuals by what can only be considered a mother intent on riding the gravy train.

In the Quinn documentary, who can forget April taking the girls into a local bar to perform? The girls sang folk tunes devoid of racist lyrics - but that wasn't enough for April. She began passing out the girls' CD's with all of the white nationalist music that they had done. The upshot of this affair was that all three of them were kicked out of the bar to the girls' utter embarrassment. They were 14 - and they were, obviously, sick of their mother and her ideology.

The relationship between David Lane and the girls, as Elisha referenced, was promoted and perpetuated by April Gaede. Most sane people would question holding Lane up as a hero to their children, much less naming him as "Godfather." Yet, April had no reaction to Lane's openly admitting his lust for her children.

April has placed her children in harms way for a good portion of their lives and now wants to be outraged that a perverted and twisted individual exploits them.

On the flip side, Elisha Strom is no candidate for canonization. A virulent racist and anti-Semitic person, she must shoulder some of the blame for allowing this to go on as long as it did. But, then again, we all know about the battered and abused wife who can't let go. We have all heard about woman who falsely believe that "he will change."

Which raises yet another question for me. Who else knew? Who else in the movement knew Kevin and knew his penchant for babies? Why is it that I get the feeling that there is much more going on here than we know about? I will never forget Don Black's reaction to the news when he said, "We were afraid of this."

Kevin Alfred Strom went to New Orleans a couple of years ago to speak at a confab of white supremacists that was organized by David Duke. Shortly after that, he attempted a coup on the National Alliance - something that I believe was devised by Duke, Jamie Kelso, and Kevin Strom at that meeting.

For quite some time, Vincent Breeding was David Duke's right hand man. He and Duke were very close until it was revealed that he was in the porn business on the side. Of course, after that revelation, Duke had to distance himself. Yet, rumor has it that Breeding is still in the picture - simply low-key.

There have been questions and jokes arise from the claim that Jamie Kelso shares Duke's home and that the two of them bought a car together in both of their names.

Duke, whose popularity has been waning here in the U.S. among racists, since the New Orleans Protocol affair has spent an inordinate amount of time out of the country since his release from prison. He had a lot to gain if the coup on the National Alliance had been successful.

Of course, all of this is speculation - but the thought that the tip of the iceberg is all that has been scraped is a nagging one. Undoubtedly, the trial in January will provide us with even more information in this repugnant episode in yet another travesty from the racist right. I think it would behoove the authorities to look further - to look deeper - because my intuition tells me that Strom isn't the only one in this cesspool.


  1. Nothing like sitting back and watching the WN idiots continue to self-destruct among themselves.

    Not only with the Strom issue but with many of them thinking of women as 2nd class citizens etc.

    Intersting it comes from Blevins though considering his wife controls every aspect of his life, has the house only in her name etc. He acts like an alpha male on the web but in real life, he's a beta male. Even Chris Drake treats him like a bitch and call himself the "enforcer" for Blevins.

  2. I was friends with Kevin once. He even used to stick up for me in my newsgroup wars with Woger. He was or still is/ a Ham Radio Operator call sign WB4AIO. He would get on this Ham Radio event on Saturday nights called "The Great Liberty Net" it was on 3950khz - The most exciting frequency in Ham Radio. That was back in 1998-2000. After the year 2000, we went our own ways...

    Wheather Kevin did wrong or not doesnt matter to me. I just pray that God shows him the way to right living....

  3. Let's just hope that the railroading of Kevin will come out in the next trial as well. And then he can return home to live out the rest of his days in peace.

  4. I can assure you Steve and Lloyd, that white supremacist will never let the perverted Kevin Alfred Strom live in peace.

    Considering Strom is now a self-professed pervert and pedophile, it's no wonder why Lloyd and Steve would welcome him with open loving arms.

    Personally, I hope some white supremacist do welcome Strom back, it only will cause more division and infighting.... and more entertainment for myself.

  5. When & if its proved that his hag of a wife set him up; then he should be welcomed back.

  6. Steve - what part of his confession do you not understand?

  7. The only questionable thing I seen him admit to was beating his meat over photoshopped pics of the Gaude twins. That makes him in your words out to be a Pervert.

  8. Sorry Nikii, I thought I was responding to Schwartzy


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